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RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread

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7/8/2011 11:25:52   

I'm assuming this is about the MEchatron, but recently, I've started using the Psychic WIng agian and I have to say that its awesome(ier than I remembered)
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 651
7/8/2011 16:04:29   

I really like the Psychic Wing, but it bugs me by how the MechaTron can do its job so much better and faster. If Psywing's effects were buffed a little, it'd be better...

That's another thing that bugs me, I noticed several SCMMs have such weak head weapons, the Mohawk for example. Sub-Zero Gaze is a much better Sniper weapon than the Mohawk's head, and stronger too...
I also find it funny that higher level mechs with full boost are still having trouble reaching the damage of the WarBear...which was 12 levels below the cap.
DF MQ  Post #: 652
7/11/2011 6:15:28   

@glaisaurus, Yeah, I pointed that out in my thread, I find it pretty interesting.Personally I think if it still does it's job well, why not use it? EG: I still use my Gift Freeze Ray from 2008 (I think, I don't remember, I stopped playing for a LONG time).
Post #: 653
7/25/2011 20:03:18   

I wonder what kind of mech they have for us this week?
MQ  Post #: 654
7/25/2011 20:41:58   

The next SCMM is this week?

*Looks at credits*
I suppose I could do without the mechatron. Perhaps I'll do a sudden burst of farming in the last hour. More likely I will just let myself miss it.
DF MQ  Post #: 655
7/25/2011 21:03:56   

It's not got anything your account can't make up for already. It's just a fast working BtH nerfer, kinda good but, I don't think it's needed...
DF MQ  Post #: 656
7/25/2011 21:32:27   

I probably won't get it.

The FA purging all active buffs looks interesting though. It takes 2 turns, and 3 (Body cannot be changed) equip slots, and will purge all active buffs on the enemy. Completely useless atm, necryptos enemies will destroy you before you manage to purge, and will then re-buff themselves (I assume) and nothing else buffs itself by enough to warrant half your weapons devoted to getting rid of those buffs.

Might prove useful in the future though. Hypothetically, if there was an enemy who buffed itself by a lot across several stats, but would not re-buff itself, and would buff itself by quite a bit, preferably if it buffed itself later in the battle, the mechatron would be useful.

For example, an enemy who would, at a specified turn in the battle, give itself giant buffs, and get much harder, and who would not rebuff itself, would be easy with the mechatron. Shift at a turn prior to the specified turn, when it buffs, purge. However, no such enemy exists, and it is unlikely that any enemy ever would, most enemies of that sort will re-buff themselves, or redo whatever it does.
DF MQ  Post #: 657
7/25/2011 23:45:01   
sun arcanist no ret

I personally think the mechatron is... AWESOME! I'd like more mechs like it. It's very diverse, and flexible. The imbiber... Just feeds on your energy. ( it seems that all the buffed things are awesome, excluding the SC deflagrator) The cosmic talon was cool. As long as the mech has a theme, I'll probably like it. (mechatron doesn't need a theme to much though )


Wolfblade Elite, I see you!
MQ  Post #: 658
7/26/2011 0:16:11   

Really? I HATED the CT, even the awesome art couldn't make up for it. Though, maybe I should've tested it more because it seems like the body at least was buffed. Actually, I may have kept it if they had removed those lines on it's faceplate, to make it look more like a faceplate. The way it was drawn it looked like a weird nose slit when not zoomed in. Zoomed in it was fine though.

I kinda regret selling it now....it was the last SCMM with the standardized art, but it looks like it should be coming back so nothing to worry about, I hope.

On the MechaTron, I love how versatile it is. The only thing I dislike....is that it is so much better than the Psychic Wing. Either that, or I just have all the wrong equipment for the Psychic Wing as I've heard Einhander somehow beat Piotr with it+Pumpkin Gatlings...
DF MQ  Post #: 659
7/28/2011 12:20:06   

the CT is alright the only reason why i kept is because each weapon is different un like having 2 of the same shoulder weapons it gives the mech... character and originallity if you know what i mean
MQ  Post #: 660
7/28/2011 16:14:13   
Ebil Empress

Last chance to grab your Mechatrons, folks!

