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4/15/2010 0:14:11   
Oh Bother.


Location: Event Button > Visit other planets using the new World Portals! > Anwyn > Preview worlds!

  • Learn about Trescol
  • Visit Trescol ( Post #2 )
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    Learn about Trescol

    This three-sunned planet is called Trescol by the dominant race, the Chairodontae. The planet is constantly bathed in sunlight from at least one of its three suns at all times, there is no night save for Ahb Solis, the Great Night. Ahb Solis is the single time of the year when the three suns align, flare, and then cover Trescol in darkness. This is the single night of the year that a Chairodontae youth may venture from the tribe and perform Tanis, the ritual of the hunt, to become a warrior. During Tanis the chosen youths travel many miles from the Tribe to seek out the now awakening Euthark, which only rise from their subterranean caverns during Ahb Solis.
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    If they successfully bring down a Euthark they are welcomed back into the tribe and will create their Luntet from the Euthark's carapace. If the youth fails, however, they may never again return and live as Par'Sha - the Forgotten.

    Chairodontae: The Chairodontae are the dominant race found on Trescol. They are a quadrupedal-hybrid race, having features of both quadrupeds and humanoid bipeds. They possess a uniquely-developed third eye with which they are capable of reading the flow and shape of energy as well as peering into the ethereal realm.
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    The females of Chairodontae are far more proficient with this ability and are often the shamans of their Tribe, providing spiritual protection while the male warriors provide physical defense. Though the Chairodontae are endowed with deadly claws on all their appendages, they prefer to use their deadly Luntet.

    The Chairodontae make their homes in Shalut, mesas found scattered around the vast savannahs which are honeycombed with caverns. When the Tribe makes their home too far from a Shalut they build huts from the red mud found in the numerous bubbling oases.
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    They use their powerful hind legs to dig deep trenches then build low ceiling huts to cover their communal spaces. The female Chairodontae remained sheltered in Shalut or the mud huts unless traveling to a new hunting ground, as they cannot bear to be in the sun for more than a few days at most due to their fair skin. The Tribe will only leave their ancestral hunting ground when they have been defeated by a rival Tribe contesting the area.

    Oculum Aegis: The third eye possessed by the Chairodontae. The eye gives them amazing defenses against magic, as well as imbuing them with incredible accuracy in the hunt.
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    OriTo Nun: The sacred shield of the Chairodontae warriors. Decorated with spirit symbols from dream quests, the OriTo Nun are not designed to provide physical protection but rather to protect a warrior's spirit while on the hunt.

    Luntet: In the hands of the Chairodontae the Luntet is a devastating weapon. Crafted from sharpened carapace of the deadly beetle-like Euthark, the Luntet can be used as a slashing weapon and is capable of being hurled like a spear to bring down prey.
  • Replay - You return to the start of the introduction to Trescol
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    Thanks to whackybeanz.

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    4/15/2010 0:14:51   
    Oh Bother.

    Visit Trescol

    Location: House > Painting: Portal to Trescol

    You begin with a Trescol Reputation of 6.

    If you have a Trescol Reputation of 1 and you try to reduce it any further, the message "Your reputation is as bad as it can get with the people of Trescol!" appears, and the Trescol Reputation counter will not register any reduction in reputation.

    If you have a Trescol Reputation of 11 and attempt to increase it any further, the message "Your reputation is as good as it can get with the people of Trescol!" appears, and the Trescol Reputation counter will not register any increase in reputation.

    You can unlock special quests, shops and guests by purchasing the Small Portal to Trescol. If you do not have the portal, a message will appear to prompt you to purchase one to access these special features.

    After every mini quest is completed, you will receive either +1 or -1 reputation, and your reputation counter will register the change. You will then be shown a compass to choose where you would like to proceed next.

    Trescol Reputation: 1 to 5

    Chydoc: Grrrr!! Your reputation is not good among my people! Leave here at once-- you are not welcome among my tribe until you gain a better reputation.
  • Okay - You are brought to the compass where you choose where to go

    Trescol Reputation: 6 onwards

    Chydoc: Humble greetings to you, traveler. I am Chydoc. How may I be of service to you?
  • Who are you?
  • Quest
  • Shop - Opens up Trescol shop
  • Leave

    Who are you?

