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Weapons by Level

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5/16/2010 23:22:48   
Bu Kek Siansu

Weapons by Level/in alphabetical order

L(N/A) WarpGuardian Blade (Guardian)
L(N/A) WarpGuardian Blaster Rifle (Guardian)
L(N/A) WarpTracker Pistol
L(N/A) WarpTracker Sword
L0 Nefadon Claw Z (Z-Tokens)
L0 Nefadon Gun Z (Z-Tokens)
L0 Nefadon Electrobolt Z (Z-Tokens)
L0 Stun Baton XVZ0 (Z-Tokens)
L0 Warped Rocket Launcher (Guardian)
L1 Airy Beam Lance
L1 Chilled Beam Sword
L1 Ice Silver Repeater
L1 Twilight Beam Staff
L1 Warp Darkened Beam Staff (Guardian)
L2 Dulled Hullscuffer
L2 Light Dark Matter Gun
L2 Osprey 10A
L3 Shiny Gathorax
L3 SR3
L4 Damaged Rocket Launcher
L4 Swaying CiZor
L5 Breezy Beam Lance
L5 Deadly Guardian Galaxythe (Guardian)
L5 Netgun
L5 Osprey 10W1 (Guardian)
L5 Reaper's Deadly Guardian Gunblade (Guardian)
L5 SR5Z (Z-Tokens)
L5 Stun Baton XVW5 (Guardian)
L5 Techblade
L5 Techblade Z (Z-Tokens)
L5 Training Laser Pistol
L5 Warp Windy Beam Lance (Guardian)
L5 Zephyr Beam Lance (Z-Tokens)
L6 Dimmed Beam Staff
L6 Laser Chucks (Guardian)
L6 Sonic Axe (Guardian)
L7 Honed Hullscuffer Z (Z-Tokens)
L7 Stun Baton XV7
L8 Frosted Beam Sword
L8 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L8 Ice Dart Repeater
L9 Dark Matter Gun
L9 Osprey 10B
L9 Polished Gathorax Z (Z-Tokens)
L9 Sharpened Hullscuffer
L10 Asteroid Cutter
L10 Bright Gathorax
L10 Nefadon Claw
L10 Nefadon Gun
L10 Obscured Beam Staff Z (Z-Tokens)
L10 Osprey 10Z1 (Z-Tokens)
L10 Poisonous Cybud Z (Z-Tokens)
L10 Slaying Galaxythe Z (Z-Tokens)
L10 SR10
L10 Tronzor's Real Dual Blade
L10 VBG Mark Warp-I (Guardian)
L10 Warp Wavering CiZor (Guardian)
L11 Standard Issue Rocket Launcher
L11 Stun Baton XV11
L11 Waving CiZor
L12 Gusting Beam Lance (Z-Tokens)
L12 Standard Issue Laser Pistol
L13 Gloomy Beam Staff
L14 Icy Beam Sword
L15 Experimental Rocket Launcher Z (Z-Tokens)
L15 Heavy Dark Matter Repeater Z (Z-Tokens)
L15 Ice Bolt Repeater
L15 Nefadon Electrobolt
L15 Rhapsus' Gun
L15 Rhapsus' Gun Z (Z-Tokens)
L15 Swinging CiZor (Z-Tokens)
L15 Used Hullscuffer
L15 Vibraxe
L15 Vibraxe Z (Z-Tokens)
L15 Warp Laser Pistol (Guardian)
L15 WarShovel 5K
L15 WarShovel 15K (Z-Tokens)
L16 SR16
L16 Stun Baton XV16
L16 Warp Frigid Beam Sword (Guardian)
L17 Gleaming Gathorax
L17 Osprey 10C
L18 Brilliant Warp Gathorax (Guardian)
L18 Enhanced Rocket Launcher
L18 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L18 Rocking CiZor
L19 Blustery Beam Lance
L19 Marksman's Laser Pistol
L19 Reaper's Slaying Gunblade Z (Z-Tokens)
L20 Arctic Beam Sword Z (Z-Tokens)
L20 Asteroid Cutter Mod W1 (Guardian)
L20 Galaxythe
L20 Gale-Force Beam Lance Z (Z-Tokens)
L20 Murky Beam Staff
L20 Nefadon Claw Z (Z-Tokens)
L20 Officer's Laser Pistol (Z-Tokens)
L20 Reaper's Gunblade
L20 SR20W (Guardian)
L20 Warp Enhanced Hullscuffer (Guardian)
L22 Cybud
