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The Bloodline!

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4/8/2010 13:41:02   

The Bloodline!
Tentei's Hidden Power

Location: Granemor > General's Tower > No Man's Land > The Bloodline!

Scene: Warlic’s Shop

Warlic: Come in!
<<You>>: Ewwww! I stepped in gum!
Warlic: That isn’t gum, but my latest attempt at a new spell. It will make the enemy super sticky and he won’t be able to move. Like a giant casing of bubble gum!
<<You>>: … Rrrrrriiiiiigggghhhhhtttt… So, bottom line is that it’s not gum?
Warlic: Exactly! It’s gumn.
<<You>>: But I thought you just said it WASN’T gum?
Warlic: That’s right. There’s a silent “n” at the end. But we have gotten distracted. I called you here to investigate a surge of magic within Greenguard Forest.
<<You>>: The elves are holed up in Greenguard. Isn’t it possible that they are the source?
Warlic: No. The elves tend to use Earth enchantments. This magic is of the Void.
<<You>>: … The Void?! What could cause a spike of Element-X like that?
Warlic: Element-X? Tsk, SOMEbody hasn’t been keeping up with their Elemental Theory 101 homework.
Warlic: Calling it “Element-X” implies it actually IS elemental, when it is not. That force is not ANY element-- it is simply pure power… or the force of the Void.
<<You>>: …Huh?
Warlic: “Element-X” is a myth. It doesn’t exist. Power that isn’t one of the eight Elements of Creation comes from only one place: the Void.
Warlic: Look, we can continue to discuss magical theory later, but right now there’s something more pressing at hand. Now go and investigate.

Scene: Greenguard Forest at night

<<You>>: I have been searching all night now. I haven’t even come across a snapped twig to show the trail.


2 BATTLES (Monsters taken from Random Battle list, of Earth and Darkness elements)
Full Heal after the 2 Battles

<<You>>: Maybe I shouldn’t talk anymore.
<<You>>: I hear something, I must be getting close!

New Scene: Clearing in Greenguard with a large, glowing portal

<<You>>: WOW! What IS that th-- Uh oh! I need to hide!!

Absolix appears

???: Step forth from the bowels of space and time, Doom Knight… and you shall enjoy power beyond your wildest dreams!

Sepulchure walks out of the portal

???: You-- are amazing. And you are but the FIRST … Far from perfect, but the others will continue to improve. Now go, Sepulchure! Gather your forces and await my call to arms!
???: No need for this portal any longer… Its imperfections have at least served to increase my knowledge of this process. Portal, collapse!

Portal collapses

Red fist rises from ground and an Element X Golem rises

???: Ahh… it seems my venture has borne unexpected fruit. You are powerful. I must make more.

  • Ambush!! Attack these villains now!
  • Sneak Away! (Go Back Home)

    <<You>>: I don’t know who you are, but I do know that anybody summoning some “Doom Knight” can’t mean anything good for Lore. So HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!
    ???: Perfect! Let’s see what this golem can do!

    1 BATTLE:
    Levels 0-29: Void Golem (15)
    Levels 30-49: Void Golem (35)
    Levels 50-69: Void Golem (55)
    Levels 70-89: Void Golem (75)
    Levels 90+: Void Golem (95)
    Full Heal after Battle

    Void Golem reforms

    <<You>>: Huh. Normally when I win a battle, the enemy doesn’t re-form… This isn’t good. This isn’t good at all.

    Tentei drops from the sky and kills the Void Golem

    <<You>>: Wow! That was amazing!
    ?????: Who are you?
    <<You>>: I am <<You>>. Who are you?
    Tentei: I am Tentei. I think you will need my help.
    <<You>>: Well I just saw an undefeatable creature, and a dead man rise from the grave…ALIVE! I need more than just help, I need… therapy!
    Tentei: I stopped obeying many of my emotions a long time ago. Humor I use, but rarely.
    <<You>>: Why?
    Tentei: Long story. I may tell you another day. Let’s go.
    <<You>>: Where?
    Tentei: It’s proper to repay favors. You’re going to repay me for helping you just then, and for a favor I haven’t done yet.
    <<You>>: I don’t understand. You already know I will owe you another favor?
    Tentei: I know your enemy. I also know what he comes from and why he is nothing like his origins.
    <<You>>: You’re just speaking in riddles…
    Tentei: Riddles are generally questions. I am just confusing you. I will tell you all you will need to know AFTER you repay me for helping.
    <<You>>: Technically, Repayment should come aft… … Y’know what? Fine.

