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RE: Content Coming S.O.O.N?

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4/28/2010 17:14:06   

The reply you read was directed to blackknight.
Read the one above.
It's on there, I checked.

As it hasn't been promised, I'm not listing it.
And DF has hotkeys? When?
DF MQ  Post #: 76
4/29/2010 1:22:58   

Okay, my mistake. Please accept my apology.
DF  Post #: 77
4/29/2010 2:38:39   


And DF has hotkeys? When?

After Engine Update 9.0.0 -.- , here is a link for more info :

DragonFable 9.0 Game Engine FAQ
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 78
4/29/2010 20:30:50   

Still, as it has not been promised by the team, I'm not including it.

No worries. :P

Remember, stuff that hasn't been promised means that it doesn't have to come.
DF MQ  Post #: 79
5/1/2010 20:41:37   
D. End

There once was a system where SCs would get paid for starship rides, but that was trashed because there were too many complaints on SCs getting free creds...


AQ DF MQ  Post #: 80
5/1/2010 23:03:46   

school shop, university missions
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 81
5/2/2010 10:28:41   

Another things I just remembered:
The comic on Zargon. We are still in the Bat Cave ..hihi..
Post #: 82
5/2/2010 19:32:03   

OMG I'm losing track. XD

  • Revival project
  • Rebalancing project
  • K&S
  • Major Steele's quest chain
  • Zargon comics
  • Re-engineering the Energy Blade mechanics
  • Allowing the new ammo weapons to change ammo type mid-battle
  • MQ Soundtrack CD
  • Hiring a crew for SC starships
  • Mercenaries/Armadas
  • Online comic w/ ShadowScythe backstory
  • GEARS store for people who passed the classes
  • Gark/Lagos/Arthuria Post Mortem
  • Necryptos Post Mortem
  • Crow's Nook

  • DA/Guardian Mecha Thanks to Einwill, and I think someone else
  • House Missions Credits to someone else, though Drakyloid said it again
  • Flag Sets Just remembered someone offered this, don't remember who
  • Next house artifacts Kudos to orrthehunter
  • TA positions Thx Drakyloid, not going to include graduation because the staff haven't promised it yet
  • The caped mecha To Darkling, though I do think the big guy said he's going to make it eventually
  • C-Mail revamp Thanks, astro999
  • Paying SCs for starship flight Again, thanks to astro999
  • Transforming starships Cred to elijahsolo
  • Sniping class skyvolt666 gets credit for this one
  • Vehicles Sorry Griffin, Runer got it first
  • Uber Combo Mecha Though happy since it's not around to break balance, it deserves a mention. Credit to cool jason.
  • Fullscreen button Wow, Tero :D
  • Name changes Wonderful quotes, Tero
  • The next SC Extreme Challenge Quoth runer, though I think someone else mentioned it

The crew is there. See the top part.
And when were we promised a 3rd/4th mod spot?
Also, remember that the staff have to explicitly say they'll do it later if I'm going to include it. As they never said anything about Necryptos' plot, it's not included.
Also, this part directed to Soulwing as well, the sniping class is there by skyvolt in the second section.

Actually, it is there.

GEARS store for people who passed the classes

See "Zargon Comics" on the first section.

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DF MQ  Post #: 83
5/2/2010 20:00:13   

The Multi-Mods was intended to be something akin to +1 Mod every 25 levels (NSCs starting at level 1 with 1 Mod, then getting a 2nd at level 26, and SCs/NG Users starting with 2 and getting 3 at level 26), but that changed to a fairly static NSCs - 1 and SC/NG - 2.

As to when that limit may go up by 1 or 2, maybe at level 50, maybe not. It wasn't promised; but mentioned as a possible future (future being fairly distant) release.
Post #: 84
5/2/2010 20:02:08   

what happened to K&S challenges i think stuff should upgrade it and insert new challenges, new rewards. right now the top challenge lvl 25 it make sense 1 year ago when we had a level 20-25 level caps. but right now level cap is 40. and becides the ultimate Prize isn't ultimate anymore
MQ AQW  Post #: 85
5/2/2010 20:19:52   

Was that promised? I think that was, but I'm not sure about it.
DF MQ  Post #: 86
5/2/2010 20:21:47   

i think its not but still it could be done
MQ AQW  Post #: 87
5/2/2010 20:41:03   

It's not a suggestion thread. :/
It's a compilation of things the staff said they'll get to later.

I'll say it again:
Only list things that have been promised by the staff.
Like I said, I think blues said he(?)'d add it, but I'm not sure of this.
DF MQ  Post #: 88
5/2/2010 20:50:20   

I can vouch for Mae and blues stating that K&S is on their to-do list. It's just not as high a priority given the situation.

