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Absolix Attacks

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4/8/2010 13:43:09   

The Past Repeats

Location: Today's Event > Absolix Attacks! (Mega-War event!)
Location: Granemor > General's Tower > No Man's Land > Absolix Attacks

Not long ago, the Devourer The'Galin came to our world of Lore -- a being who many falsely believed had the sole purpose to travel across space to destroy and absorb the elemental forces of Creation. The heroes of Lore banded together and finally drove the Devourer away, but not before he left several "scars" on Lore. Around the scars, new creatures appeared, borne of destruction, warped by twisted intent...

Two of these are the Mutant King and the shaper called Visia, who have used their powers to create armies of mutant beasts and creatures altered from their normal, peaceful natures. And now, a third being, more malevolent than any who has come before, has arisen: ABSOLIX.

Through the power of Uncreation he has made copies of many of the greatest villains ever known to Lore, even into the distant past. These generals now stand at the head of vast armies poised to attack...

  • Continue

    You may skip this cutscene at any time

    «Scene: Absolix War Camp?»

    Absolix: Visia, Mutant King -- come to me!
    Mutant King: You DO realize that you aren't technically our boss.
    Visia: Mutant King, when someone who can melt your soul with the touch of a finger CALLS you to them, you do what they say.
    Mutant King: He can DO that??
    Visia: Look at him! I'm pretty sure he can. By the way, you should go see a dentist soon and get some of your teeth pulled. Either that, or stop mutating yourself.
    Mutant King: Why? Do I disgust you??
    Absolix: SILENCE! You must obey me, or I will melt your souls!
    Visia: I knew it...
    Absolix: The two of you will stand aside during this war, while my army, led by the REBORN villains of the past, lays waste to all who stand in my way.
    Mutant King: Our forces could be of great use to you, Absolix. Don't send us away! You may have been GIFTED with powers beyond our own, but we are still all CHILDREN of The'Galin!!
    Absolix: INSOLENT FOOL!

    Absolix stabs the Mutant King, who evaporates

    Visia: .....................
    Visia: You just -- UNMADE the Mutant King, didn't you? Well, I will most certainly do whatever you say...

    «Scene: Icy area»

    «You»: !!! So why are we making camp all the way up here!? This is the Northlands!!
    Artix: Not quite. We are not far north of No Man's Land, west of Darkovia. The spring thaw is a bit late. Unfortunately, this is the closest we can camp-- to the enemy!
    Cenara: The being called Absolix, who was UNCREATED by The'Galin, has formed an army-- made up of some of the most dangerous villains of all time!
    «You»: Whoa! What do you mean-- Like who??
    Galanoth: Like AKRILOTH. And EPHEEL. And KING MALINIUS. And-- many I have never even heard of!!
    «You»: How is that even possible?? ALL of those guys are DEAD!
    Dewlok: Absolix has powers that are beyond our understanding just yet. It looks like the Devourer The'Galin spared Lore from his OWN hand-- but left his mark on it in other ways.
    Artix: The Mutant King, Visia, and now Absolix are his PARTING GIFTS. He must be watching and enjoying the havoc they are causing our world!
    Cenara: We cannot stop Absolix alone, and so I have enlisted some help from a couple of ACQUAINTANCES of mine who took quite a bit of convincing.
    «You»: ............... Great. Okay, so let's go take Absolix's unbeatable army-- by surprise!!
  • War

    War Camp

    The Past REPEATS!
    Absolix the Uncreated has assembled an army of Lore's greatest villains, from the recent and distant past! Absolix, the only one of his kind, is compelled by a need to conquer. You are the first line of defense-- If Absolix's terrible army commanded by some of the most deadly villains of all time get past you, all of Lore could fall to his wrath!
  • Back to Town
  • To Battle!

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 4 potions on hand.

  • GraceFang the dracopyre will help us battle this powerful threat!
  • You must be a Guardian for Dewlok to help you in battle!
  • Dewlok will help you in battle!
  • Galanoth the dragonslayer will help us battle this powerful threat!
  • You must be a Guardian for Twig to help you in battle!
  • Twig will help you in battle!
  • WolfWing the werepyre will help us battle this powerful threat!
  • Artix von Krieger the paladin will help us battle this powerful threat!
  • NightReign, brother of GraceFang, knows this threat is great enough to warrant his help. For now...

    To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • With Cenara
  • With Artix
  • With WolfWing
    **«Water version»
  • With NightReign
  • By yourself
  • With Galanoth
  • With Dewlok
  • With Warlic

    «Regardless of choice, you can choose between fighting Slugwrath, the Shadowscythe, Malinus, the Scrapyard, Sepulchre, Akriloth, Narrviz, or Epheel. Regardless»

    Full Heal

    «After 100,000 of that boss's minions were defeated...»

    Full Heal every 2 battles

    Full Heal

    «After all forces were defeated...»

    Absolix: You.... What life energy you have! You and your allies have smashed my army-- my perfect army-- and now you come before ME!
    «You»: That's right. You made some pretty good COPIES, Absolix... but like any copies, they weren't the same as the REAL THING.
    Absolix: Hahahaha... Yes, you have shown me the error of my ways. I thought I might gain an advantage in calling forth the mightiest of those who have gone before me.
    Absolix: But I was a fool.... How could I have not realized? THEY WERE ALL DEFEATED!!! Of course they could be beaten again. There is nothing better than-- ORIGINALITY.
    «You»: Well, uh... *cough*... yeah, nothing. So-- uh-- THERE. Now, go back from where you came from, or I will have to MAKE you leave!!
    Absolix: Is that-- A CHALLENGE?!?
  • Challenge Absolix to battle! (Super-Challenge battle)
  • Retreat while you can!
      Absolix: Well now-- Where is that SPIRIT I thought you had?! How about THIS-- YOU go back to where YOU came from!!

      «Absolix strikes you with a beam from his spear, turning you into a spirit»
    «Regardless of your choice before, you gain the Lesser Soul Melt (Level 0-41), Soul Melt (Level 42-56), or Soul of Hope (Level 57+) armour, and the dialogue continues»

    Dewlok: !!!! What happened to you??
    «You»: I'm... not sure, but it feels like... like he melted my soul! Can he even DO that??
    Artix: Well, at least for now we defeated him. And whatever curse he bestowed upon you will, um, wear off. Soon. ...Hopefully.
    «You»: I'm not so sure we really defeated him. I think I may have given him an idea... He failed when he tried to make COPIES of the greatest conquerors of all time...
    «You»: -- and now I think he might try to be more ORIGINAL.
    Dewlok: Well, whatever happens NEXT should be QUITE interesting, to say the least!!
  • !!!

    Absolix War 1

  • Eight Bosses Staff
  • Eight Chiefs Staff
  • Guardian Eight Superiors Staff
  • Eight Masters Staff
  • Guardian Eight Leaders Staff
  • Eight Lords Staff
  • Eight Powers Staff

  • Soul Melt
  • Soul of Hope

  • Replay
  • Back to Town

    Entry thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf and whackybeanz

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    Monster List

    King Malinius
    The Scrapyard
    All use the same tiers and are the Absolix Clone versions, in case there's a difference.

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