    Chydoc: Your quest of knowledge shows that you are curious and wise. My name means "Long Eye" in your language.
    Chydoc: I am elder of the Chairodontae here. I once made a foolish mistake long ago during Tanis and lost the sight in my left eye.
    Chydoc: I have learned to combine my remaining eye and my Oculum Aegis-- third eye-- together, which gives me great "far-a-field" vision. This is why I am called Chydoc.
    Chydoc: Sometimes I have even experienced visions of the future which has given me, as a male, a more respected status than most-- more respected even than some of our shaman sisters.
    Chydoc: My Luntet is unique-- I chose a blunt piece of the Euthark carapace rather than sharpening it while it was still soft enough to cut. I am still a stout warrior even as an elder!
    Chydoc: Perhaps one day you will be welcome enough among our peoples to take part in an Ahb Solis event, take part in Tanis and hunt in the caverns of the Euthark!
    (Your reputation on Trescol must be greater than 8)

  • Back

    Chydoc: So you wish to venture out into our lands and see what Trescol has to offer? So be it-- but beware-- your actions, good or bad, may have consequences.
  • Maybe later...
  • Quest! - Continue with the dialogue
  • Leave

    You are shown a compass, and given the choices to move north, south, east or west. You can also choose to return to Chydoc, or leave Trescol.

    «You»: Hmm... it seems totally desolate out here. Doesn't seem like much could live in this area.

    A Chairodontae enters

    «You»: !!!!
    Zechay: Stranger! I am Zechay, a Par-Sha! When partaking of the Tanis ritual several moons ago, I failed to bring down a powerful Euthark!
    Zechay: My tribe cast me out into these wastelands, where I wander. I may not have a Luntet or the status of a warrior, but I AM A FIGHTER!
    Zechay: My anger is unmatched, and if I had my way I would wreak vengeance upon those who banished me here. I have been organizing my fellow Par'Sha--
    Zechay: --and one day soon we shall overrun my tribe, and ALL tribes! We shall show those who do not accept us that WE are the ones who should rule Trescol!!!
  • That sounds like a good plan! I will lead you to victory! (-1 Reputation on Trescol)
      Zechay: Hahaha!! Yes! I can tell that you will be a powerful ally! If you like, I will follow you wherever you go and help you battle!

    • Take Zechay with you!
    • Continue alone - Return to the compass to choose which direction to go
  • I will not allow you to upset the balance of this world! (+1 Reputation on Trescol)
      Zechay: That is your choice-- and it will be your LAST choice! Prepare to die by the claws of the Par'Sha!!
    • Fight!

      1 BATTLE

      Full Heal

      «You»: I may not have made friends with the Par'Sha, but at least I may have slowed down his plans. I will do what I can to keep the peace on Trescol!


    «You»: Hmmm... Looks like a large portion of a tribe that is out hunting and gathering food. I wonder what I should do?
  • You there! You will all run in fear before me!! (-1 Reputation on Trescol)
  • Friendly greetings, warriors and shaman! (+1 Reputation on Trescol)Shaman: And welcome to you, friend! Come join us on our foraging expedition!
  • Thank you!

    The scene zooms in closer to the Chairodontae

    «You»: I am «You» from the world of Lore. I have met the respected elder Chydoc and admire the beauty of this world very much!
    Ka'Navena: You are our guest here, and are encouraged to search for more beauty in all things. I am Ka'Navena. My sister and I have joined this hunting party because it is the season of the bora'jee--
    Ka'Navena: The bora'jee is a most nutritious root vegetable that is invisible to most creatures. But us shamans can see the locations of the highest concentrations, and will gather them while the warriors hunt.
    Ka'Navena: Take some delicious bora'jee with you on your journeys, if you like!

    You gain access to a shop [Trescol 2].

    Ka'Navena: My tribe will always be here if you ever need help-- remember that!

