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Kragoth's Campaign

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7/24/2010 23:52:47   
Times Silent Keeper

Kragoth's Campaign
Kragoth Marches to Battleon!

Today's Event » Kragoth Marches to Battleon!
Travel Map » Granemor » General Herous' Tower » 13: Kragoth Pt. 2

You can skip this cutscene at any time.

«Scene: Granemor, under repair»

«You»: This is amazing! Granemor is almost back to normal!
General Herous: Thank you, «You». Granemor is home to the hardest workers in all of Lore!
Visia: Might we dispense with the small talk?? There is the matter of Kragoth we've gathered to discuss.
«You»: You're in such a hurry. Do you need to rush back to your tower and turn a little caterpillar into a giant monster moth?
Visia: *hissss*
Warlic: Be calm, children...
Visia: I resent that comment!
Warlic: I *am* over 5000 years old.
«You»: What?? Wow! How is that even possible?
Warlic: I've said too much already. Back to the matter at hand...
Warlic: Kragoth has displayed considerable magical talent--
Warlic: -- even so far as being able to teleport you instantly from his underground lair back to Granemor before you could even begin to fight him.
«You»: Right. He caught me by surprise with that one.
Warlic: I will have to devise a way to neutralize his power. In the meantime, your forces must do their best to save Battleon from Kragoth's rebuilt army.
«You»: Save-- you mean he's marching on to Battleon??
Warlic: Several regiments have marched south past the broken walls of Granemor, and now cut east to Battleon. Kragoth remains in No Man's Land-- for what purpose I do not know.
Visia: My powers will allow me to find out.
«You»: Oh, I get it. While the rest of us fight Kragoth's army you'll go spy on him. Very brave of you.
Visia: I assure you-- If I get a chance to turn him into a mouse and his blade into a cheese grater, I will.

«Visia flies away.»

«You»: Well, I suppose it's time for us to defend Battleon!
  • To war!

    «Scene: Kragoth's Underground Fortress»

    «Two monstrosities, a Goblin and a Grax, enter the scene along with Kragoth.»

    Goblin: How may we be of service, maaaaster?
    Kragoth: Ahhh, my beautiful creations. Graxes, made from bears, lizards, and trolls... and Goblins, made from toads, orcs, and demons.
    Kragoth: Before I join the rest of my army at the front, I would have you do one last thing for me. Now, listen closely...

    «Scene: No Man's Land»

    Visia: Now.... Where would I be if I were Kragoth? Once a weak young-mage-in-training, and now a very strong... smelling... warlord.

    «A Grax enters and Visia backs off a little in disgust.»

    Visia: Ugh!! Ghastly! What are YOU??

    «Five Goblins enter the scene from both sides and corner Visia to the center.»

    Visia: You're not some of mine... or the late Mutant King's. Oh my. You belong to Kragoth, don't you. Now I hate him even more.
    Goblin: You come with uuusssss, pretty lady...
  • !!!

    Kragoth's Campaign
    Battle for Battleon!

    The Warlord Kragoth has displayed a powerful magical ability born of his new reshaped, mutant form, and is now launching his army, reinforced with newly created Goblins and Grax beasts, against Battleon! He already nearly destroyed Granemor... We must stop him now!
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Potion Bag: Refills health potions if you have less than 4 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    Fountain in the background: Heals 100 HP & MP per click

    Click on Artix the Paladin's head and he will join you in battle!
    Click on Mulb the Dwelf's head and he will join you in battle!
    Mercuria offers her powerful fire magic to help in this battle! Click on her staff to have her join you in battle!
    Boog runs the tavern in Granemor! Click on his pretty face to have him join you in battle!
    Click on Warlic the Archmage's head and he will join you in battle!
    General Herous leads the forces of Granemor! Click on his sword to have him join you in battle!
    Click on Tentei's helmet and he will help you in the battles!

    Artix will help you in battle!
    Mulb will help you in battle!
    Mercuria will help you in battle!
    Boog will help you in battle!
    Warlic will help you in battle!
    General Herous will help you in battle!
    Tentei will help you in battle!
    Dewlok will help you in battle!
    To Battle!

    Regardless of choice
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES

      Refer to Monster List below
    «After the defeat of 100% of Kragoth's minions...»
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal

      Refer to Monster List below
    «Kragoth enters the Battleon town square.»

    Kragoth: «You»! You again!
    «You»: Who were you expecting??
    Kragoth: Hmm... I don't know. Someone... powerful enough to stop me from burning Battleon to the ground?
    «You»: Oooh... low blow, buddy.
    Kragoth: JOIN ME, my bride! Watch as I defeat this LAST HERO OF BATTLEON!!

    «Visia enters the scene, wearing a dress. With her hair flailing about, it seems Visia has taken a more human form.»

    «You»: !!!! Visia!
    Visia: I know, I know, I look AWFUL! But Kragoth somehow stripped me of my power... I have no choice but to do what he says.
    Kragoth: You make it sound so BAD, my love! Your words cut me to the bone... Well, not really.
    «You»: So, Kragoth, you were expecting someone more powerful, eh? How's THIS someone?

    «Warlic appears in the scene.»

