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The Mechquest Story guide

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5/2/2010 1:40:09   

Note: The following contains spoilers and explains the relative sequence of events. If you do NOT want to spoil the story, do NOT read ahead. Also, I am NOT a Star Captain, but if anyone would like to fill me in on important details from Star Captain missions, please do so. This guide also doesn't cover Planet Necryptos because it hasn't shown any relavance to the plotline so far, but I will provide a link to the Necryptos Walkthrough at the end of the guide.

The Mechquest Story- A Relative Sequence of Events
Table of Contents:
I.Intro [WELC]
II.The Story
1. Prologue: GEARS University Dropship [PROL]
2. Ch.1: GEARS Unversity, Soluna City, and the Moon [SOLU]
3. Ch.2: Planet Westion Part 1 [WES1]
4. Ch.3: Planet Zargon [ZARG]
5. Ch.4: Planets Gark, Lagos, and 51 [TRIO]
6. Ch.5: Planet Westion Part 2 [WES2]
8. Ch.6: The Dragonoid Saga [DRAG]


Welcome to the guide to Mechquest storylines. If you're nostalgic or like spoilers, this is for you. This is also for those that can't keep with the Storyline and for those who don't know where to go next. You can do all these planets in any order, but this order makes everything straight. This also details some of the side quests, but not necessarily in full detail (a few mentions, some storyline significance, etc.). Also, THIS IS NOT A WALKTHROUGH, IT WILL NOT TELL YOU HOW TO ACTUALLY COMPLETE THE QUESTS. Links to actual walkthroughs will be provided at the end. And so, without further adieu, here is the guide.

II.The Story:

Prologue: GEARS University Dropship:

Alright, welcome to Mechquest, sort of. When you first start, you're on a ship with a bunch of other recruits to GEARS University. Also on the ship is Sys-Zero, ace fighter pilot, and Tek, the girl mechanic where you'll be getting your first few weapons from. On the ship you find out about the ShadowScythe, and Kingadent Slugwrath. Basically, Slugwrath is the president/king of Lore (familiar, huh). There's a large UFO approaching and it's the ShadowScythe, a vicious and ugly race of aliens who we know nothing about. Slugwrath sent them "Slugwrath Rules" towels in a diplomatic gift (like that's going to do anything). As expected, the ShadowScythe replied with, "All your bases belong to us." So, we're declaring war on a race we know nothing about.

Little do THEY know the ShadowScythe are making their moves already. As you're sent on missions by Sys-Zero, everywhere you go, there are attacking ShadowScythe. There have also been no known survivors from their attacks. There was even one on the ship attempting to hijack it. You and Sys-Zero keep quiet about all this so the other recruits won't be freaked out. Sys-Zero also plans to see the Kingadent himself and research the ShadowScythe in preparation for the war.

Eventually, the ship finds a strange blip on a nearby planet. Sys-Zero sends you to investigate what it is. As it turns out, it was a new ShadowScythe unit that can change forms. It's defeated, but not before a hard battle. After dispatching it, the ship approaches Soluna City, home of GEARS University. As the dropship approaches ground, Dean Warlic (familiar again huh) looks over the records of the recruits and is particularly impressed by you. The dropship begins to descend as Warlic recalls last years dropship crash and points out the faulty landing angle, then the ship crashes. Oh well, you survived, and your story has just begun.

Ch.1: GEARS Unversity, Soluna City, and the Moon:

-The Impossible Test

Welcome to Soluna City, and the beginning of your Mechquest adventure. The first person you should meet is Admina. You're here to get into GEARS University, right, but you have to pass the entrance exam first. There are two problems though: 1. There is a really, really, really, really low chance of passing and 2. YOU'RE LATE! So get to that exam and report to your funer... I mean test.

Meet Starbuck, the highest scorer on the exam and your test proctor. He wishes you luck on the exam and now you get to fight a drone. So, you dispatch it quickly, too quickly. Turns out, you beat Starbuck's score. Dean Warlic sends Starbuck the command to send in MORE drones. Unfortunately, you don't get any repairs. So, eventually, your mecha gets blown up.

When you wake up, you're in the medical ward. You've recovered successfully thanks to "Gastrovian Smelling Salts." Everyone is impressed by your score. Even Warlic has taken note of this. And even more impressive is your recovery and the fact that you even survived. Congratulations, welcome to GEARS University.


After learning the ropes and helping out around Soluna City, Warlic calls you to his office for an important mission. This mission is so important, not even the Kingadent knows about it. SYS-ZERO HAS GONE MISSING (fav character along with Warlic). He and the rest of the Soluna Defense Forces disappeared at Tibattleonia seeking military aid. You're mission is to head to Tibattleonia and find out what happened. Of course, it's not going to be easy with the Shadowscythe.

So, you're walking through Tibattleonia bashing through ShadowScythe troops. Apparently, the ShadowScythe attacked and ravaged the town, no known survivors. In the end, you fight a ShadowScythe technology advanced alien, the Kaiju Scythe. After the battle, you find a black box from a military unit. Watching it, you find the Shadowscythe destroyed everything and seized the defense force. Sys-Zero most likely went to a nearby mountain range where the ShadowScythe apparently came from. Now we got to go rescue him. Seems that the Kingadent declared victory too early, eh?

Now we see a cutscene of Sys-Zero heading for the mountain range we're headed for. While spying on a ShadowScythe structure, Sys-Zero is captured. This is where you're sent in. When you find him, he's been brainwashed, and you got to stop him, cause he's going to lead a ShadowScythe armada into Soluna City. You defeat him, but he's still brainwashed. Luckily, we're going to find a cure, but we got to wait in the meantime.

-Starship Ignition

The Kingadent has requested you for a top secret mission. The problem is that the mission requires a starship. There was ONE starship, but it crashed and became wrecked, so guess what we're going to do. So you need to find various objects such as turrets and navigator droids. Of course, the ShadowScythe aren't intending to let you take off. Moving on, you now finish your starship, time for that mission. Wait, there are more complications. Now you need to report directly to the Kingadent.

The Kingadent resides in the White Castle on the outskirts of Soluna City. It's a pretty long walk and there's too much traffic to use a mecha (because it's impolite to stomp on cars (like you don't already do so)). You don't have a car, so you need to go to Pontimech to buy one. The only car they'll sell you is a used van, but it costs...10,000 CREDITS! Well, you need to get to the Kingadent. So, buy that car and drive to the White Castle.

After you get to the Castle, you meet the Kingadent in person. He thinks that we've already won the war and even disregards Sys-Zero and Tibattleonia as rumors (but you saw the whole chain of events). Instead, he's sending you to the Moon to defeat some rebels (even after you suggest making peace with them). Well, orders are orders, but I'm a little suspicious, are you? Oh well, lets start up that starship and beat up some rebels.

-Mission Moon

Welcome to the Moon, the first area that's off of Lore's surface. Your mission is to defeat some rebels. They're lurking around starship ruins and you need to destroy their mechas. You also need to salvage their power cells for the Kingadent. I don't know why he needs them, but, he's the Kingadent. Still suspicious, well, these guys ARE rebels.

Eventually, you find a black box, but Slugwrath tells you to throw it away. Of course, we don't really trust him, so we watch it. It's a video of the elite Soluna Defense Forces on their last run, in the same crashed starship in the background. They're about to make a last run-through, but ShadowScythe ships attack. They're doing well at first, but then the shields are sabotaged, and the soldiers have to retreat. Funny, those Elite Guard mechas look familiar.

Eventually, you're given orders to destroy the rebel leader, to crush the morale of the weakening rebels. After fighting through many rebels, you encounter the leader, who proclaims that even if they are defeated, they'll still fight for what they stand for, so you guys have a mecha fight. Then, midway through the fight, Shadowscythe cruisers destroy the mecha, weird, they helped you. The rebel leader ejects from her mecha and makes a last speech.

