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Gravity Anomaly

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4/26/2010 1:52:41   
Legendary AK!!!

The Collolisk
Quest Location: Engineering
Quests Given From: Gravlax
Requirements: Level 15


Gravlax: Greetings once more, friend! I have noticed a puzzling gravitational anomaly that is affecting the planet Cyral in the Vegan system! Gravity is a very... touchy force to deal with.
Gravlax: This could be any number of potentially devastating problems, so I've convinced the Admiral to take the Alteon itself closer before YOU go in closer, to find out the cause. We need to know what scale of threat this poses for all of us.
  • Let's check it out!

    The Alteon flies through space. You meet Amada and Pra'Mithia on the bridge.

    Admiral Amada: Thank you for accepting this mission, «You»! I trust Gravlax when he says this could be dangerous...
    Queen Pra'Mithia: --and so do I. Which is why we suggested YOU be the one to look into this anomaly for us. Because we trust YOU, as well!
    «You»: Thank you both! May I suggest we have the WarpGuardian Tower remain farther from the planet until we have a better idea of what we're up against?
    Admiral Amada: Good idea! Having back-up is always welcome.

    The WarpGuardian Tower flies back slightly while the Alteon continues. You launch a shuttle from the Hangar bay.

    «You»: Alteon, I'm getting some energy readings from the surface. I'm going in to investigate.

    You land on the planet.

    «You»: I can't see anything that could have caused-- Wait, here comes something!

    A pair of robots enters.

    ???: 74NK 6 preparing to deliver.

    The robot sticks one arm into the ground. A stream of warpcrystals flies out.

    «You»: !!! They're somehow... extracting warpcrystals directly from WITHIN the planet!
    74NK 6: ALERT! ALERT!
    «You»: Uh-oh...
  • Fight!

    Full Heal

    You return to your shuttle.

    «You»: Alright, I'm off the planet now and--

    A very large something with I.G.S. Collolisk written on the side emerges.

    «You»: Wait! Something HUGE is moving out from behind Cyral!!

    The Collolisk points at Cyral and fires a huge laser, destroying the planet behind you.

    «You»: It just blew up the planet!! Repeat-- IT JUST BLEW UP THE PLANET!!!
    Admiral Amada: That was hard not to notice!
    Admiral Amada: Joy and rapture, it's turning toward US now...
    General Stormfront: It's powering up its weapon again, Admiral!
    Admiral Amada: Gravlax, full power to our force field!

    The Alteon's force field activates.

    Gravlax: One step ahead of you, Admiral!
    Zorboz: That is not really a giant SHIP, Gravlax.... It is a giant WEAPONS PLATFORM.
    Gravlax: Force fields are fully charged! But yamma flurin, Admiral, we've got a problem. We're running on one warpcrystal...
    Gravlax: And according to scans, that... that WEAPONS PLATFORM... is running on perhaps dozens!
    Admiral Amada: That reminds me... «You», while we distract this thing, try to find a way inside!
    «You»: (on radio) Admiral, just go into warp and get away! You can always come back for me!
    Queen Pra'Mithia: It just destroyed an entire planet. We may be the last line of defense for any other worlds it's headed to. We must make a stand.

    The Collolisk rotates into firing position.

    Gravlax: According to my calculations, we won't be able to withstand a direct hit!
    Admiral Amada: I'm not planning on taking one. We just need to look like an easy target...

    The Collolisk's laser fires, hitting the Alteon at a shallow angle and making it spin. The force field starts to fizzle out.

    Gravlax: Force field is depleted! Yubbala!!!
    Zorboz: Calm down, Gravlax.
    Gravlax: Calm down?? You're a robot! You don't have a life to lose!!
    Zorboz: If the Alteon is destroyed, I can always bring it back as an undead ship...
    «You»: Alteon, I don't see any way to get in! You'd better--

    The dome at the top of the Collolisk rotates open.

    «You»: Wait!!! It just-- OPENED! I'm not wasting this chance-- wish me luck!

    You fly into the dome, which closes behind you.

