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Eclipsus Quest Chain - 1: Irolustre & Kiveras

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5/28/2010 9:57:33   
Times Silent Keeper

Eclipsus Quest Chain
1: Irolustre & Kiveras

Event Button » Wanted: Irolustre the Bandit! OR Travel Map » Eclipsus Cult » 1: Irolustre & Kiveras

Rettath: So, how long have you been a personal guard?
Chin: 3 years. But that's nothing compared to the 15 years you've been doing this job. I like it.
Rettath: Haha, yeah! What other job lets you relax in a mansion all day looking at giant chests full of gold!
Chin: Haha! You got that right! Hey, I'm going to get lunch. You want something from Burger Queen?

«A gust of wind is heard.»

Rettath: Hey, did you hear th--

«A large black tail pierces through the glass window of the mansion, wraps around the treasure box and takes it along with it out the window. Outside the mansion, it is revealed that Kiveras was the one who stole the box, with Irolustre riding Kiveras.»

Irolustre: Good work, Kiveras! Now, it's off to the village of Barenford where--
???: Yield, draconic beast!!!!

«A spear is shot at Kiveras which throws Irolustre off its back. Kiveras retaliates by shooting an energy bolt at its assailant, who is Galanoth.»

Galanoth: Foul creature! Your breath stinks far more than it stings!

«Irolustre confronts Galanoth outside the mansion.»

Galanoth: Out of my way, dark elf. I'll deal with you after I turn that wyvern of yours into confetti!
Irolustre: I am no dark elf. There may be some elven blood in my veins, but what I AM is none of your business. And I will never let you harm Kiveras again!
Galanoth: Kiveras?? You named that infernal thing?!?

«You enter the scene.»

Galanoth: «You»! Just in time. I'm about to lay down the law with this dark elf.
«You»: Irolustre! What are you doing here? Why is Galanoth after you?
Irolustre: I was merely trying to redistribute some wealth when Kiveras and I were blindsided by this towering oaf!
Galanoth: Bah. STEALING by any other name is still stealing. And whenever a member of dragonkind is involved in such criminal acts, it is I who must deal with it-- and that is what is going to happen!
«You»: Well, I know it's true that Irolustre has committed many crimes-- It's what's she's known for, in fact.
Irolustre: Thank you for the vote of confidence, friend. But I do what I do not for selfish reasons! I take much, yes...
Irolustre: ...but only from those who have MORE than they could ever need. And I keep only enough to feed myself and Kiveras. The rest I give to the poor.
«You»: Wait-- I've heard this story before. You don't happen to have a bow and arrows on you, do you?

«The scene zooms in on Irolustre.»

Irolustre: I prefer more UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL methods...

«The scene zooms out.»

«You»: Galanoth, it sounds to me like Irolustre and her wyvern aren't evil at all. It's probably best to just get the gold she stole back and--
Galanoth: Sorry, but I've already made my choice. Guards!! I've got the thief cornered!
«You»: I have to insist that we handle this a different way, Galanoth... Irolustre-- take off with Kiveras! I'll buy you time!
Galanoth: You're making a mistake, «You»!

«Irolustre escapes.»Galanoth: You-- shouldn't have done that. Now those two are free to continue taking what is not theirs!
«You»: I'll find a way for her to pay back what she took, and then we'll get her to join OUR side. Something tells me that she'll be a formidable ally to have.
  • Go!

    «Kiveras rests near a tree and you enter the scene.»

    «You»: Ahhh, THERE you are, girl. Any idea where your rider is?

    «Irolustre enters the scene.»

    Irolustre: I knew you would find me, «You». Thank you for coming to my aid back there. I, uh, wouldn't have NEEDED it...
    «You»: That's what everyone thinks. Nine times out of ten, everyone's wrong. So where were you going to take that gold you stole from the mansion?
    Irolustre: Barenford, in western Greenguard. It's a mostly human village made up of people displaced from Darkovia during the Vampire and Werewolf wars.
    Irolustre: They had a tough winter and their early growing season yielded little harvest. This gold will help them survive through summer and build up their supplies for this next winter.
    «You»: I support the idea of helping those in need, but there are other ways to do it without stealing. I know you understand that--
    Irolustre: I choose those I steal from very carefully. You see, the gold I took today belonged to a shipping merchant who made his money exporting endangered creatures to Deren and Vandar.
    Irolustre: He made his money in a bad way... and I took it from him for a good reason. He won't miss it much.
    Irolustre: And in another year or two I'll pay him another visit to relieve him of some more ill-gotten gains.
    Irolustre: And this particular village has a special need. The people are afflicted with a DISEASE. Gnaru-Hynn Syndrome.
    Irolustre: Men, women, children. They ALL have it. This gold will help them buy the medicines they need to save themselves.
    «You»: That sounds horrible! What kind of disease is it? What does it do?
    Irolustre: Gnaru-Hynn, if it spreads far enough, could be the total undoing of all of Lore!! It -- it slowly degenerates the victim's sense of humor...
    «You»: On no, dear-- Huh? Their sense of humor?
    Irolustre: Indeed. I'm not kidding. Losing one's sense of humor can be deadly. Now, I'll need your help to get to the village.
    Irolustre: Kiveras is still recovering from her injury at Galanoth's hand. She can't fly right now. Help me carry the gold to the village.
    «You»: It sounds like they need it more than anyone else does. Okay, I'm in! Let's do this...
  • Go!

  • Fight with Irolustre's help!
  • Fight by yourself

    Regardless of choice
    After nearly a day of travel through the forest of Greenguard, you arrive in the small village of Barenford with Irolustre by your side, and a small fortune in gold...

