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NightReign and GraceFang are born!

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4/8/2010 14:04:37   

NightReign and GraceFang!

Event Button Travel Map > Darkovia Forest > Dracopyre Legacy > NightReign and GraceFang!

Nightbane's death has created a vacuum in Darkovia. Even as age-old enemies join in an attempt to unify the land, new enemies rise. Donovan, son of the White Abbess Lady Evina, and half-brother to Cenara and Edward (Vampire Slayer E), has orchestrated a war using the Werewolf King's son and a number of Safiria and Wolfwing's 'loyal' lieutenants. Donovan's audacious plan? Use the blood of Balius and his lieutenants in a ritual to raise himself as a Dracopyre! Cenara has pledged to fight to unify Darkovia, and to take up E's task in a new fashion. However, due to Donovan's actions, she has been infected by the blood of Nightbane, and her life hangs in balance - and what of those who refuse her new vision, and cling stubbornly to the old ways of the Vampire Slayer? Might they be willing to embrace this new form of shadow, against which Cenara has pledged to fight so hard, to bring about their selfish vision of eradication? One thing for sure, it's going to be a bumpy ride! And now, the continuation ...
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    You can skip the cutscene at anytime

    <<Scene: Nightbane's Castle>>

    Lord Donovan's minions enter

    Lesser Werepyre: He is dying! The ritual is a failure!
    Lesser Vampire: Yes, this entire betrayal will come back to haunt us...
    Werewolf Soldier: I suggest we cut and run while we--
    Werewolf: Are you cowards?! This is Donovan! He led us to the Void!
    Werepyre: He strengthened us to great power!
    Vampire: He took out two of Nightbane's most able lieutenants!
    Werewolf: He will not simply perish here.
    Lesser Werepyre: For all he did, he is but human.
    Lesser Vampire: He cannot possibly survive...
    Werewolf Soldier: Because of you we cannot even go home!
    Werewolf: Disloyal pups!!
    ???: INDEED...
    Werewolf: My lord!!
    ???: Have no fear. I will reward loyalty and bravery.
    Werewolf Soldier: Lord Donovan...

    The Werepyres and Werewolf Soldier turn to face Donovan

    Vampire: Mercy, Lord--
    ???: However, I will annihilate disloyalty and cowardice...
    Werepyre: Lord... we were not disloyal. Merely...
    ???: Annihilate them utterly! I will make what little strength they possess my own!
    Werepyre: Please--
    Vampire: --- Lord Donovan--
    Werewolf Soldier: -- don't --

    NightReign, originally Lord Donovan, now mutated to a brand new form enters. His minions back off as he enters.

    NightReign: There is no Donovan... I am Nightreign!

    NightReign hits the Werewolf Soldier with such force that it flies off the screen. He then brings a Werepyre along off the screen as the other minions retreat to the side. "Slurp" appears across the screen, indicating that something happened to the two minions he had attacked...

    Werewolf: *gulp*

    After a short pause

    Werewolf: He-- drained them all dry!

    NightReign returns after draining all the blood from the two minions he attacked

    NightReign: We begin the subjugation of Darkovia at once. Those who stand in our way become food, regardless of what form they take.

    War Camp

    A dark evil has arisen! The new Dracopyre, Nightreign, wants all of Darkovia in his grasp. His plan? All shall bow before his army - or they will slake his thirst!
  • Back to Town - You return to Darkovia Forest
  • To Battle!

    Guardians can refill their potions by clicking on the potion bag if they have less than 5 potions on hand

    Twilly: Oh noes!! Nightreign is coming, and he's HUNGRY!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please!
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Dewlok is a legendary warrior among the Moglins-- very rare, but very loyal to the cause of Good.
    WolfWing was the first of the Werepyres, and since he began sharing his power many have joined him.
    To Battle!

    Who will you choose to help in your battles against NightReign's dracopyric forces??
  • WolfWing
  • Dewlok
  • By yourself

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal

    You can skip the cutscene at anytime.

    Wolfwing: The number of traitors is growing. Some join out of fear, others out of lust of power.
    Queen Safiria: I had to dispatch two of my closest advisers who dared hatch a plot against me.
    Werewolf King: My son and his friends fight at the beast's side.
    Wolfwing: He is everything that was wrong with Nightbane, and nothing that was noble.

    Evina and Dewlok enter

    Evina: He blames me, perhaps rightly... for he is my son...

    The scene zooms in on Wolfwing and Evina

    Wolfwing: ... Another grandchild seeking my head?!

    The battle continues...

    After 325,000 monsters were defeated...

