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4/15/2010 0:14:34   
Oh Bother.


Location: Event Button > Visit other planets using the new World Portals! > Anwyn > Preview worlds!

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    Learn about Kairula

    The planet known as Kairula is home to the insect race of the Odanata. The planet itself is filled with steaming jungles which are riddled with mysterious beasts and underbrush so dense as to make it near-impassable. Kairula sees temperatures that rarely fall below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celcius) and has an overwhelming global humidity. These factors may be an indication as to why the dominant species are distinctly insectoid. The planet is the second of 12 in orbit around a medium sized star. It is unknown if any of the neighboring planets support life, but it is suspected that a technologically advanced race may have visited Kairula and been responsible for the emergence of the Odanata as a sentient and dominant race. The core of the planet is composed of pure piezoelectric crystal, which may have been the initial objective - if any such visitation actually occurred.
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    Odanata: The race known as the Odanata are a generally humanoid race, deriving their ancestors from a breed of insect perhaps similar to our Megaloprepus caerulatus. Little is known about what the Odanata call the Uaeia, or "Origin." Similar to our own ancient ancestry, very few records remain of those forgotten times of Odanata past. The Odanata themselves are divided into two factions, the Junas and the Shalen. Both groups have grown distinctly along their individual paths, so much so that their heritage can be distinguished by their looks alone. Though insectoid, the Odanata have clear differences between the males and females of their race.
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    Society: Odanata society is as varied as any, with two distinct differences. The first is that any member of the Odanata belongs to one of two breeds and secondly all Odanata live in communal dwellings called Hives. There are two types of Hives: the first are towering land-based organic Mounds often connected via networked tunnels, and the second are suspended, sculpted Nests which are found in the dense Kairulan jungles. The two breeds of the Odanata are as distinct as their Hives. The Shalen, or "tree-bound," are a nature oriented sect. The Shalen can be found dwelling in great suspended nests in some of the most inhospitable jungles of Kairula. They can be recognized by their large gossamer wings and their distinctly green exoskeletons. The core beliefs of the Shalen are a basic harmony with nature and a revelation in their part of that balance.
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    The Junas, or the Warriors, are a volatile and self-interested culture. The Junas can be recognized by their large size (almost twice that of any Shalen), stunted wings, and distinctly red carapace. Junas use their intellect to clear away vast portions of the natural landscape and construct their sprawling Hive cities. For the Junas it is no matter at all to shape the land as their needs demand or as they see fit. In fact the Junas are not above using other "lesser" insects as laborers and beasts of burden. Junas breed and utilize a large firefly creature, called the Gnil, as their ubiquitous source of light. Where Shalen culture respects intelligence and harmony, Junas society venerates strength of both body and will. Suffice to say that their differences have led to numerous skirmishes, bloody conflicts, and a social rift that will take centuries to heal, if ever.
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    Physiology and Breeding: The Odanata are an insectoid, bipedal race. They have both male and female genders among them and they make no distinction between the sexes in regards to class standing or societal roles. All Odanata possess wings and tails characteristic to their "Origin," even if in an atrophied state. Odanata are hatched from eggs which are fertilized and carried within the males of the species. Though the females produce the eggs they are held in a special pouch in the males called the Phytotel. Odanata produce only one offspring per mating cycle. The families that bear offspring will remain in a close knit "pod" until the child, called a Naiad, is old enough to care for itself. Then the adults will resume their individual lives and seek new partners during the next cycle.
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    Uaiea ("Origin"): The Odanata do not have any sort of unorganized religious permutations among them. They do however, possess a belief in Uaeia (pronounced you-way-uh), or "Origin." The Junas hold that the first Odanata was forced to struggle and fight against the world in order to survive and grow. They believe that it was this very fighting that made them strong enough to take the reins of mastery over the very planet that had tried to consume them. The Shalen, however, have in their possession ancient pictograms and hieroglyphs depicting the coming of the Sha, the sun spirit, who granted the first Odanata the knowledge of self-awareness and thus set them on the path of enlightenment and transformation. This enlightenment, they say, can only be achieved through harmony with the very world around and within them.
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    The Gnil: The Gnil are the closest of any other species on Kairula that could be called anything close to intelligent. The Gnil are at a point in their evolutionary state that the Odanata reached and surpassed several millenia ago. They are self-aware, have developed language, and utilize tools and other oddments to aid in their lives. In another few centuries they will perhaps be reaching what we would recognize as the Bronze Age, though distinct to their species and world. It is this budding society that is perhaps at the root of the conflict between the Junas and Shalen. The Junas have no problem keeping Gnil captive for labor and breeding, since they are "lower" life forms as far as the Junas are considered. The Shalen, on the other hand, see the behavior of the Junas as slavery, a detestable affront to their balance which they cannot abide.
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    Thanks to whackybeanz.

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    4/15/2010 0:15:14   
    Oh Bother.

    Visit Kairula

    Location: House > Painting: Portal to Kairula

    You begin with a reputation of 6.

