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RE: =AK= SC Monthly Rare Mecha Discussion Thread

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6/20/2010 1:10:25   

Falls under FAQ question number one about releases. :P
DF MQ  Post #: 101
6/20/2010 1:27:34   

I love the Lucky BladeMaster V38. It's now my default mech. The color is cool and the blade is awesome.
AQ MQ  Post #: 102
6/20/2010 2:30:18   

A Corrupted WarBear Pro with thunderhawk head or thunderhead whichever it is that gives 40% damage boost - it's pure epic damage.
Post #: 103
6/20/2010 3:59:22   

we need to stop monthly mechs.

they are just coming at the end of the month, if they don't stop at least skip june and call this july's SC mech. Then they can work on august and then they would be ahead of schedule
AQ MQ  Post #: 104
6/20/2010 4:04:38   

there should be a samurai mecha a bit like the oens in the novagems store but these ones are better more lethal and better looking
MQ  Post #: 105
6/20/2010 10:43:41   
Deleted User
[Deleted by Admins]
  Post #: 106
6/20/2010 15:17:31   

Im starting to worrie that my hanger is getting filled with the monthlies and i dont want to sell
none of them.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 107
6/20/2010 15:49:35   
Sneevil Slayer

I'd prefer a mech that was an EP damaging mech. There haven't been many, and they are some of the best in the game.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 108
6/20/2010 16:05:24   
Griffin the awesome


AC-490 IS May's and June's monthly rare krillin

WHAT?! They can't make 1 monthly rare count for 2 months!
Are you sure the AC-490 counts for both months?
MQ  Post #: 109
6/20/2010 18:09:48   

I hope they make one for July. AC-490 is my first SCMM since I just upgraded but it wasn't what I expected. I probably just don't know how to use it.
Post #: 110
6/20/2010 21:28:14   
Deleted User
[Deleted by Admins]
  Post #: 111
6/30/2010 12:23:42   


Im starting to worrie that my hanger is getting filled with the monthlies and i dont want to sell
none of them.

Buy mecha spaces in soluna city, just go to the girl w/ the ! over her and click add mech inventory slots. They cost NG's, btw, so I would suggest going to Ballyhoo a lot.
(or, just spend $10 to get 2000 NG's)
AQ MQ  Post #: 112
7/7/2010 5:03:23   

All the talk about the Aegis's energy draining ability + my boredem = this

Oh wait, hang on. I did a better one right after that one. You gotta love the Aegis <3

< Message edited by SoulWing -- 7/7/2010 5:19:23 >
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 113
7/7/2010 13:11:19   

The RH cloverblade is better at ep draining, it keeps on growing, and never wears off.

If you use it once, and then survive until they run out, they cannot attack you until 99 turns after you used it. Allowing you to kill them with full HO (If you have a healing weapon) and near full/full EP.

I wasn't around for the aegis, but it wears off, right? And you have to use it more than once, so if it gets cut off, you die?

The bad part is, it cannot get them into the insane negatives. Their ep will never go below 0.

< Message edited by stealthwings -- 7/7/2010 13:13:11 >
DF MQ  Post #: 114
7/7/2010 17:02:06   

Just for a note, SCMM aren't "supposed" to be overpowered, rather, they were created to give SC's a great mecha, as a "Thank You!" for upgrading in MQ. Also, they were created to make SC's be able to survive easy Normal mode. Yes, they are powerful, but they were never meant to be "overpowered" as people so think they are. The true purpose of SCMM has been lost except for the few who remember that blue's stance regarding the SCMM.

I feel the need to stress this because it seems nowadays people just take them for granted. They were meant to be a special, unique, gift for Star Captains; Something that would give casual players a chance to survive because they weren't able to play as often as some of the people who browse these forums a lot.

