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=MQ= General Discussion Forum Rules

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5/22/2010 8:17:39   
Sir Gnome

The Rules of MechQuest General Disucssion

  • Read the Universal Rules, Ignorance is no excuse to violate them
    It is your responsibility to read up on these rules, so please do not complain "I didn't know" when you break rules, ignorance isn't an excuse to break them.

  • No harassment or flaming
    Harassment is insulting someone's age, race, sexual orientations, religion, nation of origin, attitude and other similar things in a way designed to provoke a response. Flaming between player groups, such as SCs vs free players will not be tolerated.

  • No trolling
    Trolling is attacking a person, or group of people over and over, continually. Things not considered harassment in one post become trolling when done over and over again

  • No minimodding
    Minimodding is posting to tell other forum users what they may or may not do, or give them instructions on how they should post. This is the job of the Forum Staff and their Assistants, not normal forum users.

  • No impersonation
    Impersonation is pretending to be someone else. Please do not impersonate moderators, other staff members, staff assistants or NPCs

  • No accusing of Cheating
    Accusing someone of cheating can lead to flaming which is undesirable, if you believe someone is cheating please PM a any moderator who can deal with it.

  • No handling account issues on the forums
    There is no need to give out account information or discuss it here, if you are having a problem with your account, use the Help Pages or the Account Manager.

  • No posting in a thread which breaks rules
    If a post breaks any of these rules, contact a moderator or an ArchKnight who can deal with the issue, there is no need to post in a rule breaking thread.

  • No non-discussion Questions
    Questions which have a definite answer, such as 'Where can I buy .....' or 'How much damage does ..... do' belong in MQ Q&A.

  • Only topics related to the game Mech Quest are allowed
    Any other discussion belongs in a different board, there is one for each game, so there's no need to mix them up.

  • All topics get a 10 page lock, except for tagged threads which go to 30
    Your threads will go to 10 pages then get locked, however, unless the AK or moderator doing the locking suggests otherwise, you can remake your thread. Threads with =AK= or =MQ= tags will run to 30 pages, but only Forum Staff and their Assistants may tag threads. Do not tag your own threads.

  • No double posting
    The edit button is above the writing of your post on the right, please use it!

  • No "Petition" threads
    We know there are things you'd like to see, but threads with topics like "Who'd like to see the WarHamster 5000 Mech in the game? Post your signature below!" just cause clutter
    and spam. Likewise, using a thread to petition the Staff after changes are made that you dislike is also against the rules.

    Who should I contact if someone is breaking rules?

    If an issue arises within the MQ GD (be it clarification of the rules, an issue with a specific user, or reporting rule violations), the following is a list of individuals to contact. If you wish to report threads in violation of the rules, you may contact any MechQuest GD ArchKnight. If you have an issue with an ArchKnight, please contact the head moderator of this forum. If your issue is with the moderating staff, please contact Scakk and/or Zyrain.

    MQ GD Head Moderator


    MechQuest ArchKnights


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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
    5/22/2010 8:18:07   
    Sir Gnome

    Where does my Post Belong?

    If you find your post locked, and/or deleted, it has most likely ( but not always ) been put in the wrong place and this should help you get it in the right place! This list covers most, but not all of the things to avoid in the MQ areas of the forums.

    If you are still not sure about something, then you should contact one of the ArchKnights or Moderators listed above.

    Things to avoid:

    • Suggestions (1)
    • Complaints (2)
    • StarCaptain vs. Non/StarCaptain etc. (3)
    • Clan/Club like activity (4)
    • Character History/Story (5)
    • Questions (6)
    • Ratings (7)

    Things OK to post:

    • Here in MechQuest General Discussion, we enjoy discussing the game, so if your post is not mentioned above, or in the larger detail below and it discusses MechQuest it should be OK! *
    • Design Note threads (8)
    • Questions promoting Discussion

    * Threads and post appropriate for MechQuest GD can change from time to time as the need arises. See the last posts in this thread for specifics.

    Long Versions:

    • (1) - No suggestions are currently being taken for MechQuest. If AE ever need suggestions for the game, they will make a thread for it here in the GD forum.
    • (2) – If you are unhappy with an aspect of the game, and have a well thought out reasoning on how to work with what is there then put a post together detailing exactly what you dislike and how you believe it can be fixed. Remember though, not everyone may dislike that aspect of the game.
    • (3) – Star Captain vs. non-Star Captain can lead to arguing and or flaming which is unwanted and unneeded. The AE team puts content in for both free and paid players.
    • (4) - Clan/Club Like Activity. What is meant by this is that there should be no Star Crew type threads, encouraging people to join it, especially as we are not sure they can! No posts like "Join my crew!" are accceptable. No threads centered around 'crews' are allowed anywhere. Clan/Clubs material belong in the Gears University Houses boards, and signatures for such must follow the rules here. It is recommended you read all of their stickies to ensure you do not go wrong, as in any forum.
    • (5) – Although I’m sure you can be very creative, all sort of creative writing belongs in the Legends & Lore not MechQuest GD, thanks!
    • (6) - Questions include:

      • When is the release coming?
      • Questions about how to play
      • Questions about the forums
      • Why was my post locked/deleted?

