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Complete Dragon Guide

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8/8/2010 12:24:54   
Acient J

Complete Dragon Guide
by Acient J

Table of Contents

Introduction and FAQ (#0)
Customization (#1)
Baby Dragons: The Basics (#2)
Baby Dragons: Bonding [DA] (#3)
Baby Dragons: Growing Up [DA] (#4)
Titan Dragons [DA] (#5)
Log and Credits (#6)


Welcome to the Baby and Titan Dragon Guide. Here, you will find everything you need to know about raising and training your own dragon.

In the Table of Contents, every item is followed by a code. The (parentheses) are not a part of the code. To go to a specific section...

1: Hold down Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) and press F.
2: Enter the section's code
3a: If you are above that section, type a hyphen (-).
3b: If you are below that section, type a #.
4: (Internet Explorer only) Click "Find Next."


Where Do I Get a Dragon?

See Dragon Eggs for Dummies, a complete guide.

Do I Need a Dragon Amulet?

For some things, yes. If you see the [DA] tag next to an section or sub-section, it requires a Dragon Amulet.

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8/8/2010 12:36:13   
Acient J


Once you get your dragon, talk to Twilly and go to Lady Celestia in Sunbreeze Grove. You can also access Sunbreeze Grove with the Griffin, the Quest Log, Serenity's Map, or the path south of Oaklore. Lady Celestia will have much for you to do with your dragon.


The first step is to chose your dragon's element. Clicking "Elementize" will bring you to a giant wheel where you can select one of eight elements for your dragon. Click "confirm" to chose an element. It can be changed later at no cost. You might also notice a button called "Primal." I'll explain this later.

The Elemental Wheel

Customizing [DA]

Click "Customize" to name, shape, and color your dragon. The name and colors will be used for both the Baby and Titan dragons, and the shape will only be for Titan dragons.

You can change the following about your dragon's appearance:

Dragon Customization (default style)

Head Style
Wing Style
Tail Style
Horn Color
Skin Color
Eye Color
Wing Color

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8/8/2010 12:38:21   
Acient J

Baby Dragons: The Basics

You'll notice that Lady Celestia also has a button called "Baby Dragon Quests and Training." Click it! There's a large array of buttons, and I'll cover the basics.


By clicking the "Equip" button, you will equip your baby dragon. Isn't is adorable? This takes up a pet slot, so you cannot have your baby dragon equipped at the same time as another pet. There is currently no way to save your baby dragon as your default pet, even with a Dragon Amulet.


Click "Buy Food" to buy food for your dragon. Dragon Chow costs 15 gold and gives your dragon 1 stat point. Special Dragon Chow costs 10 Dragon Coins and gives your dragon 2 stat points. SUPER Special Dragon Chow costs 25 Dragon Coins and gives your dragon 5 stat points. REALLY Special Dragon Chow has a small chance to drop from some Dragon Amulet-only quests and gives your dragon 5 stat points. To give the food to your dragon, click "Feed Dragon" and select the type of food you want to buy. Make sure that you have the food and that it is not in the bank, but in your inventory. You can feed your dragon once per day.


To use the stat points your dragon has gained from food, click "Train." There are five pools: Protection, Magic, Fighting, Assistance, and Mischief. Each pool has certain skills that will activate in battle.

To un-train the stat points, click "Untrain" and pay 1,200 gold to reset the stat points. You will still have all the stat points from food, but you will be able to re-allocate them in a different way.[#2-]

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8/8/2010 12:41:41   
Acient J

Baby Dragons: Bonding [DA]

Spoiler Warning! Do not play these quests until you have completed Gorgok Returns.

Talk to Lady Celestia about your Baby Dragon again. This time, click "Dragon Quests."

The Long Walk

In this quest, you take your dragon with you on an incredibly long walk to pick up a special package for Lady Celestia. Once you reach the cave, you'll run into an old friend. This is a Titan battle, so make sure you've got all your Titan dragon skills trained! It's one of the hardest Titan fights out there, so you might want to take a look as this this BSG (battle strategy guide).

Flight Training

If you can complete The Long Walk, this next quest will be a walk in the park. All you need to do is help your dragon fly through the forest while avoiding obstacles. If you can do that without losing your HP, be careful of the rogue elementals...

Baby Steps

The final step in your bonding has come. Help your dragon collect five plants while avoiding the forest monsters. You'll be standing on the side, and when you click somewhere, your dragon will move there instead of you. Be careful, though: baby dragons like to pick fights with forest monsters.

Tips: Make sure your CHA and LUK are high. Click the same spot continuously to keep your dragon moving there in a straighter line.[#3-]

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8/8/2010 12:47:20   
Acient J

Baby Dragons: Growing Up [DA]

You may find it a little annoying that you cannot have your dragon in the same battle as a pet. Well, you're wrong! By growing your dragon, you can bring it along as Guest B or as a pet. Go to Lady Celestia in Sunbreeze Grove, click "Baby Dragons," and click "Grow Dragon." This costs 10,000 gold, so make sure you really want it. Remember, once you grow your dragon, you cannot un-grow it!

Need some help getting your hands on that kind of gold? Check out Farming Gold - The Best Quests.

Summoning Your Toddler Dragon

If you equip your dragon from Lady Celestia, it will automatically load into the Guest B slot. If you want to summon it as a pet, click the Dragon Amulet button next to your inventory and click "Summon Pet Dragon." If you have grown your dragon, you will get the option to summon it as a pet or as a guest.

In Battle

As a guest, your dragon has a few more options than as a pet. It has HP and MP to match yours, it can be attacked by certain monsters, and it has two HP and two MP potions to use. It also has a special skill that lets it skip a turn.

The only other option is to attack, where it does the same thing that a pet dragon would do.[#4-]

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8/8/2010 15:07:36   
Acient J

Titan Dragons [DA]

How does a cute little hatchling turn into a massive, killer beast in under ten seconds? With the power of a Dragon Amulet! Lady Celestia will show you how to use your Dragon Amulet to unleash your dragon's full powers.

Titan Dragon Training

To train your "Titan," or full-sized, Dragon, go to Lady Celestia and click "DragonRider." Then click "Summon," and then "Dragon Training." It will bring you to a quest that you must complete in order to gain a skill. Every time you complete the quest, you get one new skill.

You can only use the DragonRider class in select quests: A - Z Titan Battles

Egg Skill

When you're riding your Titan Dragon, you have a chance to use a special skill while using a regular Attack.

You can see the list of skills by egg in [FAQ] =DF= Dragon Egg Skills.

Primal Dragons

Primal Dragons are Titan Dragons merged with the power of elemental orbs. To make your dragon a Primal Dragon, follow The DragonFable Story Walkthrough until you finish the Great Fire War (make sure you do the Titan Fights!). When you finish the Great Fire War and watch the Epilogue, you'll be able to click the "Primal" button on the Element Wheel for Wind, Light, Darkness, Ice, and Energy. This will give your dragon special tattoos.

Talk to Lady Celestia and click "Primal Dragon Skills." Complete this quest, and you will get special skills for your Titan Dragon! There is one skill for each of the elements previously mentioned.[#5-]

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8/8/2010 16:03:20   
Acient J


August 8, 2010: Guide started.


Thanks to DSTM for the three Baby Dragon quest links.
Thanks to hojoko for a typo correction[#6-]

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