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The Restoration

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4/1/2010 10:10:49   

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > The Restoration
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > The Restoration
Prerequisite: Level None

The Restoration

The Archmage Beleqwaya sacrificed his life to save all of Lore from the diabolic Ryuusei Cartwright, a villain who pretended to serve the Devourer but in truth served only his own evil. Beleqwaya's sacrifice creates a problem for Lore, for he and Kalanyr were to be the instructors of a new generation continuing the ArchMage tradition... A task that neither could maintain in isolation due to the great differences between their specific schools. Yet Astrid, Beleqwaya's beloved, has insisted that there are signs of Beleqwaya's continued existence. These signs cause Xyphos and Kalanyr to come together at Xyphos' castle to consider the possibility...
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    **«Skip ahead to the next choice»

    «Scene: Outside Xyphos' Castle»

    «You»: I don't know why, but something seems to be drawing me into Xyphos' castle...
  • Go in!

    «You enter the lowest chamber of the castle»

    «You»: ...Hello?
    Kalanyr: There can be no doubt?

    «Further inside the chamber, Kalanyr and Xyphos are discussing»

    Xyphos: Plenty of doubt, plenty of possibility. Besides, I know him as well as any. He's as stubborn as a mule.
    Xyphos: Astrid also mentions that something similar happened once before.
    Kalanyr: The event where he sacrificed himself for her?
    Xyhpos: Yes, that. She notes that then, as now, she had a sense he was not dead.
    Xyphos: Incidentally, I think I can feel it too.
    Kalanyr: But how could he live, scattered like that?
    Xyphos: Life and death are not cut-and-dry things...

    «Falerin teleports in»

    Falerin: What matter is so important that it required my being summoned in the middle of the task?
    Kalanyr: We have found the sign of Beleqwaya. He is scattered in the Deep Void.
    Falerin: Deep within the plane of Limbo? That is going to prove problematic.
    Kalanyr: We know.
    Falerin: There is a pocket of Limbo trapped on Caelestia and it causes some serious issues. The area is called the Plains of Instability.
    Falerin: Even the avatars of deities are known to have considerable problem therein. It also tends to make those who are chaotic by nature rather more powerful.
    Falerin: The monsters and creatures there are a grave threat. Worse, any who journey that far in risk being lost to the chaos themselves.
    Kalanyr: Xyphos and I can tether a traveler here so that they can return at will, but it will take all of our combined efforts and we can do nothing else.
    Kalanyr: The disruption to the many experiments - and indeed to the flow of mana to which we have been tied - could be quite substantial.
    Falerin: What of «You»? They have proven themselves quite gifted.
    Kalanyr: That is true, but is <<You>> truly up to facing something on this scale?
    Falerin: There is only one way to find out--

    «Falerin waves his cane, and you are teleported in»

    «You»: Whoa!
    Falerin: Your help is keenly needed, friend. It is a matter of considerable urgency.
    «You»: I was just around the corner -- Why yank me in like that without warning??
    Falerin: Sorry, I didn't realize you were so near. Had you been much farther away you would have been teleported... ehem... anyway-- Kalanyr?
    Kalanyr: We have found some signs to suggest Beleqwaya is not dead in the traditional sense.
    «You»: Huh? What do you mean? Beleqwaya was killed in the fight against the Uncreator. He battled against the Devourer's avatar itself!
    «You»: Everyone that died in that fight was erased from existence and forgotten entirely!
    «You»: ............
    «You»: Waaaaiiit a sec--
    Falerin: Yes... very good, I can see comprehension dawning. If that were true, how would you recall him?
    Falerin: No, The`Galin would not have uncreated someone who acted so nobly. Indeed, it appears he very rarely uncreated anyone, the city of Concordia on Battleonia being an...
    Falerin: ...unfortunate exception. Then there was the race of Gleeblin, but I think we can ALL agree we are better off without them.
    «You»: Concordia? Gleeblin?
    Falerin: My point exactly. They were uncreated and so you have no memory. That is simply not the case with Beleqwaya.
    Falerin: He remains, though perhaps, not alive in the traditional sense either.
    «You»: I saw his particles scatter throughout the Void as the portal collapsed. How could he live scattered like that...?
    Kalanyr: I asked the very same question, but we have no doubt that it's him. Xyphos and I can tether a person who wanders deep into the Void from getting lost, but it will take all of our efforts.
    Kalanyr: We need someone to go in our stead.
    «You»: And the someone you want is me?
    Kalanyr: Yes, so long as we can get someone to fill in for us in our other capacities.
    Falerin: I will keep the experiments running and keep the mana flowing. I will also keep running the classes that Beleqwaya agreed to teach at the School of Thought.
    Kalanyr: Lore is indebted to you, Falerin.
    Falerin: Many times over by now.
    «You»: How can you maintain experiments in the magic of Lore if you are from Caelestia?
    Falerin: I have learned a thing or two about Lorian Archmagic.

