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RE: Status Conditions

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10/1/2013 14:57:30   
Daimyo Daimyo


Volt Rider, Thunderbolt Cavalry, Lightning Chevalier Z, Lightning Chevalier, Svadilfari's Oath, armors all have an attack that can Paralyze.

Star Journey Laser weapons can Paralyze when set to Stun.

Bun-Bowman pets can Paralyze.

Frogzilla Armors have a SP Spell that can inflict an Earth Burn.

Love Machine pets and Bun-Bozo pets can inflict Afraid.

Bun-Battler pets can Choke.

Bun-Brain pets can Control.

Azamay Golem pets can give you a Chi Shield when equipped with a Chi Shielding Runestone.
All added, thanks! ~Koree

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MQ  Post #: 51
1/20/2014 13:20:14   


Hammer Turret and variants are missing from list of pets that paralyze
Added, thanks! ~Koree

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AQ  Post #: 52
1/20/2014 18:22:25   
Daimyo Daimyo



Asgardian Magic Weapons ( Clarity of Voltage, Wisdom of Thunderbolts, Sagacity of Lightning, Mimishamarr)
Asgoldian Magic Weapons ( Clarity of Voltage, Wisdom of Thunderbolts, Sagacity of Lightning, Mimisgoldr)
Bun-Bowmen ( «Normal», Z, Guardian)
Bun-Bowmen are not weapons of mass destruction that can paralyze. They are pets.
Fixed, thanks! ~Koree

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MQ  Post #: 53
2/13/2014 17:28:17   
Daimyo Daimyo

Cupid and Deadeye Cupid pet series are missing from things that can Control page.

Jacques is a monster with a Chi Shield.

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MQ  Post #: 54
6/25/2014 7:55:19   
Legendary Scribe of Lore


Gauntlet of the Western Horizon can inflict Hokuto Hyakuderentsu Ken (Renamed Spiritual Seed)
Description: Internal «Weapon Element» damage grows and unleashes its power after the duration.


Also, the element of the SSeed is determined by the most recent attack element that you used, so a Fire/Ice/Fire/Ice attack (in that order) will mean the SSeed will be Ice element. Stacking of the SSeed will only occur if you're stacking the same element.

The Greenguard Avenger can inflict Forest's Wrath (renamed burn)
Description: Take Earth damage each round from the wrath of the forest.

Fujin dragons (monster and pets) can inflict Defence Loss and Blind.

Defence Loss

Defence Loss, «» round(s)
Takes -«» to all defences from attacks with the following element(s): «Element».

As described. The decreased defences are not displayed in the target's stats, but they will still take effect.

Things that inflict Defence Loss on Monsters:

  • Fujin Dragons ( [link=URL]Oreads' Ado Z[/link], [link=URL]Oreads' Ado[/link], [link=URL]Vinddverger's Pest[/link], [link=URL]Lokapala's Nuisance[/link], [link=URL]Bacabs' Bother Z[/link], [link=URL]Bacabs' Bother[/link], [link=URL]Ventus' Aggravation[/link], [link=URL]Anemos' Frustration[/link], [link=URL]Vayu's Pique[/link], [link=URL]Fujin's Curse[/link])
  • [link=URL]Axiomatic Chipmunk[/link], [link=URL]Squirrel of Order[/link]
  • Nerfbats ( [link=URL]Nerfbat Pup[/link], [link=URL]Micro Nerfbat[/link], [link=URL]Flappy Nerfbat[/link], [link=URL]Hyper Nerfbat[/link], [link=URL]Mega Nerfbat[/link], [link=URL]Vampire Nerfbat[/link], [link=URL]Ironfoam Nerfbat[/link], [link=URL]The Dark Nerfbat[/link], [link=URL]Nerfbatlord[/link])
  • [link=URL]Nerfit[/link]

    Monsters that inflict Defence Loss on Players:

  • [link=URL]Fujin Dragon[/link]
  • [link=URL]Nerfit[/link]

    Wind Wall (renamed Defence Boost)

    Wind Wall, «» round(s)
    A wall of wind surrounds you, giving you +«» to blocking defences.

    Things that inflict Wind Wall on the player:

  • [link=URL]Oreads' Dexterity Z[/link], [link=URL]Oreads' Dexterity[/link], [link=URL]Vinddverger's Agility[/link], [link=URL]Lokapala's Nimbleness[/link], [link=URL]Bacabs' Finesse Z[/link], [link=URL]Bacabs' Finesse[/link], [link=URL]Ventus' Finish[/link], [link=URL]Anemos' Poise[/link], [link=URL]Vayu's Grace[/link], [link=URL]Fujin's no Kiyousa[/link]
  • Got these. ~Carandor


    Devoured, «» round(s)
    You've been eaten!

    Monsters that Devour you:

  • [link=URL]Titanus[/link]


    Spirit Rend

    Spirit Rend, «» rounds(s)
    Stunned and spiritually weakened by direct damage to your spirit orb. Unable to act. Darkness resistance is increased (to a maximum of 200%) by 1.5x light resistance.