    Kragoth: Bah! My magic is nearly as strong as HIS, plus I have impenetrable demon armor and a rune-charged lightslayer blade!!
    Warlic: Overconfidence has cost more than one self-styled warlord their victory. Now, «You», strike, while I block his teleport ability!
    Kragoth: Huh?!?!
    «You»: Gladly, Arch One... gladly!
  • Fight!Kragoth: How-- how could you BEAT me?? How?!!?
    «You»: Skill, Kraggie. SKILL.
    Warlic: Uhh-- I -- I-- can't hold back Kragoth's power any longer! He can now use his teleport powers again!!
    «You»: Uh-oh! I wish you'd have warned me!!
    Kragoth: HAHAHA! Now-- I will send you ALL into the heart of Smoke Mountain, to BURN for eternity!!!

    «With a blinding flash, Kragoth... vanishes?»

    «You»: ...................

    «At Kragoth's underground red diamond fortress, he reappears. The scene zooms in to the fortress, showing him lying down, and stuck beneath the fortress itself.»

    Kragoth: ......... Wh--what?? I-- I'm stuck-- underneath my fortress!!! No--- no---

    «The scene zooms out.»

    Kragoth: NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: Actually reversing the polarity of his teleport ability and then tricking him into using it right away... Brilliant, Warlic. Brilliant.
    Warlic: And YOU, Visia, are now free. Sadly, I was unable to return your full powers to you. You should have enough to fly and perform some minor shaping, but...
    Visia: ... I understand. Well, thank you anyway for getting rid of that creep...
    «You»: Well, what do you both think about going back to Granemor with me and helping rebuild?
    Visia: Oh, I... uhhhh... I would, but I have a monthly mutants meeting to attend that I'm going to be late for...

    «Visia leaves the scene, walking away.»

    Warlic: ... Errm...
    Warlic: ..... Monthly Archmages' Meeting....

    «With a blink, Warlic disappears.»

    «You»: Awww, c'mon, you could do better than that!
    Kragoth 2

  • Kragoth's Broadsword Z (L. 5)
  • Kragoth's Broadsword (L. 25)
  • Kragoth's Broadsword (L. 45)
  • Kragoth's Broadsword (L. 65)
  • Guardian Kragoth's Broadsword (L. 85)
  • Kragoth's Broadsword (L. 105)
  • Kragoth's Broadsword (L. 125)

  • Summon Grax I
  • Summon Grax II Z
  • Summon Grax II
  • Summon Grax III
  • Guardian Summon Grax IV

  • Kragoth's Helm Z (L. 15)
  • Kragoth's Helm (L. 35)
  • Kragoth's Helm (L. 55)
  • Kragoth's Helm (L. 75)
  • Guardian Kragoth's Helm (L. 95)
  • Kragoth's Helm (L. 115)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower
  • Leave

    First half of entry by Archmagus Orodalf.
    Monster List
    Note: Double listed enemies have twice the chance of being encountered compared to other enemies. This is intentional.
    Level 0-20
    Aegull (7)
    Altoad (4)
    Bad Bird (5)
    Globulus (9)
    Grax (11)
    Grax (11)
    Groggy Goblin (11)
    Groggy Goblin (11)
    Lizator (7)
    Moglinator M-1 (5)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Pandumo (8)
    Scarred Rose (3)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Private (10)
    Thumping Ogre (11)
    Void Golem (5)
    Void Golem (15)

    Level 21-40
    Aegull (22)
    Altoad (18)
    Globulus (9)
    Goblin (31)
    Goblin (31)
    Grax (31)
    Grax (31)
    Lizator (25)
    Moglinator M-70 (25)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Pandumo (20)
    Pounding Ogre (27)
    Scarred Rose (15)
    Seedy Sparrow (25)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Sergeant (25)
    Void Golem (35)
    Void Golem (15)

    Level 41-60
    Aegull (22)
    Altoad (38)
    Bashing Ogre (47)
    Darsting Snargle (26)
    Grabby Goblin (51)
    Grabby Goblin (51)
    Grax (51)
    Grax (51)
    Lizator (43)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)
    Moglinator M-600 (50)
    No-Eyes (32)
    Pandumo (40)
    Scarred Rose (35)
    Serpika Lieutenant (50)
    Venerable Globulus (34)
    Void Golem (15)
    Void Golem (35)

    Level 61-80
    Aegull (44)
    Altoad (58)
    Grax (71)
    Grax (71)
    Grubby Goblin (71)
    Grubby Goblin (71)
    Irenste Snargle (46)
    Lizator (43)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    No-Eyes (52)
    Pandumo (60)
    Scarred Rose (55)
    Serpika Captain (70)
    Venerable Globulus (34)
    Void Golem (55)
    Void Golem (35)
    Whalloping Ogre (67)

    Level 81-100
    Aegull (66)
    Altoad (78)
    Blessed Globulus (69)
    Felonious Falcon (65)
    Grax (91)
    Grax (91)
    Gritty Goblin (91)
    Gritty Goblin (91)
    Lizator (61)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    No-Eyes (72)
    Pandumo (80)
    Ragid Snargle (66)
    Scarred Rose (75)
    Serpika Captain (70)
    Smashing Ogre (87)
    Void Golem (75)
    Void Golem (55)

    Level 101+
    Aegull (88)
    Altoad (78)
    Frumious Snargle (86)
    Grax (111)
    Grax (111)
    Grinning Goblin (111)
    Grinning Goblin (111)
    Lizator (79)
    Moglinator M-1000 (100)
    No-Eyes (92)
    Pandumo (80)
    Pernicious Pheasant (85)
    Saint Globulus (84)
    Serpika General (90)
    Smashing Ogre (87)
    Void Golem (95)
    Void Golem (75)
    Zug (87)

    Monster List by In Media Res.

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