    You follow Tentei until morning. He offers you some food and drink, and afterwards you feel refreshed and strangely awake, even after being awake all night. You have trekked out of Greenguard’s borders, and come upon what appears to be a large zoo…

    <<You>>: I’ve explored quite a bit of these woods, and I have never been here before. …Actually, from the looks of it I don’t think anyone has.
    Tentei: I have. There are several creatures here that are thought extinct, or that just do not belong here. I want just one let go for now, though. It is called the Lizator.
    Tentei: You will make a distraction for me while I free the animals.
    Tentei: They aren’t tamed, so if one is not caged it may fight you.

    Random Earth monsters
    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE:
    Levels 0-7: Lizator (7)
    Levels 7-19: Lizator (25)
    Levels 20-39: Lizator (43)
    Levels 40-59: Lizator (61)
    Levels 60+: Lizator (79)
    Full Heal

    Tentei: My objective here is complete. Let us…
    <<You>>: Looks like we’ve got incoming.
    Tentei: I see. He looks… upset. Heh.
    Jack: Oi, stoppit! Yer damagin’ me collections!
    <<You>>: What the-?!
    Jack: I was gonna just warn yer to get offa me property-- But I think just shootin’ yer will be best!

  • Battle alongside Tentei!
  • Battle by yourself

    1 BATTLE:
    Levels 0-24: Animal Collector Jack (10)
    Levels 25-44: Animal Collector Jack (30)
    Levels 45-64: Animal Collector Jack (50)
    Levels 65-84: Animal Collector Jack (70)
    Levels 85+: Animal Collector Jack (90)
    Full Heal

    Tentei: Good job! Now let’s go!
    <<You>>: Woah, wait. What about explaining things to me?
    Tentei: Very well. I did say I would explain when we were done.
    Tentei: The man we fought, he claims to be of my blood. I have doubted it for some time, but the only way I could be certain was to test his fighting skills…
    Tentei: I was able to observe his style in battle. I am quite certain that he is not of my family, and this means I truly am the last one remaining.
    <<You>>: How do you know?
    Tentei: It has been a law that my family train all members in the ways of a warrior. He fought like an amateur.
    <<You>>: Okay. Next up, what’s up with your denial of your emotions?
    Tentei: …I do not trust you with that knowledge.
    <<You>>: O-kay, fair enough. How did you beat that golem?
    Tentei: I will not tell you how it is done, for it has always been closely guarded by my family. I will, however, tell you the effect.
    Tentei: I am able to tap into the power beyond the physical realm and attack the essence of a being. To a normal creature borne of the eight elements of creation, there is no noticeable difference.
    Tentei: However, to a creature borne of the Void, my sword does nothing less than ultimate damage. A useful power, but it is fortunate for all of Lore that they are very, very rare.
    <<You>>: Why would someone have such a power?
    Tentei: My bloodline was imbued with the essence of life by the Elemental Lords at the dawn of time. And now I will not die until I have a successor, another to carry the power.
    <<You>>: Could you destroy the being that made that Void Golem??
    Tentei: Possibly. Possibly not. I sensed his power… My family has passed down a legend about such a being. Unfortunately, the ending is either lost… or was always unknown.
    Tentei: I cannot be sure if I can hurt him. However, I am a swordsmith, and I have enchanted some with my blood; perhaps they will have some effect. Failing that, you know where to find me.


  • Tentei Sword [L. 10]
  • Guardian Tentei Edge [L. 25 G]
  • Tentei Edge [L. 45]
  • Guardian Tentei Katana [L. 58 G]
  • Tentei Katana [L. 72]
  • Tentei Razor [L. 92]
  • Tentei O-Wakizashi [L. 112]
  • Tentei Daito [L. 132]
  • Tentei Tachi [L. 142 G]

  • Tacky Gumn Z
  • Tacky Gumn
  • Sticky Gumn Z
  • Sticky Gumn
  • Goopy Gumn Z
  • Goopy Gumn
  • Everlasting Guardian Gumn

    Tentei: I think that is enough questions and answers for now.
    <<You>>: But I want to know more about this Void Being! What is the legend?
    Tentei: That may have to wait. The animals I freed are coming this way, and they have formed a stampede. Farewell.

  • Play Again
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

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