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Dinozard Island

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Dinozard Island

Location: Battleon » Zard hunter Shop » Other Quests » Dinozard Island!

You have come into possession of a map-- a map that points the way to a mysterious island located in the middle of the Great Sea. Mysteriously, the island is like a giant skull, and Warlic the archmage has confirmed that mysterious magic emanates from the heart of the island. You charter a mysterious pirate ship, sailed by the mysterious Captain Rhubarb, to take you to the island. Along the way, you come down with a mysterious illness that Rhubarb mysteriously calls ''pickled dragonberry's revenge''...

«The scene shows the Red Betty sailing towards an island spewing lava and emitting smoke. It stops midway, before even reaching the shore of the island.»

Captain Rhubarb: Now ye know, me hearty-- Only eat pickled dragonberries as a last resort!
«You»: So, uhh... Why are you stopping, Captain?
Captain Rhubarb: Well, you, I be droppin' anchor because the-- there are many rocks just below the surface near the island.
«You»: Oh, okay. So it has nothing to do with the fact that it's a mysterious skull-shaped island and all that.
Captain Rhubarb: Yaarrr! What, are ye implying me crew and I are yellow-bellied lily livers?
«You»: No way! I would NEVER do that! So, since we're so far away, can I borrow a dinghy?
Captain Rhubarb: Aye! That'll be 400 gold pieces!
«You»: Are you joking?! That's too much for a dinghy!
Captain Rhubarb: Well...er... I need 400. What do YOU think you should get for 400 gold?
«You»: .............. Could I rent the whole Red Betty for 400 gold, for just one minute?
Captain Rhubarb: Avast!! That's an amazing deal for me! 400 gold a minute!!! Amazing!!! Okay, you got it!
Captain Rhubarb: Your minute starts now-- Just tell me where to steer her!
«You»: Oh, sail north for a minute.

«The Red Betty sails smoothly straight, right onto the shore of the island without any obstacles.»

Captain Rhubarb: !!!! Shiver me timbers!
«You»: Thanks!! I KNEW there weren't any rocks here.
Captain Rhubarb: *grumble grumble*

«Scene: DinoZard Island, Shore»

«You»: This island seems peaceful enough. Usually I am assaulted immediately in a quest-- but here, despite the ominous build-up, seems to be simply a beautiful paradi--
???: --Diiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!
«You»: Darn.«SmartZard enters the scene.»

SmartZard: Oh dear! Allow me to apologize! My personal bodyguards are overzealous!
«You»: SmartZard! What are you doing here?
SmartZard: I am not alone!

«The Frogzard Hunter enters.»

«You»: Frogzard Hunter!
Zardhunter: G'day, mate!
Zardhunter: Baaaaaaaaa----
Nananaaaaaa---- Nana
Naaa Naaaaaaaaaa---
«You»: What's that, Zardhunter??
Zardhunter: Crikey-- Don't you like my music? I'm just scoring this scene like any good composer would.
«You»: Who do you think you are? Jocko Williams??
«You»: And you, Smartzard-- This is just some island! I don't see a park anywhere!
SmartZard: Okay, so it is THE FUTURE SITE WHERE CRETACEOUS PARK WILL BE BUILT. But my way sounded better.
«You»: So what is this place?
SmartZard: I have focused my vast intellect on cloning the long-extinct ancestors of my kind-- the DINOZARDS!!! They are here, on this island, waiting for us to observe them!
«You»: WHAT!?! That's crazy! Do you know how dangerous real, live Dinozards would be?? Why, I'm so mad, I could FIGHT you right now!
  • Fight!SmartZard: I hope you got that out of your system for now!
    «You»: I feel a little better.
    SmartZard: Why don't you and the Zardhunter explore the island. I will wait here near the pirate ship just in case something has gone horribly wrong with my experiment.
    SmartZard: ............. Did I say that out loud?
    «You»: Yes, but I will go anyway. Coming, Zardhunter?
    Zardhunter: I'd be crazy not to, mate!
  • Explore!

    «Scene: DinoZard Island, Forest»

    «You»: Wow! It's so hot and humid here-- perfect for a dinozard habitat!
    Zardhunter: Ya got THAT right! Crikey, if I were a dinozard, I'd love it here!
    Zardhunter: Whoa-- I hear something coming!

    «A DinoZard enters the scene.»

    «You»: It's a DINOZARD!! He looks cute, in a pointy kind of way!
    Zardhunter: If i recall my Paleozardology correctly, he's a herbivore. They eat plants-- But why is he looking at us with that hungry look in his eye?!?

