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The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part II - Meteor Storm

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4/5/2010 14:41:52   

The Bizarre Flecks Saga

Part II - Meteor Storm

Event Button > Bizarre Flecks: Part 2! or Travel Map > Bizarre > 2: Meteor

Amidst signs of an oncoming meteor swarm, the player encounters a remarkable semblance of Ryuusei Cartwright in Greenguard forest. This Ryuusei, who comes from an distant alternate form of the realm of Terra, was traveling through space and time with his son Gaiden, seeking the very same dark analog of himself whose treachery and leadership of the Network so recently plagued our own world of Lore.

Unfortunately, in the process Ryuusei and Gaiden venture to an alternate version of our own Lore, with a much more sinister history. In this dark mirror universe, Gaiden is trapped by a monstrous necromancer... who shockingly is an analog of none other than our own Artix von Krieger, called Xitra Regeirk!

Worse, not satisfied with the domination of his own Lore, Xitra Regeirk seeks to harness the power of the Bizarre Flecks, strange matter born of uncreation energy, to warp and twist Lore in all realities to his bidding! Xitra Regeirk has now come to our own Lore to attempt to reclaim Ryuusei and complete his enslavement.

It is up to YOU to not only unravel Xitra Regeirk's nefarious plot, but to play dumb in the process lest the vile necromancer know he has found the target of his evil ambition.

  • Continue

  • You can skip the cutscene at anytime.

    «Streaks of blue glows fly across the night sky. The four Archmagi-- Kalanyr, Xyphos, Beleqwaya and Warlic enter the scene.»

    Warlic: The meteor activity is increasing. Have you been able to determine anything about how these things are affecting magic?
    Kalanyr: The effect is metamagical, but... it is curious. It seems most chaotic...

    «The scene zooms in on the Archmagi.»

    Xyphos: It does not operate on any principle of magic with which I am familiar. I have encountered nothing like it.
    Warlic: So none of the rest of you have seen anything at all like it either?
    Beleqwaya: Well... actually... Now, I hesitate to mention it, but...
    Warlic: What is it??
    Beleqwaya: It has some disturbing similarities to the energy I encountered in the Void in my ill-fated disintegration of Cartwright.
    Warlic: Energy of Uncreation?

    «The scene zooms out.»

    Beleqwaya: That is not out of the realm of possibility.
    Warlic: So Lore is being bombarded by meteoroids made of Uncreation energy?
    Beleqwaya: It does appear that way.

    «The scene zooms in on Warlic and Beleqwaya.»

    Warlic: Has anyone contacted the Loremaster? He could undoubtedly verify....
    Beleqwaya: I tried. Unfortunately because Falerin filled in for me for a time, he has fallen behind on some of his own tasks...
    Warlic: Meaning?

    «The scene zooms out.»

    Kalanyr: Meaning that he is tied up with his own responsibilities, so I fear we are on our own for the moment. ...What is that?

    «Ryuusei Cartwright and you enter the scene.»

    Cartwright: He has come, «You». He has come for me. We must do as we planned-- are you ready?
    «You»: I'll handle him, Ryuusei. You just hide!
    Beleqwaya: Cartwright!! I should have known you were behind this! I dealt with you once, I shall deal with you again!
    «You»: Not now Bele! We don't have time. That vile necromancer Xitra Regeirk is coming!

    «The scene zooms in on the Archmagi.»

    Kalanyr (in unison): !!!!!!
    Xyphos (in unison): !!!!!!
    Beleqwaya (in unison): !!!!!!
    Warlic (in unison): !!!!!!

    «The scene zooms out.»

    «You»: Look, there's no time to fill you in, just get out of here for now and I'll handle this.
    Beleqwaya: Uhh...right.

    «In a flash, the Archmagi disappear. Ryuusei leaves the scene, and Regeirk enters the scene, along with some undead and the analog of Daimyo.»

    «You»: !!! You look.... familiar. Who are you, and what are you doing here??
    Xitra Regeirk: I am Xitra Regeirk, and it is I that will be asking the questions. Where is Ryuusei Cartwright? I know you are hiding him!
    «You»: I have no idea what you're talking about. Cartwright nearly destroyed Lore with his Network. I'd never help him.
    Xitra Regeirk: So you continue to play innocent. No matter. Undead, hear my command!
    Undead: Master Regeirk, we are compelled and we obey...
    Xitra Regeirk: Go forth and find Cartwright. Capture any who might make good additions to my undead armies, and crush any resistance!
    Undead: Yes, Master.