    The change to the monster's Darkness Resistance is not displayed to prevent bugs, but it still takes effect.

    If you (the Player) have your Spirit Rent and you do not act for a turn, then during that turn all Pet and Guest attacks deal 0% Stats damage.

    Monsters that Rend your Spirit

  • Ryn the Undying
  • Got this. ~Carandor

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 55
    8/1/2014 23:53:30   
    The Forgotten
    Exquisitely pathological


    Ryn the Undying has Fearful Presence. He can also throw around Bleed, normal Fear, Blind, Poison, and Burn. These statuses, aside from Fearful Presence, also need to be linked to in his monster page.
    Got this, thanks! ~Carandor

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    AQ AQW  Post #: 56
    11/30/2014 18:33:51   
    Legendary Scribe of Lore



    Absorbs the next «» points of healing the target would receive. Affects HP healing.

    Things that Make Monsters Diseased:

  • [link=URL]Brackish Blade[/link]

  • [link=URL]Giant Miniature BURP[/link]

    Monsters that Make You Diseased:

  • [link=URL]Pestilence[/link]
  • Got this. ~Carandor

    Earthen Shackles (renamed Entangled?)

    Earthen Shackles
    Bound by the power of the earth, unable to act until a save is made.

    Things that inflict Earthen Shackles on the player:

  • [link=URL]Ultimon's Essence[/link]


    Erm... I guess this would fall under the "other" category of the Armour Leans

    Your armour has a spellcaster lean. Monster attacks deal x1.25 damage, and armour attacks do x0.8 damage. However, all «element» damage from spells gains +«»% damage.

  • [link=URL]Angelic Robes[/link]
  • [link=URL]Brilhado Necromancer Robe[/link]

    Element Shield

    Element Shield, «» round(s), x«» modifier
    Reduces damage taken from the following elements: «».

    Things that grant you Element Shield:

  • [link=URL]Healing Wings[/link]
  • Got these. ~Carandor

    Corroded Armour

    Corroded Armour
    Armour is corroded by acid, take «»% damage for the rest of the battle.

    Monsters that Corrode your armour:

  • [link=URL]Acid Dragon[/link]
  • [link=URL]Fluoroantimonic Dragon[/link]

    Sand Golems can inflict offbalanced.

    Soul Drain

    Soul Drain

    Monster takes «» damage each round, Player healed by 50% of damage done.

    Things that Drain Monster's Souls:

  • [link=]Soul Steal[/link]

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 57
    3/12/2016 14:09:01   
    ArchMagus Orodalf


    For Backlash: the Overlord Shield series doesn't actually grant you the Backlash Status Condition, so they should not be listed here.
    Got this, thanks. ~Carandor

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 58
    3/9/2017 15:57:55   
     formerly In Media Res



    Update to the status system:

    # When making a saving throw, stats are to a max of 200 and to a min of -200. This'll largely be a bonus for you (no more monsters with 250 DEX overpowering you), but it can be a penalty (if you're using a misc item to boost your DEX), but overall this should be a positive change.
    # The "Level" modifier is no longer bounded and is more severe. This thing:

  • Level: (InflictLevelStat - ResistLevelStat)/5, minimum -20, maximum +20
  • Is now:

  • Level: (InflictLevelStat - ResistLevelStat)/2

    So if you're using a Lv10 item against a Lv150 monster, then the monster gets +70 to its save roll.
  • Got this, thanks! ~Carandor

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    AQ  Post #: 59
    8/27/2017 5:49:51   
     formerly In Media Res


    Soft Damage Cap status:

    It has a cap (X) and an exponent (Y).

    If the damage you would do is less than X, then you do normal damage.

    If the damage you would do is greater than X, then you do X+(damage-X)^Y.

    So if it's Cap=300 and Exponent = 0.8, and you try to do 700 damage, then you instead do 300+(700-300)^0.8 = 421 damage.
    AQ  Post #: 60
    11/16/2017 14:18:19   

    The original (Energy) Quester's Heavy Gunner can give you a Mana Shield.
    AQ  Post #: 61
    1/19/2018 20:13:22   
     formerly In Media Res


    I tried fixing some bugs with the Mana Shield status and uh... I accidentally rewrote the status. It now provides damage reduction, like the Damage Reduction status.

    Cost = MIN([MP left], [Power], [Damage]*[Efficiency]), rounded up
    Damage reduction = Cost / [Efficiency], rounded down
    AQ  Post #: 62
    5/5/2018 0:05:45   

    Soft Damage Cap mentions above is now:

    damage = sround( Cap * (damage/Cap)^Exponent))
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 63
    2/11/2019 20:23:24   
     formerly In Media Res



    1) VStat has been updated to match the v44 Stat Assumptions.

    2) I removed the ±20 cap on save modifiers.

    Example: If the save is at a -20 bonus and the monster has Status Weakness (-20), it adds up to -40. Before, this would be capped at -20. Now, you use the full -40.
    AQ  Post #: 64
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