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Strange Friends

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4/1/2010 9:55:28   

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Strange Friends
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Strange Friends
Prerequisite: Level 60

Strange Friends

Galanoth: The human governor of one of the Drakel cities on Deren was looking for you earlier, «You».
«You»: What? Darin was here? Did he say what he was seeking?
Galanoth: It appears that the Brilhado Diviara's son has been seen on this continent and agents of the devourer with to capture him.
«You»: I am guessing so that they can try to force Diviara's cooperation.
Galanoth: It seems that way. Darin was sent by Falerin to retrieve him. Apparently his son was seen during the efforts to gain Nightbane's cooperation.
«You»: I see-- so Darin has continued on?
Galanoth: He has.

«Falerin teleports in»

«You»: Loremaster Falerin!
Falerin: Hello, «You», and Dragonslayer. Has Darin passed through this way?
Galanoth: Yes I was just about to tell «You» that it might be worthwhile to go lend him aid.
Falerin: Ah, very good. When you see Darin, «You», please alert him to the fact that Shirian has taken over in his absence.

Alignment Choice!
  • I will do my best, right away!
    ...(Increases Good & Unity Alignment)
    «Skip the rest of the dialogue and proceed to the Quest»
  • What is in it for me??
    ...(Increases Evil & Chaos Alignment)

    Galanoth: I cannot speak to personal profit. Diviara is an ally in the struggle against the devourer and his loss back to the network would further division.
    Falerin: .....................

    Alignment Choice!
  • Very well. I will go but I hope to get something out of my efforts!
    ...(Increases Unity Alignment)
    «Skip the rest of the dialogue and proceed to the Quest.»
  • I have more important personal concerns...
    ...(Increases Chaos Alignment)

    Falerin: You would be going as a favor to me. You may consider it one of the debts you owe me.
    «You»: Debts... Well, if you put if that way...
    Falerin: Or you can refuse. It is your decision. Perhaps you might like reincarnation as a Sneevil... or even better... a BURP.....

    «Falerin's staff glows red»

  • Okay, you made your point. I'll get going now.
    «Skip the rest of the dialogue and proceed to the next scene»
  • You won't do anything...

    Falerin: You are right I will not. I will however remember... if you change your mind of course we can have this discussion all over again.

    «Return to town»
    Okay, you made your point. I'll get going now.

    Galanoth: Wasn't that a bit unethical, forcing our friend's hand like that?
    Falerin: Absolutely, I am however no saint. I will leave that to Artix. Besides «You» still had a choice, and I hardly would have acted on my threat anyway.

    «Falerin teleports away. Go to the next scene»

    «Scene: the woods. Amilara is standing with Cagliari and an undead elf. Amilara magically reattaches Cagliari's arm»

    ??? «Amilara»: You cannot blame them. You assaulted them, after all.
    ??? «Cagliari»: Be we had no choice, Amilara, the others compel us. We are made to fight against our volition. They even use The Cold on us!
    Amilara: and some like Sawbones and Botoxia revel in evil. They do not know that you are victims in this. Even if they did, old memories die hard.
    ??? «Cagliari»: It is more than that. We are considered unnatural. I have even heard some say they are doing us a favor by killing us.
    Amilara: Doing you a favor?
    ??? «Cagliari»: Putting us out of our misery or some such nonsense. Who are they to decide if we are miserable? What gives them the right to determine if we live or die?
    Amilara: They do not consider you alive, Cagliari.
    Cagliari: What... not alive....I do not understand... why?
    Amilara: You do not fit into their neat views of what life and death entail and....

    «Enter Darin»

    Amilara: Darin of Vandar aren't you? The Governer of K'eld Ner.
    Darin: I'ami Ner if you will, the wall is to be disassembled. You are Amilara?
    Amilara: I understand that disassembling the wall is a symbolic act of the unification of all of the peoples of the continent of Deren, but I think you might want to reconsider that.
    Amilara: Such a wall keeps out more then just friends you know.
    Darin: That may well be. The project is delayed by the many wars on Deren at the moment anyway. You are Amilara Celegra?
    Amilara: Then for now it remains K'eld Ner. I am Amilara, did my father send you to order me back to Caelestia?
    Darin: Not directly. I was sent by the LoreMaster.
    Amilara: Falerin? Was it at my father's behest?
    Darin: Listen Amilara, I can appreciate you do not want to be in exile on another world. My task is nothing of that sort.
    Amilara: What then?
    Darin: Cartwright knows of your presence somehow. He is sending others to reclaim you as we speak.
    Amilara: I told you that Botoxia saw me, Cagliari.
    Cagliari: I am sorry Amilara coming to my aid has cost you your security.
    Amilara: I do not regret my actions. While I hate to ask you this we need a distraction...
    Cagliari: You have evacuated many of my people and helped many others friend necromancer. We will do what ever we can to help you escape.
    While Amilara and Darin maintain their position among the Undead, a courageous hero trails them through the wilderness...
  • Continue

    «You»: This Amilara had better be worth having to trek through these nice, peaceful monster-free woods.
    «You»: Honestly, not getting a mad amount of loot for this mission is kind of disappointing.
    «You»: Plus, the trees and mountains are so beautiful and detailed, but the ground is just a flat, featureless green...
    «You»: ...which means I can't just shuffle along staring at my feet.
    Random Monster: grrrrrrrrr
    «You»: Oh no, a Random Monster!! I wasn't expecting THAT!
    «You»: At least I can get some mad loot!