L24 Powered Laser Chucks (Guardian)
L24 Sonic Axe (Z-Tokens)
L24 WarShovel 20K (Z-Tokens)
L25 Cool Techblade
L25 Improved Rocket Launcher
L25 Nefadon Claw
L25 Netgun
L25 Oscillating CiZor (Z-Tokens)
L25 Shimmering Axe Z (Z-Tokens)
L25 SR25Z (Z-Tokens)
L25 Stun Baton XVW25 (Guardian)
L25 Tronzor's Solid Dual Blade (Guardian)
L25 Tronzor's Tangible Dual Blade Z (Z-Tokens)
L25 WarpGuardian Ice Shard Repeater (Guardian)
L25 WarShovel 10K (Guardian)
L25 WG Heavy Dark Matter Gun (Guardian)
L26 Sonic Axe (Guardian)
L28 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L28 VBG Mark II
L30 Asteroid Cutter Mod Z (Z-Token)
L30 Commander's Laser Pistol (Z-Tokens)
L30 Ice Shrapnel Repeater Z (Z-Tokens)
L30 Monomolecular Hullscuffer (Z-Tokens)
L30 Mortal Galaxythe Z (Z-Tokens)
L30 Nefadon Gun
L30 Polar Beam Sword
L30 Reaper's Mortal Gunblade Z (Z-Tokens)
L30 SR30
L32 Modem Rocket Launcher
L35 Desertworm Dagger Z (Z-Tokens)
L35 Guardian Nefadon Electrobolt (Guardian)
L35 Guardian Rhapsus' Gun (Guardian)
L35 Guardian Shimmering Axe (Guardian)
L35 Laser Rod
L35 Laser Rod Z (Z-Token)
L35 Netgun (Z-Tokens)
L35 Proven Rocket Launcher Z (Z-Tokens)
L35 Reaper's Vicious Guardian Gunblade (Guardian)
L35 Thunderous Sword Z (Z-Tokens)
L35 Vicious Guardian Galaxythe (Guardian)
L35 WarpGuardian Mogline Sword (Guardian)
L36 Warped Hullscuffer (Gurdian)
L38 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L39 Refined Warp Rocket Launcher (Guardian)
L40 Advanced Vibraxe
L40 Buffed Warp Gathorax (Guardian)
L40 Dodger's Gun
L40 Dodger's Gun Z (Z-Tokens)
L40 Glacial Beam Sword Z (Z-Tokens)
L40 Nefadon Gun Z (Z-Tokens)
L42 Wobbling CiZor
L44 Charged Laser Chucks (Guardian)
L44 Poisonous Cybud
L44 Sharpshooter's Laser Pistol
L44 WarShovel 30K (Z-Tokens)
L45 Asteroid Cutter Mod W2 (Guardian)
L45 Dark Matter Repeater
L45 Guardian Techblade (Guardian)
L45 Mogline Flamer
L45 Mogline Flamer Z (Z-Tokens)
L45 Nefadon Claw
L45 Nefadon Electrobolt Z (Z-Tokens)
L45 Nefadon Whip-Mace
L45 Nefadon Whip-Mace Z (Z-Tokens)
L45 Netgun
L45 Osprey 10Z2 (Z-Tokens)
L45 Parching Dragon Scythe
L45 Shadowy Beam Staff (Z-Tokens)
L45 Shimmering Axe Z (Z-Tokens)
L45 Tronzor's Palpable Dual Blade (Guardian)
L46 Sonic Axe (Guardian)
L46 VBG Mark III
L46 VBG Mark IV-Z (Z-Tokens)
L48 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L50 Baleful Galaxythe
L50 BlaZing Gathorax (Z-Tokens)
L50 Desertworm Dagger
L50 Nefadon Gun
L50 Reaper's Baleful Gunblade
L50 SR50W (Guardian)
L50 Stun Baton XV50
L52 Parching Dragon Scythe Z (Z-Tokens)
L54 Sonic Axe (Z-Tokens)
L54 Toxic Cybud Z (Z-Tokens)
L55 Chaingun
L55 Chaingun Z (Z-Tokens)
L55 Dream Ray mk13
L55 Fatal Galaxythe Z (Z-Tokens)
L55 Gatling Gun (Guardian)
L55 Laser Rod
L55 Mogline Sword
L55 Mogline Sword Z (Z-Tokens)
L55 Nefadon Electrobolt
L55 Osprey 10W2 (Guardian)
L55 Reaper's Fatal Gunblade Z (Z-Tokens))
L55 Rhapsus' Gun
L55 Rhapsus' Gun Z (Z-Tokens)
L55 Shimmering Axe