Apparently, the Rebel Leader believes you planed on that ShadowScythe attack. They believe Slugwrath has allied himself with the ShadowScythe and that you're his pawn. She asks you to crush her with your mecha to show as a sign of how the ShadowScythe would crush us. Of course, we're not the heartless cowards she thinks we are, right. So, we rescue her.

As you rescue her, it turns out they were right. Slugwrath has been using us and he's sold out the planet to the ShadowScythe. Now he's sending the ShadowScythe Centaur to destroy us. Obviously, we're going to destroy them. We beam up the rebel leader, and she turns out to be admiral Odessa Pureheart, leader of the moon rebels AKA the elite Soluna Defense Forces that were defeated in that black box recording. Slugwrath sent an agent to sabotage their shields and they became stranded on the moon. Thankfully, you're here and the ShadowScythe aren't getting their hands on Lore without a fight. Look out Slugwrath, you're going down.

-A New Beginning

Now that we know the Kingadent is a big fat traitor, GEARS University has turned into the Resistance HQ in Soluna City, and the rebels have been smuggled inside. If those ShadowScythe want a war, they're going to get one. On a side note, Nurse Helia has found some solutions to cure Sys-Zero (you haven't forgotten about him, right?). You're to head there and help Helia cure Sys-Zero. Unfortunately, the ShadowScythe have sent Bloodhound mechas to retrieve Sys-Zero. You have to out run that thing in your van. Thankfully, Odessa's mecha buys you some time to get Sys-Zero inside the medical camp and for you to get into your own mecha.

Helia tries many solutions, including MYSTERIOUS hypnotism, light spells, and electric shocks. Unfortunately, they all don't work. So, we use Sys-Zero's memory of serving under Odessa to bring him back to his senses. Turns out, the shock of seeing his lost leader worked. Now we can focus our full attention to defending Soluna. That's good, because the ShadowScythe are attacking the Moon AND Soluna City.

While we're fighting off the ShadowScythe, the most powerful ShadowScythe mechas, the E-Series, are released on Soluna in a surprise attack. After beating the generals, though, Kingadent Slugwrath fights you himself, but is defeated. Slugwrath attempts to eject from his mecha, but his escape pod runs out of fuel and crash lands on a beach occupied by ShadowScythe. As punishment for failure, Slugwrath is beaten and beheaded. He was granted immortality, so the head of Ebilcorp, the ShadowScythe's benefactor of technology, keeps his head as a trophy.

In a speech, Warlic announces Slugwrath's betrayal and defeat. Since he betrayed us, we now need a new leader. So, now we're naming Odessa Pureheart as the new, "Queenadent". Now that she's in charge, we're going to be allying ourselves with other planets in order to fight of the ShadowScythe. Congrats, you saved the planet and have become a hero.

-Dragonoid and the Crystal Asteroid

Note: This war takes place after Westion part 1, but it makes no significant reference to it, nor is it involved in the plotline until later. The Westion plotline DOES however hints at the war and involves Valoth. Thank you Acient J UPDATE: The creators of Mechquest have placed the Crystal Asteroid War immediately after the battle with the Kingadent using the storyline checklist. Therefore, the previous note is subject to being removed from my guide.

You have a new order direct from the Queenadent herself. A strange asteroid has been found and the ShadowScythe armada is stationed there. You're to report to the SDF Reliant, and find out what's going on. Among you fighting the ShadowScythe are Sys-Zero and Starbuck. FYI, they're going to be in most major wars against the ShadowScythe from now on.

The fighting takes place the surface of the asteroid. Many mechas are waiting there to destroy you, including new models with hover technology and the E-Series. Later, you find caverns deeper inside the asteroid where more battles take place. Also as the battle goes on, fellow mecha pilot River starts showing signs of insanity, hearing voices, strange dreams, sudden emotional outbursts, etc., and has to be discharged from fighting. You also hear about a special ShadowScythe mecha called the Decimator that defeated River's mecha.

Eventually, you come face to face with the Decimator yourself, and it turns out to be the ShadowScythe's final model of the HoverScythe. After a hard battle, you fall inside the caverns of the asteroid. When you recover, the asteroid is falling apart. You barely escape the caves with your life. Then, the asteroid breaks apart.

When the asteroid breaks apart, it reveals a giant dragon mecha, the Dragonoid. The Dragonoid easily obliterates the last of the armada. The Dragonoid then approaches the Reliant and tells you of his tale. He is one of ten Dragonoids built by the Dragons to combat the ShadowScythe. Five of them, including him, were turned into crystal by Lord Valoth, the ShadowScythe leader, and accumulated the dust needed to look like an asteroid. He then leaves you to search for the other Dragonoids. Afterwards, River turned out to have had a mental link with the Dragonoid, causing her insanity, and now she's fine since the link is broken. Everyone also congratulates you on defeating the Decimator.

-Soluna Sidequests

As Soluna City was the first official location after the dropship, Soluna has many sidequests. Some involve part-time jobs, others involve GEARS University. Below are all the sidequests of Soluna and the Moon.

  • GEARS University: At GEARS, there are four classes, three of which over mecha battling. In Mecha Piloting 101, you can train stats. Basic Mecha Piloting is about fighting tough or many opponents. Advanced Battle Strategies is about fighting specialized mechas and defeating the ShadowScythe assassin, Hugh-Mun. Energy Blade 101 is an Energy blade class that allows you to access better blades. You can also join one of the three houses, Wolfblade, Runehawk, or Mystraven by adventuring in Pandora's Labyrinth.

  • Mecharoni Pizza: Here, you can deliver pizzas in you mecha and battle ShadowScythe and the Rusty Rat for Pizza supremacy. Not much else here.

  • Specific Hospital: Here, you become a doctor and operate on and fight against the ShadowScythe to learn more about them. Eventually, you discover a virus engineered by the Shadowscythe. Afterwards, you have to rescue a brain surgeon and destroy a ShadowScythe base. On identification of the virus, it actually has the effect of turning its victims into ShadowScythe. Trust nobody mecha pilot.

  • Soluna Police Station: Here, you investigate a recent crime wave as the new member of the police. The main suspects are a werewolf biker gang (but the officer doesn't believe you until the very end). It turns out; the gang has been plotting to turn everyone into werewolves with specially cooked pies. Luckily, the pies are intercepted, and the gang is arrested.

  • Soluna City Mueseum: Basically you just find artifacts before the ShadowScythe do. Nothing else.

  • MYSTERIOUS Johnson and the Ghosts: On a visit to a new magic and novelty items shop, you encounter Mysterious Johnson. You decide to buy some novelty glasses from him, but you inadvertently release hundreds of ghosts from his ghost containment unit. So, while Mysterious Johnson fixes the machine, you're recapturing the ghosts. Eventually you board a starship charged with supernatural energy to rid it if ghosts and redirect it, all cumulating in a battle with the Ghost Angel, a ghost mech. Finally, you have to defeat one final ghost in the form of...A GUMMY BEAR, before going through the process of joining Mysterious Johnson's club.

  • The Knife and Spork: The local restaurant, The Knife and Spork, is holding a challenge for all GEARS students. Defeat all the mechas, and you get prizes.

  • Mission Moon: Epilogue: After, teaming up with the moon rebels, you get to go on missions with them. You can either defend the base from ShadowScythe, or you can rescue a rebel from behind enemy lines for reputation among the rebels.

  • Espionage: All you have to do is hack into a ShadowScythe network and then defeat the ShadowScythe in a mecha battle.

End of Chapter 1

Ch.2: Planet Westion Part 1

-Big Bad Bandits

Welcome to Westion, your first stop in your quest to form an alliance against the ShadowScythe. Here, the theme is Wild West meets giant robots. There are cowboys and there are horses. Or even better: the cowboys are horses! Right now, you’re in Alamonia, a town inhabited by the Equins, a humanoid horse race. Right now, they’re on the verge of civil war with Khaeldron, the town in habited by the reptilian humanoids, the drakels (yet another familiar name). To make matters worse, the ambassadors of both towns have gone missing, and the desert bandits are getting stronger.

