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The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part I - Double Take

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4/5/2010 14:41:00   
Oh Bother.

The Bizarre Flecks Saga

Part I - Double Take

Event Button > The Bizarre Flecks! or Travel Map > Bizarre > 1: Double Take

«Over the eastern night skies, a streak of blue glow flies across into the mountains...»

«Scene: The edge of Greenguard Forest»

«You»: Hans said that the velvet-blue basset hounds were spotted somewhere near here...
«You»: Without their mother they won't survive, so he wants me to rescue them for Aria, so he can impress her.
«You»: ...But how did he know that? I SWEAR I heard him talking to someone again and... You know, I really need to stop talking to myself out loud. I'm going as crazy as the kid.
«You»: Hmm... what's that smell? Like after a lightning strike. ..."Ozone," I think that's what Falerin called it.

«A mirror appears in front of you. Ryuusei Cartwright (without his beard) appears from the mirror, together with 2 undead mobs.»

Alignment Choice!
  • Attack Ryuusei Cartwright!
  • Do not attack Cartwright: Investigate Further

    • Attack Ryuusei Cartwright!
      «You strike Ryuusei Cartwright.»

      Ryuusei: Oh no... I WOULD find that world now... please, I... do not want to fight you...

      1 BATTLE (No rewards given)
      «The dialogue continues below.»
      Do not attack Cartwright: Investigate Further
      «The dialogue continues below.»
    «Ryuusei raises his staff which begins glowing blue, indicating that he is preparing to use The Cold.»

    «You»: Ryuusei Cartwright! Give me one reason to not strike you down right now. Especially with you threatening me with The Cold.
    Ryuusei: What? But I am not--
    «You»: I recognize the Cold, Cartwright...
    Ryuusei: Yes, but... I am only trying to...
    «You»: And another thing -- Undead out in bright sunlight? What sort of bizzaro undead are these?

    «The undead approach you.»

    Ryuusei: Please do not hurt them too badly, they have no choice.«Two more undead appear from the mirror.»

    Ryuusei: Oh dear. I will free them later... first, I need to close that portal before we have a REAL mess on our hands.
    Bree'Ha: The disturbance is over there, Cartwright, I am sure of it.
    Ryuusei: I can sense alterations in the fabric of the worldwalls as surely as your device, Minister. I do not need you to tell me where the effect originated.
    «You»: ...Wait. What's this...? ...TWO Cartwrights!?!
    Ryuusei: Oh no. No! Not him, not now! Gaiden cannot afford the delay. Please! You need to hide me!
    «You»: Gaiden?? Huh?!

    «The undead approach you.»Ryuusei: Never mind your disturbance, Bree`Ha. I wish to address your reason for seeking me in the first place.
    Bree'Ha: Yes, of course...
    Ryuusei: As interesting as your proposal is, I am not at all interested.
    Bree'Ha: What?! You, not interested in an opportunity for power and revenge?
    Ryuusei: What has that gotten into me, Minister? No, I already have power you cannot begin to comprehend, and revenge...
    Ryuusei: .... revenge is purposeless. I seek many things, but that is not one of them.

    «The scene shifts left, showing the other Ryuusei and you.»

    «You»: ...Two of them? What could this possibly mean? Who are you?!
    Ryuusei: There is not enough time...
    «You»: ... This is all very, very odd...
    Ryuusei: Please! I cannot see me now!
    «You»: Er... Fine. Duck behind that bush.

    «Ryuusei hides behind the bush.»

    «You»: Oh no-- I know what THAT sound means! More mirror undead!! I think I'm beginning to understand Artix and the other Paladins' single-mindedness...
  • Fight!«You»: Well, that was messy. Now just WHAT are those two up to?

    «The scene shifts to the conversation between Bree'Ha and Ryuusei Cartwright.»

    Bree'Ha: You are a very curious human, Cartwright.
    Ryuusei: I suppose I am.
    Bree'Ha: What? You are not going to correct me in outrage and declare yourself Vesperian and not human?
    Ryuusei: In the language of at least one race we are all human, including your own kind, the elves, the orcs, the dwarves, the brilhado and the moglin.
    Ryuusei: We are all people, Minister. Why bother correcting the truth?
    Bree'Ha: ...What has happened to you? What changed?

    «A Drakel Captain enters.»

    Captain G'hup: Minister--?
    Bree'Ha: Yes?
    Captain G'hup: I detect additional life ahead, minister.
    Bree'Ha: Of course there is life, Captain G'hup. This is a forest. Go back, and only call when you have some useful news. Now then, what has gotten into you, Cartwright?
    Ryuusei: Progress, Minister. Progress. ...Ah, we have another traveler.

    «Ryuusei and Bree'Ha approach you, with the mirror still floating in mid-air.»