L55 SubZero Gatling Gun (Z-Tokens)
L55 Thunderclap Sword
L57 New Hullscuffer
L58 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L60 Dodger's Gun
L60 Glistening Gathorax
L60 Guardian Nefadon Claw (Guardian)
L64 Sparkling Laser Chucks (Guardian)
L64 VBG Mark IV
L64 WarShovel 40K (Z-Tokens)
L65 Asteroid Cutter Mod K
L65 Cold Techblade
L65 Excellent Vibraxe
L65 Guardian Parching Dragon Scythe (Guardian)
L65 Heavy Vibraxe Z (Z-Tokens)
L65 Mogline Flamer
L65 Nefadon Whip-Mace
L65 Netgun
L65 Tronzor's Substantial Dual Blade (Guardian)
L65 Unaga Staff (Guardian)
L65 Unaga Staff Z (Z-Tokens)
L65 Virin Spike
L66 Fluctuating CiZor
L66 Sonic Axe (Guardian)
L66 Toxic Guardian Cybud
L68 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L69 Dream Ray mk14
L70 Grim Guardian Galaxythe (Guardian)
L70 Guardian Nefadon Gun (Guardian)
L70 Reaper's Grim Guardian Gunblade (Guardian)
L70 Recharged Chaingun
L70 SR70
L70 WarpGuardian Desertworm Dagger (Guardian)
L71 VBG Mark V-Z (Z-Tokens)
L75 Asteroid Cutter Mod T
L75 Dark Madder's Staff (Guardian)
L75 Dark Madder's Staff Z (Z-Tokens)
L75 Frozen Gatling Gun (Guardian)
L75 Guardian Shimmering Axe (Guardian)
L75 Mogline Sword
L75 Nefadon Electrobolt
L75 Rhapsus' Gun
L75 Stun Baton XV75
L75 Unaga Gun (Guardian)
L75 Unaga Gun Z (Z-Token)
L75 WarpGuardian Laser Rod (Guardian)
L78 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L80 Dodger's Gun
L80 Guardian Nefadon Claw (Guardian)
L80 Lustrous Gathorax
L82 Heat Lightning (Guardian)
L82 Heat Lightning Z (Z-Token)
L82 VBG Mark V
L83 Osprey 10D
L85 Dark Madder's Staff
L85 Enhanced Parching Dragon Scythe
L85 Frozen Guardian Techblade (Guardian)
L85 Mogline Flamer
L85 Nefadon Whip-Mace
L85 Netgun (Guardian)
L85 Polished Hullscuffer
L85 Unaga Staff (Guardian)
L85 Virin Spike
L85 WarpGuardian Chaingun (Guardian)
L86 Sonic Axe (Guardian)
L88 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L88 Virulent Cybud
L89 Dream Ray mk15 (Guardian)
L90 Desertworm Dagger
L90 Guardian Nefadon Gun (Guardian)
L90 WG Final Vibraxe (Guardian)
L93 Ceremonial Warp Laser Pistol
L95 Dark Madder's Staff
L95 Guardian Nefadon Whip-Mace (Guardian)
L95 Heat Lightning (Guardian)
L95 Laser Rod
L95 Nefadon Electrobolt
L95 Netgun (Z-Tokens)
L95 Rhapsus' Gun
L95 Shimmering Axe
L95 Thunderstrike Sword
L95 Unaga Gun (Guardian)
L95 Undercooled Gatling Gun (Guardian)
L95 WarpGuardian Mogline Sword (Guardian)
L97 Osprey 10E
L98 Dream Ray mk16 (Guardian)
L98 Ginger Axe (Guardian)
L99 Warp Undulating CiZor (Guardian)
L100 Dodger's Gun
L100 Overcharged Chaingun
L100 Overcharged Chaingun Z (Z-Tokens)
L100 Unaga Staff (Guardian)
L100 VBG Mark Warp-VI (Guardian)
L105 Dark Madder's Staff (Guardian)
L105 Mogline WarpGuardian Flamer (Guardian)
L105 WarpGuardian Virin Spike (Guardian)
L115 Dark Madder's Staff (Guardian)
L115 Supercooled Gatling Gun (Guardian)

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