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The Hall of Memories - The Arden Door: The Harder They Fall!

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8/9/2010 0:53:13   
Times Silent Keeper

The Hall of Memories
The Arden Door
The Harder They Fall

Event Button » The Arden Door: The Harder They Fall! » Open Doors! » 7: The "Arden Door" OR
Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » Dracopyre Legacy » 6: The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » 7: The "Arden Door"
Isle d'Oriens » Click on leftmost room » Enter Falerin's Library » Falerin's Domicile

«Scene: Darkovia»

«You may skip this section at any time, moving directly to the battles.»

«You»: Culak, Kendrel. What are you doing here?
Kendrel: These undead are under the protection of both the Ulgathi of Gulgin Dar and the Elani of Greenguard, human.
Cenara: We mean them no harm.
Culak: Already know that. Also know that you are poking at dangerous business for our friend here...
Kendrel: We cannot be sure that you are not followed.
Cagliari: This really is not necessary...
«You»: Maybe not... but given what Cenara and I have experienced it can't hurt to play it safe, Brother. It is clear you have found strong allies in the Orcs and Elves of this region.
Kendrel: We do not forget the debts incurred in the war against the network easily. Lavistria and Brontus are closing the rear as we speak and the Brilhado have taken to the air.
Cagliari: If Seth Cay Dhows is involved, none of that will matter... Shadows are everywhere. The only thing that will deter him is that which prevented him from taking me initially.
Cenara: Just what was that something? What can you tell us about Father Dhows and the fall of Luminovia?
Cagliari: I am afraid that my memories of that time are fragmented by my transition to my current state... I can recall little. This, however, I can offer.
Cagliari: Seth Cay Dhows positioned himself in the place of the Light Lord's high communicant. For a time, she remained silent to this affront.
Cagliari: Why it is that she was so quiet is beyond my knowledge. For several years this condition of oppression continued.
«You»: Years? So you grew to be a young man in that environment. What changed it?
Cagliari: Dhows raised an army of the church against Vampire Queen Safiria and against all matter of undeath and darkness...
Cagliari: He tried repeatedly to place Commander Paladin at the army's head.
Cenara: I take it Paladin resisted.
Cagliari: He did more than resist.
Cagliari: As Dhows continued his advancement and his onesided war against Lady Safiria, a new force arose in Luminovia.
Cagliari: In the form of the Children of the Moon led by Constantin Petyrovich.
«You»: We guessed that much. Dhows created that problem with Petyrovich himself...
Cagliari: Aye, and somehow Commander Paladin came to suspect that... He began to openly oppose and question the Father.
Cenara: Dhows must have loved that.
Cagliari: That's just the thing. It seems that that was exactly what Dhows wanted and expected of him... It gave him ammunition.
«You»: Ammunition? To do what?
Cagliari: While Paladin refused to fight, even in supposed protection of the people, Drageth Slugwrath was far more willing.
Cagliari: His own armies fought on all sides and many died. Drageth was hailed as a hero and named heir to the throne... when the king met untimely end.
Cenara: Drageth became king...
«You»: What did that mean for Paladin?
Cagliari: I was awoken in the dead of night with a dire warning.
Cagliari: "You must delay what shall surely come, my faithful servant," the voice called. "Go now to the temple and see what you must see..."
Cagliari: I was in that moment made a true communicant of the Lord of Light, but my service in that capacity was destined to be very short lived. ...At least in the normal sense.
Kendrel: The shadows thicken. You must hurry this. Culak-- with me, brother...

«Culak and Kendrel leave the scene.»