    Ryuusei: Hello there, «You».
    «You»: Cartwright! Bree`Ha! Whatever you two are up to, I will stop it.
    Ryuusei: We two are up to nothing save a walk, «You». I have no plans at present, thought I cannot speak for the Minister. ...Hmmm. That's odd.
    Ryuusei: That mirror... that is something somehow familiar...
    Ryuusei: No... that could not be...
    «You»: What?!

    «Double images constantly form on Ryuusei's head.»

    Ryuusei: Never mind. I am sorry, but I need to go.

    «Ryuusei disappears.»

    Bree'Ha: Ahem. And on that note we will take our leave as well. How disappointing Cartwright turned out to be. No matter...
    Bree'Ha: (into radio) One to stream, G'hup.
    Captain G'hup: (from radio) Yes, Minister.

    «Bree'Ha breaks down into a stream of particles and floats away.»

    «You»: ................

    «A large group of undead appear from the mirror.»

    «You»: Er, Cartwright? This is an army. I'm not going to just fight that. We need to stop these things from coming out.

    «Ryuusei comes out from the bushes. He raises his staff which turns blue, and the mirror breaks into pieces and disappears into thin air.»

    Ryuusei: This is too many. I am not familiar enough with the Cold and necromancy for this. My analog has me bested in this area...
    «You»: We can just kill them, and--
    Ryuusei: NO!!! They are not doing this willingly. These are some of the elemental undead who protected the undead guardian tower at Granemor, and the others...
    Ryuusei: ...they're undead that HE created when he killed them all in the collapse of the Battleon tower. They have no choice...
    «You»: Wait wait wait. Collapse of the Battleon Tower?!
    Ryuusei: It was not here, not your Battleon. It is difficult to explain... but right now I am short on time. We need help, but we need to be discreet.
    Ryuusei: No one can know I am here. If people are talking about me, it will just make it easier for... him... to find me.
    «You»: Find you? And who?
    Ryuusei: ... which reality I fled to. He is sure to come after me eventually. Can you play dumb?
    «You»: Ryuusei, buddy, I've been pretending to be dimwitted for years. It makes people underestimate you. But WHO is after you?
    Ryuusei: In due course I promise I shall explain everything, but right now we need aid. A good necromancer, unlike... that man...
    «You»: A good necromancer? I think I know just the one. ...Hmm, we aren't far from the Cor-Dem gate. I can probably use it to get to the island off of Deren--
    «You»: -- and then hopefully get Tralin's attention... or better yet, Diviara. His son is just the ticket. We just need to wade through these undead...
    Ryuusei: I will try to hold back the worst of them.
    «You»: ...I can't believe I'm trying to help Ryuusei Cartwright save some undead.«Scene: Cor-Dem Gate»

    «You»: Here it is... now to get it started up again.

    «Ryuusei enters.»

    Ryuusei: I have slowed them down, but they will break my control soon... and that will leave them unchecked in Greenguard Forest.
    Ryuusei: Hurry, «You»! We need to get help.
  • Enter the Gate!

    «Scene: Near the Ruins of the Temple of Hope»

  • Search the island for some way to attract attention!!
    After some time searching the island, you find wood, flint, tinder, a large blanket, and a book entitled "The Art of Smoke Signals," all curiously intact in the rubble of the old Temple of Hope...

    «You»: Now to make some smoke signals. Let's hope I learned enough from this book!

    «You attempt to make a smoke signal. In the sky, the message "HEY DIVIARA COME HERE!" forms from the smoke.»

    Diviara: Your continued hospitality has been most kind, Drakel.

    «The scene zooms in on Diviara and Thorne Lorin.»

    Thorne Lorin: Diviara, really. Must you be so disrespectful? This man is the king and the Communicant of Lorithia.

    «The scene zooms out.»

    King Tralin: Diviara and I have become close friends, Thorne. Your defense is appreciated, but not necessary. How comes your progress on building the memorial shop?
    Thorne Lorin: We are well into work, Your Majesty. We should be ready soon.
    Diviara: You know, the irony of our childrens' close friendship is not missed on me, Tralin.
    Kithia: Well, they have both done difficult things that they regretted later.
    Diviara: Yes, but it was I who was responsible for the Cold being used on Jano, and by his contagion of the undeath.
    King Tralin: That is true, Brilhado.
    Thorne Lorin: I am not sure I see the point in bemoaning that.
    Diviara: Had that never happened, your son would never have had to...
    King Tralin: ...Have to kill Jano. No, he would not have...
    Diviara: My own son's torments are my fault too. I...
    King Tralin: As Falerin might say: regrets, Diviara, are futile now. The past is just that... the past.
    Diviara: They are good for each other, I think. Our children.

    «The scene zooms in on Tralin and Kithia.»

    Queen Kithia: ...My King, what IS that in the sky??

    «The scene zooms out.»

    Amilara: ... Oh my. It says "Hey Diviara Come Here"! Dad, it looks like someone is trying to contact you. Shall I accompany you?
    Diviara: Yes... I believe so.
    Thorne Lorin: May your wings carry you swiftly, Brilhado!