The first person you meet here is Clyde, the constable, who warns you to leave if you don’t want trouble (like we are). Since you’re staying, though, he employs you to take down some bandits in the desert. As you take down bandits, you earn reputation among the citizens of Alamonia. You also get a cool rustic wrangler outfit and a wrangler mecha. Where are these bandits coming from anyway?

The next person you meet is Sheriff Bronco, the sheriff of Alamonia. Apparently, the bandits in Alamonia are being employed by an unknown party. The only lead we have is that nobody is rich enough to employ them. Bronco also employs you in the bounty hunting business. Doing so, you quickly gain reputation as a bounty hunter.

Eventually, you find that Bronco is the leader of the bandits. As you’ve captured nearly everyone he sent after you, he challenges you personally. After you defeat him, you find that he doesn’t know ANYTHING about who employed him. The only clue he got was that the payments were from a source named E.C. Those initials fit somewhere, but now is not the time to worry about the bandit’s employer, because we need to get to Khaeldron to get to the bottom of the ambassadors disappearance.

-The Great Train Heist

Meet Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha, two drakels from Khaeldron. They were sent to visit Ambassador Stallione, but he disappeared three days ago, the day the train stopped running. Now they’re trapped in Alamonia with the increasingly hostile locals. Then here comes the good news, and the bad news. The good news is that you’ve found the train. The bad news is that the train has been broken up by bandits and hid in the desert with the giant desert monsters. Better start fixing that train and getting those drakels back to Khaeldron before things get ugly.

Afterwards, you fix the train and learn about a THIRD race on Westion, the Vul’Kharim. To complete the list of desert creatures, the Vul’Kharim are a scavenger, humanoid vulture race. They attack trains, act as bandits, and scavenge everything they find. So, in addition to bandits, the train has to deal with constant Vul’Kharim raids. To prevent the bandit raids, however, Arin-Ha and Jhaek-Ha enlist you to defend the train for reputation in Khaeldron.

Later, Mayor Roy Silver, mayor of Alamonia, enlists you to catch a thief on the train. As you make your way through the train, fighting Vul’khar warriors, at the end you find the notorious thief, J6, trying to steal Crystallized Dragon Breath, a valuable fuel source. Since you aren't as fast as J6, he escapes. Then, the engineer, Joe Jingle, enters the room and accuses you of stealing the Crystallized Dragon Breath. You convince him it was J6, and, in order to chase the outlaw, he lends you a gravity suit so you won’t fall of the train. Now, the chase begins.

You chase J6 above the whole train with the gravity suit’s welding gun. Eventually, you corner him at the edge of the train. You challenge him to a shootout for the Crystallized Dragon Breath. Unfortunately, J6 wins and escapes in his starship with the stolen Crystallized Dragon Breath. Something tells me you’ll meet again.

-The Prophecy

On a diplomatic visit to Khaeldron Research Labs, you meet Qjik’Han, the head researcher at the lab. He’s working on a mana drive and needs your help to complete it. All you need to do is find some Crystallized Dragon Breath for his experiments. This WOULD be simple, if it weren’t for the fact that 1. Strange mechas are in the mines, and 2. The Dragon Breath is disappearing in beams of light. Okay, I don’t know about you, but I consider this all freaky. Well, you’d better start collecting that Dragon Breath.

Eventually, the mines become infested with so many mechas, the whole affair escalates into a war to clear out the mines. The
Vul’Kharim are also delivering you a message about a prophecy that spells doom for Westion. The prophecy is as follows:

The hand of the visitor shall awaken the sleeper and bring doom down from the stars.

The Vul’Kharim believe that the visitor of the prophecy is one of the invaders in the mines. All the more reason to destroy every thing.

After clearing out many mechas, you have to fight the Draygon to finally rid the mines. Afterwards, you find an ancient ShadowScythe starship. Your starship ensign Lisa attempts to access the ship, but accidentally activates a distress call for Lord Valoth. Valoth sets his sights on Westion to retrieve the ship. The Prophecy is fulfilled, YOU’RE THE VISITOR AND THE SHADOWSCYTHE ARE THE DOOM FROM THE STARS. Looks like we need to get this alliance sealed fast, by stopping the war between the two cities.

-Firemane the Bandit

To stop the war, you need to find the two missing ambassadors. Luckily, Mayor Roy Silver has a lead. You need to head to Vul’Khar Ridge and find the bandit Firemane, who is the prime suspect of the disappearance. After you get there, you need to defeat the guards in order to get the chief to tell you how to find her. These fights are energy blade fights, so bring a good blade. Afterwards, you get directions to Firemane’s hideout.

After days of walking in your mecha, you finally find Firemane’s hideout. You have to beat the guard to get in first. After you get in, you find Firemane’s mecha. You’d better be prepared for a hard fight against her modified Equinox Stallion. She’s going to be pretty tough.

Afterwards, you find that Firemane, ISN’T responsible for the ambassador’s disappearance. The arrest warrant was a love poem, and Roy Silver was in love with Firemane. To make up for it, Firemane decides to help you find the ambassadors in exchange for your troubles. Just smug… deliver, some Crystallized Dragon Breath to Vul’Khar ridge. However, on your way there, you’re sucked into a beam of light, just like the ambassadors were said to have disappeared.

-The Source of “Ebil”

You’ve been beamed aboard Ebilcorp Space Station No. 13, and greeted by Maria 13 (she looks familiar). The Crystallized Dragon Breath was meant to be beamed aboard, but you were also beamed up by accident. The Crystallized Dragon Breath was removed and you COULD leave, which we should… wait. If you look at everything that happened so far, it appears that the culprit is Ebilcorp! We’re filing a complaint with the head, “Mr. Z”.

“Mr. Z’s” office is on the 100th floor of this space station. Since we don’t have an appointment, though, some security officers are going to be joining us for a LONG ride. I hope you have a good mecha and a good energy blade. If we’re going to save Westion, we got to endure ALL 100 enemies. This all ends here.

At the end of the ride, Maria stops you and decides to deal with you herself. You defeat her in a mecha fight and start making your way towards “Mr. Z”. Unfortunately, “Mr. Z” has a mecha too. To save Westion once and for all, you have to defeat one last mecha. So, you do, but “Mr. Z” escapes in his head. Looks’ like you’ll be seeing him again.

Afterward, you rescue Stallione and Garrokh, the two missing ambassadors. It turns out the space station was being used to secretly transport Crystallized Dragon Breath off the planet. The kidnapping was to distract the citizens from the plan. Luckily, you came along, and now the station is a defense station against the ShadowScythe. Congrats, you formed your first alliance of many.

End of Chapter 2

Ch.3: Planet Zargon

-Geekatrons and Heroes

Welcome to the third planet, Zargon. The theme here is superheroes, specifically the heroes in Marvel comics. Zargon introduces a lot of things, such as Build-a-Mechas, mechas that only come with the body, and mods, basically accessories for your mecha that enhance its stats. Anyway, teaming up with you here is Selina, a GEARS University student that has NEAR superhuman intelligence. Because of this she was sent to Zargon to assist the heroes. Unfortunately, the evil Dr. Boltavolt (another familiar name) has kidnapped all the heroes and brainwashed them to do his bidding. He also created superbots with extremely dangerous abilities based of the real heroes and is sending them to terrorize the citizens.

