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The Hall of Memories - Darkovian Ultimatum

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5/28/2010 2:37:51   
Times Silent Keeper

The Hall of Memories
Darkovian Ultimatum

Today's Events » Darkovian Ultimatum » Open Doors » 6: Darkovian Ultimatum OR
Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » Dracopyre Legacy » 6: The Hall of Memories » Open Doors » 6: Darkovian Ultimatum

«Scene: Nightbane's Fortress»

«A shadow is cast on the floors of the fortress close to Donovan.»

Donovan: What are YOU doing here?
???: We had an... agreement. I provided you with information including the instructions for the ritual that was so important for your ascension, and you...
???: You... You provide me with concessions whenever I asked.
???: Or... was that descension?
Donovan: ...
???: Do I hear dissension? I know... it was your distention. You do seem to have a bit more paunch... hehehe...
Donovan: You provided half information and whispers. Why should I do anything for you?
???: Because it would advance your position. Also, I led you to a position of power.
Donovan: You merely pointed; I rose to power on my own.
???: I led indirectly. Just as I indirectly led Balius before you, and as I have led countless others in the past.
Donovan: Enough games. You will leave my castle... NOW!!!
???: Yes, just as I indirectly led Balius before you, and as I have led countless others in the past. Unfortunately, in this moment, Balius is no longer around to play.
???: And I do so like this castle. I liked it when your predecessor held it... and I liked it when I myself ruled it.
???: I must say though that your predecessor had better taste in curtains and statues. Blood red curtains? How much more tacky and cliché can a birdie get?
Donovan: You? You... ruled it?
???: Of course, there was a different building here then...
Donovan: What building?
???: All of the others who were here, I killed and either raised as undead... or salted the earth with the ash of their bones...
Donovan: Just forget it. I asked you to leave, and you...
???: Did you know that the High Communicant of the Light Lord once had his temple where this castle stands?
???: He was a direct avatar, but even with the protection of his Lord I killed him and took his place.
???: And his place too... hehehe...
Donovan: Im-- Impossible...
???: Of course, the forest was very different then... and the Light Lord did send Paladin the paladin to get his-- her, its, their-- licks in eventually. But I am not here to talk about that.
Donovan: I do not fear you...
???: You and I had a direct agreement... and the time has come to pay.
Donovan: I can kill you where you stand.
???: Kill me? Really Donovan, please try. But first, you should know... I cannot die.
???: Of course, I cannot live either, hehehehe.
Donovan: Then you are undead... And Undead can be controlled.
???: Oh, such a simple minded little birdie you are. I am not undead either.
???: Undead beings are alive. It's in the name even, "un"-dead... as in NOT dead....
Donovan: ...
???: Undead meet all of the categories for life... They just are not biological...
Donovan: Undead are not living...
???: Oh yes they are. They are so many forms of life. I have been long studying living creatures. Undead are just one form, biological life is another, elementals are yet another.
Donovan: ...
???: So yes... whatever others may say... whatever death may pretend... You still are living... just differently now...
???: You still eat... you still grow... you still reproduce... well, after your kind... hehehe...
???: How about a different game? Hehehehe....

«A short cutscene shows the shadow enlarging all the way until it envelops Donovan and nearly fills the screen, revealing the shadow to be a very familiar hooded figure. The figure then shrinks back to its shadow form.»

Donovan: What... what is this... what are you doing!?

«The "shadow" starts his game. Every command shouted below causes Donovan to transform between NightReign and his human form in a puff of smoke, without Donovan being able to control it.»

???: Dracopyre on!
???: Dracopyre off.
???: Dracopyre on.
???: Dracopyre off.

«The "shadow" then stops his "game."»

???: Know this. All that live and all that die are but variants of the material. I am immaterial. But that... hehehe... is immaterial.
???: What matters is that I neither live nor die. I am immutable like stone... Yet ever changing...
Donovan: So you are a virus... You emulate life but do not have it.

«The "shadow" originally on the floor tilts slowly and gains form until it becomes the Mysterious Stranger in his physical form.»

Mysterious Stranger: Very astute... At once a moron and genius... oh, but what's this, then? We are being watched...
Donovan: No one is here... no one could be!
Mysterious Stranger: B e i n g... Watched....
Donovan: How?
Mysterious Stranger: Spying birdies spy... they spy badly... but not even in your dreams may you spy on me with impunity, birdie. Not even a one such as you.

«Light illuminates the area and blinds the screen. You appear in Battleon, meeting up with Diviara, Amilara, both Ryuuseis and Gaiden.»

«You»: What a funny dream. But... not the good kind. ...Oh, hello, Gaiden, Ryuusei... and, uh, Cartwright.
Cartwright: Hello, «You». Sorry to greet and run, but my analog and son were just about to go to the Scar. We were saying our goodbyes to Amilara and Diviara.
Gaiden: Yes, I have much to work through and... much to discuss. I... have a brother now. That's still unusual to say. It's amazing how much the world can change in a blink.
Cartwright: We will meet again in a few weeks, won't we, Diviara? To discuss the matter of appropriate representation at the new temple of Deren.
Diviara: Oh... Of course... Yes. But I am sure Tralin will agree without issue. We just need to have a statue commissioned.
Cartwright: Well then. Are we ready?
Ryuusei: I believe so, if our son is.
Gaiden: Yes...
Ryuusei: And we're off...

