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The Fall of Augerthorne!

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4/1/2010 10:01:14   

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > The Fall of Augerthorne!
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > The Fall of Augerthorne!
Prerequisite: Level 64

The Fall of Augerthorne!

«You can skip the dialogue at any time»

Falerin: I apologize that it took me so long to get back here. I was called away to Caelestia and had to lend aid to a friend who resides in the forest myself.
«You»: No problem. Which friend?
Falerin: The master artificer Hadin maintains his estate not far from here. That, however, is not important at the moment.
Artix: We cannot afford more battles like that in Granemor-- or what is now left of Granemor.
Falerin: Galrick had to continue tracking the other movements that first drew me to BattleOn. He is continuing to investigate as it is but the events in Granemor clearly are related.
Falerin: I apologize, Dewlok, for your loss.
Dewlok: I have dealt with much worse saving Wolfwing from the--

«Enter Culak and Kendrel»

Falerin: Culak of Galgin Daar and Kendrel of Greenguard!
Kendrel: Indeed.
«You»: Wait-- What's going on?
Culak: Problems, Humee.
Kendrel: Loyal Drakel and Elves in Greenguard have reported a mass movement by the Brilhado and the treacherous Drakel as well as many Drakel previously unencountered.
Culak: Ulgathi of Gulgin Daar have family in Ulgarthi homeland. Homeland under assault by these Drakel and Brilhado.
«You»: Ulgathi? Gulgin Daar??
Falerin: The Orcish word for their own people and for their village in Greenguard, as well as the forest itself.
«You»: Interesting... And the--
Falerin: Before anyone asks... yes, the elves have a term for their own race too - it is Elani.
Falerin: The study of comparative language, however, is perhaps better suited for a time when multiple armies are not springing for all over your backyard?
«You»: I was going to ask where this homeland is. Falerin, you can't seem to stop telling stories, can you?
Falerin: I AM the LoreMaster. It's what I do. Ehem...
Falerin: Augerthorne is home to the Ulgathi of this continent. Go to Augerthorne.
Falerin: This movement is almost assuredly involved given the divisionists' previous actions and Bree'ha's escape. This time however we have a different aim and take the battle to them.
Artix: ???
Falerin: Go to the front and assess the situation. Judge the strength of their forces and return. Learn whatever you may.

Alignment Choice!
  • I will-- and if I think they need help I will help them fight!
    **(Increases Unity Alignment)
    **« +1 to Chaos/Unity alignment»
  • I will-- but if the situation looks too dangerous I cannot guarantee I will help them!
    **(Increases Chaos Alignment)
    **« -1 to Chaos/Unity Alignment»
  • Skip Choice
    **(No change to Alignment)

    «Regardless of choice»

    Falerin: Do as you will, «You». Just come back alive, or the Brilhado may add you to the ranks of their undead armies.
  • WAR!

    The Devourer The`Galin has returned to Lore after traveling through time and space for a thousand years feasting on the elemental forces of hundreds of other worlds. Failing to divide all the beings of Lore, the Devourer has now settled on an all-out assault on the united races. Human, Elf, Orc, and many Drakel must make a stand at Augerthorne to hold back otherworldly Brilhado and Silari Drakel!
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Oh no's!! There are so scary monsters out here today!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • The Huntress has been tracking the Devourer's movements for centuries.
  • Artix Krieger is a Paladin. He fights for the side of good and unity!
  • Yulgar the blacksmith has been away from town for a while, helping fight the Devourer!
  • Brontus is willing to overlook his differences with the other races to keep the Devourer at bay.
  • Lavistria was chosen by the Elves to lead their army in this time of need.

    Guardians can refill their potions if they have less than five of each.
  • To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Artix Krieger
  • Robina Hood
  • The Huntress
  • Yulgar
  • Lavistria
  • Brontus
  • By yourself

    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE

    «Brontus charges viciously at the enemies. Fansarin sends another wave of Drakel Ninjas, only to be wiped out by a literal wave from our Drakel Water Mages. Our Drakel Swordmistresses jump into battle, followed by a fleet of Drakel Air Raiders. A Power Armour begins attacking, only to be crushed by Brontus. Lavistria watches as Fansarin' cackles and shoots down many Air Raiders, while a Drakel Destroyer breaks through our front lines. Lavistria knocks her bow and fires two arrows. The first hits the Destroyer square in the chest, while the second goes down Fansarin's open mouth.»

    The Huntress: The enemy just keeps coming! I have a bad feeling about this --
    Lavistria: Just because you lost Granemor doesn't mean we will lose Augerthrone!
    Brontus: Now,now ladies-- let's be civilized. There is no time for arguments, only time for fighting!!
    The Huntress: True Brontus ... let us continue our argument with the Devourer now!! Win or lose this battle, his forces will have many wounds to tend!!