    Va'Sara: Hello-- I am Va'Sara, emissary of the Chairodontae. I greet you in hopes that you will become a friend to our people.
    «You»: I am «You», a traveler from the world of Lore! This world is quite interesting...
    Va'Sara: Trescol is indeed full of wonder. My people treasure natural and spiritual beauty. Can you also feel that here?
  • Oh yes, I feel it-- and I want to crush it! (-1 Reputation on Trescol)
  • Yes I do, and it is wondrous. (+1 Reputation on Trescol)
      Va'Sara: You have within you a native Chairodontae-- I see this! I am happy for you. You are always welcome here, and you have my people's loyalty and help when you need it.
      Va'Sara: Please keep watch for a wandering group of especially barbaric Par'Sha... My third eye tells me that they are organizing a plan to take over our society.
    • Thank you!

    • Take Va'Sara with you!
    • Continue Alone


    Lo'Noc: Good journies, friend-- I am Lo'Noc, territory guard from my tribe!
    Lo'Noc: It is a post I am most proud of! I am new to it though-- I just defeated the Euthark during the last Tanis! My Luntet is untested in real battle.
    «You»: Nice to meet you, Lo'Noc. Call me «You». I have come here from Lore in search of new things!
    Lo'Noc: I am sure you will find many! I see by your equipment that you too are some kind of warrior. Will you do me the honor of fighting me in a Riual Challenge??
  • No, I do not accept a challenge from a whelp such as you! (-1 Reputation on Trescol)
      Lo'Noc: !!! You have offended me more than you can ever imagine! To turn down a challenge from any Luntet-wielding warrior is a great dishonor!
      Lo'Noc: I cannot be your ally-- You should also leave my world before you continue to offend my people!
      «You»: Ha...ha. Now go away.

      Lo'Noc leaves.
  • Yes, I accept your honorable challenge! (+1 Reputation on Trescol)
    Trescol Reputation: 9 to 11

    You are given the choice to hunt the Euthark once your reputation in Trescol reaches 9. Speak to Chydoc and select "Who are you?" and a new dialogue appears at the end.

    Chydoc: You are welcome enough among our peoples to take part in an Ahb Solis event, take part in Tanis and hunt in the caverns of the Euthark!
  • Hunt the Euthark! - Continue with the dialogue
  • Not today - Return to Anwyn

    Chydoc: You must hunt the Euthark alone-- You will not be allowed to have the aid of guests. Walk one day's journey to the southwest of here, and you will find the Euthark's cavern.
    Chydoc: Hunt well, or hunt not at all!!
  • Go!

    «You»: This world has an amazing natural beauty, despite appearing rather empty. So much space.... Well, I'm only halfway there-- Better keep going!
    «You»: I think-- I see the cavern up ahead...!
  • Enter!

    «Scene: Euthark's Cavern»

    «You»: Seems like a normal cavern to me. Wait... I think I hear something.... Like a crawling sound?
  • ......

    1 BATTLE

    Euthark Larva:

    Full Heal

    «You»: Well that wasn't so bad! But it couldn't have been the Euthark I'm supposed to be hunting. It should be something challenging, I'd imagine. I'll keep going...

    1 BATTLE


    Full Heal

    «You»: Well OKAY then! Now THAT was more like it! Surely, THAT was the Euthark that is meant to be hunted!! Hmm... But just in case, let's see what is a little DEEPER...
    «You»: Alright, there's nothing here. This is as deep as the cavern goes. It just becomes a giant HOLE leading down to who-knows-where. Time to turn around and claim my victory!

    You lose any guests you are holding at this point

    1 BATTLE
    Ancient Euthark:

    Full Heal

    «You»: Note to self: When you THINK you have beaten the biggest Euthark, you HAVE beaten the biggest Euthark!
    Chydoc: You have hunted well! So, hehehe, what does it feel like to be one of us, now? Hahahaha!
  • Victory!
    Trescol 1

  • Coarse Luntet
  • Rough Luntet
  • Jagged Luntet
  • Sharp Luntet
  • Razor Luntet

  • OriTo Nun
  • Revered OriTo Nun
  • Sacred OriTo Nun

    Chydoc: I hope you found something that will save your life someday!

    Trescol 2

  • Bora'jee
  • Juicy Bora'jee
  • Delicious Bora'jee
  • Scrumptious Bora'jee

    Thank you to whackybeanz.

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