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Explore Nemea

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4/18/2010 2:54:23   
Legendary AK!!!

Quest Location: Sick Bay
Quests Given From: Dr. Mendas
Requirements: Level 15


Dr. Mendas: We have gotten reports from some Protean naturalist visiting the planet of Nemea that some members of the Network suddenly appeared and forced them to leave. The naturalists suspect that they are there to plunder the ecosystem.
Dr. Mendas: Nemea is a very delicate world, consisting of dense jungle and swamp. If the Network damages any part of it, the consequences could end up ruining the whole world. Can you look into this for me?
  • Go to Nemea!
  • Back

    You are on the Bridge with Daian and Amada

    Captain Daian: Thanks for showing up, «You». I just briefed the Admiral on the situation.
    Admiral Amada: I'd like you and Captain Daian to take a scoutship to Nemea and land at the same coordinates as Sgt. Lucky--
    «You»: Wait a minute-- Sergeant Lucky is already there?
    Captain Daian: As soon as the Protean naturalists called us, I sent Lucky to make sure they weren't being tracked by the Network.
    Captain Daian: But the good Sergeant hasn't reported back since he touched down. He may be in trouble.
    «You»: I hope you realize by now that even though his nickname is "Lucky," that he got that name because he actually ISN'T very lucky. In fact, he's downright UNLUCKY.
    Admiral Amada: Well, ahem... I figure he'll live up to his name someday. Besides, at least he's survived everything. Now THAT takes luck.
    Admiral Amada: Anyway, go find him, and find out what the Network wants with Nemea. And hopefully keep them from destroying its ecosystem...
    «You»: You got it, sir!
  • Go!

    «You»: Scoutship 3 here, Alteon Command! Captain Daian and I are on approach to Nemea.
    «You»: We're not seeing any suspicious energy readings from space...

    You land on Nemea

    Captain Daian: This entire planet is covered by vegetation! You'd think it would be filled with animals, too... but it's so quiet.
    «You»: Yes it is... eerily quiet.
    Captain Daian: I still haven't been able to raise Sgt. Lucky on his radio...
    «You»: His scoutship is directly ahead... We'll find him!
  • Search the jungle with Captain Daian's help!
  • Search the jungle by yourself!

    You find Lucky's scoutship

    Captain Daian: There it is....but it looks like he abandoned it.
    «You»: He knew better than to go very far in this dense jungle. He should have waited for backup.
    Captain Daian: Hmmm... I see his footprints.... but there are OTHER prints as well! LOTS of them! They don't look human, either...

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «You»: Definitely not human! I didn't think AlienZards even lived on normally habitable planets. Don't they tend to show up on dead moons??
    Captain Daian: Yes, they do. I distinctly remember Dr. Mendas' lecture on zard forms in space. AlienZards adapted to vacuum and are highly radiation-resistant.
    «You»: I don't think the BELONG here, then. Which means... someone brought them to Nemea!
    Captain Daian: Agreed. We need to hurry and find lucky before it's too late!
  • Go!

    You walk through the jungle

    «You»: It's getting darker. We're losing any advantage we may have had... No time to waste!

    You walk farther and see a bridge in the background.

    Captain Daian: Interesting-- That bridge means that, at least a SOME point, a civilization once lived here. Or at least visited, and left their mark.
    «You»: But from the naturalists' reports and our own energy readings, there is no intelligent life on Nemea at this time.

    There is a loud noise

    «You»: !!! Did you hear that? Somethings's coming! Hide!!

    You and Daian exit. An AlienZard and a Predecessor enter and battle. The Predecessor kills the zard.

    ???: .....................*click* *click*
    ???: I know you are hiding, Lorians! Do I have to slog through the swamp to find you?

    The Predecessor finds you

    «You»: You're outnumbered. I wouldn't try anything if I were you...
    ???: Hahaha! There's a reason we simply chased away the first group we found here. WE DON'T CARE about you!
    Crevath: I am Crevath the Predecessor. I am leader of a hunting party. My people used to live here, but we left it long ago after we hunted most large lifeforms to extinction.
    Crevath: But we never lost our love for this jungle. We placed an AlienZard Queen on this world several weeks ago so that it would have time to increase its brood.
    Crevath: Now we have come back and plan to hunt down every last AlienZard here! So you get the same warning as your Protean friends:
    Crevath: Leave now or risk being caught between Predecessors and AlienZards! Trust me, it is not a pleasant position.
    «You»: What, like the back of a Griffen Scoutship?
    «You»: Besides, as much as I'd like to leave so I don't have to stare at your ugly mug any longer, one of our friends is here somewhere, and we're going to get him back!
    Crevath: So be it. Then I will have two more skulls to add to my trophy wall!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Captain Daian: «You», there's a cave over there. A lot of AlienZard prints lead into and out from it. I have a feeling...
    «You»: Alright, lead the way, Captain!