    «Falerin raises his hands, and the screen fades to black as you enter a flashback. Mana swirls and sparkles in the darkness, as the camera zooms out to reveal Beleqwaya controlling the mana in a library»

    Falerin: So, unlike Lorian Elemental Magic, this magic works along the principle of adjusting and rearranging the natural order of mana before it is called forth and structured into a spell?

    «The camera zooms out again, to reveal Falerin»

    Beleqwaya: Why...yes. It is quite impressive that you were able to recognize that.
    Beleqwaya: Two questions: HOW were you able to know that? And how did you get into my Haven? I currently have it sealed away.
    Falerin: I do know something about comparative spellcraft... hmm... interesting... a form of Mana-based metamagic. Not unlike the metamagic of other realms. Yes, I can adapt that readily enough.
    Beleqwaya: The fact that you chose to ignore the latter question tells me that you plan to never answer it. What are you really?
    Falerin: You already know that. Your suspicions are correct. How would discussing it help?
    Beleqwaya: I see. You are indeed a being of unique merit. I do not suppose you are interested in seeing a few more of the highly specialized forms of Mana Manipulation that I have created?
    Falerin: I always enjoy new and interesting expressions of comparative magic. Remind me to show you the Rune magic of Gillian Four sometime...

    «Fade to black. Back in the present»

    «You»: Well then... I guess that explains both everything and nothing. You saying you learned everything he knew in a short period of time...?
    Falerin: Everything he showed me and some other things I have derived by experimentation. Why would I not?
    Falerin: It seems pointless to waste the acquisition of knowledge when presented with the opportunity to enhance one's own intellect.
    «You»: Remind me to bring a translator next time...
    Falerin: You have a limited time, Ark'en'ett. I am not a patient man and I am an itinerant scholar at best -- not a permanent professor.
    Kalanyr: Yes, I, too, am well aware of your nature.
    Xyphos: We had best prepare.

    «Xyphos raises his hand, and both Xyphos and Kalanyr teleport away in a flash of red light»

    Falerin: That was a bit overdone. Here... take this key. It will attract Bele's essence as you fight through the Void. When you get to the center, shove the key into the ground.
    Falerin: A portal should open allowing Beleqwaya to return.
    «You»: The center? What's the "center" of a place that is defined as being NOTHING?
    Falerin: Don't worry about finding the center... Concern yourself instead with surviving it. Everything within the Void is drawn towards the center the same as you are drawn--
    Falerin: -- towards the ground of Lore. This is why people become so lost within. This area is the primal chaos from which all order sprang.
    Falerin: The state of the universe before creation. Even nothingness emanates from something, even if that something is also "nothing."
    «You»: Somethings and nothings... primal chaos... I don't exactly have a solid grasp of what you're saying, but I suppose I will see for myself.
  • Just open the portal for me when Kalanyr and Xyphos are ready.
  • THis is far too risky for me... I give up. (Leave)

    «Falerin raises his staff and a portal opens»

    Falerin: Good timing! I hope you are up to a challenge-- this is the Void, you know...
  • ENTER THE PORTAL! (High-level challenge, levels 75+ recommended)
      «You»: Compared with listening to those powerful magic-users talk, THIS should be EASY... BRING IT ON, VOID!!!
    • Fight!
  • ENTER THE PORTAL! (Skip all battles, recommended for Players under level 75)