    « Zardhunter becomes your Guest, replacing any previous Guests you may have had.»«You»: Sorry for beating you up like that, little guy!
    Zardhunter: Crikey! Why are you apologizing to him?!
    «You»: He's just so cute! Besides, you're supposed to be a Zard Enthusiast yourself! Why don't YOU like him, too??
    Zardhunter: I LIKE Zards, but these things are ABOMINATIONS OF SCIENCE, created by the SmartZard! *shivers*

  • Ditch Zardhunter and take Dinozard as a guest!
  • Keep your current guest and continue on!

    «You»: So far this island seems like a fine place to live for these dinozards-- Let's keep going and see if there are any problems!

    «Scene: Further into the Forest»

    «You»: ...WOW!!! Look-- on top of that hill!!!
  • Look!

    «Atop the hill, a DinoZard Rex and Giant Ape prepare to brawl.»

    Zardhunter: Throw some shrimp on the barbie, mate!! Now THIS is entertainment!! Let's make some bets on who'll win this one!!

  • Bet 1000 Gold that the Zardosaurus Rex wins!
  • Bet 1000 Gold that the Giant Ape monster wins!
  • Bet 0 - I don't have that much!

    Winning the bet leads you to encounter a DinoWager Winnings!.

    Zardhunter: Good on ya! Hehehe... You'll feel better in the morning, mate.
    «You»: *gulp* Don't look now, but I think we have a close encounter of the Toothed Kind coming our way!
  • !!!Zardhunter: I don't know about you, but I think we could use some help getting across this island! We might not make it in one piece if we keep going on foot!

    «Dr. Ai-Pang enters the scene.»

    Dr. Ai-Pang: Did somebody say HELP?!? Follow me if you want help getting across the island, or you can keep going on foot -- and hope that you still HAVE feet when you get across!

    «Dr. Ai-Pang leaves the scene.»

  • You really DO need help-- Follow Dr. Ai-Pang!
  • No, you don't need help-- Keep going on foot!

      Follow Dr. Ai-Pang!
    • Go Back - Return to make an alternative choice

      «You follow Dr. Ai-Pang to an area where a weird machine is.»

      Dr. Ai-Pang: You look like you need help getting across this Mysterious Island of Dr. SmartZard! You can use my special invention--
      Dr. Ai-Pang: ...The Eximius Volatilis Aer Navis Extremus! EVANE for short.


      Use the arrow keys to move EVANE around.
      Tip: To save fuel, tap the arrow keys instead of holding them. Tapping at a steady pace will make you move faster than holding the key.
      To move left or right, press and hold the up key and the left or right key. You will move slowly to either side, but will waste a lot of fuel. Only use for emergency.
      Tapping down will lower EVANE slightly. It may not move a lot, but it moves enough to prevent a crash in certain areas.

      Fly through the desert in the EVANE, avoiding touching the ground or going too high. Pick up fuel along the way to keep flying.
      To begin, pick which fuel you want by clicking the sticks on the left. The bigger the stick, the faster you will go!

      «You begin the mini-game once you choose your fuel between Sparkler (small), Firecracker (medium) and Rocket (large). Each tap of a key reduces fuel count by 1. You must avoid obstacles along your flight as well.»

      «If you crashed, the scene shows a wrecked blimp.»

      «You»: Aww, Zardhunter -- If I knew you were going to TYRANNOSAURUS-WRECK the blimp, I wouldn't have let you drive!
    • Try flying again!
    • Get out and travel on foot!

      «If you succeed, the scene shows the blimp floating and a ladder down to safe ground.»

      «You»: Whew! That was close! Hey-- Is that a TREASURE CHEST I see down there? Too bad Captain Rhubarb didn't come with us!!

      1 BATTLE
      Level 0-14: Small Treasure Chest (15)
      Level 15-29: Treasure Chest (30)
      Level 30-44: Big Treasure Chest (45)
      Level 45-59: Huge Treasure Chest (60)
      Level 60-74: T Treasure Hoard (75)
      Level 75+: Huge Treasure Hoard (90)
      Keep going on foot!
      «You»: I really hope we don't come across any other prehistoric things... Like prehistoric rats...
      «You»: ....Or prehistoric man-eating Venus fly traps....
      Zardhunter: How about giant prehistoric fungus monsters?
      «You»: Those would be bad, too.
      Zardhunter: Well you're in luck, mate. I can see a prehistoric pizza topping coming this way!