Luckily, Selina has a plan to stop Boltavolt. She has designs to create a new mecha created from salvaged superbot’ parts. All you have to do is handle the “salvaged part” part. This new mecha is called the “Geekatron”, named for the fact Selina was called a “geek”. It has a special combo system, where if you equip it with certain weapons, and use them in the right order, then you can activate special abilities. Of course, the mecha is a Build-a-Mecha, so you have to buy separate weapons from Selina (she builds them while you get the parts). Selina also gives you a supersuit which gives you the ability to fly and shoot energy bolts using your energy blade’s energy.

Getting all 20 parts, Boltavolt finally steps in to actually interfere. He steals the mecha and uses it to create constant earthquakes all around the city. You have to retrieve that mecha. Of course, the earthquakes are constantly damaging you, and the Ebilcorp drones don’t make it any easier. Eventually, you have to fight the stolen mecha yourself. You beat the mecha, and now you have a new model of mecha to use.

-Hero Rescue

Now that the Geekatron is complete, it’s time to rescue the heroes. You have to traverse Boltavolt’s drones and rescue a kidnapped hero. After that, you have to fight the hero after they’ve been brainwashed and intercept the escape pod. Although, every time, Dr. Boltavolt has already drained their powers, and you are entrusted by them to save Zargon. Eventually, you rescue Dr. Bryce Benner AKA the Incredulous Bulk (his power is turning into a monster every time he laughs *laugh*). Apparently, Boltavolt is planning to use the stolen powers to power a giant robot named Universo; this is getting bigger than we thought.

We then move on to rescue the heroes Quickflash, the Astounding Arachnid, and Bat Mecha, who were brainwashed by Dr. Boltavolt. We also learn that Universo is a very large superbot that runs on drained superpowers, and that Boltavolt plans on using it to conquer Zargon. So, in order to stop Boltavolt, we plan on finding his base by rescuing the last superhero, Thunder Hammer, the archenemy of Boltavolt. He has also been brainwashed, so we have to defeat him too. Also, time rifts are opening throughout Zargon, so we get to see flashbacks of Boltavolt’s past.

We battle Thunder Hammer FOUR times, each time repaired and stronger. After each battle, though, we get pulled through a time rift. In the first flashback, you see Boltavolt making a video log about his plans to steal a part to build Universo. In the second flashback, you find that Selina met Boltavolt AKA Billy and Boltavolt fell in love with Selina, and finds out they both have near superhuman intelligence (but Selina didn’t know Billy was Boltavolt). In the third flashback, Boltavolt has hijacked the delivery van with the part he needs, but Thunder Hammer stops the van and asks out Selina to a date (Boltavolt snuck away with the part during their conversation, and Selina had a bad time during the date). In the last Flashback, Boltavolt is brainwashing Thunder Hammer and has stolen his powers. After all this, you figure out the location of Universo.

-A Starstorm Is Born

Alright, here comes the final part of the Zargon story (pretty short chapter). You’re headed to Universo with Selina to destroy Universo. Selina is in her scout sub and you’re on your way to Universo in your mecha. Your best bet is to destroy Universo part by part, bottom to top, using the service elevator to get around. However, Universo starts up and blasts Selina’s sub, killing her.

Boltavolt is devastated and blames you for dragging her into the mess. He changes his plans to conquering Zargon to destroying Zargon because he considered Selina the only person worth living on Zargon. Unfortunately, he’s going to start with you in his plans to destroy Zargon. Don’t worry, you just have to stick with the plan to destroy all nine parts of Universo. Universo also induces random effects from enemies you fought before, so be careful.

After you defeat Universo, Boltavolt escapes in an escape pod (because the head is too damaged to eject from). As we speak though, Boltavolt is making a MUCH larger Universo. The Universo you just beat explodes, and releases all the drained powers. Then, the superpowers flow into Selina’s dead body. The powers revive her and she is reborn as Zargon’s sole protector, Starstorm. Boltavolt won’t be a problem and Zargon is joining the alliance against the upcoming threat of the ShadowScythe. Good job, mecha pilot.

End of Chapter 3

Ch. 4: Planets 51, Gark and Lagos:

-Korin, You’ve Gone Too Far

Background: One day, Korin (the real one, that’s currently in charge of Mechquest) locked Warlic (also the real one, and the past person in charge of Mechquest) in a closet for 5 days. After five days, Warlic got out and found Korin updating Mechquest. The following section is the actual update Korin made (hence his appearance).

One day, for some random reason, you go to Planet 51. There, scientists Beaumont, Beaufort, and Beatrice have completed a weapon that forms wormholes that destroy anything in a 20,000 mile radius. They’re communicating to you through a video feed and try to bring the weapon closer to the camera. Unfortunately, the weapon is dropped, and Planet 51 is destroyed (you get caught in the explosion, but somehow you and your starship survived). In the aftermath, an unknown life form is created and a coliseum randomly appears out of nowhere.

At the coliseum, you fight against many, many, many ShadowScythe to earn yourself honor. After becoming Grand Champion, you meet the person behind everything ever since the explosion, the life form that was formed, KORIN. He seems a bit loony, but we all know his TRUE nature. Anyway, he set the whole thing up for entertainment and he’s the reason why you’re not blown to bits. Okay, let’s get out of this non-plot related planet (or is it plot related).

-Bars and Bandits

A new Planetoid known as Gark has been found in our system. There, you can find bandits, a seedy little cantina and a whole lot of galactic criminals and fugitives. Nice place huh? So, you’ve come here to make some new alliances against the ShadowScythe. Unfortunately, you weren’t beamed up inside the town, and bandits are prowling the area you’re in. If you don’t want to be mugged, then you’d better move to that shady looking cantina quickly. Otherwise, you’d better be a good pilot, or you’ll end up finding a few missing credits in your wallet.

When you get to the cantina, of all the things that could happen, a barfight breaks out. I hope you bought your energy blade, because you got ten rounds of fighting to do. Latter, you’re face to face with a first-mate pirate, Skipper, and his duelist mecha. You have to beat him if you want to move on. Then, you fight the Pirate Captain Zack and his sniper mecha. Be careful, this is nothing like the duelist mecha.

After beating Captain Zack, a stranger wants to talk to you. He’s Prince Robert, prince of the Arthurian Empire on Planet Arthuria. He set this all up as a test to see if you were up to the task for his mission. His sister, the fair Princess Robina (familiar again?) has been kidnapped by pirates. Luckily, her protective father gave her a tracking device in the form of a locket. The signal has been traced to Planet Lagos, home of a group of pirates led by Dread Pirate Rhubarb (what’s with all these familiar names). You’re to go in with the Arthurian Navy and rescue Robina. Well, you can’t say no (especially since there’s an alliance just screaming out to us). Lets head to Lagos and beat up some pirates.

-On the Verge of War

Welcome to Lagos, actually, you’re not quite on Lagos yet. You were accidentally beamed into the ocean near where you were supposed to be beamed to. Now you have to take your mecha to Prince Robert’s hideout. Of course, the kraken is a problem, and so are the pirates who want to mug you. Oh well, you’re a good mecha pilot, right. You might as well beat up that guard guarding that suspicious cave along with everything else.

Well, it’s good news and bad news time. The good news is that you found Prince Robert’s hideout. The bad news is that the suspicious cave was his hideout and you just destroyed his bodyguard’s only mecha. Now you have to guard the base against pirate attacks while the bodyguard’s mecha is repaired. Be careful, those pirates are crafty. In addition to their own pirate mechas, they’ve stolen Arthurian mechas to destroy you too. Well, you’d better start fighting off those pirates, again.

After the bodyguard mecha is repaired, you’re assigned a REAL mission. The pirates have stolen an Arthurian Wolf mecha that contains important files. You’re to search the islands for it and return it to the base before the pirates find the files. Be wary of the pirates, they’ll do anything they can to stop you from returning with that mecha. After finding the stolen wolf and defeating it, you get the honor of piloting it back to the base.