    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal after every other battle

    1 BATTLE
    Xilar: This action is forbidden. The Silari will fall back and lend their aid to Battleonia.
    Agent Smith: Xilar, baby, what are you doing?? Strike the killing blow already!
    Xilar: I will do nothing of that sort, nor will my people. We reject this war as invalid and a violation of the Master's will.
    Agent Smith: But Xilar, Omega is only following in your footsteps, carrying on your legacy.
    Xilar: That association carries with it more shame than any other accusation I have ever heard.
    Xilar: Your kind may have ideas about what my legacy entails, but you have no clue whatsoever the true purpose behind my actions.
    Agent Smith: But--
    Xilar: But nothing! The wicked association is ended here and now!
    Agent Smith: I will personally tell Omega about your betrayal. This will not stand!
    Xilar: It is not I who am guilty of betrayal. I shall speak with Cartwright myself!
    Agent Smith: Doesn't matter. I'll lead the remaining armies on my own! The Manifestation shall proceed!
    Xilar: Our cousins will abandon you when they realize our defection.
    Agent Smith: We'll see about that...
    Xilar: And Smith?
    Agent Smith: Yeah baby?
    Xilar: You should tell Ryuusei to be very careful...
    Agent Smith: ...............
    Xilar: As the very first Communicant of our lord, I know him very well.
    Agent Smith: What does that have to do with anything?
    Xilar: What Cartwright seeks, he just might obtain.

    «Xilar and the Silari disappear. Bree'Ha enters»

    Bree'Ha: It seems that our agreement must be acted upon early.
    Agent Smith: How so, Minister?
    Bree'Ha: Xilar is correct, the Silari hold great historical import for the more superstitious and less realistic of my people.
    Agent Smith: And you Minister, what is your story baby?
    Bree'Ha: I am aware of how the wind blows. Service to the Network ultimately assures our survival, particularly now that it appears that The'Galin rarely actually uncreates anything.
    Agent Smith: What are you proposing?
    Bree'Ha: With the defection of the Silari someone must carry the banner for you, lest all of my kind leave.
    Agent Smith: Bree'Ha, baby, you're hired!
    Bree'Ha: Excellent. Of course I have no intention of fighting myself - that would be ignoble - but you run along and I will...stir the pot.

    WAR CHEST: Fall of Augerthorne
  • First Silari Bardiche
  • Silari Electron Blaster
  • Capable Silari Bardiche
  • Silari Proton Blaster
  • Expert Silari Bardiche
  • Silari Neutron Blaster
  • Master Silari Bardiche
  • Silari Atom Blaster
  • Summon Brain Spider Imago
  • Summon Jumping Brain Spider
  • Summon Tarantula Brain Spider Z
  • Summon Black Widow Brain Spider
  • Broadkil Cydaver
  • Broadkil Cadaborg Z
  • Broadkil Cadaborg
  • Broadkil Carcassdroid
  • Broadkil Necrobot
    House Items
  • Brontus
  • Lavistria
  • The Huntress
  • Culak and Kendrel
  • Jumping Brain Spider
  • Xilar
  • Tarantula Brain Spider
  • Black Widow Brain Spider
  • Wolf Brain Spider

  • Replay
  • Return to Town

    Monster List

    Level 0-14
    Brain Spider Nymph (15)
    Brilhado Necromancer (8)
    Broadkil Bone-Drone (6)
    Drakel Air Raider (5)
    Drakel Destroyer (6)
    Drakel Ninja (5)
    Drakel Power Scout (10)
    Silari Warrior (9)

    Level 15-29
    Brain Spider Nymph (15)
    Brilhado Necromancer (8)
    Broadkil Cydaver (21)
    Drakel Air Raider (23)
    Drakel Destroyer (6)
    Drakel Ninja (5)
    Drakel Power Scout (10)
    Silari Warrior (23)
    Undead Fansarin (15)

    Level 30-44
    Brain Spider Imago (28)
    Brilhado Necromancer (30)
    Broadkil Corpsomaton (38)
    Drakel Air Raider (23)
    Drakel Destroyer (35)
    Drakel Ninja (30)
    Drakel Power Armor (36)
    Silari Warrior (42)
    Undead Fansarin (35)

    Level 45-64
    Brilhado Necromancer (30)
    Broadkil Cadaborg (56)
    Drakel Air Raider (60)
    Drakel Destroyer (35)
    Drakel Ninja (60)
    Drakel Power Armor (44)
    Drakel SuperFreak (60)
    Jumping Brain Spider (48)
    Silari Warrior (61)
    Undead Fansarin (35)

    Level 65-79
    Brilhado Necromancer (60)
    Broadkil Carcassdroid (71)
    Drakel Air Raider (60)
    Drakel Destroyer (60)
    Drakel Ninja (60)
    Drakel Power Armor (60)
    Drakel SuperFreak (100)
    Silari Warrior (76)
    Tarantula Brain Spider (68)
    Undead Fansarin (60)

    Level 80+
    Brilhado Necromancer (100)
    Broadkil Necrobot (87)
    Drakel Air Raider (60)
    Drakel Destroyer (60)
    Drakel Ninja (75)
    Drakel Power Armor (60)
    Drakel SuperFreak (130)
    Silari Warrior (76)
    Tarantula Brain Spider (68)
    Undead Fansarin (92)

    «At the beginning»
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
    «After 200 000 Monsters Defeated»

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
    «After 670 000 Monsters Defeated»

    Full heal after every other battle

    «Boss battle, dialogue, and shops»Thanks to whackybeanz, destructionist, and Rhowena. Monster list from Aelthai. Corrections thanks to Mark Chung.

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