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War for Darkovia

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4/8/2010 14:02:55   

4 Way Darkovian War!
The GraceFang/NightReign Cycle

Accessible through the Travel Map > Darkovia Forest > Dracopyre Legacy > War for Darkovia.

<<Scene: Battleon at night>>

You can skip the cutscene anytime

The White Abbess enters

White Abbess: It has been a long time, Yulgar.
Yulgar: !!! So it has. I... thought you were dead. Why do I have a feeling you're not here to pick up where we left off?
White Abbess: You are a dear old friend. Perhaps someday we might explore if we still feel... No. My concern right now is Darkovia. My monastery has been attacked several times, from all sides.
White Abbess: Things are very uneasy. The people there are being attacked by all three sides -- vampire, lycan, and werepyre. I tried speaking to them but they will not heed me, so...
Yulgar: You want our help?
White Abbess: I would be indebted to you. Oh, and Yulgar? Please don't mention this to...

Yulgar raises his arm

Yulgar: Of course I won't.
The Devourer's return to Lore brought upon Darkovia an uneasy calm for a time. However, his passing from this world has spelled an end to that calm. Trouble brews in Darkovia.
  • Continue
    <<Scene: Darkovia>>

    Werewolf King: Whatever we have against each other, bloodsucker, the threat is in the abominations. There have been many incursions into our territory and you have not had it any better.
    Queen Safiria: I question the wisdom of provoking WolfWing, especially since he has gained considerable support from the would-be heroes of this land.
    Werewolf King: Wolfwing has lost control of his spawn. It's time that we deal with them.

    WolfWing enters

    WolfWing: It would be like you, Constantin, to place the blame on me, even as your son and his shadow pack terrorize not only the people of Darkovia but make constant raids on my children.
    Queen Safiria: He has a point. I have heard several reports of your boy's blackguard engaging my people as well, dogface.
    Werewolf King: As if you have room to talk, Vampiress! Your kind has launched several attacks, reaching nearly as far as Obsidia's Fortress to the south and Frostvale to the north!
    WolfWing: This pointless blame is getting us nowhere. All three of us need to reign in our...
    Werewolf King: HA!! He presumes to tell us what to do, bloodsucker queen!
    WolfWing: No, only to--
    Queen Safiria: Clearly this conversation is ended. We shall settle this issue the old fashioned way.
    WolfWing: War? You must be kidding!
    Werewolf King: You've grown soft and cowardly, WolfWing! Time to teach you what tunes the younger generation dances to!!
  • WAR!

    War Camp

    The Vampires, Lycans and Werepyres are at war on each other and the humans of Darkovia are caught in the crossfire. The White Abbess has come from her monastery in Darkovia to seek the aid of the legendary heroes of Battleon.
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    You can click on the potion sack to obtain 5 health potions if you are a Guardian and have less than 5 potions on hand

    Twilly: Werewolves and Vampires and Werepyres, oh my!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    The Werewolf King has ruled his vast network of were-creatures for decades now.
    Safiria, Queen of the Vampires, oversees her dark realm from a castle in Darkovia.
    WolfWing was the first of the Werepyres, and since he began sharing his power many have joined him.

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • WolfWing
    You need to have Werepyre as a subrace or you will receive the message 'Search Darkovia to become a Werepyre if you want WolfWing to join you!
  • Safiria
    You need to have Vampire as a subrace or you will receive the message 'Search Darkovia to become a Vampire if you want Queen Safiria to join you!
  • Were-King
    You need to have Werewolf as a subrace or you will receive the message 'Search Darkovia to become a Werewolf if you want the Werewolf King to join you!
  • Vampireslayer E
  • By yourself

  • Battle for the Werewolves!
  • Battle for the Vampires!
  • Battle for the Werepyres!
  • Battle for the Humans!
  • Guardian Darklaw
  • Adventurer Darklaw
  • Return to Camp

    Regardless of choice

    You can skip the cutscene anytime

    <<Scene: Darkovia Forest>>

    ???: What have you learned?
    Werewolf: My father and the others are a mess.
    Vampire: My queen is adding to the chaos, just as you expected.
    Werepyre: If you want to make a move, Lord Donovan, the time is soon upon us.
    Werewolf: Your half-sister is in the castle, however. And those loyal to her father guard it.
    Donovan: It does not matter. I just need a brief distraction and to take out his two commanders.

    Screen fades black. Nightbane's castle appears

    <<Scene: Inside Nightbane's castle>>

    Cenara: I think I deserve to know, Dewlok. Please tell me...
    Dewlok: I cannot, Cenara...
    Cenara: From what exactly did you save my Grandfather, Dewlok? What am I not being told?!
    Dewlok: That is not my place to say. I am sorry...
    Cenara: .................

    Nightbane's castle suddenly trembles. The statue shakes and rubble falls onto Balius' coffin, causing a crack in it

    Cenara: Father!!
    Cenara: ..........Ouch..........
    Dewlok: Cenara, what's wrong? Apart from the falling debris having shattered Balius' coffin...
    Cenara: Nothing.... Just a small cut from the glass.
    Cenara: Tevaras! Kevua!!

    Two Nightraiders fly in

    Cenara: Look over your master while I determine what caused this.

    Optional Full Heal

    After Battling for Werepyres reached 100%...

    Optional Full Heal after each battle
    1 BATTLE

    Same cutscene as above, then...

    <<Scene: Darkovia Forest>>

    White Abbess: Has what happened taught you nothing?! This world teetered on a precipice, and you still fight! And for what? To be the strongest predator?!
    White Abbess: A predator that outclassed you in every way was annihilated with a wave of the hand. That should tell you something. Here you stand at the end of yet another pointless bloody war...
    White Abbess: ...and all three races will face utter extinction along with the entire forest if this continues. Will no one stand for Darkovia?!

    Cenara enters

    Cenara: I will.
    White Abbess: C--Cenara!
    Cenara: !!!!!

    Dewlok enters

    Dewlok: Cenara, what is it?
    Cenara: I do not feel... very well...

    Cenara collapses to her knees

    Cenara: uuuhhhh..........
    White Abbess: Cenara!!

    The White Abbess rushes to Cenara and lowers herself

    <<Scene: Another part of Darkovia Forest>>

    Donovan: The strongest predator... Yes, Mother. You are right about that.
    Werewolf: It is time to make our move.
    Donovan: Let's go.
  • !!!
    GraceFang / NightReign Cycle

  • Shadowstopper Pyracepter
  • Shadowsfoe Pyracepter
  • Shadowkiller Pyracepter
  • Shadowslayer Pyracepter
  • Shadowsbane Pyracepter
  • Shadowcounter Pyracepter
  • Shadowhatred Pyracepter
  • Shadowscourge Pyracepter

  • Replay
  • Return to Town

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Images thanks in part to icydarkstary. Originally posted by Astral. New location from Bratac.

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