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Eclipsus Quest Chain - 3: Awakening Barenford

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6/11/2010 1:27:43   
Times Silent Keeper

Eclipsus Quest Chain
3: Awakening Barenford

Event Button » Fall of the Eclipsus!!! OR Travel Map » Eclipsus Cult » 3: Awakening Barenford

«You meet with Irolustre up on top of the Darkovian mansion where she escaped from.»

«You»: How do you feel, Irolustre? Have you shaken off the Eclipsus' effect on you?
Irolustre: ..................
Irolustre: No, I have not. In fact, I must kill you now.
  • !!!

    «Irolustre suddenly pounces towards you and strikes you with her metal claw. The scene becomes covered in a flash of red, then blacks out...»

    «You»: AAAGGHHHH!!!!«Irolustre sits on the roof, defeated.»

    «You»: Sorry, Irolustre. I didn't have much choice.
    Irolustre: No-- I'm sorry, «You». The Eclipsus got the better of me, and it nearly cost the both of us our lives.

    «Irolustre recovers.»

    Irolustre: And I know how they did it. The Barenford villagers had already been under the Eclipsus mind-control... and they gave us basillia-berry bread.
    Irolustre: The BERRIES make one much more susceptible to the Eclipsus' mind control powers.
    «You»: Right-- I had figured as much. You and I have to stop this cult before they can spread further.
    «You»: One of us has to round up the villagers and get them back home, while the other fights the Eclipsus.
    Irolustre: I'll fight. I need to pay them back for what they did to me...
    «You»: In your weakened state, I'm not so sure that's the best plan. Plus, you're much better suited to gathering the villagers and getting them back home with the help of your wyvern Kiveras!
    Irolustre: Hmmm... logic prevails. Good luck to you!
    «You»: We'll both need it.

    «Kiveras raises her hand to the Darkovian night sky.»

    Irolustre: Kiveras!! Hear my call!!

    «The scene zooms out to reveal the whole Darkovian mansion. Kiveras flies into the scene and picks up Irolustre.»

    Irolustre: Fight well, «You», and show this cult that their 'Dreamsider' is nothing more than a dream!

    «Kiveras takes Irolustre and flies off from the scene.»«Scene: Barenford»

    «You»: This isn't good. Here I am back in Barenford and there are none of the villagers in sight. And no Irolustre or Kiveras, either.
    «You»: They should have gotten back here by now. And... what happened to this place??
    «You»: Everything's begun to die. This is part of Greenguard Forest, not in Darkovia. It shouldn't look like this...

    «An Eclipsus cult member enters, riding a monstrosity into the scene.»

    Radjinn: The Dreamsider wants this land to be as his home when he returns! All must be perfect! And everyone must do his will!
    «You»: Ack! That's one ugly dog!!
    Radjinn: This is no dog, unbeliever... This is an Akigo, beast of a thousand teeth! It has been a loyal companion to the Eclipsus for many centuries.
    «You»: So-- What exactly ARE you Eclipsus? You seem to have just popped out of nowhere and started this cult. And this 'Dreamsider' you talk about... never heard of him.
    Radjinn: We have been here since time began... always watching from the shadows. Now is a time of weakness among mortals.
    Radjinn: You stretch your resources thin, and fight amongst yourselves constantly. The Dreamsider has spoken to me from his deep sleep, and has made me his prophet.
    «You»: Is the Dreamsider a god of some kind?
    Radjinn: You blaspheme, unbeliever, calling the Dreamsider a god. The Dreamsider is beyond such classification. When he returns, those who disbelieve will believe.
    «You»: Sounds like you don't even know what you're talking about. Did I mention that I really don't like your methods of gathering believers?
    «You»: Brainwashing and trickery are very bad ways to go about it. I'm afraid I'm going to have to kick you out of Barenford.
    Radjinn: You may try. But know that when the Dreamsider returns, you w--
    «You»: Ah, shut your ugly yap already!
  • Battle!«Barenford's townspeople return.»

    «You»: Ah, great to see you again, Murof! Are you-- back to being the "real" Murof?
    Murof: I am, friend! We remember the Eclipsus. Their thoughts were in our heads, and now they are gone.
    Genira: Yes, Father-- it is all a bit hazy. But now we are all just as we were days ago, before the Eclipsus came to us.
    Murof: I can't say we trusted them when they first appeared, but we were desperate. By the time you and Irolustre showed up with the gold to the help us, they had already made their move.
    Genira: I believe it was the basillia berries which lowered our resistance to their mental powers. We only discovered them a few days ago while foraging in the outskirts of Darkovia...
    «You»: Just for future reference, friends, whenever someone approaches you that LOOKS incredibly evil, there is a better-than-average chance that they ARE evil.
    Genira: But Blackhawke looks a little evil... and so does Vampire Slayer E...
    Murof: Kalanyr and Galanoth both look a little evil, too...
    «You»: Uhh... Hmm. Yeah. Just... be sure to do a little research before trusting anyone who just shows up at the exact right time claiming they can fix all your problems, okay?
    «You»: So anyways, where is Irolustre? She brought you all back here, right?
    Genira: Yes she did! And when we returned, our beautiful village looked like-- this. Everything is dying, and...

    «The background shows a transition, with the land becoming fertile once more, plants coming back to life, and everything around turning into a lush green color.»

    Genira: !!!
    «You»: That would be what the Eclipsus were hiding from you. They must have been slowly draining the life out of your land... and probably out of YOU as well.
    «You»: But now that they're gone, everything is back to normal!
    «You»: Did any of you see which direction Irolustre and Kiveras flew?

    «Murof points to the eastern direction.»

    Murof: They flew -- thataway!
  • Go!

    «You»: Where could they be? And why wouldn't they wait for me to get back? Seems a little rude just to take off like that...

    «Galanoth enters the scene.»

    Galanoth: «You»! What a coincidence, that I should find YOU here on the trail of that bandit and her wyvern...
    «You»: Helloooo--- Newman.
    Galanoth: Eh???
    «You»: Sorry. Couldn't resist throwing you an outdated otherdimensional pop culture reference.
    Galanoth: So this Newman isn't someone I need to be concerned about?
    «You»: Not unless you live in Manhattan.
    Galanoth: ..............
    «You»: Sooo... heh... How about them Mets?
    Galanoth: All I care about right now is finding that willy Irolustre and her dangerous wyvern companion.
    «You»: You tend to go after a lot of flying beasts, Galanoth. Have you ever considered getting yourself one?
    Irolustre: I see you, «You»! And I also see a large, slow, landbound creature with metal skin!

    «Galanoth gets agitated instantly and looks to the sky.»

    Galanoth: YOU!
    «You»: Thank you for saving the villagers, Irolustre!!

    «In the clear skies, Kiveras flies into the scene with Irolustre riding on his back.»

    Irolustre: We'll meet again, my friend! And Galanoth... Next time, I might be the one surprise-attacking you!
    Irolustre: Fly, Kiveras!

    «Kiveras takes off into the skies.»
    Eclipsus 3

  • Summon Kiveras I
  • Summon Kiveras II
  • Summon Kiveras III Z
  • Summon Kiveras IV
  • Summon Kiveras V
  • Guardian Summon Kiveras VI

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
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