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The Nova Knight

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7/7/2010 9:18:18   
Times Silent Keeper

The Nova Knight
Imperfect Future

Event Button » The Nova Knight! OR Access The Devourer Saga » Part 3: Hope » Nova Knight

The future is not set in stone. Every action we take today affects tomorrow. No matter how much we plan, random chance is always a factor. And even if, through the vast powers of magic and science, we come to see the future, that is only one possible future, out of infinite possibilities. However, when someone from the future travels back into the past, to them that is their one and only true past. To them, whatever actions they take will forever alter their own future, and their own lives...
  • The future...

  • «Scene: The future, rampaged by Makkisar and his Spawn of Carnax»

    Lore, 1000 years from the present, following the war with Makkisar and the Spawn of Carnax. The Order, with the aid of heroes from the past, reclaimed the future. Now, the rebuilding has begun. But far outside of the cities, many fantastical creatures still exist. Some of them, however, are nearing extinction. The Nova Knights have made it their sworn duty to try and save such creatures. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes...

    «Scene: Dwarfhold Mountains»

    «A brand new breed of dragon enters, followed by a Nova Knight.»

    Randor: Old Scar...
    Old Scar: What do you want, Nova Knight? And why don't you just call me what everyone else does... O'Scar?
    Randor: I find Old Scar to be a bit more respectful. So... is it true? What I've heard?
    Old Scar: Yes, yes it is. I have searched far and wide. I AM THE LAST DRAGON ON LORE.
    Old Scar: All have passed on. Infighting, natural disaster... And collectors and poachers, mostly of YOUR kind, HUMAN...
    Old Scar: And atop that, in this age of decay and waning magic my kind's very strength is less than it has ever been.
    Randor: They say the magical core of Lore expended much of its power during the time of the WarpForce, in defense of the planet against the Engine of Destruction.
    Randor: So yes, the most magical creatures were the first to feel the change.
    Old Scar: I believe that my time has come, too. I feel the last of my energies draining away as we speak. There is nothing you can do to save me, Nova Knight.

    «Old Scar collapses to the ground. Zooming in to his eyes, it shuts, signifying the last dragon's death.»

    Randor: ......... Rest in peace, Old Scar.

    «Old Scar's spiritual essence transfers from Old Scar to Randor's sword. Randor looks at his sword in surprise.»

    Randor: What on Lore was that??

    «A portal appears.»

    Randor: !!!
    Voice: Enter the portal, Nova Knight, and your wish may come true...
    Randor: Who are you?
    Voice: Enter the portal and all will be revealed.
    Randor: How can I resist THAT??

    «Randor enters the portal. The scene instantaneously changes to Dwarfhold Mountains, covered in snow and ice.»

    Randor: Whoa-- Where am I?!? Why are the northern Dwarfhold Mountains suddenly covered in snow and ice??

    «A fairy flies into the scene.»

    ???: Randor the Nova Knight?
    Randor: Yes-- that's me. And you are--?
    ???: I am Fayne, Time Fairy of the Sixth Vane. I brought you here, 1000 years before your time!
    Fayne: This is the Age of Intervention, the time during which the people of Lore came to fully understand and become involved in the perils of the Devourer's intergalactic Network.
    Randor: I read about that. It was a grand time for Magiscience... Magic was at its peak, back then, and true scientific innovation began.
    Randor: WAIT A--
    Randor: I'm a thousand years IN THE PAST!!!!
    Randor: Why?? And when can I get back HOME?? And don't say "in a thousand years"!
    Fayne: Unfortunately, mortals are often subject to the whims of us Time Faeries. I sensed your inner conflict-- your desire to protect dying species--
    Fayne: -- and although we are forbidden to interfere very often, I have recently gained an extra Interference Ticket which allows me to change history.
    Fayne: So once you are done here, have no fear, I will take you back to your time.
    Randor: "Interference Tickets"?! "The whim of Time Faeries"?? Things are crazier than I ever imagined...
    Randor: So just what is it that you sensed in me?
    Fayne: The last dragon, O'Scar, should never have been the last dragon. In fact, you are here to make sure that there NEVER is a last dragon.
    Fayne: Dragons are far too amazing to ever become extinct. Your thoughts exactly.
    Randor: Yes, but-- All things must come to an end. Living and unliving... That is the way things must be.
    Fayne: Ultimately, the extinction of Lorian Dragons could have been prevented many ways. So who is to say it was ever meant to be?
    Fayne: The progression of time and all that occurs is but a game of chance. You will simply be rolling the dice once more.
    Fayne: Besides, this is exactly the kind of thing that Interference Tickets are for, hehe!
    Fayne: You must meet «You» in BattleOn, to the southwest of here.
    Fayne: «You» will guide you to your fate in this time.
    Randor: That sounds quite ominous, Fayne.
    Fayne: If I tell you much more, I'll have to get myself another Interference Ticket. So go, already!

