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Vampire/Werewolf Battles: Part 2

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4/15/2010 10:28:42   
Oh Bother.

Vampire/Werewolf Battles: Part 2
Travel Map > Darkovia Forest > The 2nd button from "Back to Town" (Lycans!)

You: Okay, let me get this straight. Vampires are now using Moglins for food because us Humans have been givng them too much trouble lately...
Chico: That's right! those ugly beasties won't leave us alone to peacefully frolic in the forest! But that big vampire lord we saw was snatched away by a huge furry hand!
Stinky: I'm just happy you guys pulled that straw outta my head!!
You: So!! Who's with me??!
Moglins: ..........
You: Seriously, who wants to go with me to track those creatures down??
Moglins: ..........
You: I promise not to let evil creatures of the night stick straws in anyone else's head!!
Chico: Fine, we'll go with you. But remember if anything tries to eat us we have the right to run away.
You: Well, okay... that goes for me too. But I'm a brave adventurer who never runs away... hardly ever. Ahem. Now, onward we go, toward the grim forest Darkovia!

Stinky walks forward a bit.

Chico: Um, Stinky you might want to let the well-armed Adventurer go first.

Later in the day.

Chico: The sun will be down soon. Should we maybe set up camp now? Anyone have some mushmellons to roast over an open fire??
You: Aw, c'mon!! We don't need to camp! We're tough, we can keep going! I'm making you all honorary adventurers!!
Stinky: Yeah!!!!! Awesome!! Do I get to wear armor too??
Chico: Stiny...... Shut up.
You: Let's cut the chatter and keep going! We can move faster in daylight!

After nightfall

Chico: It's not daylight any more, Adventurer. So I guess we move slower now huh?
You: Well, you guys can move faster if you want to, but that would make you bait.
Stinky: Hey everybody... look at the nice full moon! It's so bright and pwetty!


You: Wow. That's kind of bad. That full moon. And now that loud howling. And we're at the edge of Darkovia forest. Um... anyone scared?
Moglins: No, huh-uh. Not me! Nope! No way! That was nothin'! Who? Me? Scared? Ha!
You: Great! Me neither! I was just checking!

You stumble upon a pile of bones.

You: Gaaaahhh! That's a lot of bones!!
Chico: Good guess, Sherlock! That is one big pile of bones! Stinky! Do your thing!
Stinky: *sniff* *sniff*

Stinky smells the bones

Stinky: These are fresh bones, Chico.......... They really stink.
Chico: When someone named Stinky tells you something stinks, you'd better believe him.

Werewolf walks in.

Werewolf: Grrrrrr....
You: Whoa!!! Uhh... nice doggie??

Level 49 and below
Werewolf Warrior (20)

Level 50+
Werewolf Warrior (50)

You: Hey... that was a werewolf! But different than any other werewolves I've ever seen. He was wearing armor and used a sword!! What's up with that?
Chico: If you want to give up now and go back home, I wouldn't blame you. So, uh, it's really okay if you want todo that now. Really, that's fine with us...
Chico: Are you sure you don't want to just go back home and get a good night's rest, perhaps? Maybe a sandwhich?
You: I might actually consider turning around if I wasn't totally lost! ................... Did I just say that aloud?
Stinky: Hey everybody, I wonder why all those trees were cut down?


You: Aww no, not again...

Level 49 and below
Werewolf Warrior (20)

Level 50+
Werewolf Warrior (50)

You: Not THAT is what I call fun! I'm starting to enjoy myself! Let's see werewolves and vampires, wearing armor, using weapons to attack... This is very unusual for both sub-races.
Chico: The werewolves are probably the ones who cleared this part of Darkovia forest. Maybe their lair is nearby?
Chico: ................
Chico: Are you SURE you know what you're doing, Adventurer?
You: Haha! Of course I'm sure? You DO want to see if there's a way to stop the vampires from feeding on Moglins, don't you? Anyway, when was the last time I led you into danger??
You: .......... Well, nevermind that last question. Besides, I doubt we'll find an actual werewolf lair! No one's seen one of those for years!

You find a Werewolf Lair

You: Okay, so we found an actual werewolf lair. So what? There's NOTHING I can't handle....
Stinky: Did anyone else see that big eyeball move? hehe...... heh.....

Hragfen's comes out of the lair

Everyone: AHHH!!!
Hragfen: *snort* Ahh, yes! MOGLINS! Is this a peace offering from the soft skinned humans??! Mmmmm... how tasty they will be!
Chico: Um, Adventurer, are you going to maybe do anything? Like, maybe ATTACK him or something??
You: uhhh.... errrr....
Chico: Alright Moglins!! No time to lose! ATTACK!!!!!

The Moglins jump onto Hragfen

Hragfen: Hmf. Taaasty little Moglins.

Hragfen knocks the Moglins into the air.

Hragfen: Yummy! Moglins are so delicious! They are truly the fruit of the forest. You can make them so many ways. Fried Moglin, peppercorn Moglin, Moglin stew, Moglin sandwhiches, curried Moglin....

The Moglins hit the ground.

Hragfen: Okay... now it's YOUR turn!
You: Bring it on, furball!!

A vampire lord sweeps down and flies away with Hragfen.

You: Hmmm... now THAT was interesting. That guy was huge, and had batty wings. I think there's more going on here then it seemed at first. Now, to wake up all these silly Moglins...


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