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The Mutant King

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4/8/2010 13:36:37   

The Mutant King

Location: Granemor > General's Tower > No Man's Land > The Mutant King

<<Scene: No Man's Land>>

1 BATTLE: Altoad
Optional Full Heal

<<You>>: One of those altered toads. Makes sense-- this is the shaper Visia's territory, after all. Now let me see what happens when I head southwest of here...
  • Go!

    <<Scene: Another part of No Man's Land>>

    <<You>>: The land is becoming more dry, certainly. No real indication yet that I am moving out of Visia's area, however.

    1 BATTLE: Aegull
    Optional Full Heal

    <<You>>: What are you still doing here, Twilly? Normally you just disappear after you heal me. Not that I mind-- I really appreciate the fact that you almost always follow me on dangerous quests.
    Twilly: Weeelllll.... I was talking to Dewlok in Granemor and he told me something reeaaallly scaaarrry. I wanted to warn you!
    <<You>>: Well, spit it out, Moglin! What IS it?!?
    Twilly: He said you would come upon a Field of Skulls and you would have to pick the four that are magic. And that they would lead you to the heart of the Ogre Kingdom!
    <<You>>: That shouldn't be too bad. I fight skeletons on a regular basic-- I think that seeing a few SKULLS should be a cakewalk!
    Twilly: Just pick the four magic ones! Others might be... dangerous!!
  • Go!
    <<Scene: Field of Skulls>>

    <<You>>: Skulls, skulls, everywhere! This is slightly disturbing... but just as I thought, not very intimidating. Not for a seasoned slayer of undead such as myself! Now to pick out the four magic skulls!!
  • Get closer

    In the zoomed in Field of Skulls, there are 30 skulls you can choose from. The magic skulls are always at the same spot.

    If you pick the wrong skull, you will either get into a battle, or nothing happens.

    1 BATTLE
    Level 1 - 17: Tentaskull Skulker
    Level 18 - 37: Tentaskull Slinker
    Level 38- 57: Tentaskull Lurker
    Level 58 - 74: Tentaskull Creeper
    Level 75+: Tentaskull Prowler
    Optional Full Heal

    You will have to click on the magic skulls once more after the battle if you managed to pick out some before the battle.

    If you pick the magic skull, it will start to circle in the screen.

    Spoiler: Location of the 4 magic skulls

    After all 4 magic skulls are found...

  • Follow the Skulls!

    Short cutscene showing the skulls leading you the way

    <<Scene: Fields outside Ogre Kingdom>>

    The skulls fly off into the distance as you enter

    <<You>>: Stop!!! Slow down at least!! ...Okay, the skulls left me in the dust. Now what?
    ???: What? That is an appropriate question at this juncture. Come closer to me so I can register you seismically...
  • ???

    <<Scene: Fields outside Ogre Kingdom, with Wobbly Rock>>

    <<You>>: !!! Well, uh, hello!
    ???: "Uh hello" to you, too. I seismically register that you are a REAL human, not one of those mutated or altered in any way. Am I correct?
    <<You>>: Um, are you going to be all right? Your, er, head-thing is sort of... LOOSE...
    Wobbly Rock: Oh, I will most assuredly be fine. You may call me Wobbly Rock, human. I will call you Human.
    <<You>>: Okay, Wobbly Rock. So, you are some kind of rock golem?
    Wobbly Rock: Normally I would be considered a golem, but I am really a mutated rock, given intelligence by the Mutant King. I am a sentry, I believe.
    Wobbly Rock: I have just telepathically sent a warning to some Ogres that you are here. They will be ready for you, so be prepared. Ogres were once human, but the Mutant King changed them too.
    <<You>>: So you are a bad guy?
    Wobbly Rock: No. Not bad or good. Just wobbly. Ogres are very strong. Be careful. I would have to say that the Mutant King is bad. He and Visia.
    Wobbly Rock: They change things so they can have power over them. They change things whether those things like it or not. I would much prefer to be a mere rock, myself.
    <<You>>: Well, I will do my best to stop them from changing more... And maybe even get them to change things back.
    Wobbly Rock: Thank you, Human. And good luck!

  • Goodbye!
    <<Scene: Ogre Kingdom>>

    <<You>>: Things are starting to look ominous... I wonder what an Ogre looks like? Mulb the Dwelf isn't all that strange looking.

    1 BATTLE
    Level 1 - 21: Thumping Ogre
    Level 22 - 41: Pounding Ogre
    Level 42- 59: Bashing Ogre
    Level 60 - 79: Whalloping Ogre
    Level 80+: Smashing Ogre
    Optional Full Heal

    <<You>>: THAT WAS AN OGRE!!!

    1 BATTLE
    Level 1 - 21: Thumping Ogre
    Level 22 - 41: Pounding Ogre
    Level 42 - 59: Bashing Ogre
    Level 60 - 79: Whalloping Ogre
    Level 80+: Smashing Ogre
    Optional Full Heal

    <<You>>: The Wobbly Rock was right... the No Man's Land has properties unlike any other place on Lore. Plain old humans turned into half-dwarf/half-elves... and also into cannibalistic giants...
    <<You>>: Hmm-- What's that up ahead? It looks like some kind of stone dwellings.
  • Go!

    <<Scene: Ogre Kingdom with stone dwellings>>

    The Mutant King enters

    <<You>>: WAUUGGHH!!!
    Mutant King: You--- do I disturb you?? Heehhhgggh...
    <<You>>: NO! I am not frightened or disgusted by you in any way! Now get ready to defend yourself, fiend!
    <<You>>: You ARE a bad guy, right? The Mutant King?
    Mutant King: Heegggghhh!!! Yes I am, but I would never dirty my various appendages dealing with the likes of YOU!! I think I will allow my Ogre Shaman to handle you.
    Mutant King: Pray that you are more than mostly dead when he begins to season your carcass... heeeghheegggghhhh!!!!
  • !!!
    The Mutant King exits

    1 BATTLE: Ogre Shaman

    <<You>>: That guy was tougher than he looked!

    You receive a Full Heal

    <<You>>: It seems the rock dwellings here are abandoned. Maybe they were just a small outpost for the few Ogres I faced.
    <<You>>: For now, I can't go further into the No Man's Land without risking being cut off from Granemor completely.
    <<You>>: The terrain here is becoming so dense that it will likely be hard to get through on mounts. We will need to find a more efficient way to travel deeper into this uncharted territory!
    <<You>>: The Mutant King and Visia are too powerful to ignore. If I don't find them and discover their weaknesses soon, Granemor's Great Wall could be overrun. And then-- who KNOWS what?!?
  • ???
    Mutant King 1

  • Ogre Knocker
  • Ogre Magician Staff
  • Ogre Thumper
  • Ogre Enchanter Staff Z
  • Ogre Pounder
  • Ogre Enchanter Staff
  • Ogre Smacker
  • Ogre Whacker Z
  • Ogre Whalloper
  • Ogre Shaman Staff

  • Play again!
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    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Spoiler from icydarkstary.

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