    «Fayne flies away.»

    Randor: .........................

    «Scene: Battleon»

    Randor: Hello! Is there a «You» here?
    «You»: I'm «You». You must be Randor! The-- what was it again -- Nouveau Knight!
    Randor: AHEM.... it's, uh, NOVA Knight. And yes, Randor is the name. It's nice to meet you.
    Randor: So do you know all about where-- er, WHEN-- I'm from, and what I'm supposed to do here?
    «You»: Yes I do! A little birdie told me!
    Randor: A birdie?
    «You»: Birdies, faeries, whatever. She had wings.
    Randor: So where do we have to go to change the future?
    «You»: Amberflood Gorge in Darkovia. Supposedly there is a Network alien there who is some kind of poacher...
    Randor: Poacher! I hate poachers. Illegal hunting is the most heinous crime, and Nova Knights are sworn to prevent it whenever possible.
  • Fight your way to Darkovia with Randor's help!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice
      7 BATTLES
      Refer to Monster List below

      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #7
    «A strange looking Cor-Dem enters the scene.»

    ???: Hey!!! That Brain Spider was MINE!!
    Randor: What? Are you on some kind of quest, too?
    «You»: Hmm, no, Randor-- I think THIS is who the time faerie knew we would meet!
    Randor: You're the poacher???
    ???: "Poacher"?! Oh, please. Don't insult me. I'm not some run-of-the-mill hunter. I'm Vasillus the Relentless, and I'm aiming for the TOP, baby!
    Vasillus: I go after the last remaining members of a species and then track them until they die, or take them down myself.
    Vasillus: Then I catch their spiritual essence -- what you humans might call a soul -- and sell it to whomever can afford it!
    Randor: Why do these creatures have to die? Aren't they worth more alive??
    Vasillus: Oh sure, their physical bodies are worth a lot, but it's their souls that are eternal. Why would anyone want to pay me 100 million gold for a pile of rotting flesh?
    Vasillus: ...Hey, that sword you've got there. It looks familiar.
    Randor: I found it in some old wreckage of a strange ship when I was younger. The wreck was almost rusted into nothing, but the sword remained intact.
    Vasillus: RUSTED, you say? Huh. Question. Are YOU a time traveler, too?
    Randor: Normally, no, but today -- yes. And I think I've been brought to THIS particular time and place to stop YOU.
    Vasillus: Really? So I travel through time, as well. Knowing the times of a species' extinction is just more efficient than just guessing.
    Vasillus: Funny thing about that sword you have... It there looks like my soul-collecting device. Much bigger, though. I've got a prototype I'm working on.
    Vasillus: I plan to start an entire GUILD dedicated to my profession. We'll gather up the soul of every last member of every dying species in the galaxy!
    «You»: That would be it, Randor! That's why we have to stop Vasillus! Because if he does what he wants to do--
    «You»: -- this intergalactic "soul collecting" will result in the large-scale poaching of endangered species, just so they can get to the last, and most valuable, member of that species!
    Vasillus: Hmm... I never thought it through that far. I suppose that's what might naturally happen over time. Thanks for the idea! Now, I'm guessing you're from the future...
    Randor: I am...
    Vasillus: ... so I can't blame you for using that sword. But it looks like that's technically MY sword. I'm gonna have to TAKE it....
    «You»: If you're not going to stop collecting souls, it looks like WE'RE gonna have to stop you ourselves.
    Vasillus: You're good at making threats. Let's see if you're good at making GOOD on them!
  • Fight!

    «Randor and Vasillus pounce at each other, ready to strike.»«Fayne flies into the scene.»

    Fayne: It's not over yet! Remember O'Scar? I figured out a way that you can prevent his demise in the future!!
    Fayne: Follow me back to the northern Dwarfhold Mountains!
  • Go!

    «You»: I wonder what the time faerie meant... How could she have found a way to save a dragon you saw die 1000 years from now??

    «Fayne flies in.»

    Fayne: Easy! I found out that O'Scar is actually alive NOW, though he's much younger. So if Randor gives the soul of O'Scar that he collected with the sword in the future--
    Fayne: -- BACK to the YOUNG O'Scar, then O'Scar will have TWO SOULS in the future!! So he won't actually die!!
    «You»: Ahhhhhh!! I think I've hit my limits of how many paradoxes I can handle in a day!
    Randor: That... makes so little sense that it MUST have a chance of working! So where IS uhh-- YOUNG Old Scar?
    Fayne: Right here, right now!! Good luck!

    «As Fayne flies away, the young O'Scar enters the scene.»