«The Mirror of the Wyk opens and both Ryuuseis along with Gaiden enter the enlarged Mirror, which shatters into pieces shortly after they depart.»

«You»: Such a strange dream...
Diviara: Hmm...
Amilara: Are you alright, my friend? You seem bothered. Is there anything we can do to help?
«You»: I don't think so. Just a... wait a minute. I've been looking for you, but with the Flecks...

«The scene zooms in on Diviara and Amilara.»

Amilara: Um... beg pardon?
Diviara: Really, Amilara... Personal pronouns are not optional in language. "Beg your pardon..."
Amilara: Are we really going to have a discussion about grammar now, Dad?
Diviara: Sorry... it's just... I never was there for you to prevent bad habits. I feel I need to make up for lost time.

«The scene zooms out.»

«You»: I think your son turned out pretty good as it is, Diviara.
Diviara: I agree, but... Never mind. Why were you looking for us, «You»?
«You»: This was before I even went to Regeirk's world. Cenara and I were looking for you... Well, for Amilara in particular.
Amilara: Why?
«You»: We need to meet with Cagliari. Do you know where he is?
Amilara: Yes, he and his band have an agreement with the Ulgathi and Elani in Greenguard Forest, and they have settled near there.
Amilara: I can take you to him, but... what is this about?
«You»: Last names are not all that common in these parts, but do you happen to know if Cagliari has one?
Amilara: I believe his surname is Lux.
«You»: He was a priest.
Amilara: That sounded more like a statement than a question. He IS a priest, yes.
«You»: An... UNDEAD priest... of the LIGHT Lord?
Diviara (in unison): Yes she is his patron. Do you really find that any stranger than a necromancer Communicant of the Light Lord?
Amilara (in unison): Who mentioned the Light Lord? You seem to know a great deal about him... I won't put my friend at risk. Explain yourself.
«You»: Well, when you put it like that, Diviara... no. No, I guess not.
Amilara: So what is this all about?
Diviara: This is «You», Amilara. I understand you have had to protect the undead before, but remember where the two of you just fought side by side.
«You»: Thank you, Diviara. It's nothing like that about Cagliari. I get why you're worried, but I just need some information.
«You»: This is a mess. And to think, I could have been a/an cosmetologist* instead. *sigh*
Diviara: That does not sound like you to me.
Amilara: So really, tell us, what is this all about?
«You»: Really. When I was born, did my parents think my life would be this?
«You»: Maybe they said 'I hope «You» grows up to become a/an boil lancer** someday.'
Diviara: *shudder* No parent wishes for that sort of future for their child. Believe me.
«You»: To answer your question, Amilara-- the short version is Cenara and I are trying to find out what happened to Darkovia, through Falerin's Hall of Memories...
«You»: Because of what we have seen, we have reason to believe that Cagliari Lux has knowledge that is crucial to our attempt.
«You»: The long version is going to take a while...

Several Hours Later.....

Diviara: This is very bad. He is right. We need to get him to Cagliari at once. That creature... no, creature is wrong... being?... no, entity is very bad news.

«The scene zooms in on Diviara and Amilara.»

Diviara: The legends around him are the very reason my former order wore his mantle.
Diviara: He is said to fear not even the gods. His very image evokes terror in many.
Diviara: Knowing what he has done might give clue to his intentions.

«The scene zooms out.»

«You»: He can't be more powerful than a god. There's no way. If he were, he wouldn't need to play games.
Diviara: Some deities are fairly inscrutable... they use the term "ineffable" for them for a reason. Divine logic is not always logical to less divine beings.
«You»: If he is divine... I might prefer the diabolic.
Diviara: That is not the point. I do not think he is a god. I DO think what he said in the dream to Donovan in true. He is a true immortal, as he was never alive.
Diviara: If that is true, even the gods cannot kill him. Imprison or exile, perhaps, but not kill.
Diviara: That is my theory, anyway. I may be incorrect. I think, though, that he fears none and acts with impunity. How and why even I cannot say.
Diviara: You know... whenever that one gets involved, I start to think you may have been on to something earlier.
«You»: Right about what?
Diviara: To think, «You», I could have been a/an slug rancher***.
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    * - Possible words include:
    "a librarian", "a cosmetologist", "a farmer", "a mathematician", "a sanitation engineer", "a stage magician", "an architect", "a fashion model", "a fishmonger", "a circus barker", "a latrine mucker", "an interior decorator", "a landscaper", "an actor", "a playwright", "a firefighter", "a gladiator", "a pig pen raker", "a botanist", "a volunteer for Zorbak's necromantic experiments", "a zoo pen cleaner"

    ** - Possible words include:
    "a tax collector", "a telemarketer", "a boil lancer", "a pig wrangler", "an autopsy technician", "a Zard pellet technician", "a torture device test subject", "a crash test dummy", "a zombie cell sanitizer", "a quadruple amputee"

    May also give an error, which results in "Undefined."

    *** - Possible words include:
    "an actuarian", "a dietician", "a worm farmer", "a sewage treatment specialist", "a janitor at the Oaklore home for incontinent elderly", "a slug rancher", "a sewer repair diver", "a roadkill chef", "a battlefield entrails cleaner", "a gangrene amputator", "a latrine mucker"

    Thanks to In Media Res for all permutations of words above!

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