    «If you choose the second option, you skip ALL battles and the reward chest»

    «Full Heal after each battle»«Scene: Deep Void. Beleqwaya seems to be standing there»

    «You»: Oh my-- Beleqwaya?! Wait right there, I'm coming for--

    «Beleqwaya suddenly collapses onto the ground, and disperses into particles, just like what happened in the final fight against the Devourer»

    «You»: That was his death... Maybe enough pieces of his essence are gathered to begin having echos. I must be getting close.

    «As above. Full heal after each battle»

    1 BATTLE«Full heal. You go deeper into the Deep Void»

    «You»: Now to put Falerin's magic key into the "ground" here...

    «A bolt strikes down to the Void, causing a rip to appear. Beleqwaya appears from the rip»

    Beleqwaya: What? How did this occur? How long have I been gone?
    «You»: It's been quite a while.
    Beleqwaya: How did you...? How was this accomplished? My life force should have been scattered throughout the Deep Void.
    «You»: I'm not sure I fully understand what happened. Some part of your essence remained alive. Astrid reported it to Kalanyr and Xyphos, who went to Falerin.
    Beleqwaya: Then why is it you that are here to rescue me?
    «You»: This area was pretty nasty. Their combined efforts were needed just to keep me tethered to Lore so we could return. Falerin is helping to keep things running smoothly there.
    Beleqwaya: Falerin directly intervened? How very... interesting...
    «You»: He mentioned something about permission.
    Beleqwaya: I see. Well their confidence in you appears well placed. I understand fully.
    «You»: That is more than I can say. Let's go... Kalanyr, Xyphos and Falerin are waiting for us. They can fill you in on the details.

    «Beleqwaya raises his hands, and the both of you disappear in a flash. The screen fades to black, and you reappear inside Xyphos' tower and in front of Falerin»

    Falerin: Ah... Beleqwaya. Welcome back to the ranks of the incorporated!
    «You»: Incorporated?
    Falerin: He has a corpus, that is to say, a body. I could not welcome him back to the land of the living for he was not technically dead.
    You: Not alive and yet not dead? Does that mean...

    «A very familiar golden axe strikes the ground»

    ???: UNDEAD!!
    «You»: Not again...

    «Artix swings his axe and charges Beleqwaya, who backs up to avoid the attack»

    Falerin: Stay your axe, paladin. Undead is not accurate here either. He was more trapped.
    Artix: Oh... I see. Errr... Carry on.

    «Artix exits»

    Falerin: That man has gotten somewhat better about that, yet I do still sometimes wonder about the healthiness of such a one-sided obsession.
    «You»: I have heard stories of how he used to be even worse.
    Falerin: They are true. So has it solidified?
    «You»: Solidified?
    Falerin: Your understanding of what we meant.
    «You»: Unfortunately, yeah, I get it now. Speaking of solid.... How are you in so many places at once? You were recently seen at the Isle de Oriens.
    «You»: You are here now, apparently teaching on Deren, and maybe on Caelestia as well?
    Falerin: Of late, I have been exploring the Astral realm too. A fascinating realm where thought takes on reality.
    «You»: How?
    Falerin: The mechanisms are not fully understood even to me, thus my study of them.
    «You»: No-- I mean how are you doing all of these things simultaneously?
    Falerin: Your mind cannot begin to wrap itself around the magicks involved. Equal parts transcendental correspondence and colocation with a side of deific metastate.
    Falerin: Suffice to say it involves large quantities of Earl Grey tea.
    «You»: ....Earl Grey tea?
    Falerin: Cappuccino works in a pinch, as does Espresso - but they are a bit rougher on the elven digestion.
    «You»: ... Right...

    «The screen fades to black. Back in the Deep Void, a familiar hand holding a familiar cane reaches out of the rip»
  • Play again!
  • Leave

    Thanks to whackybeanz. Monster lists from Aelthai. Correction from jsrjohnny.

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