    «The undead leave the scene.»

    «You»: ...You can't be Artix. Artix is a paladin who stands for good and light!
    Xitra Regeirk: You make me ill! I'm not Artix! I'm Xitra Regeirk!
    «You»: And he... he kills undead! He certainly does not forcibly enslave good undead, especially those created with Light-based necromancy!
    Xitra Regeirk: Well, I do now!
    «You»: Tell me the truth! Who are you?!

    «The scene zooms in on Regeirk, who is clad in black armor and has a mustache and beard.»

    Xitra Regeirk: You can't handle the truth!

    «The scene zooms out. Galanoth and the real Artix enter the scene.»

    Artix: I had the strangest dream. You were there but you were different somehow... Something big is coming.
    Galanoth: It is just a dream, Krieger. It doesn't mean anything. Besides, what could be so strange about this other version of me?
    Artix: I am telling you! He looked just like you with your armor off and he was practicing DRACOMANCY!
    Galanoth: You've been drinking too much root beer. The sugar has gone to your head and...
    Galanoth: !!!!
    Artix: !!!!
    «You»: Ah-HAH! I KNEW you weren't really our Artix! Looks like your plan is starting to unravel!
    Xitra Regeirk: Enough talk. Your Lore shall fall as mine has fallen. The battle begins now!

    Bizarre Flecks Part II - Meteor Storm
    It began with a few sightings of green glowing meteors cascading through the skies of Lore. And then the TRUE strangeness started, as several people from Lore appeared completely changed from their normal personas! Before long, you discovered that they were actually bizarre mirror-versions from another dimension... Now the mirror of the Paladin Artix Krieger is attacking Battleon-- and he's a Necromancer!!
  • To Battle!
  • Shoot Undead!
  • Back to Town

    Zorbak: Mehehe... I learned some new fire spells to use against these Undead, since my normal darkness powers wouldn't be the best thing to use...
    Zorbak: Please, stop clicking on me and go shoot some skeletons!
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Zorbak: Mehehe! What, did you think I would actually heal you? I'm a necromancer!! If you want healed, click on the gem in Warlic's staff!
  • ...........

    «Guardians can open the treasure chest to have Zorbak as their guest. They can also refill their potions by clicking on the potion bag if they have less than 5 potions on hand.»

    Galanoth the Dragonslayer is here to help you in battle!
    Artix the Paladin is here to help you in battle!
    The Mirror Ryuusei Cartwright is here to help you in battle!
    Robina Hood the ranger is here to help you in battle!
    Warlic the Archmage is here to help you in battle!
    The gem on Warlic's staff healed you!
    To Battle!

    With whom will you go into battle?
  • Mirror Ryuusei
  • Artix Krieger
  • Warlic
  • Robina Hood
  • Galanoth
  • By yourself
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal*
      1 BATTLE
    «After 300,000 mobs were defeated...»

    You can skip the cutscene up to the point where the scene switches to Battleon.

    Undead: Ryuusei Cartwright, you shall come with us to witness Gaiden's ultimate corruption.
    Ryuusei: What? You have my son? And you think to threaten me! Where is he?!
    Undead: You know very well. Now come bow before Krieger.
    Ryuusei: Krieger... This grows more and more curious. Ah... and here is another strange thing.
    Ryuusei: You seem to be a very unusual sort of undead, and also one enslaved against your will. Well, I need answers... So I suppose I need to put an end to that.

    «Ryuusei uses the Cold on the undead.»

    Undead: Thank you! Oh THANK YOU sir... Oh I am sorry.... I-- I had no choice! I--
    Ryuusei: I am aware of your circumstances. Just tell me what is going on... from the beginning.

