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The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part III - Star Blecch!

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4/30/2010 5:02:08   
Times Silent Keeper

The Bizarre Flecks Saga
Part III - Star Blecch!

Event Button » Star Blecch! » 3: Star Blecch! OR Travel Map » Bizarre Flecks » 3: Star Blecch!

Amidst signs of an oncoming meteor swarm, the player encounters a remarkable semblance of Ryuusei Cartwright in Greenguard forest. This Ryuusei, who comes from an distant alternate form of the realm of Terra, was traveling through space and time with his son Gaiden, seeking the very same dark analog of himself whose treachery and leadership of the Network so recently plagued our own world of Lore.

Unfortunately, in the process Ryuusei and Gaiden venture to an alternate version of our own Lore, with a much more sinister history. In this dark mirror universe, Gaiden is trapped by a monstrous necromancer... who shockingly is an analog of none other than our own Artix von Krieger -- named Xitra Regeirk!

Worse, not satisfied with the domination of his own Lore, Xitra Regeirk seeks to harness the power of the Bizarre Flecks, strange matter born of uncreation energy, to warp and twist Lore in all realities to his bidding! We have managed to unravel Xitra Regeirk's nefarious plot, defeating his undead forces from the alternate reality, including undead versions of legendary heroes. But the strange power of the Flecks continues to affect things in our reality...

«Scene: Empty Warlic's Shop»

«A strange light twirls atop a potion bottle placed on the shelves of the shop.»

«You»: Hm... I wonder what that strange light is--?
  • Touch it!

    «Beams of light appear and surround you. The scene switches to a Transporter room somewhere. Beams of light are appearing on one of the platforms.»

    Mr. Slock: Transporter room to Captain Turk, we have a situation!

    «As the beams of light fade away, you appear on the platform. Mr. Slock (Twilly, analog) enters the scene.»

    Captain Turk: (over intercom) What IS it, Mr. Slock??
    Mr. Slock: I think you need to see this, Captain...
    Captain Turk: (over intercom) I'm on my way.
    «You»: ....Twilly?!?!

    «Mr. Turk (Artix, analog), Dr. McBoy (Kabroz, analog), Crewman Fhiev (Delowk, analog), Lt. Ohurrah (Robina, analog) and Mr. Snott (Captain Rhubarb, analog) enter the scene.»

    Captain Turk: How did this happen, Mr. Slock?
    Mr. Slock: I can't say Captain, the transporter just came on. It will require some research.
    Captain Turk: Handle it, Mr. Slock. What about it, Muscles, what is it?
    «You»: Hello, everyone! I'm right here! Artix, Robina, Dewlok, Captain Rhubarb... What's going on??
    Dr. McBoy: It looks human, but I can't be sure until I dissect it.
    Captain Turk: Hold on, no one is dissecting anything! At least not until we get to the bottom of this.
    «You»: Great! I just want to go home.
    Captain Turk: And just where IS... home?
    «You»: I come from Lore. This must be some kind of... er... mirror universe.
    Captain Turk: Is Lore some kind of planet?
    Crewman Fhiev: It's not on any of our star charts, Keptin.
    Captain Turk: Gentlemen, I need answers and I need them fast. I don't have to remind you of our situation.
    Lt. Ohurrah: *Ahem*....gentlemen, and lady.

    «Everyone except Captain Turk and Mr. Slock leaves the scene.»

    Captain Turk: It looks like you'll be with us at least for now. We'll try to make you comfortable, but stay out of everyone's way.
    «You»: Is there something I should know about this "situation"? Perhaps I can help, I'm fairly handy in a pinch.
    Captain Turk: Mr. Slock?
    Mr. Slock: Interesting, very interesting!

    «The scene fades black. The scene switches to a lobby, where there is a REPLIMATIC drinks dispenser.»

    «You»: Earl Grey, hot.
    Replimatic: Warning! Are you certain you desire that?
    «You»: Yes. I want a cup of tea. What the heck is wrong with these people?«You»: What was THAT??
    Replimatic: Earl Grey. He was quite angry to be teleported here.

      That battle was not my cup of tea!
    • Ask for a different cup of tea! (Challenge Battle)

      1 BATTLE
      Same as the above battle, but you battle the next-tier's version.

      Baron Darjeeling (Renamed Earl of Grey)
      Full Heal

      You proceed with the dialogue below.
    • Continue

      The dialogue continues below.
    «You»: No no no. I want tea. I even specified tea... Don't you listen?
    Replimatic: I DID try to warn you.
    «You»: Just give up my cup of tea!!

    «A cup of tea appears at the dispenser.»

    «You»: Aahhh.. Now THAT will hit the spot!