    «You»: This seems to be some kind of giant cargo bay. It sealed right behind me...
    ???: Ha! Hahahahaaaaa! I can't believe you actually FELL for that! 74NKs, show this visitor some hospitality!
  • ???

    Full Heal

    «You»: Now I feel right at home. So, I suppose YOU'RE the mastermind behind this? Why don't you show yourself!?

    A cylindrical blue and white robot flies down.

    ???: BEE-BOOP DEEP... WEE-OO!
    «You»: ............ What are YOU supposed to be?

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Arty descends.

    «You»: Back for more so soon?
    Arty Dedeux: BEE-BOOP BOO-- *ahem* I mean-- HA! You think you have stopped me! You're wrong-- I'm just getting started. This is just the test run for my weapon ship-- the Collolisk!
    Arty Dedeux: I've made millions in the bounty hunting business and finally have been able to begin actually building my OWN army... and THIS will be my headquarters.
    Arty Dedeux: For years, people like Lord Terror and Dark Madder have looked down on me. Sure, they knew I was a genius and that I get the job done when it comes to bounty hunting...
    Arty Dedeux: ...but they didn't RESPECT me. I knew that the most important thing was finding a way to power my ideas... so the first thing I did, being the genius I am--
    Arty Dedeux: -- was to find a way to detect warpcrystals across galactic distances! And it WORKS! I have enough WCs to power a thousand 74NKs and run the Collolisk for years!!
    «You»: What do you plan on doing with all of that power?? Blow up more planets?!?
    Arty Dedeux: Of course not! THIS planet was uninhabited. I was just testing the Collolisk's Zero Point Cannon. I wouldn't just go around blowing up inhabited worlds.
    Arty Dedeux: I would THREATEN to blow them up unless they PAY me.
    «You»: Oh, okay. So you're a little less insane than I originally thought. What is a ZERO-POINT CANNON?
    Arty Dedeux: It uses WarpCrystals to draw in and focus Zero-Point Energy, which is the minimum energy that exists in the universe. It is an infinite pool of energy, because the universe is infinite!
    Arty Dedeux: And so my cannon's power is only limited by the Collolisk's ability to hold WarpCrystals. In effect, this weapon's destructive capability is virtually limitless!
    «You»: Hey, thats a GREAT idea! Make a weapon that you might be able to destroy the entire universe with! You really ARE a genius.
    Arty Dedeux: Hm! Well, thank you!
    «You»: So, I'm just going to take off now and go tell everyone that if they don't do what you say that you'll blow up the universe, okay?
    Arty Dedeux: Well, that's generous of you. My 74NK's make good soldiers but aren't very articulate. I can use someone like you to spread my ultimatums!
    Arty Dedeux: You could be my HERALD, in fact! I could design you a special golden surfboard for you to fly through the cosmos on, and--
    «You»: Great! I'll be back soon to get that surfboard!

    You leave.

    Arty Dedeux: *whistling*
    Arty Dedeux: Hahaha, I can't WAIT for the galaxy to pay tribute to me!!

    You return in your shuttle and point its guns at Arty.

    Arty Dedeux: !!! What do you think you're doing??
    Arty Dedeux: You're supposed to go get everyone to do what I say!!
    «You»: Oh, about that-- I was joking.

    You fire several shots and blow a hole in the floor of the cargo bay. You blast a hole in the bay wall and fly out. The Collolisk's point explodes behind you.

    «You»: Alteon, I'm coming in for a landing! The Collolisk is crippled!


    Zero Point Energy Burst
    Zero Point Energy Z
    Zero Point Energy Blast
    WG Zero Point Energy
    Zero Point Energy Explosion
    Zero Point Energy Singularity


    Mibbily! That was a close call!! Luckily you were able to damage the Collolisk's cannon before you escaped. I guess random laser bolts shot all over the place work as long as you shoot enough of them!

    Unfortunately, once you docked back on the Alteon we had to engage warp drive and leave the sector. Without any force field we wouldn't have lasted long against the Collolisk, even without its main gun. The zero-point energy you told me about is so interesting that I decided to make a small device to use it in battle. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Arty Dedeux...
  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Thanks to Rhowena

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