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5/7/2010 8:16:00   

Undead with flesh, yay!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 26
5/7/2010 8:27:11   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

Any level 70's or up in the war? Highest i've found is 56 so far, and i'm level 64.
Edit: Level 63 Nechron Exo, close but no cigar.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 27
5/7/2010 11:13:37   
Lord of Nightmares
Some Dreams

I'm level 66, and the highest I've encountered is also the level 64 Nechron Exo.

I'm fine with that as it looks like they might've addressed the scaling issues which were rampant in the past couple of wars. Running into 2 level 75 Nefadons in a row at level 63 was most definitely *not* fun.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 28
5/7/2010 11:48:01   

I reached the 3rd digit on kills. I had to do it today 'cause I wouldn't be able to log on till monday and the war is going WAY too fast so I would probably not get another chance to get my kills up. It's not fun when wars go this fast though...

On a side note: This war is a VERY good farming place! I gained ~5 levels in this war! (now at lv54) I couldn't make myself farm the shearhide war enough to gain levels. x_x Very few skrees showed up as well.
Post #: 29
5/7/2010 12:05:45   
Lord of Nightmares
Some Dreams

Just a slight correction, the highest level opponent I've faced in this war thus far is the level 65 Nechron K1773R. Although the aforementioned Nechron Exo seems to put up more of a fight.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 30
5/7/2010 16:26:20   
Tristar Nexus

Until we get to see what Falerin meant about the Hadeni shattering the bounds between undead and the living, I've taken to calling them the umdead.
Still. Interesting race, romantic planet, great weather. Looking farward to a Galerik, Celestia reunion cutscene.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 31
5/8/2010 7:17:24   
general greivous

Well, I guess its because they are BORN undead, not TURNED undead.

Its the only way I can see a race EVOLVING into undead, at least <_<
AQ  Post #: 32
5/8/2010 8:16:46   

So they don't need to eat (brainsssss), must be powered by magic. :p

Got to lvl 58 using the war, nothing to buy. D:
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 33
5/8/2010 8:24:53   
general greivous

Maybe it was a virus, and they just joined with it, becoming kinda like a symbiote. Kinda like that theory about the mitochondria.

EDIT: Well, there goes my theory down the drain, they were never alive to begin with.


Original:Falerin, at AQ GGD

I suspect that what you may have encountered is a problem in definitions. Largely where does one define the boundaries of life, death, and mineral/construct. Anything outside of those very specific boundaries is undead.

Do bear in mind that as a day job I am an educator and my Bachelors Degree is in Biology and Chemistry, I aso have considerable philosophy and theology background. I view life very specifically as a biologist does. It requires 7 characteristics. Viruses are not alive as they are missing many of these. They are not dead either. By my extant defitnition of undeath, active viruses ARE in fact undead.

But you will find the Hadeni challenge this far more then a self replicating RNA molecule does. They are macrocellular. They are clearly organisms. But they do not follow biotic conventions of life. They look, appear, act, and function as "typical" undead do... their sustenance and cellular processes are those of typical undead. Their lifespans like typical undead near immortality barring accident, but they have proven unfortunately prone. They also are subject to many of the same weaknesses. Namely that even though such is their natural state a necromancer can control that state and thus take control of them, and enslave them... Unlike most undead, but not all, the hadeni retain one capacity for life few other have. That of reprodution. But reproduction is not itself sufficient to define life. They DO reproduce and they reproduce via some genetic method. Reproduction is not life either.

Many abiotic things reproduce.

The Hadeni were never biotic therefore by standards of life as they exist in most known unvierses they are not alive. You are fairly wrong if you think only living and organic things evolve. Everything does. Standards evolve, mythoi evolve, worlds evolve, technology evolves. Many computer viruses on Terra now practice inorganic evolution and it is anticipated that robots and nanites will do so in the future to great effect. They cannot be undead yet they are corpse like skeletal constantly decay and feed off psychic vampirism and more physical varieties in addition to many other abiotic processes.
I fear we come to a disagreement of terms.