Now that all the “complications” are out of the way, we can now focus on our original mission, rescue Princess Robina from the pirates. To do that, we have to locate the pirate town, Crow’s Nook. First, though, we have to capture a pirate ship, for means of transportation. Then, you have to search the whole ocean for the island that holds Crow’s Nook. Both aren’t going to be easy tasks, but not to worry, you are GEARS University’s best student.

Eventually, you find Crow’s Nook and start asking around town for Robina’s whereabouts. Eventually, you find Tetra, former Baroness of Planet Mariana (until the ShadowScythe invaded). Apparently, she and the pirates are actually fugitive slaves that ran away from the Arthurian Prime Minister Constantine. They were forced into labor until the Dread Pirate Rhubarb rescued them, but they’re still under constant attack by the Arthurians, who don’t know anything about the shadow rule of Constantine. To make matters worse, Dread Pirate Rhubarb disappeared and his substitute, Barbarosa, is holding Robina hostage, so now King Alteon is bound to declare war. Luckily, we know that Robina is imprisoned in Barbarosa’s keep in Barracuda Reef, and now we have even more reason to rescue Robina.

In order to infiltrate Barbarosa’s keep, we have to find four keys. One is held by a kraken at the bottom of the sea, one is held by a powerful pirate ship, and the last two are held on two islands under Barbarosa’s control. After finding the keys, though, the pirate guards at the keep aren’t going to let us escape with Robina easily. They’re prepared for energy blade fights, so make sure you bring yours too. Robina must be rescued.

After rescuing Robina, it turns out she sympathizes the pirates and wants to help them out a bit. Now, though, we have to escape Barracuda Reef. Barbarosa has set up explosives and we only have little time to escape. We also have to get Robina to a rendezvous ship that is to meet her. Ultimately, though, Barbarosa has set up an ambush and is going to destroy us. After fighting all of the pirates, Barbarosa swears to get revenge on you. Robina may be rescued, but the war between the pirates and Arthurians is about to begin.

- Pirates vs. Arthurians

The war on Lagos has begun! The Dread Pirate Rhubarb has returned and is now leading the pirates in this war, with Barbarosa commanding the front lines. On the Arthurian’s side, though, Prince Robert s leading the assault, and Robina is remaining at Crow’s Nook to serve as a spy. Both sides think that they’re fighting for the good of Lagos, and are determined to win this war. You’ve been asked to choose a side in this war to fight for. Will you fight with the pirates to help preserve their tradition of piracy, or will you fight with the Arthurian’s to eradicate piracy?

In the middle of the war, an escape pod lands on Lagos, and both sides are racing to secure it. In the end, though, the pirates secure the pod first. The person in the escape pod was looking for Robina. Because of this, the pirates assume it’s an agent of Constantine. The Arthurians, though, have no idea who it could be.

Later, you stumble upon a meeting between Robina, Rhubarb, and the person from the escape pod, Dr. Kringle (if you’re fighting for the Arthurians, you were on an espionage mission, if you were fighting for the pirates, you were checking up Rhubarb). It turns out; Rhubarb is actually a cybernetic suit. The true identity of Rhubarb is actually none other that Robina (surprise, huh). She figured out about Constantine’s evil rule, after he killed her grandfather King Alteon I, and formed the pirates from the most dangerous of pilots and some of the slaves she freed and attacked Constantine’s cargo lines. As a result, Robina, unbeknownst to even her family, became captain of the most notorious band of ragtag pirates in the galaxy. Dr. Kringle is a friend Robina rescued who holds “The Gift”, a powerful power source that the ShadowScythe are after to complete something called a “Hyper Ladder”. It looks like this war is worse than it appears.

After this meeting, the conversation afterward depends on who you’re fighting for. If you’re fighting for the pirates, you decide to keep quiet about the previous events. If you’re fighting for the Arthurians, you tell Prince Robert everything, and as Robina said, the Arthurians decide to keep fighting, now so Lagos can have a fair rule under Arthurian laws. Later, though, Barbarosa decides to start a mutiny, because he thinks Rhubarb is a traitor. The Arthurians decide to help the pirates fend off the mutiny, because Robert wants to protect his sister and the pirates will be without an admiral. The mutiny is driven off, and the war starts up again.

Without an admiral leading the front lines, the Arthurians decide to assault Crow’s Nook. In reaction, the pirates make one last stand and attack the Arthurian Flying Fortress. In the end though, the Arthurians win the war. Crow’s Nook is destroyed by the Arthurian Flying Fortress. Lagos has been occupied by the Arthurians.

Although the war is over, Constantine is still a threat. Robert has decided to keep Rhubarb’s identity a secret, but Robina needs to find someone to carry on Rhubarb’s legacy (who isn’t working towards a GEARS University degree). So, Dr. Kringle comes up with a plan to get rid of “The Gift” and let Rhubarb’s legacy live on. Kringle has Robina channel all her memories of being Rhubarb into “The Gift”, and then connect “The Gift” to Rhubarb. Rhubarb comes to life, and he swears to protect “The Gift” with his life, because it is his life. Now it’s time to take down Constantine and free Arthuria.

On Arthuria, Constantine is trying to convince Alteon to let one of his agents serve as intern ruler of Lagos instead of Robert. Then, you, Robina, and Rhubarb arrive and expose Constantine and his evil plans. Then Constantine pops out in a mecha and you have to defeat him. After defeating him, King Alteon thanks Rhubarb for exposing Constantine and rewards him with pardons from all his crimes, and a starship, as long as he leaves and never comes back. King Alteon also spreads the wealth gained from Constantine’s plans among all of Lagos. Congrats mecha pilot, you’re that much closer to defeating the ShadowScythe.

End of Chapter 4

Ch. 5: Planet Westion, Part II

Note: You don’t have to complete Westion, Part I to access this part, but it will help you understand what’s happening.

-ShadowScythe Landing

Here’s a quick recap on what happened during the first part. You were on a diplomatic mission to create an alliance with Westion, but Westion was on the verge of Civil War between the Drakels and the Equins. To make matters worse, Crystallized Dragon Breath has been disappearing from the mines, the Ambassadors of Khaeldron and Alamonia have gone missing, and the bandits have been on the rise lately. Plus, amidst all of this, you accidently fulfilled an ancient Vul’Kharim prophecy by activating a distress signal to the ShadowScythe from a ShadowScythe starship. Luckily, you managed to find the ambassadors, expose Ebilcorp as the menace behind everything, and claimed the space station as a defense outpost. After hopping from planet to planet making your alliances, though, the ShadowScythe have begun their invasion of Westion.

At the Westion Defense Outpost, Stallione and Garrokh are observing some weird asteroids with blips on them. It turns out; the asteroids are actually the ShadowScythe’s method of sneaking onto Planet Westion to recover their starship. As the meteors fall from the sky, everyone has their comments on the asteroids. As the meteors land, though, ShadowScythe mechas start breaking out to start their plan.

The following are the different non-storyline related quests related to the invasion:

  • "There”: Mayor Kho-Ghekh has issued a call to arms to fend of the invasion. You must battle wave after wave at the “Mayor Kho-Ghekh sponsored corn field-turned racetrack for both dogs and horses and occasionally walrus with gingivitis which became Uncle Edward’s Party Emporium which got torn down when my grandmother attacked the manager causing him to develop a disease which made it a hospital for the next 5 years until the disease was cured to create an ice skating rink which went bankrupt and torn down and turned into a corn field and used as my flower garden until the battle started battle field”, also called “There”. Afterwards, you have to fight the general and his ShS Jawseph.

  • Bronco Saloon: Mysterious troublemakers have been appearing at the bar to play card games, but when they lose, they destroy their opponent in their ShadowScythe mecha. Why don’t you teach those troublemakers the meaning of, “fair and square”?

  • Khaeldron General Store: ShadowScythe gangs have been terrorizing the owner of the Khaeldron General Store and holding up his shipments of weapons. If you defeat the gangs, you might get new shipments of items.