Cagliari: He wishes to silence me now, as he wished to silence me then. He shall be just as unsuccessful...
Cagliari: Dhows conspired with Slugwrath. The king was to declare Paladin an enemy of the state, even as Dhows excommunicated him as an enemy of the church.
Cagliari: His own words were to be used as evidence of his treason and refusal to stand for the light against the darkness.
«You»: *whistles* Turning Paladin's own men against him...
Cagliari: I fled at once to find the Commander... I alerted him to his danger and bid him seek refuge within the forest. We were to meet the next day at sundown...
Cenara: By the way you say "Were to..." I take it that meeting never occurred.
Cagliari: I returned to the temple to find Dhows waiting for me. He was outraged... Called me a "meddling egret who would soon be full fall fowl of regret for failing his master"...
«You»: How... poetic. Definitely sounds like him. He's got a thing for birds.
Cenara: And the bad alliteration.
Cagliari: He struck me repeatedly and I lost consciousness... and I never awoke from that slumber.
Cagliari: Yet he failed, for even changed as I was by his vile necromancy, my Lady held fast to me and I to her...
Cagliari: In fact, entire sections of her cemetery at the temple awoke... and I was placed at their head.
Cagliari: My new role was as a leader of the army of the Lady's undead... until their ultimate leader was ready.
Cenara: Ultimate leader? Who?
Cagliari: I neither know that that is my place to tell... nor can I fully recall much of the war that happened thereafter.
«You»: You have done enough... thank you.
Cagliari: Know this... Dhows is evil beyond any evil I have ever known.
Cagliari: The enforced servitude of my brethren during the actions of the Network were paradise compared to his ministrations.
Cagliari: If he returns... you have an ally in Cagliari Lux. He is my immortal enemy and my greatest pleasure is in thwarting his desires.
Cenara: Thank you.
Cagliari: But make no mistake... Where Dhows goes, Death and Undeath follow. There will be casualties. ...And worse.
Cagliari: My entire tribe....
Cagliari: We were many, a nomadic desert people. He...
Cagliari: He took them all in vengeance for my resistance.
«You»: ...I'm sorry.

«Kendrel returns to the scene.»

Kendrel: This ends now. There are strange undead in the forest. We fall back to safety.

«Both Kendrel and Cagliari leave the scene.»

«You»: Ugh. Transmorphers. That's our cue to leave.

«From the shadows appear the Mysterious Stranger, who confronts both you and Cenara.»

Mysterious Stranger: Silly birdies. Need to check shadows more carefully, the birdies do.
Mysterious Stranger: And you do underestimate me. I am not a one trick pony, birdies.
Mysterious Stranger: I'll tell you what. Dhows has more to say to you... but first has business elsewhere.
Mysterious Stranger: In the meantime, you birdies can play with these tortured mirrors.
Mysterious Stranger: Take them as a warning of what comes from resisting me, birdies.«You»: Those? How could it be... but those... those were Regeirk's undead... And he was freed... but...

«The scene transitions to the Hall of Memories. You can skip this section at anytime.»

Cenara: If what Cagliari says is true, then Dhows manipulated that entire region.
Cenara: Unfortunately, he was there for only a very small part, and while he suspected Dhows and alerted Paladin...
«You»: And with Dhows aware whenever we see him directly, even in the memory, we have to be very careful where we look.
Cenara: The timing still makes very little sense. I cannot understand how my grandmother and grandfather could have lived so long ago.
«You»: I suggest we revisit your grandmother's door. Our last visit was cut short. We can probably get more from her.

«Severe quakes shake the Hall.»

Cenara (In unison): Abode?! What was that?
«You» (In unison): Why do I hear a bell?
Abode: I do not know. I feel weak and disoriented.
Abode: The bell is my warning klaxon, but it makes no sense for it to be ringing here.
Abode: It is supposed to indicate a violation of Caelestia’s Farpoint is occurring, and should only occur in my Caelestian forms -- not within the Hall of Memories.
«You»: Farpoint?
Abode: Caelestian history is very complicated. I will explain some other time.
Abode: Suffice to say that the Farpoint was an effort by the higher level deities of the pantheon to limit catastrophic interference in Caelestian affairs.
Abode: Both from within and without.

«The Hall shakes again, and Falerin appears, leaning against a wall.»

«You»: Loremaster!?!
Falerin: I fade. It is ended. It is over. I think I was colocated too far this time...
«You»: What?! What do you mean? Don't talk like that. You're a god. You can't die. That's not how it works.
Falerin: Would that that were true, my friend... but...
Falerin: Tell all that you know to Eldron. I have faith in you, my friends, and I respect you more than I ever expressed or ever could.
Falerin: One last thing I do now... he will revert it, but it shall be known...
Falerin: Stay strong, friend. You are so important. Cenara, aid our friend as you have been aided. It is vital-- for not only does Hope dwell within, as within all, but The`Galin als... o...
Falerin: UGH... it hurts so... I did not think it would hurt so. I cannot hold on... Stay strong as I could not...
Cenara: Falerin?!
Abode: I am detecting interruption of vital processes. Life signs are fading...

«The Hall shakes once more.»