    «Scene: Hollowdeck 4»

    Computer: Parameters have not been established. Please state parameters.
    «You»: What parameters?
    Computer: Please specify destination.
    «You»: Destination? You mean this is some sort of portal?
    Computer: Please specify.
    «You»: What? Oh, is this some sort of teleport device?
    Computer: Negative, teleport is on deck six.
    «You»: Then what exactly is this place?
    Computer: Hollowdeck 4 is a virtual reality environment.
    «You»: Virtual reality? Like this place isn't surreal enough. You mean it's a simulator?
    Computer: Affirmative.
    «You»: So I tell you where I want to go and you create a copy, so to speak?
    Computer: Affirmative.
    «You»: Hmmm, this could be fun. I want to go to Lore.
    Computer: Please specify parameters.
    «You»: Again with the parameters. I don't understand.
    Computer: Lore does not exist in my database. Please specify parameters.
    «You»: Hmm... Okay, let me explain:

    Four hours later...

    Computer: Program is complete. You may enter when ready. Please state when you wish to leave.
  • Go in!

    «Scene: Battleon, simulated»

    «You»: Incredible! This looks just like the REAL Battleon!
    Computer: Caution is suggested. This Battleon has been created based on only your descriptions and memories, and thereby will be inconsistent with reality.
    «You»: How do you mean, exactly?
    Computer: Every human's perception of the facts contains misconceptions and half-truths.

    «Xarymandias, Captain Rhubarb, Aquella, Galanoth, Twig and Robina enter the scene.»

    «You»: Wow!! You all look so-- perfect! Captain Rhubarb, Robina, Aquella, Galanoth, Twig, Xarymandias!
    Xarymandias: «You»...
    «You»: Hello, everyone! It's nice to see you all.
    Xarymandias: How COULD you show yourself here again, after all you have caused???
    «You»: ........huh?
    Xarymandias: Because of YOU and your meddling in the events that have shaped Lore's history, the Elemental Lords have begun waging war among themselves in all corners of the land!
    Xarymandias: You cannot be allowed to continue wreaking such havoc! You must be stopped!!!!
  • Fight!«You»: ... That's a giant cloud of darkness coming this way, isn't it.
    «You»: ... And how is that giant tidal wave coming up on us so far from the sea?
    «You»: Simulation or not, I'm... thinking I should be getting out of here. Computer? COMPUTER! I need an exit!

    «The scene turns blurry and you exit the simulation, returning back to Hollowdeck 4.»

    «You»: This place is even crazier than I thought. Hey! Isn't that--

    «Warlic wearing a red cloak enters.»

    «You»: --Warl--- oh, nevermind.
    Warlic: «You»! You've been messing around in my shop, haven't you?
    «You»: ... Warlic??
    Warlic: Well, who ELSE would I be?
    «You»: I... that is... many of these people look like... I don't even want to think about it. What happened? Where are we?
    Warlic: We appear to be in a TDR.
    «You»: A... TDR??
    Warlic: T-D-R. Trans-Dimensional Reality. An analogous plane of existence.
    «You»: Great! I just nearly was killed by the Elemental Lords in that simulation room. So... how did we get here?
    Warlic: Elemental Lords.... Hmm, that brings back some disturbing parallel memories. Something about the color purple. Hmm... I am glad that those events never happened in our continuity.
    «You»: Warlic! The color purple? Snap out of it man...
    Warlic: Eh...
    «You»: Have you been hanging out with the Loremaster? You're picking up his mannerisms.
    Warlic: Sorry, I had been working on a TDR teleport device in order to try to get Cartwright back to the other Lore to rescue his son.
    «You»: You are a powerful Mage! Can't you do that sort of thing with a spell or something?
    Warlic: Normally, but the meteors are throwing off extradimensional magic quite badly.
    «You»: So what happened?
    Warlic: I accidentally triggered the device and ended up here. Apparently, your fiddling accomplished the same thing.
    «You»: Oh wonderful! How do we get back to Lore?
    Warlic: I believe I have that worked out. There is one problem, though.
    «You»: Of course there is. And, what would that be?
    Warlic: We have since traveled a great distance from the contact point between the two realities.
    Warlic: Furthermore, time flows differently here. From my perspective I have been on this ship for two and half years.
    «You»: Two and a half years! We can't wait that long! Ryuusei's son may be dead by then!
    Warlic: Calm down, calm down. How long did it seem like I was gone to you?
    «You»: Er... We really hadn't even noticed.
    Warlic: Well that's good, then. We can spend considerable time here and still get back to Lore in what seems like mere moments to them.
    «You»: Still, I don't want to age years. How do we get back?
    Warlic: We must return to that point where crossover occurred to re-establish a connection.
    «You»: That shouldn't be a problem. Once we explain the situation to the Captain, I'm sure he'll cooperate.
    Warlic: Not likely. At least, not until he completes this mission he is on.
    «You»: What exactly is this "mission"?
    Warlic: I don't know. I'm just a third class crewman and I dare not reveal myself. It's up to you, «You».
    «You»: So what else is new. What do I have to do?
    Warlic: Find out what this mission is and do whatever you can to facilitate it. Then, and only then, do we stand a chance to get the Captain to agree to return to the contact point.
    «You»: I'll do my best.
    Warlic: I can generate enough mana for your Lorian magic to keep working here, but be careful!
    «You»: Careful? So far the place seems pretty harmless. Well other than that episode with Earl Grey. Oh and the hollowdeck. But... that was only virtual. I would have been fine, right?
    Warlic: Er... Looks can be deceiving, «You». I do not know how our physical forms will react in this reality. The most innocuous thing may prove lethal!
    «You»: Great! Any more cheery news?