    You and Daian enter the cave

    Captain Daian: No sign of AlienZards OR Lucky...
    ???: ..........hh---help---anyone?
    «You»: You were saying?

    You and Daian find Lucky stuck to a wall with some web-like material

    «You»: Sgt. Lucky! What happened??
    «You»: Th-- the AlienZards -- grabbed me -- pulled me from my ship.... and -- WATCH OUT!

    2 BATTLES: Alien Zard (as above)
    Full Heal

    Captain Daian: I'll watch the entrance. You check on Lucky!
    «You»: Just hang on, Lucky! We'll get you out of there!
    Sgt. Lucky: What does it LOOK like I'm doing? Cut me down already!
    «You»: What did they do to you?
    Sgt. Lucky: The AlienZards brought me here, then stuck me to the rock with their-- spit! Then that little thing with a tail and lots of legs jumped at me from the ground and latched onto my face!!
    Sgt. Lucky: I couldn't breathe and passed out. Later, when I woke up, the little thing had fallen off and was dead on the ground. Ever since then I've had this throbbing pain in my chest...
    «You»: ......... Not good. I've heard about this. I think the little FaceBugger laid an egg down your throat.
    Sgt. Lucky: What the--??!! No way!!
    «You»: The egg hatches after a short period of time, and the little critter then breaks out through the victim's chest!!
    Sgt. Lucky: You have to get me outta here and back to the Alteon so Dr. Mendas can save me!! Hurry!

    Lucky's chest spasms

    Sgt. Lucky: URRKKK!
    Sgt. Lucky: That was it!! That was the chest breaker!!! Help me!! It's trying to get out!!!

    Lucky's chest spasms a few more times.

    Sgt. Lucky: URRKKK! URRK!!
    Sgt. Lucky: *gasp* Huh... it stopped.
    «You»: Hmmm... Oh! It must have knocked itself out banging its head against the inside of your chest armor! Okay, we don't have much time.
    «You»: I'm going to cut you down and then we're going bacl to the Alteon as fast as we--
    Captain Daian: Do it fast! The entrance is blocked by an army of AlienZards! We have to go DEEPER into the cave to look for another way out!!

    You, Daian, and Lucky come to an artificially walled section of the cave

    Sgt. Lucky: Thanks for coming for me. How long do you think I have until the chest breaker tries to get out again??
    «You»: Not very. What's concerning me more right now is that the cave led us right into the middle of some kind of temple!
    Captain Daian: It must have been built by the Predecessor's ancestors, and gotten buried by geological movement in the centuries since they left Nemea.
    Sgt. Lucky: I hear a strange slurping sound coming from the next chamber over... Can I stay and watch your back this time?
    «You»: No-- we need to stick together. Let's see what's up ahead...

    You find the AlienZard Queen

    Sgt. Lucky: Oh... gosh... That must be the Queen. Is she sleeping? Or maybe she's dead! Yeah, I'm SURE of it! Let's just sneak past her-- I see the way out!

    The Queen spawns several FaceBuggers

    «You»: Everyone... RUN!!
  • !!!

    The Alienzard Queen has spawned dozens of FaceBuggers at you! Run through the temple and dodge them all!

    CONTROLS: Use mouse to move. Dodge the FaceBuggers without moving outside of the walls. Survive 60 seconds to win!
  • Race against time!

    If you win...

  • Continue

    You skip the battles

    If you lose...

    Game over
    <number of seconds you survived>
  • Try Again!
  • Just fight your way through!

    Alien Zard
    Full Heal

    «You»: The only way to get past her is to fight her.... Anyone wanna help?
  • Battle the Queen with Sgt. Lucky's help!
  • Battle the Queen with Captain Daian's help!
  • Battle the Queen by yourself!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    You leave Nemea


    Vibraxe Z
    Advance Vibraxe
    Excellent Vibraxe
    Heavy Vibraxe Z
    WG Final Vibraxe

    Alien Zard
    Alien Zard Z
    WarpGuardian Alien Zard
    Hopeful Alien Zard Z
    Hopeful WarpGuardian Alien Zard
    Eager Alien Zard
    Enthusiastic Alien Zard


    So glad you all made it back from Nemea alive!

    Since you managed to get rid of the AlienZard Queen, the Predecessors might just leave the planet again since there will soon be nothing more for them to hunt. At some point, though, they might bring back another Queen. For now let's hope that you weakened the AlienZard presence enough to keep Nemea's ecosystem intact!

    Oh, and Sgt. Lucky is fine. He didn't have a chest-breaker inside him after all. It was just bad gas!
  • Play again!
  • Exit
  • WarpGuardian Tower

    Thanks to Rhowena

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