Moving back to the story, in Khaeldron, there’s a new sheriff in town, Sheriff Griff’th. He’s hiring people to join his posse and patrol the area. While on patrol, you find out about the invading ShadowScythe armies. They’ve also apparently been assimilating homesteaders on the frontier. In an attempt to dislodge their starship, they’ve set up bombs on the fault lines. You, luckily, are able to disable most of the bombs.

After awhile, you find out about ShadowScythe setting up bombs in the mines. You’re sent to stop the ShadowScythe before those bombs go off. Unfortunately, you were set up into a trap! Not only did the ShadowScythe Trog set off the bomb, it caused the mine to collapse on you. Luckily, two good things happen, the Vul’Kharim high priestess Tikala saves you from the rubble, and the ShadowScythe have assumed you were killed. Tikala then proceeds to tell you that she knows of the prophecies and that she believes that the stranger referred in many prophecies refers to the ShadowScythe because of the previously unknown second part of the “visitor” prophecy:

…when the sands of the desert are lit with the inner fires of Westion.

Apparently, there’s a guardian sleeping deep within Westion. Tikala fears that it will awaken and set Westion ablaze. Thus, you have been chosen to be Westion’s protector. You’re going to have to fight the guardian when he awakens. Until then, you’re going to have to expect the worst. Meanwhile, Lord Valoth has scheduled the invasion of Westion since he believes you’re dead, and he also found a crystallized Dragonoid. This is NOT going well.

-The Fire War

Background: Exactly a year before this war, there was another war called the bug war. Giant mecha sized bugs invaded Westion en masse. Luckily, you were able to defeat the bugs and a passing starship carrying bug spray crashed and killed all the other bugs. Now, the bugs return, and this time they aren’t the main menace.

Meet Buckaroo Badhorse, former employee of Mr. Z and current owner of the Badhorse General Store in Alamonia. He has a get rich quick scheme that involves making a new Steampunk mecha. All he needs are 100 tons of ShadowScythe scrap metal and some elemental fire. Maybe the elemental fire is a long ways off, but the ShadowScythe scrap metal should be easy to get with the invasion in the mines. However, after you obtain the scrap metal, the ShadowScythe start up their starship. The Westion Defense Outpost could do nothing to stop its escape.

Unfortunately, starting up the starship awakened a giant creature of fire. Alamonia is ablaze and the second part of the prophecy is fulfilled. Fire monsters are invading and setting Westion on fire. In addition, the giant bugs that are resident to Westion are spooked out. The bug war has started again, but the fire monsters have turned it into the fire war.

Allied with you is Clyde, who’s in charge of helping you stop Westion from being burned to the ground, Buckaroo Badhorse, who’s attempting to obtain elemental fire from the fire monsters, Tikala, because of the prophecy, and Maegwyn, from the Knife and Spork in Soluna City, who’s trying to make a quick buck selling bug spray, mecha sized fire extinguishers, and fire proof “T-Flan”. Meanwhile, the ShadowScythe have postponed their attack until after the Fire War, but in the meantime, they’re shooting their captive Dragonoid with a laser, and it’s turning green. Later, you rescue either Starbuck or one of the three leaders of the houses at GEARS University (depending on which house you belong to, or whether you even belong to a house), but they can't directly join the war effort due to their mecha being in disrepair. Badhorse is also able to finish his Steampunk mecha thanks to your help. Tikala also tells you the story of the giant fire monster that popped out of that crater, Pyras. He’s Westion’s guardian, but he was driven mad when he was impaled by a “spear” AKA the ShadowScythe Starship. He became trapped and his rage burned Westion for a century before he collapsed from exhaustion. Now he has awakened and he will destroy a planet that has changed. Only “the hand of the Visitor” will lay him to rest eternally. You have to stop Pyras!

Later, Clyde comes up with a plan to stop Pyras. You’re to go to four oil drilling stations and shoot their coolant towers at Pyras to weaken him enough for you to battle him. You’re going to have to avoid the fireballs that Pyras shoots at you though. After that, you’re going to have fight Pyras "head to mecha" in your mecha. Stock up on anti-fire weapons, and make sure you equip that T-Flan. You need that T-Flan if you don’t want to be eaten by him.

After defeating Pyras, Tikala thanks you. The fire war has ended and Westion is not an ah ridden wasteland. Unfortunately, this isn’t the end yet. The ShadowScythe are now going to invade Westion since we defeated Pyras. This war may be over, but there’s still another one ahead. Get ready for the final part of the Westion Saga.

-Goodbye Westion

The ShadowScythe have finally begun their invasion. They’re pulling out all the stops by sending tons and tons of ShadowScythe mechas, including the E-Series, the Jawseph, and all the other mechas introduced in this saga. The ShadowScythe have even sent some mobile bases. Luckily, we have the support of all the other planets we’ve made alliances with. Leading the war are Sys-Zero, Tikala and Sheriff Griff’th, and Qjik-Han is providing weapons to combat the ShadowScythe. We also have help from Planets Zargon and Arthuria, in the form of the Galactimech (involved in a Star Captain mission on Zargon), and the Arthurian armada. This war isn’t going to be easy, but we’ve been through worse, right.

Unfortunately, the war takes a turn for the worse. The laser they shot at that crystallized Dragonoid corrupted it. Now it’s fighting against us. The Dragonoid from the Crystal Asteroid War is helping us, but it’s being overpowered. Eventually, Sys-Zero decides to start evacuating people. Westion is doomed to be conquered by the ShadowScythe.

As the corrupted Dragonoid is about to finish the job, Korin steps in (so Planet 51 was plot related). He agrees to help evacuate everyone, but you have to agree to a condition that will be unknown until you agree to it. Desperate, you agree and Korin carries out our part of the deal. Our part of the deal is that he has created life from Warlic’s DNA, a clone named “Jim”. The clone turns out to be evil, but Korin carries out his part of the deal by sending down escape pods to get everyone to a safe location. Unfortunately, the corrupted Dragonoid destroyed our Dragonoid, and the remains crash into Westion and destroy it, and only Korin’s pod took off (Korin managed to teleport everyone to Gark though, they’ll hopefully be fine). Korin also steals the Dragonoid for his own purposes. Lord Valoth is angry at the turn of events and decides to restrategize and get revenge. All that remains of Westion are temporal rifts and an asteroid field. You’ve completed the Westion Saga, mecha pilot.

End of Chapter 5

Ch. 6: The Dragonoid Saga:

Note: You must have completed the following storylines to play this saga.
-Soluna City (up to defeating Kingadent)
-Planet Westion Part I and II
-Planet Lagos (and Planetoid Gark to access Lagos)
-Planet 51

The rest of the story so far isn’t necessary, but it would help you understand a few bits and pieces (Ex. Crystal Asteroid War to introduce the Dragonoids).

-Return of the Dragonoid

Dean Warlic has a new mission for you. Sys-Zero is at Soluna Space Outpost with news about a destroyed planet that was home to a race called the Mer’a. Luckily, a Mer’a starship managed to escape, but it was attacked by the ShadowScythe. Their leader, Char, managed to escape and get to the Defense Outpost. You are to board the Mer’a starship and rescue the other Mer’a before they’re assimilated. You might want to hurry, the Mer’a are pretty short and wouldn’t be able to fight of even a single pilot.

On the way to the starship, you’re attacked by various ShadowScythe mechas. You defeat the mechas and make your way to the starship which is infested with ShadowScythe looking for a fight. You need to make your way to the mess hall where everyone is. Unfortunately, by the time you get to the mess hall, the ShadowScythe have taken everyone. Char wants revenge, but Sys-Zero orders you to retreat.