< Message edited by general greivous -- 5/8/2010 10:05:33 >
AQ  Post #: 34
5/8/2010 12:22:36   
Tristar Nexus


their sustenance and cellular processes are those of typical undead

I have a serious problem with that. What is the sustenance of undead? Magic? There are several facts given about the Hadeni which I find to be in contradiction with themselves and several more problems with the basis from which they are being argued. Still, several more important facts need to be revealed before this topic can be debated properly.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 35
5/9/2010 14:28:24   
Legendary Loremaster

I would not expect a cutscene on comparative Hadeni necrology anytime soon. An undead is a vampiric life force it drains environmental life energy released from decay and odic force either via vampirism, magic, mana conversion, quintessence conversion, psychic vampirism, direct absorption of environmental energies or similar mechanisms. Undead may or may not in fact maintain the biological methods of energy conversion depending on type. Those that do can store energy for later. Those that do not must constantly replenish from exterior sources in either case it is very different then bolgical processes.

Biological creatures utilize Oxidative Metabolism for their energy needs be it aerobic, anaerobic, or both. A very small number of chemotrophs use other chemical reaction pathways entirely but it is still basically metabolic.

Hadeni are like other undead thier primary inlet of energy is not biologic. They can obviously store energy however as they do produce offspring. This indicates that biologic methods are a secondary metabolic pathway for them.
Post #: 36
5/10/2010 9:18:54   
Nex del Vida

It seems my WF character has beaten more Nechrons than my AQ character has undead... strange. I can't wait for the boss battle--hopefully we'll be able to fight a Hadeni. I love their art.
AQ  Post #: 37
5/10/2010 10:18:11   
More than a Game


Yay, war is almost done! Hopefully, I can get to 200 kills or even better, 250, by the end. Sitting at about 130 right now >.<
Epic  Post #: 38
5/10/2010 10:23:14   
Legendary Loremaster

Why in the world would you fight the Hadeni?
Post #: 39
5/10/2010 11:25:54   
Lord of Nightmares
Some Dreams

Yeah, the Hadeni seen thus far seem to be pretty decent and reasonable folk, unlike Dark Madder and her goons. Although their eyes kinda freak me out, they remind me of the Other Mother and her servants from Coraline.

Edit: In any case, I've gotten over 400 wins in this war thus far, which is a significant improvement over the last war. :P

Hopefully, I'll be able to hit 500 before the war ends.

< Message edited by Lord of Nightmares -- 5/10/2010 11:28:55 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 40
5/10/2010 12:44:02   
Nex del Vida

*cough* Fair point. I was not thinking in the slightest. I apologize. >.>
AQ  Post #: 41
5/10/2010 13:15:58   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

Wait, wins show on our char page? I haven't noticed that. I'll have to see how many i have.

Yes i realise i am probably way late finding this out :P
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 42
5/10/2010 15:12:11   
general greivous

Well Fal, there is the usual Mind-control, rogue member seeking revenge, evil advisor, Cosmic Phlebotium that turns them into monsters etc etc. We all know the tropes.
AQ  Post #: 43
5/10/2010 17:27:30   
Legendary Loremaster

Yes we all know them. They are cliche is why.
Post #: 44
5/10/2010 18:14:15   

@Fal: Tropes Are Not Bad
Post #: 45
5/10/2010 19:00:55   

We got to 80%! And I fought 100 battles already. That's enough for today. Don't give up!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 46
5/10/2010 20:23:28   
Legendary Loremaster

Of course they are not bad. Our work here is saturated in them... As a writer however there is much to be said for utilizing them more originally and selecting against the trope so common it has become cliche

Tropes Are Not Good

< Message edited by Falerin -- 5/10/2010 20:25:53 >
Post #: 47
5/10/2010 23:59:15   

Touché Fal, touché
Post #: 48
5/11/2010 3:09:49   
A beautiful Rose,
always and forever

Any fighting involving Hadeni is probably going to involve us protecting them from Dark Madder. The Hadeni are risking a lot warning the WarpForce and Lore, and they know it. I really don't think they'd be much fun to fight anyway, I don't think they're very good at it, which is another good reason to protect them if Dark Madder goes after them.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 49
5/11/2010 21:13:03   
More than a Game


Wow, I just can't beleive how useful Tronzor's Dual Blade is in this war. Breezing through these waves! Waaayy past my wave goal, and I'm still going! Soo happy :D Let's finish this guys and gals!

EDIT: 90% :D!

< Message edited by moneybags -- 5/11/2010 21:35:34 >
Epic  Post #: 50
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