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The Hall of Memories - Tangled Web of Fate

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4/16/2010 1:49:48   
Times Silent Keeper

The Hall of Memories

Tangled Web of Fate

Location: Event Button > Hall of Memories (The Tangled Web of Fate) > Open Doors! > 5: Tangled Web of Fate (Interlude I) OR
Travel Map > Darkovia Forest > Dracopyre Legacy > 6: The Hall of Memories > Open Doors! > 5: Tangled Web of Fate (Interlude I)

«Scene: Darkovia»

«You»: I see you've recovered from the Cenyro incident and Loco's gambit.
Cenara: I have, though the entire affair is a bit of a blur. Cenyro was from me, but he was somebody different, too. We had similar goals but thought very differently.
«You»: But that was still you, I could tell. It wasn't like you were actually a different person.
Cenara: That's just it. I wasn't, but while it was going on... I was myself inside too, watching it.
Cenara: It was like we shared one body and mind, but inside there were two different minds at the same time.
«You»: That must've been disconcerting.
Cenara: That was part of Loco's joke, I'm sure. I knew what was happening, but I was an outsider in my own mind and body.
Cenara: Now though, I almost feel loss at his passing. That probably seems odd to you...
«You»: Not really. It sounds like you're saying Cenyro was like a brother, and a twin brother at that.
«You»: I hear tell that twins often can share thoughts, and you were even closer to Cenyro than a normal twin. If you want to wait, I understand.
Cenara: No. How can I justify grieving over an illusion wrought by the God of Tricksters? We must press on, my friend.
«You»: It seems more complicated than an illusion to me-- --Uh-oh.
«You»: Don't look now, but I think some of your brother's foot soldiers are coming. I doubt they're here to wish us luck or keep us company. Shall we show them the door?
Cenara: Yes, lets.«Scene: No Man Land's Scar»

Diviara: I can understand if you are reluctant, Amilara. I know what pain this holds for you, but even if you don't go, I need to do this.
Amilara: Of course I'm reluctant, Dad, but it's really not a question. If there is any opportunity to fix past wrongs...
Diviara: I believe there is.
Amilara: How will you do this without a communicant's chamber?
Diviara: The chamber is for comfort and ritual. It does maximize efficiency, but you don't really need a temple to be near to the powers of Lore. They make up the fabric of the world.
Amilara: Very well. It's not a question, I will be part of it.
Diviara: Then let's do this.
Diviara: *closing his eyes* My Lord, My Lady. I serve you willingly and in all things, but I have a request for both of you...

«The scene fades to black, and switches to Darkovia, where Coeuraservi has come to meet Cenara and you.»

Coeuraservi: I am told Amilara and Diviara went to the Scar for some reason. I am not sure where Cagliari went after that.
Cenara: ...Why are you staring at Coueraservi so intently, «You»?
«You»: I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude, I'm just trying to remember what Donovan said about him.
Cenara: How do you mean?
«You»: Well, I THINK it was Donovan, but it may have been in that alternate history we saw in the Abode after that incident...
«You»: It's hard to recall, with how much has happened since then.
Cenara: A lot has happened for you, hasn't it? With my attention focused here, I keep forgetting how much you do all over Lore, «You».
«You»: A lot's happened for all of us. And your focus belongs here.
«You»: ...Oh, great! More of Donovan's lackeys.

«Donovan's minions enter.»

Black Werewolf: Lord Donovan totally had my old man whimpering like a pup. Did you see the way he cowered and turned tail and ran?
Black Werewolf: When the time comes for the Transformation, I'm ready. I was first to sign up for the process, so soon I'll be a draco too.
Black Werewolf: ...Hey boys, we've got company. And just lookie who it is.
Black Werewolf: Must be my lucky day. Let's show them some good old-fashioned Darkovian hospitality and claim Lord Donovan's bounty!
  • !!!

  • Throw down! (Challenge: Battle all 3 in a row!)
  • I don't know about this... (Let Coeuraservi handle it)«Donovan's minions approach you.»

    Coeuraservi: Not one step closer Crispus, you blackguard, or by the Light Lord I will end your time on Lore.
    Crispus: Grrr... You still cower in inaction and fear, Coeuraservi. The day you and I fight will be the day you die. Let's go, pack. They'll get theirs eventually.
    «You»: Put up or shut up, furface.

    «Donovan's minions leave the scene.»