      Threads complaining or whining about when a release is going to be out is not allowed. The Game Staff will have the release out when they feel it is bug free and ready to go. So please be patient and wait for the release.
      For the second, if you have specific questions about the game, then you should ask them in MechQuest Q&A
      Questions about the Forums belong in the Forum Support board.
      The final one should be taken up with the AK/mod who locked/deleted it, failing that ( if it doesn’t sort it out ) to the head-mod of the board.
    • (7) - No 'rating' of any kind is allowed in MQ GD. This means both 'Rate my Char' and things such as 'Best Looking ....' or similar threads where submissions would be rated.
    • (8) - Design Note threads. Please note that they are not allowed if there is another Design Note thread for the day already up. Also, please leave the tagging to an AK/mod.

    Posts in =MQ= tagged threads in MQGD may be deleted without the poster being notified

    Remember to please keep all posts on topic!

    What not to post:

    • Covered by Tagged thread (1)
    • Discussion (2)
    • Hi-jacking (3)
    • If you are not adding to the answer (4)
    • Questions not about MechQuest (5)

    OK List:

    • This one is simple, any form of question not ruled out by the above!

    Long Versions:

    • (1) - Covered by Tagged threads. If there is a tagged ( =MQ= / =AK= ) Thread for “All questions on ____”, and your thread is about “____”, then please use it. These would be , but not limited to , " Where is the best place to farm " , " What is the best Mech for me " or the current hot topic which is usually the current update.
    • (2) – Discussion goes in MechQuest General Discussion, not in MechQuest Q&A. Any threads turning into discussion are also not allowed.
    • (3) - Hi-jacking is when you use someone elses thread to post a question. Please create your own with the “new post” button, thanks!
    • (4) Not adding to the answer. If your post adds nothing to help the person, please do not post, side comments are not needed and thus should not be posted, the aim is to help people as best is possible!
    • (5) If your question is not about MechQuest it does not belong here. Please use the AQ Q&A for AdventureQuest questions and the DF Q&A for those about DragonFable, thanks!

    What Not to be Posting:

    • A duplicate entry (1)
    • If you do not have all information (2)
    • Anything which is not a 'pedia entry (3)
    • Guides (4)
    • Do not reply unless updating (5)

    What is OK to post:

    • 'Pedia Entries not ruled out by the above. (6)

    Longer Versions:

    • (1) - Duplicate entries are ones where you make an entry the same as someone elses. Even if yours is better, but theirs fulfils all that they need, then you should reply a good version to their's instead of make your own.
    • (2) - Do not post unless you have all of the information needed to post, otherwise it can be seen as a placeholder, so make sure you have the ability to fill out all fields with the information.
    • (3) - 'Pedia entries are as follows:

      • Enemies - Anything which you can fight in a battle in-game.
      • Mecha Bases - These are the items that you buy, which you put your weapons onto. They are the "base part" of your mecha and also change the Health/Energy.
      • Mecha Equipment - These are the weapons/helms you put on your Mechas.
      • Player Equipment - Weapons and clothes that you as a character use.
      • NPCs - Non-Player Controlled Characters. People you interact with in-game
      • Locations / Missions / Events - All the different places in MQ. This includes shops, main access areas and the battlezones. Descriptions, information on healing areas and shops...all the important things to know before you head out of town. Also includes the Special Event entries.

      If your entry would not be any of those, or their descriptions, then it doesn't belong in the 'pedia as it is not an entry.
    • (4) - Guides. Although they are helpful, they are not currently allowed in the 'pedia just yet as there aren't enough items to need them, all that's needed is a small index, and each section has one.
    • (5) - Do not reply unless you are updating the existing entry. Discussion goes in MQ General Discussion and questions in Q&A.
    • (6) - 'Pedia entries not ruled out by the above, thanks for making them, and please make sure that they are in the right place.

    This is the official forum for guides! If you wish to write one of your own, post it in the Pending Guides forum. Anyone who is interested in updating an already existing guide may post an application in this thread: Guide Owners Needed!

    For more detailed Guides rules see this thread: MechQuest Guides: The Rules. You must read this before taking up or posting any guides.

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
    5/22/2010 8:18:23   
    Sir Gnome

    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
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