    «Scene: Battleon»

    Ryuusei: «You», the undead are overtaking Battleon. Let's move quickly.
    Xitra Regeirk: Ryuusei! I shall take you back to witness your son's ultimate corruption!
    Ryuusei: Uh-oh...
    Xitra Regeirk: And YOU, «You»... you have deceived me, but it is YOUR plan that is unraveling!
    «You»: Don't count on it, Regeirk. This version of Lore has more fight in it than your dark mirror. And before we're done, we might just free both of them--
    «You»: -- and free your undead armies from enslavement in the process!
    Galanoth: When did «You» get so smart??
    Artix: Huh?! I am a NECROMANCER!?!
    Xitra Regeirk: Hah! I would like to see you try. Undead, take them!
  • Fight!

    You continue with your battles.

    «After a total of 600,000 mobs were defeated...»«You proceed to confront Xitra Regeirk.»

    «You»: It's over, Xitra Regeirk. Give it up!
    Xitra Regeirk: You may have won this battle for the moment, but I still have Gaiden Cartwright!
    Xitra Regeirk: You shall never rescue him. And once the final meteor reaches my own version of Lore we shall meet again-- count on it!
    «You»: We'll see about that!

    «From the ground, an undead beast springs out, ready to attack.»

    Xitra Regeirk: And THAT'S my cue. Enjoy!
  • Fight!

    «Regeirk leaves the scene.»«Ryuusei enters.»

    Ryuusei: We must find a way to track him.

    «The four Archmagi appear in a flash.»

    Warlic: Easier said than done, I am afraid.
    Beleqwaya: These meteorites are somehow altering the fabric of magic.
    «You»: What does THAT mean?
    Kalanyr: It means that travel between realities is going to be quite a bit more difficult than it already is.
    «You»: Nonsense. Ryuusei, summon the mirror.

    «Ryuusei raises his staff and the mirror appears. However, it continually fades in and out, until it fades away completely. Ryuusei puts down his staff.»

    Ryuusei: I... am afraid they are right. At the moment access between worlds is entirely shut down.
    «You»: Well then there's nothing else for it. You will have to stay here for a while, Ryuusei. You magi are the experts at this sort of thing. We need to find a solution!
    Warlic: Er... Right, we are already working on it. However, this may take quite some time.
    «You»: Well, we need to work faster. We've beaten Xitra Regeirk and sent him packing, but Gaiden and the fate of both Lores remain threatened.
    Ryuusei: We may be far too late... I...
    «You»: I don't think so. Xitra Regeirk is the sort that wants to show off. I think the closed walls buy Gaiden some time.
    Ryuusei: ...*sigh* You are probably right. I pray that you are...

    «Ryuusei, the Archmagi and you leave the scene. It can then be seen that the analog of Ryuusei enters, with a parchment** lying on the grass...»

    Cartwright: Hmm... meteors of Uncreation. This bears careful thought.
    Cartwright: At least, since they desire to make a show of it, I know that my son is safe... for the moment. Plans, however, need to be made.
    Cartwright: I shall need to verify that Absolix remains safe as well. I must return to the Scar.
    Cartwright: Lord, please watch over Gaiden... delay the monster long enough. For while this turn is over, the chess game continues, and the battle has just begun...
    Bizarre Fleck 2

  • Undead Blackhawke's Blade Z
  • Undead Blackhawke's Blade
  • Endarkened Undead BlackHawke's Blade
  • Undead Blackhawke's Blade Z
  • Shadowed Undead Blackhawke's Blade
  • Guardian Undead Blackhawke's Blade
  • Blackened Undead Blackhawke's Blade

  • Summon Mirror Ryuusei III-Z
  • Summon Mirror Ryuusei I
  • Summon Mirror Ryuusei II
  • Summon Mirror Ryuusei V-Z
  • Summon Mirror Ryuusei IV
  • Summon Mirror Ryuusei VI
  • Guardian Summon Mirror Ryuusei VII
  • Summon Mirror Ryuusei VIII
    The End of Bizarre Fleck Cycle I
    Watch for the continuation of the Bizarre Fleck Saga
    this spring in Bizarre Fleck Cycle II

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    * - In the process of the war, when Optional Full heal is available, both Zorbak and Twilly appear and the following dialogue occurs when you click on Zorbak. You cannot click on Twilly.

    Zorbak: I can force Twilly here to heal you now, or you can just keep fighting!
    «*gulp* appears on Twilly, whose face turns really frightened.»
  • Heal Me
  • Continue Fighting
    Zorbak: Now you're healed! Go fight more monsters already!
  • Thanks Zor-- I mean, Twilly!