Remember, they have a few lists of K&S mecha suggestions to work with and implement so that K&S won't be as easy a farming place as it is right now.
Post #: 89
5/2/2010 20:51:29   

Most of the stuff on the S.O.O.N. list isn't high priority. :P
Maybe after the Dragonoid Saga?
DF MQ  Post #: 90
5/2/2010 20:56:41   

Hopefully. Wouldn't hurt to see a few updates to the immediately-accessible missions or farming places, as well as getting rid of some of the smaller stuff on the list.
Post #: 91
5/3/2010 6:11:35   

@Ein : Since you brought the vouch mae and blues out , can , errm , anyone one of the staff at-least if the verified mech's are coming within the next : 6 month's or so ??
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 92
5/3/2010 17:09:03   

how about they promised to put Necryptos on the maps
MQ AQW  Post #: 93
5/3/2010 20:29:27   

I think that's coming real soon.
If it doesn't come out after another few weeks, it can go on.

Get the low-priority stuff finished first. :P
Sounds counter-productive, but it might be for the best. :P
Not to mention it shouldn't be too hard.
With luck, they might be able to release multiple low-priority stuff.
DF MQ  Post #: 94
5/4/2010 7:16:39   


Get the low-priority stuff finished first. :P
Sounds counter-productive, but it might be for the best. :P
Not to mention it shouldn't be too hard.
With luck, they might be able to release multiple low-priority stuff.

Assuming that the low priority stuff are minor details or small things , then yes , it could come soon , but for stuff like quest chains , mech's and revival projects , SC Xtreme and K&S those would take alot of time , i remember bluesy saying that if they want to renew the K&S (or Xtreme SC challenge , i cannot remember which) , they want to make it good like the time when the Xtreme SC challenge was released (which makes the Xtreme challenge as the thing in the point) , which means :

It would take weeks !

Is it just me , or is Korin's reply in page 1 is not enough as a staff reply for us to know what is going to happen and within what time limit ?

< Message edited by runer -- 5/4/2010 7:19:45 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 95
5/4/2010 9:22:04   
The Braken Bard


Online comic w/ ShadowScythe backstory

You mean Mechquest Overdrive?
AQ MQ  Post #: 96
5/4/2010 12:06:28   

Yeah, it's MechQuest Overdrive. It looked really awesome and promising too... =/
Post #: 97
5/4/2010 20:17:54   

The stuff you listed is most certainly not low-priority. :P
Those should come later.
You know, finish the easiest first.
It's a good principle on math tests and Gaia's zOMG. It should be applicable here.
DF MQ  Post #: 98
5/4/2010 20:36:38   

Personally, I believe the prerequisites for a Guardian and DAH mech set have been met.
  • Functional to lvl 100 (Originally could have been limited yearly upgrades, like Sepulchure and SkullCrusher, but now there's Auto-Scaling available).
  • Wide variety of specials to work with.
  • Advanced detail and animation capabilities on the Staff's end.
  • SC-Only specials to make them stronger for SCs specials-wise while sharing the same SC-grade DPT with NSCs.

    The only thing holding both mechs back from being realized is the time needed to properly plan it out, design it, code it, animate it, test it, and balance it. Regardless of their setup, I don't expect both machines to match or exceed the power of an SCM, since after all, they are just usable bonuses that aren't hard to come by (as opposed to an ShS T-Shirt or an MQ Artbook). Just like the Verified weapons and equipment in DF and AQW, these will probably not be anything overly special. At most, I'd expect them to have standard SC level damage (NOT SCM level), while the SC-only Specials make them about on par with an average SCM (basically; the Strider or Reaper). And before anyone chooses to debate this, this is no different from the Verified stuff being average to slightly above average in the other games.

    The other "quick" projects that could be possible were the Flag Set (either as some sort of special Shoulder weapons, or the first ever visual equippable Mods), the GEARS Bookstore (shop), and the Sniping Class (which could either function like the 1st Persion Shooters, like what was used on Westion to shoot rocks or ShS aircraft and missiles, or something like Braddock Steele's side-scrolling shooter).
  • Post #: 99
    5/5/2010 15:05:13   

    @FL: Actually , it work's in all of the other subjects as well , not just Mathematics :P .

    @Ein : As for the Guardian and DAH mech's , as you said , the staff did add all the main requirement's for both mech's , the only thing's left :

  • Animation & Design .
  • Coding The mech .
  • Balancing the weapons .

    As for the power , if you play DF , you must have seen or heared about the guardian class , if not , then it is an average specialized class , the specials are the normal one's with some above average skills , keeping this class unique and does not break the game balance .

    This is , what i believe , i want to see in those mech's , as for SC specials , that would not be fair , since it is designed for the people who verified :) .
  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 100
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