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal

    3 of Nightreign's minions enter

    Black Werewolf: *snarls* So, are you brave enough to face US?!
  • !!!

    You get to choose between 2 options

  • Yes I am! (Challenge: Battle all 3 in a row!)
      3 BATTLES

      If you were defeated...

      Evina: I am sorry you died, but you did a brave thing trying to stop those fiends. Lucky for you they left you intact enough that I could bring you back!
      Evina: Please stay right here while I check up on my daughter Cenara--

      Evina and Dewlok leave. The rest of the cutscene is the same as when you successfully defeat the trio.

      If you were successful in defeating the trio...

      The scene changes back to the previous cutscene, where Evina, Wolfwing, Dewlok, Queen Safiria and Werewolf King were at.

      Wolfwing: ... Another grandchild seeking my head?!
      Evina: No... for he was my son by my second husband. I sought to spare him all of this from the start, so I told him nothing.
      Dewlok: Unfortunately it seems that only made him feel removed and second-best compared to his siblings.
      Werewolf King: That pretentious aristocrat and would-be dominator of Darkovia... is the son of a farmer?!
      Queen Safiria: Before you mock his heritage, I suggest you consider what he has done.
      Wolfwing: Clearly something needs to be done about him... but how?

      A young looking lady enters and the scene zooms in on her

      Cenara: He is mine.

      The scene zooms out

      Dewlok: Cenara, you should not be moving about.
      Cenara: He is everything I seek to oppose.
      Evina: Cenara, you need rest.
      Cenara: Rest comes later, Mother. Now, Gracefang goes to end this.
      Wolfwing: Gracefang??

      Cenara's body glows green and shortly after, she bursts out into a new form, and everyone is shocked by it. The scene zooms in on Cenara, who is now known as Gracefang.

      Gracefang: He has created his own destruction. I shall fight for Darkovia!

      Gracefang takes flight and flies away from the screen. The scene zooms in on Dewlok.

      Dewlok: .....Do we REALLY need another one?!?
  • No way! (Run away: No guts, no glory!)
      Same dialogue as when you successfully defeat the trio.

    GraceFang / NightReign Cycle

  • Nibbling Fangsword
  • Guardian Fangsword
  • Fangsword
  • Fangsword Z
  • Gnawing Fangsword
  • Chomping Fangsword

  • Replay
  • Return to Town
    To be concluded...

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz, Frozen Fire and endevorer. Originally posted by Astral.
    Monster List
    Level 1-29
    Vampire Bat (10)
    Vampire Warrior (20)
    Vampire Lord (30)
    Vampire Warrior (5)
    Werewolf Warrior (5)
    Vamp (10)
    WereDragon (10)
    Nightraider (10)
    Dracovamp (6)
    Dracowolf (6)
    Nightraider (3)
    Were-Hare (5)
    Selkie (7)
    Beta Werewolf (20)
    Werepyre (25)

    Level 30-64
    Vampire Warrior (20)
    Vampire Warrior (50)
    Werewolf Warrior (20)
    Alpha Werewolf (30)
    Vampire Lord (30)
    Vamp (40)
    Were-Hare (20)
    Elder Vampire (40)
    WereDragon (40)
    Nightraider (40)
    Dracovamp (22)
    Dracowolf (22)
    Alpha Dracowolf (33)
    Dracovamp Lord (33)
    Selkie (18)
    Werepyre (25)
    Werepyre (50)

    Level 65-84
    Vampire (70)
    Vampire Warrior (50)
    Werewolf Warrior (50)
    Alpha Werewolf (60)
    Vampire Lord (60)
    Vampire Lord (90)
    Hungry Were-Hare (40)
    Voracious Were-Hare (60)
    Elder Vampire (60)
    WereDragon (70)
    Nightraider (70)
    Dracovamp (55)
    Dracowolf (55)
    Alpha Dracowolf (99)
    Dracovamp Lord (66)
    Vamp (80)
    Spy-Were (72)
    Sheepyre (60)
    Selkie (42)
    Werepyre (50)
    Werepyre (70)

    Level 85+
    Vampire Warrior (50)
    Werewolf Warrior (50)
    Alpha Werewolf (90)
    Vampire Lord (90)
    Elder Vampire (80)
    Vamp Adept (80)
    WereDragon (100)
    Nightraider (70)
    Dracovamp (55)
    Dracowolf (55)
    Dracovamp Lord (99)
    Alpha Dracowolf (66)
    Selkie (87)
    Ravenous Were-Hare (80)
    Werepyre (70)

    Monster list thanks to Scakk.

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