    Your new smoke signaling skill pays off, when after nearly an hour two familiar Brilhado fly out of the sky to meet you!
  • Continue

    «You»: Hey, two for the price of one! And just the ones I needed, too.
    Amilara: What is wrong, «You»?
    «You»: I've brought... someone with me who really needs your help.

    «Ryuusei enters the scene.»

    Diviara: !!! Isn't that--?
    Amilara: Ryuusei, what is it? Something's wrong, I can tell. Is it Gaiden?
    «You»: ... Wait... huh? Hold on here! You know him?
    Diviara: My son and I have traveled between worlds on many occasions.
    Ryuusei: Diviara and Amilara Celegra! I am relieved beyond measure to see you, my friends.
    Diviara: What has happened to bring you to Lore, Ryuusei?
    Ryuusei: It is a long story... but there are some undead that are a bigger problem right now.
    Ryuusei: They are good-aligned and have been enslaved. I do not know enough of the Cold or of necromancy to break their bonds.
    Amilara: Sounds right up our alley.
    Diviara: Indeed. Where is the necromancer responsible?
    Ryuusei: He remains on his world.
    Diviara: Ah... well then. Interreality necromancy is a bit difficult. This is fortunate. All we need is to find his locus.
    Amilara: Right. Free the locus and all those the locus commands will fall.
    «You»: I don't suppose anybody'd care to explain a little more, for those of us who aren't into interreality necromantic theory?
    Diviara: The necromancer is not here, but he needs to maintain control. Therefore, he vests a portion of his will into a single undead... or a small group of them. That is the "locus."
    Diviara: He then enslaves the other undead to the locus. This way he only needs to control the locus from the other world.
    «You»: And the locus controls the rest.
    Amilara: Precisely! Controlling one undead across planar boundaries is far simpler than controlling a group of them.
    «You»: So-- we need to free the Locus!
    Amilara: Took the words right out of my mouth... literally.
    «You»: Well then... what are we waiting for? And, um... how do we get back to Greenguard without the statue here? The Cor`Dem gate dumped us here, but how do we get back?!
    Diviara: Like this!

    «Diviara takes flight and carries Ryuusei with him, Amilara simultaneously doing the same, carrying you along.»

    Brilhado are able to fly at nearly the speed of sound. Their magic also prevents them and those they carry from being affected by the forces they would otherwise experience flying at that speed. Before you know it, you are in Greenguard Forest...
  • Continue

    Ryuusei: Flying thousands of miles over a vast ocean and a large landmass at high speeds under Brilhado power certainly is exhilarating.
    «You»: Er..."exhilarating." Right. Could you guys maybe warn me next time?

    «A group of undead surround you and the rest.»

    «You»: We'll continue with the small talk later. Right now, let's find the Locus!Diviara: That draugr and revenant there.
    Amilara: A slippery one... he used two of them.
    Diviara: He did not want all his eggs in one basket.
    «You»: I will distract them and you can free them.
    Diviara: You should know, «You», that draugr and revenants are some of the more difficult undead.
    Diviara: Draugr are incredibly strong and bloodthirsty, and very tough to permanently kill. Still... if you can disable him, that should break the necromancer's control.
    Amilara: Hmm. The revenant bothers me more. Revenants are fanatical protectors. Almost always good, they're usually used to protect church yards and the like.
    Diviara: ...Meaning this one is forcibly being enslaved. You can either distract them or we can try to do it from here, «You».
    «You»: Which do you prefer?
    Diviara: To be bought time... but not to have you die, and join the teeming ranks of the undead masses, in the process.
  • What's a little death between friends? (Challenge Battles)
  • Right then. I will just stay out of your way. (Let the Brilhado stop them)Diviara: Almost have it.
    Amilara: You are your own people. None control you...

    «Diviara and Amilara each shoot a bolt of ice at the revenant and draugr.»

    Draugr: We are our own people, none...
    Revenant: Yes, we ARE our own people! Thank you, friends, for freeing us from that vile necromancer... Xitra Regeirk.
    «You»: ... Um... Diviara? Amilara? I... with all this going on, can you check for any reality-altering magic here? Because I think I'm hearing things...
    Diviara: I don't sense anything like that around here, «You». Are you okay?
    «You»: I dunno. I think I'm ill or hallucinating or something. I'm DEFINITELY hearing things. "Xitra Regeirk"... that sounds a lot like "Artix Krieger" in reverse...
    Ryuusei: No... you are hearing things right, my friend. I shall explain it to you...
  • Continued!
    Bizarre Fleck 1

  • Staff of Necromantic Persuasion Z
  • Staff of Necromantic Persuasion
  • Staff of Necromantic Command
  • Guardian Staff of Necromantic Control
  • Staff of Necromantic Rule
  • Staff of Necromantic Domination

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Dialogue change credits to Lord Barrius and Rhowena. Monster lists credits to In Media Res. Write-up by whackybeanz and Rhowena.

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