    «You»: Yeah, that's what I thought...
    Cenara: What were you saying before we were so rudely interrupted?
    «You»: Oh, right. Now WHAT was it Donovan said...
    «You»: He said something about... sharing fates?
    Cenara: I don't remember anything like that...
    Coeuraservi: ... He did say something of that nature. "You shall match the fate of the one whose name you bear."
    «You»: Yeah, that was it!
    Coeuraservi: But... I don't think that either of you were present at the time. My memories of that time are all still very... fuzzy... but I thought he said that when I was captured.
    «You»: Strange. But then how...? Why...? I guess that's yet another mystery for us to add on to the pile for now.
    Coeuraservi: I am afraid I need to go; these foot soldiers are not a good sign, and with my order fragmented as it is now, someone needs to hold fast.

    «Coeuraservi leaves the scene.»

    «You»: Cenara?
    Cenara: Yes?
    «You»: I feel so strange. Cenara, do YOU see the resemblance between them?
    Cenara: Resemblance between whom?
    «You»: Coeuraservi and Commander Paladin, in the past.
    Cenara: Now that you mention it... Yes, they do look very similar.
    «You»: What did Donovan mean, and how did he know it?
    «You»: What's more, if I wasn't there for the event... How and why do I have fleeting memory of it?
    Cenara: One mystery at a time, «You».
    «You»: *sigh* Right. We need to split up. You find some local undead and see Cagliari is anywhere with them, and I'll go to the Scar and try to track down Amilara and Diviara Celegra.

    «The scene fades to black.»«Scene: No Man Land's Scar»

    Male Voice: Your communication has a most conversational style. I approve. I will be with you momentarily.
    Diviara: Er... Sir? Why have YOU answered my prayer? While I respect you of course, and welcome your consultation, my service has been to others in the pantheon.
    Amilara: Who is it?
    Diviara: The Lord of Darkness.
    Male Voice: Diviara always was a direct one.
    Darkness Lord: Though he is a bit angsty, perhaps even a tad "dark" as they would say elsewhere. But then, I like dark.
    Female Voice: So, in truth, do I. Like darkness, that is. Though it is my natural antithesis, sometimes I do not mind rest.
    Light Lord: He is indeed a man of true and faithful service, The`Galin.
    The`Galin: I told you that he was, dear Lady.
    Diviara: Ah, my Lords, I am flattered by your approval. If it please you, there is the matter I came for...
    Darkness Lord: Oh yes, we know. We know well. There is much more to it than you have yet understood. Some of it is merely obscure, and some is deliberately hidden.
    Light Lord: There are pieces of many different stories woven into this tapestry, complex events that even those such as we can see only in fragments.
    The`Galin: Nothing happens in isolation. While the stories are separate, they all weave together like a web.
    Darkness Lord: Not just present events, but those in the past as well.
    Light Lord: And so the six of us have gathered together to address this affair.
    Diviara: Six of you?
    Lorithia: Yes, the many stories intersect. Caelestian, your permission is granted. For now your access is extended--
    Lorithia: --but remember that you remain still a guest here. Tread carefully, our Loremaster.

    «Falerin appears in the scene.»

    Falerin: I always do, but tied up as I am in these events... I am, for once, at a loss as to how to proceed.
    Amilara: ...What have we stepped into, Dad?
    Falerin: As the Lords and Ladies have said, many threads are intertwined. Many separate stories, but one omniverse. There is no single narrative, but there is the web of this tapestry.
    Diviara: How are you involved in it then, Falerin?
    Falerin: Some of the threads involve me directly, but not the ones that are at the center stage at present.
    Falerin: Well, save that the situation is of concern to a friend of mine. I have asked the Lords present a boon of my own on her behalf.
    Diviara: Cryptic as always.
    The`Galin: Falerin is not trying to be cryptic, but to tread lightly as he was asked. Divine politics are complicated.
    Falerin: It does not help that I tend to be a bit sesquipedalian at times.
    Lorithia: At times?! Falerin, were they to look up the word in the Encyclopedia Lorica, your face would surely be given as the chief example.
    The`Galin: Now you had best leave for New York if you are to complete your effort in time, Ardendor.
    Falerin: So I must. Good luck to all of you.
    Diviara: And to you as well.

    «Falerin disappears from the scene.»

    Amilara: That seemed pretty abrupt for Falerin.
    Diviara: You said six...
    Light Lord: Yes. Our avatar was being instructed on affecting what you wish. Go to them.

    «Giliara appears in the scene.»