Later, on your way to Dean Warlic’s office, the elevator breaks down, and since you’re stuck with Char, Sys-Zero, and Warlic, we take the time to get Char to explain what happened. Long story short, Char’s planet was destroyed by the Dragonoid, and Korin was the last person to obtain it (I told you he was evil). We have a way to stop Korin though, a weapon that’s meant to destroy the ShadowScythe that can be programmed to destroy Korin too. On a side note though, the ShadowScythe were talking about some great attack and linking it to something else. The elevator comes back on and Warlic is going to show us the weapon.

When we get to the office, the weapon is in ruins and a purple haired girl is there. She stole parts of the weapon and made off with them through a wormhole. Some of those parts don’t even exist anymore. Luckily, Char can track down the wormhole and go wherever the girl went, assuming that she used a wormhole. You, Sys-Zero and Char are to form a special team and track down the girl while Warlic handles the magical side of things, but lately Dean Warlic’s mind has been slipping. Get ready for the most epic chapter yet, mecha pilot.

-Lagos Invaded

Major Braddock Steele has invited you to join him on a vacation. Unfortunately, his idea of vacation is fighting a war against the ShadowScythe. Fortunately, for him, Lagos is being invaded by an army of ShadowScythe. Oddly, their comander is now Xaria, Wolfblade's leader! She was kidnapped and corrupted during the third GEARS Games by the ShadowScythe. We’d better join Braddock in his “vacation”, and Prince Robert, who is also helping us. After all, we have nothing to do and we don’t want a repeat of what happened on Westion.

Meanwhile, Dean Warlic has been contacting J6 (we haven’t seen him since our shootout in Westion). He has information on our little thief who robbed us. Her name is Jemini, she has some sort of wormhole transport device and she just likes stealing stuff as far as we know. Not even J6 can track her down. On a few sidenotes, Dean Warlic’s mind has been clouded lately and Char has almost finished the wormhole scanner. Char even has a friend named Mont who’s going to be staying behind and making sure that we get everything we need through the wormhole. You’ll meet Mont after the war.

The war involves fighting of ShadowScythe, luring ShadowScythe into traps, and otherwise fighting ShadowScythe for various reasons. There’s even a mission where you hijack a ShadowScythe starship. Beware though, powerful ShadowScythe mechas such as the Decimator, Jawseph, and Devastator are there to destroy you. Luckily, Braddock has reengineered ShadowScythe technology to work against them. The war ends when you defeat a corrupted Arthurian lion mecha. The mecha is then repaired and reprogramed to work against the ShadowScythe, and the ShadowScythe give up and leave.

-Crouching Yokai, Hidden Dragon Heart Shard

Our first destination on our chase is Planet Yokai. A cutscene plays involving Jemini. She lands in Yokai and is threatened by a native gang. She surrenders the Dragon Heart Shard in exchange for her safety and escapes through another wormhole. You then arrive later on Yokai (crushing a bug on the way), but as soon as you arrive, a guard challenges you to an energy blade fight. After you defeat the guard, you meet Miko, who scolds you for picking a fight with a weak guard (he picked a fight with us).

Apparently, we arrived ten years ahead of Jemini's arival. The Dragon Heart Shard she gave to that gang gave them the power to take over Yokai. Miko is leading a resistance against them. She recruits you as an honorary member of the resistance since our technology is MUCH more advanced apparently. Well, we’re helping ourselves by helping them, let’s take down some gangs.

Miko and Tenjin volunteer to train you again Yokai’s tough mechas. After the training, then we have to take back the local dojo. That dojo serves as the entrance to the Temple of Masters, home of the tyrant that rules this planet with the Dragon Heart Shard. Taking back the dojo involves taking down a lot of mechas. You need a firm grasp on that dojo if you want to start your assault on the temple.

After you secure the dojo, you must defeat the five masters, the five guards who stand in your way to the Dragon Heart Shard. Master Snake is a master of “Poi-Zen” and won’t be afraid to use it against you. Master Crane focuses on dodging your attacks while unleashing his own attacks. Master Monkey focuses on gradually building up his power and bringing yours down. Master Mantis was actually crushed by you in the intro cutscene, but one of his students has learned his special technique (even if it doesn't work most of the time). Master Tiger focuses on power, power, and more power.

As you defeat each master, you learn their styles and even gain weapons that utilize the style. After defeating all five masters, a mysterious power spike is detected in your mecha. Miko has your mecha checked for anything strange. Well, forget about that power spike for now. The gangs are gathering at the temple to make one last stand. They'll do anything to prevent you from going up against the supreme master, even declare an all-out war. Luckily, you've had some experience fighting them already, so you are able to win the war. It's time to face off against the Supreme Master.

As you head for the Supreme Master, you still have the weird energy readings from after you beat the Five Masters. The Supreme Master then comes out to challenge you (wait...is that Chuck Noris?). It's time for, as the Supreme Master calls it, the Ultimate Battle for the Ultimate Destiny of Yokai...wait the energy spikes are acting up even more. It turns out, by defeating the Five Masters, you have become the host of the Yokai spirit of combat, the Dragon (not the Panda, the Dragon). In addition, your mecha has transformed to a more powerful mecha (wait...is that Bruce Lee?), which you promptly use to beat up the Supreme Master. Congrats, you just freed Yokai, got back the Dragon Heart Shard, and became the new Supreme Master. No time to rest though...you still got to chase down Jemini. Fire up the wormhole scanner and get back to the chase.

-The Gameshow is a Lie

Well, the next wormhole is up and running, Jemini apparently got there first...and the planet's already destroyed...and the last thing we see is a giant moon-thing flying off. Well, so much for adventure, now to go back and track down tha-OMG, IT'S AT LOREON.

As it turns out, the planet is the gameshow Derizon, hosted by GLaDOS GLaDERP. The prize, the planet soesn't get destroyed. So, guess which lucky contestant is going up there. I'll give you a hint, it's the hero.

Well, you're up on the gameshow and you have to compete in trivia questions, word puzzles and obstacle courses. You can get through that pretty easily. Then you get put in a deathtrap. Luckily the trap is broken and you can move past the electric fence. While running, you come across a PDA. It turns out GLaDERP went insane somehow and forced the planet and the scientists to play the game. You can predict how that turned out. Luckily you have a giant mech and know how to use it.

So then you make your way to GLaDERP's core, turns out Jemini really did get here first and apparently bribbed GLaDERP for top score...wait, you could bribe him. Well, won't work now since we took an illegal route set up by the last contestant. Oh well, we have a giant mech and know how to use it.

After defeating it, you recover a piece of Warlic's weapon from GLaDERP and it reboots, this time it's not insane though. The weapon piece was causing it to malfunction. Well, the George Lowe and Deliriously Entertaining Robotic Planet are here to stay and we're closer to completing the weapon.

-Zargon II: Revenge of Dr. Boltavolt

The next wormhole is almost up and running, but there's a more dire problem currently. Mechtropolis has disappeared from the face of Zargon, and the rest of the planet is breaking down. The only clue as to what went on is a transmission from Selina, who mysteriously lost her powers as Starstorm, from before whatever happened happened. From what can be figured out, Boltavolt allied with the ShadowScythe and something went wrong. Evacuation efforts are being made, with you and Sys-Zero helping, but there are still a few ShadowScythe about and things are getting out of hand.

Luckily, there is hope to save Zargon. The next wormhole happens to be near Zargon, 4 days before the planet destabilized (wait, this means Jemini did this). However, there's a catch. Going back could mean that we could cause a temporal paradox. However, it's our only option. You and Sys-Zero have to go back in time and find out what happened and try NOT to interfere with the timestream.

As soon as you get to the other side of the wormhole, you find yourself in the middle of a ShadowScythe armada attacking Zargon. Well, so much for not getting involved. You manage to fight your way through the ShadowScythe and a new model of Geekatron, however, you're eventually overwhelmed. Luckily you're saved by the timely appearance of the Galactimech, piloted by Parker Peterson (formerly the Astounding Arachnid).