While the Mechatron isn't as outright dominant as some other SCMMs have been in the past, it's certainly the most versatile and unique. Even without considering its weapons, the passive +10 crit on the BD alone makes for some interesting pairings (ie Macabre Circlet). It also has four -yes, four- weapons that give +30 Boost, so you can customize pretty much anything and still reach the Boost cap easily. And of course, the shifted Laser Cycle is one of a kind and pairs wonderfully with the new Boltavolt weapons.

< Message edited by NaturallyMaria -- 7/28/2011 16:18:05 >
MQ  Post #: 661
7/28/2011 17:20:08   

Passive +10 crit? Now I find out?

Buying it. Last minute farming starting now.

Well, actually if I hadn't found out now I would just have procrastinated and not gotten it, so it is kinda a good thing I found out now rather than later. Actually I might have known in the past but forgotten about it.
DF MQ  Post #: 662
7/28/2011 19:03:29   
seventy two

@stealth it was part of the Buff it got.

I never really did figure out how to properly use the Mechtron.
AQ MQ  Post #: 663
7/28/2011 19:09:33   
Legendary AK!!!

Well, the Mechatron is very unique.

First off, the Data Shift head. This is an incrediblly unique feature. It switches all the specials.
Second, the +2 crit boost per default, and +10 crit on the Body. That and Snake Master or Macabre Circlet can do a LOT of damage.
Next, the Arms. The FA gets a guareenteed crit, and with the +60 boost that is so easy to get, it can do a lot of damage. The BA is very strong on a power build, dealing increased damage and also increasing boost by 30.
Finally, the shoulders. These are nice, +30 bonus and boost unshifted, and -30 defence and bonus shifted.

In my opinion, it is worth it, even if only for the unique features it has. Good luck farming Stealth.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 664
7/30/2011 1:59:25   

I hope that at some point that make a SCM based off of Full Metal Alchemist. :D
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 665
7/30/2011 2:01:34   

Coincidentally, I JUST got into FMA, and I really like it.
Any references to Al, Barry the Chopper and the Slicer Brothers would be awesome.
They're the only mech-like ones.
DF MQ  Post #: 666
7/30/2011 2:04:13   

Isn't Barry The Chopper that crazy serial killer dude that targets just about anyone under the female gender after killing his wife?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 667
7/30/2011 2:05:57   

I'm only on 23 so far, but from what I know he's just a crazy guy who started killing people because "meat wasn't enough." He's also a soul bound to armor like Alphonse.
DF MQ  Post #: 668
7/30/2011 2:38:10   

Wouldn't basing it off Homuculus or Envy be better? Actually.. on the other hand, base it of Greed, Greed 1, not Greed 2.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 669
7/30/2011 2:39:51   

Eh I'm more of an Al fan...but those could work.
Actually, with as awesome as FMA is, I'd like more than one mech >_>
DF MQ  Post #: 670
7/30/2011 2:45:30   

Can the next SCMM be based of Fairy Tail, Bleach or Soul Eater?
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 671
7/30/2011 3:39:14   

I'd be interested in a bleach based mech. As long as it has a zanpakto. (Idc how badly I misspelled that)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 672
7/30/2011 3:57:01   

Hey! the FA could be a Zanpakutō attack, with the weapon becoming its humanish form...
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 673
7/30/2011 10:28:29   

The Question

Right, and then like a Mechatron DataShift, it changes from Soul Reaper to Hollow.... Would be a cool parody or something, but a little too much work for the staff me thinks.

I'd rather we stick the simple themes before going off too far. I'd wish we could get the Zargon Superheroes' mechs. Would be interesting. Flash is under-level, would love to try Batman Mech and Hulk.
[If you want Bleach, DF has their weapons on the DC shop. ]
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 674
8/22/2011 12:43:46   

hopefully the new mech comes in about next week or so


MQ  Post #: 675
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