    ** - The analog of Ryuusei pauses for a moment before speaking. If you clicked on that parchment during that time, you will get to read a record made by Falerin Ardendor.

    If you are reading this, you have stumbled upon one of several versions of this record. This is what the Terrans might call a blog. Friends and those I hold close have had some success working out problems through writing them down and through absorbing the wisdom of the errant passerby. I am gravely troubled by signs around me few recognize and by the politics of Caelestia, the land of my origin, in which I am inescapably embroiled. Something is coming. I know not what but something is coming. Something that will not be restricted merely to Caelestia but which may serve to shatter the bounds of my existence entirely.

    My name is Falerin Ardendor. I am a traveler and sojourner with homes on many worlds, and yet I have no real place This admission might pain some that consider me friend or family; but as painful as the words may be they are the truth. I find myself losing myself to the chaos and darkness that surrounds me. I find myself questioning my purpose and the point of my long continuance. Mostly I feel a growing ennui with the Caelestian drama that is now unfolding.

    I feel much more connected to Lore, my home by choice, than Caelestia, my home by birth. Some great change is coming. I sense this all around me and without. Unlike before, I will not be able to escape the maelstrom, as I feel strongly that I am within it's nexus.

    It has begun.

  • Return
    Monster Lists
    Level 0-11
    Nurse Botoxia (10)
    Undead Archer (5)
    Undead Dragon (6)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (10)
    Undead Elf (10)
    Undead Fansarin (15)
    Undead Knight (1)
    Undead Mage (7)
    Undead Ninja (10)
    Undead Paladin (6)
    Undead Soldier (5)

    Level 12-29
    Bone Knight (25)
    Ghost (20)
    Nurse Botoxia (25)
    Undead Braken (20)
    Undead Dragon (19)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (25)
    Undead Elf (10)
    Undead Fansarin (15)
    Undead Freak (25)
    Undead Frog (20)
    Undead Mage (14)
    Undead Moglin Knight (15)
    Undead Paladin (15)
    Undead Wounded (13)

    Level 30-49
    Mummicane (36)
    Nurse Botoxia (25)
    Skull Swarm (30)
    Undead Braken (20)
    Undead Commander (31)
    Undead Dragon (39)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (45)
    Undead Elf (30)
    Undead Fansarin (35)
    Undead Frog (40)
    Undead Giant (35)
    Undead Paladin (35)
    Undead Skull Ape (40)
    Undead Knight (35)
    Undead Skuller (38)

    Level 50-69
    Banshee (63)
    Ghost (53)
    Giant Mummy (65)
    Lich (undead) (50)
    Nurse Botoxia (50)
    Pile o' Bones (Undead) (50)
    Skull Swarm (50)
    Undead Basher (58)
    Undead Braken (60)
    Undead Dragon (39)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (45)
    Undead Elf (30)
    Undead Fansarin (60)
    Undead Giant Moglin (62)
    Undead Horse (68)
    Undead Moglin Demon (58)
    Undead Ninja (50)
    Undead Paladin (50)
    Undead Skull Ape (60)
    Undead Warlord (63)
    Undead Wolf Master (61)

    Level 70-84
    Banshee (63)
    Ghost (53)
    Giant Mummy (65)
    Lich (undead)
    Nurse Botoxia (70)
    Pile o' Bones (Undead) (50)
    Undead Braken (60)
    Undead Dragon (71)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (72)
    Undead Elf (60)
    Undead Fansarin (60)
    Undead Giant Moglin (62)
    Undead Horse (68)
    Undead Moglin Demon (58)
    Undead Paladin (65)

    Level 85+
    Banshee (63)
    Ghost (53)
    Giant Mummy (65)
    Lich (undead)
    Nurse Botoxia (90)
    Pile o' Bones (Undead) (50)
    Undead Braken (100)
    Undead Dragon (91)
    Undead Dragon Mutant (92)
    Undead Elf (60)
    Undead Fansarin (92)
    Undead Giant Moglin (62)
    Undead Horse (68)
    Undead Moglin Demon (58)
    Undead Paladin (75)
    Undead Skull Ape (90)

    Monster Lists and total kill count credits to In Media Res. Write-up by whackybeanz.

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