    «A quake shakes the hollowdeck.»

    Captain Turk: (on intercom) All hands to battlestations!!
    Warlic: Later. Perhaps you'd better help tend to whatever is happening now.

    «Warlic leaves the scene. From outer space, as the spaceship you are on sails forth, a strange machine can be seen shooting at the spaceship.»«You return to meet with the whole crew of the spaceship, which includes everyone you met earlier, and Mr. Lullu (Sailor Boon, analog), who also rests on a hammock...»

    «You»: Whew! I never thought I'd ever fight something quite like THAT!
    Captain Turk: Gentlemen, we have received orders from Stellar Flotilla. We are to proceed to Phatter Elan to investigate a strange phenomena. Mr. Slock?
    Lt. Ohurrah: *AHEM*. Gentlemen AND ladies...
    Mr. Slock: Thank you Captain. Phatter Elan is a class M planet in the Yaw Ilkmy system. Reports are of a strange power source that is causing global changes.
    Mr. Slock: These changes are both geological and meteorological. In addition, the people of Phatter Elan have begun to mutate.
    Mr. Snott: That sounds problematic. What exactly is this energy source?
    Mr. Slock: We do not know. Our mission is to find out and if necessary, destroy it.
    Captain Turk: As you are aware gentlemen, Phatter Elan is new to the Conglomeration. The security of their planet is priority one. Are there any questions?
    Dr. McBoy: Are there any bodies that need to be dissected?
    Captain Turk: Not yet doctor, but your expertise may come into play depending on the scale of the mutation.
    «You»: Excuse me... captain?
    Captain Turk: Yes, «You»?
    «You»: I've seen similar events on my world. Perhaps I can be of some use.
    Captain Turk: Very well. You did help with the Earl Grey problem, even if you did cause it.
    «You»: Er... yes.
    Captain Turk: And you were valuable in fending off the D'scvr entity as well.
    «You»: Right.
    Captain Turk: Mr. Slock will prepare you to be part of the away team. Any other questions?
    «You»: Uh... no, I don't think so.
    Captain Turk: Mr. Lullu, how soon until we make orbit?
    Mr. Lullu: Approximately 6 hours 37 minutes, Captain.
    Captain Turk: Very well. Gentlemen, you have that long to assemble your teams. Dismissed.

    You beam down to the surface of Phatter Elan with an away team...

    «A Klangon enters the scene.»

    Klangon: Halt! You trespassers are now all prisoners of the Klangon Umpire!
    Captain Turk: Great! That's all we need now.
    «You»: Can we negotiate? Maybe if we explained...
    Captain Turk: Klangons don't negotiate. We're going to have to fight!
    Mr. Slock: ...but it's wearing people clothes!
  • Fight!Captain Turk: Turk to Centerprise! We have a medical emergency. Mr. Slock has been injured!

    «Dr. McBoy beams down to the surface of Phatter Elan.»

    Dr. McBoy: Darn it, Tim, I'm a DOCTOR, not a-- Oh, right.

    «Dr. McBoy examines Mr. Slock. In less than 2 seconds, he gets to a conclusion.»

    Dr. McBoy: He's DEAD, Tim.

    «Mr. Slock recovers all of a sudden.»

    Mr. Slock: I am not!
    Dr. McBoy: Are you sure? Are YOU a doctor??
    Mr. Slock: Well no, but--
    Dr. McBoy: I don't tell you how to do your sciencey stuff, don't tell me how to be a doctor!
    Mr. Slock: Geeee, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
    Captain Turk: Gentlemen! Now is not the time. Dr. McBoy, I'm sure someone will be dead soon enough!
    Dr. McBoy: Oh goodie, I'll go get my dissecting kit! Centerprise, one to beam up.

    «Dr. McBoy beams up to the Centerprise.»

    Captain Turk: That is one strange little man. Are you okay, Mr. Slock?
    Mr. Slock: Fine Captain, I heal quite quickly.
    «You»: How close are we??
    Mr. Slock: Readings indicate just ahead. The source appears to be in that cave.
  • Go!

    «Inside the cave, a skull is placed on a stand...»