    1 BATTLE«You»: Since when does a bush growl?!

    Full Heal
    1 BATTLEFull Heal
    1 BATTLE«You»: I think I will reconsider my consumption of wood based products in the future. Either that, or use more of them...

    Full heal

    «Scene: The previous scene with Darin, Amilara, Cagliari, and the undead elf»

    «You»: Ah there you are Governer Darin, I take it this is Amilara and... Whoa! You are surrounded by undead! Do you need my help in destroying them?
    Amilara: These Undead are my friends and they were just leaving.
    Cagliari: If we were having a party I would stay and enjoy meeting your new friend, Amilara. Alas, that is not so. Maybe we will meet again...

    «Exit Cagliari and the undead elf»

    «You»: Strange taste in friends.
    Amilara: When raised in a world of undeath, with undead as your companions from the time of your birth, in a family of necromancers, you get a different perspective.
    «You»: ... I guess ... Hey Darin, The LoreMaster asked me to tell you that Spherion or someone is in your place.
    Darin: Shirian, That is the Prince, Tralin's son?
    «You»: That's right.
    Darin: Very well. Now we need to get out of here. I have an encampment with several of this continent's loyal Drakel Casters to the south of here near setting up a portal back to Deren.
    «You»: Can't we just use the Cor-Dem Stone?
    Darin: The Cor Dem stone remains too distant and we cannot afford the risk. Furthermore it would take Amilara to the Temple and our Destination is Ner.

    «Enter Cagliari»

    Cagliari: Agent Smith comes he is immediately to the south!
    Cagliari: He leads a contingent of undead and their Brilhado masters, as well several of the Exodus forces separated to animate those walking armor things, and Fusians.
    Amilara: He is forcing the Exodus to fight as independent entities? Separated from each other? That is barbaric. Exodus have been communal for all of time.
    Cagliari: Smith has little respect for why creatures joined the network or what their nature is. He just bosses them around. Typical Vesperian thug.
    Amilara: Careful with generalizing. Not all Vesperian's are that way, remember how you felt moments ago about....
    Darin: I hate to interrupt an important lesson on the value of diversity but given Agent Smith's proximity we may wish to run.
    Amilara: Yes. If Smith gets here he will undoubtedly have magic capable of transporting me at will. We need to evade him.
    «You»: Let's go. Though given as your encampment is to the south as well this probably won't be fun.
    Choose the path you will lead your friends on to reach Amilara's camp while avoiding capture by Network forces! Select your path on the map, or--
  • Abandon Quest
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

    «Path 1 battles 5 monsters. Path 2 battles 4 monsters. Path 3 battles 2 monsters. All battles are Level-Scaled. After each battle, you receive a full heal and can choose to either continue fighting, or retreat back to the map»

    «After all battles are finished»

    «Enter yourself, Amilara, Cagliari, Darin, Falerin, and Yeeuh-ha»

    «You»: Falerin!
    Darin: So, the portal is not yet set up?
    Falerin: Plans have been changing rapidly as of late.
    «You»: Is that-- Minister Bree-ha?! Falerin, do you know who this guy is?? He works for the Network and The Devourer!! He started the Drakel Civil War!!
    Falerin: The resemblance is uncanny isn't it. I noted it immediately.
    ??? «Yeeuh-Ha»: Bree-ha was my cousin. I am ashamed to admit the relation he is a traitor to our kind. I am Yeeuh-ha.
    «You»: Yee-Haa? Is your sister named Yippy Kai Yay?
    Yeeuh-Ha: .............
    Yeeuh-Ha: No.
    Yeeuh-Ha: I am aware of the funniness of my name in some human dialects. Then again your word for gold is remarkably close to our word for dung.
    Yeeuh-Ha: Imagine my surprise the first time I was waylaid by human bandits and they demanded all my dung.
    Falerin: Another time. Unfortunately the reason Yeeuh-Ha is here is not good.
    Yeeuh-Ha: When I heard rumors of resistance gathering through the Casters I had to come at once. as you can imagine given my appearance I am not very welcome in K'eld Naer and...
    Yeeuh-Ha: My cousin has broken free by Divisionists and he is already on Deren.
    «You»: Wait how? And how did they hide the fact?
    Falerin: An elaborate illusion. The Drakel are not unaccomplished magi.
    Darin: This is a problem. His goal is to reach the Brilhado Gate.
    Falerin: We must assume he already has. «You», please return to Battleon and alert the others to this development.
    Falerin: things seem to be moving quickly and the Divisionists are quite active. I will see Darin and Amilara safely back to Deren.
    «You»: You can count on me, everyone. Together we will find a way to overcome the Devourer's plans!

    «Return to the story main page»

    Correction from ArchMagus Orodalf.

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