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Bradakhan's Arrival

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4/13/2010 15:34:10   

Bradakhan's Arrival

Location: Travel Map » Dragonspine Mountains » 2: Bradakhan's Arrival

Galanoth: Okay-- now who are YOU?
Galanoth: Brudda-who??
Bradakhan: Lord Cyrus, you look surprised to see me...
Cyrus: Bradakhan is a Dracomancer, Galanoth. But not just any Dracomancer...He has long tried to gain control of my people.
Bradakhan: HA! You make it sound as though I am evil. But I am not-- Our people have been in hiding for so many years! Hiding from the Dragonslayers-- Hiding from all!
Bradakhan: They wanted to live the lives they wished for as children. The lives their parents wanted for them. But instead, they had to spend their days inside mountains.
Bradakhan: And YET they remained loyal to you for all that time. YOU, who even now work to destroy the spirit of your own people!!
Cyrus: What are you talking about?? DESTROY MY PEOPLE'S SPIRIT?? How so?
Bradakhan: You would have us become friends with Dragonslayers? You would have us try to live among normal humans? Our future under you is dismal at best!
Bradakhan: I foresee a time when no pure Dracomancers remain, when we are all absorbed into the fabric of the outside world. We are special, Cyrus! We deserve more than that! We deserve more than YOU as our leader!!
Bradakhan: Therefore I say to you: Either step down as the High Khan of the Dracomancers, or I will destroy you.
Galanoth: Whoo-- this guy is hardcore, Cyrus. Want me to cut him down to size for you?
Cyrus: No, Galanoth. Allow me. Bradakhan, you do not understand what we must do-- WE MUST DEPART. If we do not change with the future, the future will change US.
Cyrus: And when you allow outside forces to change you, they are merciless. It is the only way for the Dracomancers to survive.
Bradakhan: Then I must kill you-- and kill anyone else who follows you!
Cyrus: I don't want to do this-- but you leave me no choice!!
Bradakhan: If I were you, Cyrus, I'd stop right there...

«Enter a Void Dragon holding Sheila»

Bradakhan: I think you will find that I have come prepared...
Sheila: I am sorry, Cyrus... but his power was too much...
Bradakhan: Take her away!!
Sheila: Do not give in to him, Cyrus!! Don't let him win-- no matter what!

«Exit Void Dragon & Sheila»

Cyrus: No!!!! Bradakhan, if anything happens to her--
Bradakhan: Oh, no need to worry. Your sister is safe with me-- IF YOU SURRENDER NOW, AND STEP DOWN from leading the Dracomancers!
Bradakhan: I give you FOUR DAYS only, to make your decision. If you do not make the RIGHT decision by then, your dear, dear sister-- will die!
Bradakhan: Sleep well tonight, Cyrus. Hehehe...
Cyrus: great elemental lords...no...


Cyrus: Void Dragons are the rarest type in the world, rarer still than plasma and earth dragons... Even I have never met one.
Cyrus: Only a Dracomancer of great ability could hope to find one, let alone control it in any way.
Galanoth: So THAT is what that thing was holding you sister captive. Hmmm, yes, its head would look fine hanging on a wall.
Cyrus: Bradakhan, I am afraid to say, may be more powerful than I.
Galanoth: ........
Cyrus: This is almost too much to bear-- I cannot stand by while another member of my family dies.
Galanoth: ........
Galanoth: Let's go get her.
Cyrus: I should do this alone... I should go by myself...
Galanoth: No. I go too. And others--
Cyrus: We must only go in a small party, to avoid detection. I know of the place where Bradakhan is holding Sheila. It is a fortress in the Dragonspine mountains.
Cyrus: We will sneak in and rescue my sister, and get out as fast as we can.
Galanoth: She is your sister, and this is your mission. Who else wants to come??
  • Volunteer for the mission!
  • Back to town

    A day's ride later...
    You: We're here! So what's the plan?
    Galanoth: Dragonslayer Smash!!!
    Cyrus: Hehe-- calm down, Galanoth. We need to be more subtle than that.
    Cyrus: One of my loyal followers told me of a hidden passage in the mountains that leads to the inside of Bradakhan's fortress. We will go through that passage, and save my sister!

    Choose who would you like to join you in battle:
  • With Galanoth
  • With Cyrus
  • Fight alone

    Cyrus: The hidden passage should be just around the corner...yes. I was right! And it's guarded!!

    «As Above»

    «Scene: Underground»

    Galanoth: Nice and dark down here. Smells good, too. I'd bet my left pauldron that we'll find dracoliches down here!

    Undead Dragon

    «Scene: Dungeon»

    Cyrus: We are here...I can sense my sister's presence!
    Galanoth: Oh yeah? Well I can actually SEE her...

    «Enter Void Dragon and Sheila»

    Void Dragon: phhhhiiiissssssss
    Cyrus: Sheila!!!!
    Sheila: Cyrus, you must leave me here!! Run, while you still can!

    «Void Dragon throws Sheila aside»

    Cyrus: NO!!!

    1 BATTLE
    Void Dragon

    Cyrus: Sheila---?

    «Enter Sheila»

    Cyrus: Are you alright?
    Sheila: You--you saved me. Thank you all.
    Sheila: Bradakhan is more dangerous than we ever imagined, brother. Our family line of Dracomancers is one of the most powerful, and he was somehow able to take some of my power away. And add it to his own. I think he has been taking power from his own followers, as well. He is strong enough even to control the dragons of the Void.
    Sheila:You came to save me, despite of the danger. I told you to leave me-- but you came anyway.
    Sheila:Thank you brother-- I am so proud of you.
    «You»: Hey everyone-- I think we should go now, before we have to fight Bradakhan's army ALL BY OURSELVES.
    Galanoth: As much as the thought of slaying one million evil dragons appeals to me, I have to agree with you.

    «Scene: Outside. You, Galanoth, Cyrus, and Sheila are walking into the sunset. Enter Bradakhan»

    Bradakhan: Walk away, Cyrus, walk away. I'll watch you until you disappear over the horizon...
    Bradakhan: Your time is up, Cyrus. The ultimate dragon army, led by Dracomancers-- led by ME-- will sweep you, your followers, and the Dragonslayers aside as though you were nothing. And history will only remember Bradakhan!

    Originally posted by Astral. Typo corrections from PowerJack and noamba.

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