    Mr. Slock: There it is, Captain.
    Captain Turk: My Elemental LORDS, man-- Is that a--?
    Mr. Slock: It appears to be a skull, Captain.
    «You»: SKULL!?!
    Mr. Slock: Power levels are fluctuating, Captain! They are off the scale!

    «Mr. Slock suddenly begins transforming, transiting from Old Twilly, to a Moglinster!»

    Captain Turk: Mr. Slock! Turk to Centerprise; Mr Snott destroy this thing! «You», I suggest you subdue Mr. Slock... he seems a bit hungry.«After the battle, Mr. Slock transforms back into his original self.»

    «You»: Captain, that skull looks very familiar to me. I think that....

    «The skull gets beamed up to the Centerprise.»

    Captain Turk: Status, Mr. Snott?
    Mr. Snott: (over radio) The item has been atomized and dispersed over deep space.
    Captain Turk: Well done, Mr. Snott. You were saying something, «You»?
    «You»: ...Oh, he is going to be ticked.
    Captain Turk: ??

    «As the Centerprise sails through space...»

    Mr. Lullu: Captain, the Klangons and the mutants on the planet surface do not seem to appreciate our help. They apparently worshiped the skull.
    Captain Turk: We cannot be bothered by their primitive superstitions, Mr. Lullu. Remember the Sub-Prime Directive.
    Mr. Lullu: Always buy real estate when the market is cheap?
    Captain Turk: That's the one.
    Mr. Lullu: Right, Captain. One problem, however...
    Captain Turk: What's that?
    Mr. Lullu: We seem to be caught in some form of tractor beam from the planet's surface, Captain. We can't break free!
    Captain Turk: We need MORE POWER!! Bridge to Engineering!
    Mr. Snott: (over intercom) Snott here, Captain!
    Captain Turk: What's not there?
    Mr. Snott: I said... SNOTT here, Captain!
    Captain Turk: I can't deal with that now Snotty, I need more power man!
    Mr. Snott: Ach, I'm doing the best I can, Captain. If we push the Duterium Crystals any harder they're gonna blow!
    Captain Turk: I want answers, Mister, not excuses!
    Mr. Snott: Perhaps it's time to pull it out, Captain.
    Captain Turk: Pull what out, Snotty?
    Mr. Snott: You know Captain, the ridiculously implausible solution that we suddenly find that fixes everything and saves the day.
    Captain Turk: Good idea, Snotty. Mr. Lullu, engage the anti-tractor-beam beam.
    Mr. Lullu: ????
    Captain Turk: The red button thingie that just appeared on your panel.
    Mr. Lullu: Aye Captain. Anti-tractor-beam beam engaged. It appears to be working.
    Captain Turk: It usually does. Get us out of here, Mr. Lullu.

    «Scene: Hollowdeck 4»

    Warlic: So it looked like the Skull of Eldron the Good? Are you sure?
    «You»: Certain. It was identical in every detail.
    Warlic: Not every detail. I do not recall the skull on the Isle ever mutating anyone.
    «You»: Well, there is that. Still, Eldron is likely to be... annoyed.
    Warlic: That is a problem for this Universe and this Universe's Eldron.
    «You»: Then what now?
    Warlic: I recommend we get back to our own universe posthaste. On the positive side, we now know that Trans-Reality Teleport is possible.
    «You»: Yeah, about that... don't you think you should secure that machine of yours a little better?
    Warlic: Hmmm, good point.
    Mr. Slock: Warlic, «You», we have arrived at the rendezvous point. Report to transporter room fifteen point six.
    Warlic: On our way, Commander Slock.

    «Scene: Transporter Room 15.6»

    «You»: Thanks for your help, Mr. Slock!
    Mr. Slock: And thanks to you, as well. Good luck in your strange parallel world. It sounds most illogical.
    «You»: Er... right.

    «Both you and Warlic beam away from the Transporter Room. Just then, E (Eldron, analog) enters the scene and vaporizes Crewman Fhiev...»

    Mr. Slock: Um. Slock to bridge.
    Captain Turk: (on intercom) Go ahead, Mr. Slock.

    «Dr. McBoy enters the scene.»

    Dr. McBoy: Oh, you have got to be kidding me. He completely vaporized the body! There's nothing to dissect!
    Mr. Slock: Captain, we have another problem. It is E, Captain. He's HERE.
    Captain Turk: (on intercom) Not again. What is he doing outside the E Continuum?!
    E: I need to speak to you about a certain... SKULL...

    «The scene fades to black.»
    Bizarre Fleck 3

  • Lhazor (L. 23)
  • Lhazor (L. 43)
  • Lhazor Z (L. 45)
  • Lhazor (L. 63)
  • Lhazor (L. 83)
  • Lhazor (L. 103)
  • Guardian Lhazor (L. 123)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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