    Amilara (in unison): Uncle?
    Diviara (in unison): Brother!
    Giliara: Not "nephew" any more? My brother, how things HAVE changed. I am so proud of you, of both of you.
    Amilara: Have you returned somehow?
    Giliara: Alas, no. I have moved on from this world. I now serve our patron directly.
    Diviara: Giliara, I...
    Giliara: Brother, please. I died. It was not the end, but a beginning. I am happy. All is as it must have been, and I have no regrets.
    Giliara: Now come, we have a journey to make. You can fill me in on all that has happened to Lore since my passing as we go, but then I must return.
    Diviara: ... I wronged you so badly.
    Giliara: I think you have earned some redemption, Div. Let it go.
    Diviara: ...Speaking of that. Lord The`Galin, do you--
    The`Galin: (interrupting) --Yes, of course I do. Does that really surprise you, of all people, Diviara?
    Diviara: Ah. No... No, I suppose it does not.
    Diviara: Very well. Let's go, brother. Oh, it is good to see you again... even though I know it cannot last.

    «The scene fades to black.»Mysterious Necromancer: One who used to wear the Mantle just departed. Not that we forwarded your invitation to this little confab, anyway. What is it you want, Dhows?
    Mysterious Stranger: "Dhows"... That name is merely an anagram of convenience... one I used when emulating the flesh of mortals. No such man ever was born in this world or any other.
    Mysterious Stranger: What I want... is cooperation. You and yours have worn my guise to sow fear... I am now collecting some of the debt for renting my likeness.
    Mysterious Stranger: I feel sure that the order will cooperate... But if you are reticent... I am sure I can be very, very, VERY persuasive.
    Mysterious Necromancer: Tsk! No need for threats... I will relay the message to the order. I am sure we can reach mutual satisfaction.
    Mysterious Stranger: Teehee... I knew you would... but hurry... I am not a patient man... nor indeed any other sort of man. Hahaha... nor woman, for that matter.
    Mysterious Necromancer: I see. Unfortunately, Father, my old friend «You» is coming, and I am not in the mood to get in the way of a Chosen right now. Let's discuss the details of the matter later.

    «The Mysterious Necromancer leaves the scene. You enter the scene.»

    Mysterious Stranger: What are you up to today, «You»?
    «You»: I have no time for this now. Unless you're somebody who's just started wearing those robes again, you're not the necromancer I'm looking for.
    Mysterious Stranger: Such a naughty, rude birdie... Rude now, and rude long ago... but still, very interesting...
    «You»: Wait... YOU?! But how--
    Mysterious Stranger: The one you seek is far gone... Return to Lumi... no, Darkovia, birdie... but not without my parting gift for such a one as yourself...
    Mysterious Stranger: As to the question... oh so short a birdie's memory is... I already told you how... I am so much more than meets the eye... now then... Transmorphers, attack...
    «You»: Not again...
  • Fight!«Scene: Hall of Memories»

    «You»: Stupid Transmorphers...
    «You»: Ah Cenara, there you are. No luck?
    Cenara: No, I'm afraid not. I take it you fared no better.

    «A long pause follows...»

    Cenara: ...
    Cenara: What was that about Transmorphers?
    «You»: Cenara, he was here.
    Cenara: Who was here?
    «You»: Dhows. He was here. Here, in the NOW!
    Cenara: Are you sure? He did say an order modeled itself after him.
    «You»: I'm very sure. I've dealt with those other robed necromancers before. Diviara used to be one. They're a little off-kilter but they're still JUST necromancers.
    «You»: He called my a "rude birdie" again, talked about, and sicced Transmorphers on me. Who but Dhows would do that?
    Abode: Fleck activity remains high, but I have detected a stable temporospatial event in Battleon.
    «You»: What?
    Abode: Someone has opened a gateway.
    «You»: The mages? Did they succeed in opening a gate for Ryuusei? Cenara, I am afraid the hall and Darkovia must wait for now. If this is what I think, then I am needed elsewhere.
    Cenara: Right, I will keep trying to find Cagliari. Be careful, «You».

    «The scene fades to black.»

  • Doom Sheep Z (L. 0)
  • Doom Sheep (L. 20)
  • Doom Sheep Z (L. 40)
  • Doom Sheep (L. 60)
  • Doom Sheep (L. 80)
  • Guardian Doom Sheep (L. 100)
  • Doom Sheep (L. 120)

  • Replay
  • Guardian Tower
  • Exit

    Discover Giliara's fate by completing the
  • Devourer Saga

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