      4 BATTLES
      Level 0-22: FunGuy (7)
      Level 23-39: FunGuy (26)
      Level 40-57: FunGuy (46)
      Level 58-75: FunGuy (66)
      Level 76+: FunGuy (86)

      Level 0-22: Zardosaurus Rex (7)
      Level 23-39: Zardosaurus Rex (25)
      Level 40-57: Zardosaurus Rex (43)
      Level 58-75: Zardosaurus Rex (61)
      Level 76+: Zardosaurus Rex (79)

      Level 0-22: Zardosaurus Rex (7)
      Level 23-39: Zardosaurus Rex (25)
      Level 40-57: Zardosaurus Rex (43)
      Level 58-75: Zardosaurus Rex (61)
      Level 76+: Zardosaurus Rex (79)

      Level 0-16: Dinozard (4)
      Level 17-35: Dinozard (18)
      Level 36-54: Dinozard (38)
      Level 55-74: Dinozard (58)
      Level 75+: Dinozard (78)

      Full Heal after every battle
    You: I don't know about you Zardhunter, but I'm getting a bit worried about that volcano. It hasn't stopped erupting the entire time we've been here!
    Zardhunter: No worries, mate! Volcanoes are a normal part of ANY mysterious island, ESPECIALLY ones with previously-extinct species on them!
    Zardhunter: We have absolutely NOTHING to fear-- Unless---
    «You»: Unless what?
    Zardhunter: Unless the volcano is there as a PLOT DEVICE.
    «You»: Oh NO-- not one of those!!
    Zardhunter: I hope it's not, but it's best to be prepared.
    «You»: Up ahead-- a cave! We should go in, just in case the volcano started spewing gobs of molten rock!

    «A glob of lava lands on the Zardhunter's head and singes his hair, turning the burnt portion bald.»

    Zardhunter: Good idea, mate!

    «Scene: DinoZard Island, Cave»

    Zardhunter: The stone walls are extremely STEGO-POROUS, which indicates the cave system's volcanic origins.
    «You»: Really?? So you're saying this island, which has a huge volcano at its center, is volcanic in origin??
    Zardhunter: Righto, mate. Who woulda guessed?
    «You»: I think I can make an equally adept academic statement, friend.
    Zardhunter: What's that?
    «You»: This cave has been recently occupied by an intelligent race, who doesn't want visitors!!
    Zardhunter: Amazing! How can you tell that??
    «You»: I have the gift of the 4th-Wall Sight....

    «The scene shifts right. On the cave walls, NO VISITOR GO WAY with a paw is engraved.»

    «You»: I can see what's just off-screen!
    Zardhunter: Crikey!
    «You»: Yeah, I know-- I'm special aren't I?
    Zardhunter: Looks like we have unwanted company-- er-- Looks like we ARE unwanted company!
  • !!!«You»: Wow! A real, live CaveZard in the flesh!
    Zardhunter: This is a dream come true!
    CaveZard: Ooga booga! Ungawa!
    Zardhunter: Wait, wait-- I know this! He's speaking one of the earliest languages ever created-- Proto-Zardian!
    CaveZard: Bibbity bobbity boo!
    «You»: What is he saying!?
    Zardhunter: Escape! Run for your lives!
    Zardhunter: I don't get it... What could he possibly mean?

    «A tremor fills the cave.»

    Zardhunter: Cave-in!! RUN!!!!
  • Okay!

    «You, the Zardhunter, CaveZard and DinoZard run out of the cave just as the cave collapses. You return out to the forest of the island.»

    «You»: We made it-- just barely! We need to get off of this island, though!!
    Zardhunter: You got that right, mate! But we have to take the CaveZard with us! We can't leave him here!
    CaveZard: Shimmy shimmy bop!
    «You»: Back to the ship!«Scene: DinoZard Island Shore»

    SmartZard: So, what do you all think of my little project?
    «You»: After careful consideration, I have decided NOT to endorse your park!
    Zardhunter: I agree with «You»! We should keep this place a secret. But I'd like to bring these two back with me.
    SmartZard: What!? I can't believe this! What am I paying you two for?!
    «You»: Wait-- you're not paying us to endorse Cretaceous Park, are you?
    SmartZard: Of course I was going to pay you! I have a million gold right here that I was going to give to y--

    «A Zardosaurus Rex chomps down on the SmartZard and leaves the scene with it in it's mouth.»

    «You»: We probably shouldn't stand here all day. It will be dinner time before long...

  • Dinozard Nibble
  • Dinozard Bite
  • Dinozard Crunch
  • Dinozard Chomp
  • Dinozard NOMNOMNOM

  • Dinozard Sulcatus
  • Guardian Dinozard Ingens
  • Dinozard Alticomis
  • Dinozard Galeus Z
  • Dinozard Maximus
  • Dinozard Prorsus Z
  • Dinozard Horridus

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Dialogue courtesy of Blaze.

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