    A message "Your reputation is neutral. Go on quests to gain favor of the Junas or the Shalen!" appears the moment you click to visit Kairula.

    You enter Kairula, and a compass appears to allow you to choose where to go [north, south, east, west].

    If your Kairula Reputation is 1 and you try to reduce it any further, the message "Your reputation is as good as it can get with the Junas of Kairula!" appears, and the counter will not register any reduction in reputation.

    If your Kairula Reputation is 11 and you try to increase it any further, the message "Your reputation is as good as it can get with the Shalen of Kairula!" appears, and the counter will not register any increase in reputation.

    To access any special quests, shops and guests in Kairula, you must access the world through the Small Portal to Kairula, which can be purchased from Anwyn. If you do not have the portal, a message will appear to prompt you to buy it to access these special features.

    After any mini quests, you will receive +1 or -1 reputation. Your reputation counter will then register the change and you are shown the compass to decide where you wish to go next.


    «Scene: Entrance to Shalen City»

  • Enter the Shalen City!
  • Go Back

    «Scene: Within Shalen City»
    Kairula Reputation: 1 to 6

    Nizya: Hello, Outlander. Your reputation among the Shalen is questionable. You must leave here now, but you can improve your reputation by seeking out and defeating some of our enemies, the Junas.
    (Your Reputation on Kairula must be Greater than 6 to find favor with the Shalen)

  • Back

    Kairula Reputation: 7 to 11

    Nizya: Ah, Outlander, you have returned. And I see you have proven your allegiance to the Shalen. Thank you.
  • Who are you?
  • Quest - Jump directly to the dialogue where Nizya tells you what you can do in Kairula
  • Shop - Access Kairula 2
  • Take Nizya as a guest with you
  • Leave

    Who are you?

    Nizya: I am Nizya, Prime Scout of the Ardanya Nest Clan. It is my duty to oversee the safety and security of my clan.
    Nizya: My clan has for many generations been responsible for the careful nurturing of our beautiful Aluras trees, for the forest of Mezya is our one true home.
    Nizya: They were slightly displeased when I decided to dedicate my life to the Scout Practice, but they came to accept it as my calling eventually.
    Nizya: Outlander, you may wander Kairula, being ever watchful for Junas, or go on a special quest for me to rescue some Glin that are captive in the Junas city.
  • Rescue Glin!
  • Wander Kairula
  • Leave

    A Junas enters

  • Attack the Junas! (+1 Reputation on Kairula)
  • Befriend the Junas (-1 Reputation on Kairula)

    «Scene: Entrance to Junas City»

  • Enter the Junas City
  • Go Back

    «Scene: Within Shalen City»
    Kairula Reputation: 1 to 5

    Yivat: Well, well! Now I can respect you! You are welcome in our city as long as you don't choose to side with those soft-shelled Shalen!
  • Who are you?
  • Quest - Jump directly to the dialogue where Yivat tells you what you can do in Kairula
  • Shop - Access Kairula 1
  • Take Yivat as a guest with you
  • Leave

    Who are you?

    Yivat: It's about time you asked! I was beginning to think you didn't recognize someone IMPORTANT when you saw them! That would be very unfortunate for you.
    Yivat: I'm Yivat, Grand High Autocrat and General of Mound Forces for the Junas city of Lurvas! That's right-- You are in the presence of greatness!
    Yivat: You would do well to pay attention to everything I say and do, because you can't do better than learn from the best!
    Yivat: Go ahead and just wander around Kairula, or do ME, your new friend and emminent superior, a favor! Search for and capture some Glin for me, and I'll pay you! Haha!!
  • Capture Glin!
  • Wander Kairula
  • Leave

    Kairula Reputation: 6 to 11

    Yivat: *Grumph* What are you doing here?? Do you think we Junas welcome strangers? How can we trust the likes of YOU?
    Yivat: Hmmm.... MAYBE I can trust you, if you go find some soft-shelled Shalen and defeat them!
    (Your Reputation on Kairula must be Less than 6 to find favor with the Shalen)


    A Shalen enters

  • Attack the Shalen! (-1 Reputation on Kairula)
  • Befriend the Shalen (+1 Reputation on Kairula)
    Kairula 1

  • Vibrant Junas Axe
  • Vivacious Junas Axe
  • Thriving Junas Axe
  • Flourishing Junas Axe
  • Luxuriant Junas Axe

  • Junas Husk
  • Junas Shell
  • Junas Carapace

    Yivat: That's show those soft-shelled Shalen! Ha!
  • Quest
  • Leave
    Kairula 2

  • Vibrant Shalen Spear
  • Vivacious Shalen Spear
  • Thriving Shalen Spear
  • Flourishing Shalen Spear
  • Luxuriant Shalen Spear

  • Summon Glittering Gnil
  • Summon Sparking Gnil
  • Summon Brilliant Gnil
  • Summon Radiant Gnil
  • Summon Argent Gnil

    Nizya: You have chosen well, Outlander.
  • Quest
  • Leave

    Thank you to whackybeanz. Correction thanks to chadrizard.

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