    O'Scar: A tiny faerie told me that YOU have captured my soul inside your blade!
    «You»: Hmmm... Fayne didn't actually tell us HOW to give him the soul, did she?
    Randor: No. She didn't.
    O'Scar: Hmf. Then I guess I'll just have to TAKE IT, now, won't I?
  • Fight!«O'Scar recovers from his defeat.»

    O'Scar: I think I'll take my soul back, now, thank you very much...

    «The spiritual essence transfers from Randor's sword to O'Scar.»

    O'Scar: Ahhhhhh... Refreshing!

    «O'Scar leaves the scene.»

    Randor: That wasn't too bad, I guess.
    «You»: We just saved the last dragon and stopped an intergalactic poaching ring before it ever started! That was TOO GOOD!
    «You»: So... How are you supposed to get back home?

    «A time portal appears.»

    Randor: A time portal, of course!
    Randor: Thanks for helping me set things right, «You».
    Randor: If you ever get around to visiting 1000 years from now, look me up. The Nova Knights can always use some help!
    «You»: I just might! Hopefully you get back to where you belong... Time Travel Faeries are notorious for getting things out of order.
    Randor: I'm sure Fayne will get me back home in one piece.
  • Bye!

    «Back in the future, Randor gets sent to the wake of Makkisar's destruction...»

    Randor: ................ Time Travel Faeries ................

    «A time portal appears and transports Randor back to our Lore's time.»

    «You»: Back so soon??
    Randor: Seems so, «You». Looks like Fayne experienced some technical difficulties. I may not be going back home for a while.
    Randor: You showed valor befitting a true Nova Knight in helping me stop that poacher. If you accept, I'd like to make you an honorary member, until I can return and make it formal.
    Randor: Let's find a smith who can make a copy of the official uniform. And then I'll need to find something to do until I can get home and see if my efforts bore fruit...
    Nova Set

  • Nova Knight Machete Z
  • Nova Knight Cleaver
  • Nova Knight Machete
  • Guardian Nova Knight Broadsword
  • Nova Knight Kilij
  • Nova Knight Falchion

  • Nova Knight Hauberk Z
  • Nova Knight Cuirass
  • Nova Knight Hauberk
  • Guardian Nova Knight Mail
  • Nova Knight Light Plate
  • Nova Knight Plate

  • Nova Knight Shield Z
  • Nova Knight Buckler
  • Nova Knight Shield
  • Guardian Nova Knight Heater Shield
  • Nova Knight Ward
  • Nova Knight Aegis

  • Nova Knight Bascinet Z
  • Nova Knight Sallet
  • Nova Knight Bascinet
  • Guardian Nova Knight Armet
  • Nova Knight Helm
  • Nova Knight Great Helm

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Entry by Archmagus Orodalf. New location thanks to Xrai.
    Monster List
    Battles are non-random.

    Level 0-17: Brownie (4)
    Level 18-37: Brownie (18)
    Level 38-57: Brownie (38)
    Level 58-77: Brownie (58)
    Level 78+: Brownie (78)

    Level 0-21: Iron Golem (2)
    Level 22-41: Iron Golem (22)
    Level 42-61: Iron Golem (42)
    Level 62-81: Iron Golem (62)
    Level 82-101: Iron Golem (82)
    Level 102+: Iron Golem (102)

    Level 0-20: Mawler (11)
    Level 21-40: Mawler (21)
    Level 41-60: Mawler (41)
    Level 61-80: Mawler (61)
    Level 81-101: Mawler (81)
    Level 101+: Mawler (101)

    Level 0-25: FunGuy (7)
    Level 26-45: FunGuy (26)
    Level 46-65: FunGuy (46)
    Level 66-85: FunGuy (66)
    Level 86+: FunGuy (86)

    Level 0-21: Fundead Ripper (6)
    Level 22-41: Fundead Shredder (22)
    Level 42-61: Fundead Lacerator (42)
    Level 61-81: Fundead Eviscerator (62)
    Level 82+: Fundead Flenser (82)

    Level 0-20: Broadkil Bone-Drone (6)
    Level 21-37: Broadkil Cydaver (21)
    Level 38-55: Broadkil Corpsomaton (38)
    Level 56-70: Broadkil Cadaborg (56)
    Level 71-86: Broadkil Carcassdroid (71)
    Level 87+: Broadkil Necrobot (87)

    Level 0-27: Brain Spider Nymph (8)
    Level 28-47: Brain Spider Imago (28)
    Level 48-67: Jumping Brain Spider (48)
    Level 68-87: Tarantula Brain Spider (68)
    Level 88-97: Black Widow Brain Spider (88)
    Level 98+: Wolf Brain Spider (98)

    All monster lists thanks to In Media Res.

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