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A Cure for Cenara!

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4/8/2010 14:03:51   

Search for a Cure!

Location: Event Button Travel Map > Darkovia > Dracopyre Legacy > A Cure for Cenara

The death of the Dracopyre Nightbane at the hands of The`Galin, the Devourer, created a vacuum in the power structure of Darkovia. The White Abbess arrived to ask Yulgar to seek out the aid of the heroes of Battleon in a war that had broken out among the three leaders of Darkovia. Unbeknownst to the White Abbess and to those leaders the mysterious Donovan, with the help of the Werewolf King's son and several of Safiria and Wolfwing's supposedly loyal lieutenants, orchestrated that war in order to gain access to the fortress of the late Nightbane (Balius). At the end of the war, Balius' daughter Cenara, aided by the moglin Dewlok, traveled to the front, where Cenara pledged to fight for Darkovia, only to suddenly collapse. And now the continuation...
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    You can skip the cutscene anytime

    <<Scene: Darkovia forest>>

    Cenara: I will.
    White Abbess: C--Cenara!
    Cenara: !!!!!

    Dewlok enters

    Dewlok: Cenara, what is it?
    Cenara: I do not feel... very well...

    Cenara collapses to the ground

    Cenara: uuuhhhh..........
    White Abbess: Cenara!!

    The White Abbess rushes to Cenara and leans forward

    <<Scene: Another part of Darkovia Forest, where Donovan and his subordinates are>>

    Donovan: The strongest predator... Yes, Mother. You are right about that.
    Werewolf: It is time to make our move.
    Donovan: Let's go.
  • !!!
    Donovan and his subordinates leave
    <<Scene: Darkovia Forest, back to where Cenara, Dewlok and the White Abbess is>>

    Wolfwing enters

    Wolfwing: What is it? What has happened to my granddaughter?

    The White Abbess turns around to face Wolfwing as her hood comes off

    White Abbess: You! Get away from her! You see what your fighting brings?!
    Wolfwing: Evina! I did not intend... Dewlok, what is wrong with her? What is that mark on her arm?!
    Lady Evina: What do I care for what you intend? My daughter has fallen!

    The camera zooms to Cenara's arm, where her wound is. The wound reveals contaminated blood

    Wolfwing: And who are you to talk? You abandoned her and let her think you* dead, or worse!
    Lady Evina: I left to try to protect her from this! It had already swallowed Edward... I knew I could not escape it. I hoped to spare her.
    Wolfwing: You failed, Evina. She is involved now...
    Dewlok: WOULD YOU TWO STOP FIGHTING! We need to get to someplace safe before the contagion kills her.

    Lady Evina turns around and faces Dewlok

    Lady Evina: Contagion? What do you know, Dewlok?!
    Dewlok: The effect is very similar to what happened to you, Wolfwing, while I guarded you and fought off the creatures that sought to kill you. Yet there are other colors here. She is infected.
    Wolfwing: WHAT!?!
    Lady Evina: !!!!
    Lady Evina: No.....
    Dewlok: That sarcophagus at the castle broke and she was cut by glass. That glass must have had some of her father's blood on it, as well.
    Dewlok: She is infected, but the warring strains are sure to kill her if we cannot act NOW!

    The screen fades away
    The daughter of Balius has been infected by his blood due to the manipulations of her half-brother Donovan. Jealous of the attention Evina bestowed upon Balius' children, he has moved to take Balius' castle for himself. The moglin Dewlok, Wolfwing, and Lady Evina have taken Cenara to a small forest cottage that serves as Wolfwing's base of operations. Here, Dewlok fights to save Cenara's life. Unable to do it alone, he sends Evina to her old friend Yulgar to seek the aid of an adventurer willing to accept a very dangerous task.
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    <<Scene: Outside a Darkovia Stone Cottage>>

    The scene quickly shifts into within the cottage

    Dewlok: I need several rare herbs. They only grown in the deepest depths of the forest to the west.
    Wolfwing: That means traversing the scar that was left by the passing of The`Galin. Worse...most if not all of the creatures there have mutated unnaturally.
    Lady Evina: Will you aid us in saving my daughter?
  • I will search for the herbs to save Cenara!
  • No, I must leave

    War Camp

    Search for a Cure
    Cenara, daughter of Lady Evina and Balius-- who would become the dracopyre Nightbane, and give his life to defend Lore from the Devourer-- has become infected with a strange contagion. You must battle the creatures of the No Man's Land to collect herbs for a cure!
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    If you are a Guardian, you can click on the potion bag to refill your health potions if you have less than 5 on hand.

    Twilly: Good luck on your search, hero!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Dewlok is a legendary warrior among the Moglins-- very rare, but very loyal to the cause of Good.
    WolfWing was the first of the Werepyres, and since he began sharing his power many have joined him.

    To Battle!

    Who will you choose to help in your search of No Man's Land for the herbs needed to save Cenara's life?
  • WolfWing
  • Dewlok
  • By yourself

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal

    You have found some (herb)!

    Here is the list of herbs you can find:
    Rashalia Fern
    Tortello Leaf
    Triffid Rhizome

    After 300 000 monsters were defeated...

    Optional Full Heal after each battle

    You have found some Rashalia Fern, Tortello Leaf and Triffid Rhizome!!
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    <<Scene: Inside the Darkovia Stone Cottage>>

    Cenara, who is lying in bed, has aged very much

    Dewlok: She has aged and matured due to the infection, but I believe it is now subsiding.
    Lady Evina: Is she cured?
    Dewlok: No. Even the transfusion of my healing moglin blood is not enough to cure... this.
    Dewlok: If she had been Forsaken any sooner than she had been, she would have died. It was just enough to keep her alive.
    Wolfwing: When the avatar of Death left her it took part of her soul. She may as well be dead!
    Dewlok: No... My healing magic is a little different from most moglins. I was able to break the link with the Annunaki. She is intact.
    Dewlok: The big question now is whether or not she will survive what happens next.
    Lady Evina: What? What do you mean, "what happens next"?
    Dewlok: The three contagions are now one. My healing magic has brought them together but it could not remove them.
    Dewlok: "What happens next" is she will either be transformed into a Dracopyre... or she will die.

    The screen fades off. Shortly after, Nightbane's Castle appears

    <<Scene: Within Nightbane's Castle>>

    Donovan and Werewolf King's son enter

    Donovan: Good... my sister has not returned. It is time to proceed with the ritual. Bring in Balius' former lieutenants.
    Werewolf: Yes, my Lord.

    Werewolf exits the screen to the right. He returns with a Dracovampiress and a Dracovamp Lord

    Handmaiden: We shall NEVER serve you!!
    Donovan: No, of course you won't. You are loyal to Balius and his child. But your blood will. You are about to meet eternity. Say hello to Balius for me...
    Second Lieutenant: Why are you doing this?!?
    Donovan: Soon I will perfect what your former master only dreamed. I shall take over as the strongest predator.
    Handmaiden: You wish to become a dracopyre?!
    Donovan: BINGO!! And YOU are going to help me...

    The screen fades black
    GraceFang / NightReign Cycle

  • Darkovian Powers
  • Darkovian Trinity
  • Darkovian Triad
  • Darkovian Triumvirate

  • Triffid Root
  • Triffid Tuber
  • Triffid Rhizome
  • Tortello Bud
  • Tortello Leaf
  • Tortello Frond
  • Rashalia Spore
  • Rashalia Fern
  • Rashalia Sporophyte

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    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Originally posted by Astral.

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