    «Scene: Barenford»

    Irolustre: Greetings, people of Barenford! I am Irolustre! My friend and I have brought you some much-needed gold to help you all get back on your feet.
    Murof: That-- that is very appreciated, stranger. We have of course heard of your exploits. We never thought that our simple village would ever be one of your beneficiaries.
    Murof: And just who is your friend here, so that we might thank them properly as well?
    «You»: Actually, I'd prefer to remain-- anonymous. At least for now.
    Irolustre: Oh, hehe. Yes, I can see why you'd want that. We traveled quite far-- Could we trouble you for some provisions for our journey home?
    Murof: Most definitely! Our new friends deserve the best. Genira, would you please give our two heroes some basillia bread?

    «Genira holds basillia bread in her hands.»

    Genira: Of course, Daddy! I have some right here!
    «You»: That's nice of you! Mind if I ask what the little spots in the bread are?

    «The scene zooms in on Murof and Genira.»

    Murof: Those are just some basillia berries! They prevent scurvy and keep your hair from falling out.
    Irolustre: YUMMY!

    «The scene zooms out.»

    Irolustre: We'll gladly take it. My friend and I need to keep heading west a bit-- I need to check on something.
    «You»: We do??
    Irolustre: On our way back I'll swing by again to check on you all, okay?
    Genira: Thanks so much for helping us! Now we can all get our senses of humor back!

    On the way into Darkovia, Irolustre explains that basillia berries are only found there, and that she wanted to make sure the area where the villages were harvesting the berries was cleared of dangerous monsters!
  • Fight with Irolustre's help!
  • Fight by yourself
    Regardless of choice«A tent is set up in Darkovia forest.»

    «You»: The villagers must really be in pretty bad shape if they have to come all the way out here to forage for food.
    Irolustre: Despite the bleakness of this area, some tasty things grow out here. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't help myself-- I nearly ate all of the basillia bread!

    «Irolustre suddenly stretches out his hand, holding one small piece of the bread.»

    Irolustre: I did save you one bite, however. Want it?
  • Eat the basillia bread
  • Don't eat the bread

    «Depending on your choice, you get a different dialogue at different points of the quest.»

      Eat the basillia bread
      «You»: I think that sounds good-- I'm hungry! We can head back east tomorrow morning. We still need to figure out how to keep you from constantly getting in trouble.
    • Eat it!

      «Irolustre places down her hand.»

      Irolustre: Ha! That's good bread, isn't it??
      «You»: mmmm- hmmff! mmmmmmm
      Irolustre: We will definitely head back in the morning. I'll take first watch-- You get some sleep.

      The dialogue continues below.
      Don't eat the bread
      «You»: No thank you, Irolustre. We can head back east tomorrow morning. We still need to figure out how to keep you from constantly getting in trouble.

      «Irolustre puts down her hand.»

      Irolustre: Ha! Indeed we must. Okay, I will take first watch. You can get some sleep.

      The dialogue continues below.
    «Deep into the night, as Irolustre guards the tent, a sound is heard...»

    Irolustre: Hmmm... I'm sure I heard something.

    «Irolustre moves further away from the tent to check the surroundings.»

    Irolustre: My skin tingles, tells me something is out here. But my eyes see nothing! At least «You» is asleep...
    Irolustre: ... No need for both of us to be creeped out.

    «Darkness fills in from the right edge of the screen and a figure appears beside Irolustre, its hand stretching out to her...»

    Irolustre: Wh-- what's that??

    «The figure approaches Irolustre... You wake up and some footprints appear near the tent.»

    «You»: Irolustre?? Where are you??
    «You»: I must have only been asleep for a few hours-- It's still the middle of the night. Where could she have gone?
    «You»: Irolustre!!

      Eat the basillia bread
      «You»: Ugh... I feel a bit sluggish. That bread must have been a little off!

      «Just like Irolustre's case, darkness fills in slowly from the right edge from the screen...»

      «You»: Whoa! What are THESE??

      2 BATTLES
      Level 1-18: Eclipsus Moglin (8) , Eclipsus Moglin (8)
      Level 19-38: Eclipsus Moglin (28) , Eclipsus Moglin (28)
      Level 39-58: Eclipsus Moglin (48) , Eclipsus Moglin (48)
      Level 59-78: Eclipsus Moglin (68) , Eclipsus Moglin (68)
      Level 79-98: Eclipsus Moglin (88) , Eclipsus Moglin (88)
      Level 99+: Eclipsus Moglin (108) , Eclipsus Moglin (108)

      Full Heal after battle #2

      «The darkness retreats.»

      «You»: UGLIEST... MOGLIN... EVER.
      «You»: I really hope one of those things didn't drag Irolustre away and-- Hmmm!
      «You»: Footprints! They look like they're from Irolustre's boots. So-- she wasn't dragged away. She walked. This can't be good, but I have to find her. This is Darkovia, after all....
      «You»: ... Even a sneaky rogue with midnight-purple skin, black hair and metal claw gloves can find it to be a bit rough...
    • Continued!

      You access the rewards shop.
      Don't eat the bread
      «You»: Wait a-- Footprints! They look like they're from Irolustre's boots. This can't be good, but I have to find her. This is Darkovia, after all....
      «You»: ... Even a sneaky rogue with midnight-purple skin, black hair and metal claw gloves can find it to be a bit rough....
    • Continued!

      You access the rewards shop.

    Eclipsus 1

  • Irolustre's Scratching Claw
  • Irolustre's Guardian Claw
  • Irolustre's Slashing Claw Z
  • Irolustre's Slashing Claw
  • Irolustre's Slicing Claw
  • Irolustre's Guardian Gouging Claw
  • Irolustre's Eviscerating Claw

    Coming Next: Part 2 -- The Eclipsus!
  • Play again! (Try the other choice!)
  • Guardian Tower!
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