< Message edited by PD -- 7/11/2010 18:15:24 >
AQ MQ  Post #: 115
7/11/2010 3:23:00   

The SCMM that really out shine are obviously Warbear,Mohawk,Falcon,Morehawk,Psywing and the Viking partly cuz it was free XD
The Worst:AC-490, Automorph
The Ok ones: BC mech. and The Reaper and Aegis becuz it was near revoulutionary.

Best in show is: Personally Morehawk and Warbear and Mohawk are dead even
worst in show: AC-490 I really hated it
Most Unique: BC Mech hands down because it pays Homage to Evildead
Most fun to use: FALCON SLAP! Falcon was my favorite because it was hard to hit and fun to deck out
Biggest Suprise in the SCMM: Has to be the Morehawk. I was so glad i bought it.
AQ MQ  Post #: 116
7/11/2010 6:17:40   

Lucky Blademaster

Those are the ones I wish I was SC for I know AE said they're like perma-rares or whatever, but I hopt they change their minds....

Warbear and Viking... those are the ones I really really REALLY wish I was SC for, cause they are semi Wolfblade style, LOTS OF POWA!
MQ  Post #: 117
7/11/2010 10:00:38   

Hey PD you missed something i think - SCMMs are also useful for the creators of the game(another thing bules said) because they serve as a great testing ground for new specials and ideas.So SCs are the ones privileged to test them out first.
Oh and by they was on a side note what is this "easy mode" you mentioned?I don't recall anything in the game having this name...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 118
7/11/2010 17:18:29   

ummmmmto mechaman123
no that is not good becouse i fought a sammy mech in the knife and spork challecge 10 (im lvl 21 and can hit 150s) and it almost riped my head off
MQ  Post #: 119
7/11/2010 17:49:18   

what practically ALL monthly mechs have after the mohawk:

critical hits, paired with d0ts.

NO originality in being cool, new, and a nice idea.

3 holiday based SCMM: shadow warrior, Viking, and "lucky" blademaster.

peppered buff attacks produced mainly from the shoulders and head.

increasing damage with every hit

an actually nice body attack.

what I would really like out of SCMM is more "colouring, perhaps proper dismemberment ( no-sharpened blades on a boomstick-shotgun thingy), and more themed mechs- a large tanking mech could perhaps have higher hp than the average mech, less damage, but more nerfs and heals.
MQ  Post #: 120
7/11/2010 18:09:26   

I noticed someone up there saying that the AC-490 was the May and June Monthlies, but I wanted to clarify that this isn't true. Rather, the AC-490 was the May monthly, and the current one is the June monthly. It just came out a month late. Not sure how the staff is going to make up for it, maybe make it be out for less time and eventually catch up, but the staff will catch up.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 121
7/11/2010 18:12:08   

Make two mechs! like a yin-yang style
Buff or nerf?
heal or damage?
Hp or EP?
MQ  Post #: 122
7/14/2010 4:33:43   
Venus Djinn

So is the Master Blaster actually worth buying? I've almost got enough credits, but having read some of the comments I'm not sure any more. Bear in mind I'd be getting the level 28 one...
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 123
7/14/2010 4:47:48   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

It is most definitely worthy of purchase. A very good Mech indeed.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 124
7/14/2010 7:45:43   
Venus Djinn

Oh, okay then. I suppose I'll just have to go back to farming in case something good comes up next month.

I have this odd desire at the moment for a mech with a sort of sword-throwing ability. Think somewhere between Undead Xyphos from AQ and Dio Brando. I genuinely have no idea why, I just think it'd look really cool.
It's also what I was originally expecting the Bladestorm to do. I mean, it's sort of in the name.

Edit: Hmm, very impressive damage. I think I'll get one of the higher-leveled versions as well, since this thing looks like it could go a long way.
Also, it's nice that the MB and the AC-490 are less stick-looking than normal mecha. Most of my collection look like they should fall over in a stiff breeze because they're TOO humanoid, but these two are literally walking tanks...

< Message edited by Venus Djinn -- 7/14/2010 8:08:41 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 125
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