Dr. Bryce Benner (formerly the Incredulous Bulk) fills you in on the situation. Boltavolt has allied himself with the ShadowScythe (knew that) and stole the Geekatron designs to make new ones. The heroes have been trying to find Boltavolt, however, they haven't made much headway because Boltavolt didn't gloat about his plans like he usually does on his blog (wait, how did this guy nearly destroy Zargon).

A few days later, one day before Zargon's destruction, Wayne Bryce (formerly Mecha Bat), has found Boltavolt's lair in the abandoned warehouse district (because warehouses don't abandon themselves). You and Sys-Zero decide to go against orders and save Zargon and interfere with time. You manage to make your way through the drones guarding the base and find Jemini, who's locked up (told you she was involved). Jemini tried to steal from Boltavolt but has found out and had her belongings confiscated. Apparently he was interested in one part in particular. He also allied with the ShadowScythe for some parts. Oh yeah, and we just missed him. He's already comepleted a new power stealing ray gun and is going after Starstorm! You gotta go help her (and leave Jemini locked up).

You manage to fight you way through a full-scale ShadowScythe Invasion and some Geektrons, but you arrive too late to save Starstorm. Boltavolt steals her powers and uses them to become a supervillain. He then creates a mechasized projection and fights you. Luckily, you manage to win and convince Boltavolt that his powers will overload and destroy Zargon, killing everyone including Selina, again. Before that happens, he flies into the middle of the ShadowScythe armada far away from Zargon and explodes there, saving Zargon and destroying the most of the armada and forcing the rest into retreat.

However, even though Boltavolt has been stopped, Jemini has escaped while you were fighting off Boltavolt. Also, the effects of Char's wormhole technology and the paradoxes caused are leaving the fabric of reality fragile. Anyone chronal-sensitive, especially Warlic are feeling aftershocks from the paradox. At most, we can only open one last wormhole before we break reality. Well, we better make this one count.


to be continued...


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-Update Log

6/6/10: Finished First Version of Guide
6/17/10: Made some changes to the guide on Dudu Master's request, also extended Yokai's section (by a sentence) and gave further thanks to Dudu Master
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6/23/10: Updated the Gark and Lagos sections on Dudu's request (Planet 51 was apparently error free). Also made a note concerning the Crystal Asteroid war. Also linked to another guide (it's still under construction).
6/24/10: Updated Westion Part II, using suggestions from Dudu Master and Zaikou
6/25/10: Updated the Yokai section, using Dudu's sugestions. I'm finally done with the updates! For now at least. :(
6/29/10: Guide approved. Added some info on the Westion Finale War.
7/10/10: Made a note about the Crystal Asteriod War in the relative sequence of events. For now, Acient J will still be listed in the credits until I delete his quote. Also made a few other changes to the guide, nothing major though.
7/16/10: The war on Yokai has been added to the guide. Look at the end of the guide.
7/24/10: The Yokai Section is now complete. The note about Yokai not being complete has been removed and I added a placeholder for the next planet.
8/31/11: I'M BACK! Boy it's been awhile since I last played. I don't think I missed much. I'm adding the gameshow planet to the guide. Zargon Wormhole will be added later (as in, when I get to finish it).
9/3/11: Zargon Wormhole Saga is up. Hopefully the story will progress enough before I go an leave again. Also realized the Soluna City Walkthrough was finished and removed the note about it being under construction.


I would like to thank the forum comunity as a whole for providing me with the above guides (so I could finish the storyline), and supporting (or at least reading) my guide. Special thanks goes to the following:
-Dudu Master for starting his guide and thus giving me the idea to start this guide (and approving my guide after some corrections)
-forumlogin for his helpful suggestion about using word..
-Acient J for a note about the Crystal Asteroid War
-Avantir for correcting my first few mistakes, and for his guide.
-Zaikou for his comments, suggestions and guide.
-Artix Entertainment for making the game (after all, that's why we have this guide, because there's a game with a storyline).
Thank you again to everyone.

< Message edited by jgamer -- 9/3/2011 23:25:27 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
6/25/2010 18:38:04   

One last thing to add in the shs war on westion you should add that our allies show up to help after we send a message to them for help us. and you can fight the corrupted dragonoid with the galactimech if your starcaptain

great guide by the way

< Message edited by Zaikou -- 6/25/2010 18:42:19 >
MQ  Post #: 2
8/12/2010 9:04:11   

and you arrived on yoki 10 years AFTER J.

< Message edited by Dudu Master -- 8/12/2010 21:21:05 >
MQ  Post #: 3
11/20/2010 10:01:27   

YAWN! Hey guys, it's been a while. It seems that the story won't be making progress anytime soon and this guide has been collecting dust. So, I want to ask you. Should I add in the events of this year's Mogloween to the guide? It is Evil Jim after all.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
11/20/2010 20:47:21   

@jgamer-That's for you to decide, but personally, I don't think so. Not yet. As of now, we don't know if Evil Jim will impact the main storyline. If he does in the future, add him. If not, leave as is. Same goes for Necryptos.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 5
11/27/2012 6:05:00   
ming shuen

Hello. Awesome guide by the way. I left mechquest a year ago and came back totally lost and confused and so i created a new character and got back on my feet.

Your guide also helped greatly.

As to whether to add this year's events regarding Evil Jim..I suggest not. We would not know whether he would impact the main storyline.

It also appears that you are quite bored from what i get from your post so here is my suggestion. Your guide needs fixing!

Below is the part


Later, Mayor Roy Silver, mayor of Alamonia, enlists you to catch a thief on the train. As you make your way through the train, fighting Vul’khar warriors, at the end you find the notorious thief, J6, trying to steal Crystallized Dragon Breath, a valuable fuel source. Since you aren't as fast as J6, he escapes. Then, the engineer, Joe Jingle, enters the room and accuses you of stealing the Crystallized Dragon Breath. You convince him it was J6, and, in order to chase the outlaw, he lends you a gravity suit so you won’t fall of the train. Now, the chase begins.

You chase J6 above the whole train with the gravity suit’s welding gun. Eventually, you corner him at the edge of the train. You challenge him to a shootout for the Crystallized Dragon Breath. Unfortunately, J6 wins and escapes in his starship with the stolen Crystallized Dragon Breath. Something tells me you’ll meet again.

-The Prophecy

On a diplomatic visit to Khaeldron Research Labs, you meet Qjik’Han, the head researcher at the lab. He’s working on a mana drive and needs your help to complete it. All you need to do is find some Crystallized Dragon Breath for his experiments. This WOULD be simple, if it weren’t for the fact that 1. Strange mechas are in the mines, and 2. The Dragon Breath is disappearing in beams of light. Okay, I don’t know about you, but I consider this all freaky. Well, you’d better start collecting that Dragon Breath.

Eventually, the mines become infested with so many mechas, the whole affair escalates into a war to clear out the mines. The
Vul’Kharim are also delivering you a message about a prophecy that spells doom for Westion. The prophecy is as follows:

The hand of the visitor shall awaken the sleeper and bring doom down from the stars.

The Vul’Kharim believe that the visitor of the prophecy is one of the invaders in the mines. All the more reason to destroy every thing.

After clearing out many mechas, you have to fight the Draygon to finally rid the mines. Afterwards, you find an ancient ShadowScythe starship. Your starship ensign Lisa attempts to access the ship, but accidentally activates a distress call for Lord Valoth. Valoth sets his sights on Westion to retrieve the ship. The Prophecy is fulfilled, YOU’RE THE VISITOR AND THE SHADOWSCYTHE ARE THE DOOM FROM THE STARS. Looks like we need to get this alliance sealed fast, by stopping the war between the two cities.

Your chronology is wrong..You do not go about catching the thief immediately. The quest chain has yet to be unlocked.

You first need to go complete the THE PHROPHECY section before you can go catch the thief.

Update :D
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
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