Cenara: Loremaster? What is this door? The Arden Door? Who is Arden?

«The hall fills with a light.»

Abode: Arden is one of Falerin's other avatars, but I do not imagine this is actually about him given Falerin's state. I think it more likely that...
Abode: WARNING State error 232. No life signs detected. Containment is failing. Initiation of Transit is now unavoidable. Am I... ended... too?

«The scene changes to Falerin's library on Isle D'Oriens. The Mysterious Stranger approaches Falerin.»

Falerin: What are YOU doing here? You have no business entering my premises uninvited.
Mysterious Stranger: Didn't the birdies tell you, Ardendor?
Mysterious Stranger: Oh, what unreliable messengers those birdies are. Not like homing pigeons at all! Heheheh. I told them to tell you that I am not finished with you.
Falerin: What do you want with me?
Mysterious Stranger: I made that quite clear during our last conversation, I think.
Falerin: And I think I made my answer even clearer, Shadowscythe. I will have no part in your action. Not in this realm, and not in any other.
Mysterious Stranger: I think that I can change your mind... These chickens follow you blindly. They have no idea what you really are and what you have done...
Falerin: I have been quite honest about who I am.
Mysterious Stranger: And what you have done... are they aware of that? What their would-be benefactor is really like?
Falerin: That's enough. My actions speak for themselves. Do what you will and I will do what I have to do.
Mysterious Stranger: I think that when the truth of Falerin Ardendor is known... you will have few willing to cooperate with you...
Falerin: I have many friends, and I think you will find the heroes of Lore and myself shall both be far more resistant to your manipulation than you think...
Mysterious Stranger: Just not to your own... you either underestimate me or give yourself far too much credit. I think that as things fall apart you will reconsider...
Falerin: Do your worst.
Mysterious Stranger: Well, as you ask so nicely, birdie, I shall... heheheh.
Mysterious Stranger: You see, I am both within and without this world and all worlds. I am willing to bet that you won't retaliate against me... or even resist... for fear of creating a mess.
Falerin: ...
Mysterious Stranger: The Loremaster struck speechless! Oh, magnificent! This day shall go down in history. I, unlike you, have no compunctions about a god war... or anything else...
Falerin: So you kill me. I might have guessed. Is this it then? No matter. I would not laugh were I you.
Mysterious Stranger: Oh, but you manifestly are not me... heheheh.
Mysterious Stranger: So what will you do? Shall we see now...
Falerin: Enough games. You think you have this all scripted. Do what you intend to me...

«A spiraling, flashing light moves toward Falerin.»

Mysterious Stranger: No motion... not even the tiniest effort to resist. Is the birdie playing chicken? Will you duck, birdie, or fight back?

«The light surrounds Falerin's head.»

Falerin: And so it ends... how anticlimatic... I would have hoped for more. More is deserved. Yet... it is as it must be. You are right. I do not resist. Several worlds have too much at stake.
Falerin: I have never been perfect. I have done terrible things. I am arrogant. I am vain. I speak like a professor and have a perpetual scowl and brusque demeanor to keep people away.
Falerin: But I have known things that a nonbeing such as yourself can never understand. You treat us all as if we are children... but emotionally it is YOU that are a child.
Falerin: Lore will resist you... I have faith in the champions that the powers of this world chose. While once I counted one an enemy, I now count both friends. Now, enough... end it.

«Falerin disappears.»

Mysterious Stranger: All his silly words and threats. He is just like the rest of the flock now.
Mysterious Stranger: Poor birdie... he's gone native. Living? Livining? Lividing! in linear time.
Mysterious Stranger: He does not even know what's really coming soon for him and his precious worlds. When worlds collide next time, birdie...

«The scene zooms in on Dhows's hood.»

Mysterious Stranger: Oh, but I can't be giving spoilers to all you peeping Terns... Heheheh...

«The scene zooms out.»

Mysterious Stranger: Ah... and here is the book I wanted, right here in this pile. I guess that is one task I do not need your help for, lost birdie.

«Clicking on the box with books beside the Mysterious Stranger zooms in to it. A variety of books are within it.»

Codex of Deeper Mysteries
Dickens' Oliver Twist
History of Cardenio Shakespear & Fletcher
Intrapolar Gastronome
The Answer is Mu
A Concise Delta V Military History

«However, you can only read the following books: Codex of Deeper Mysteries, Intrapolar Gastronome and The Answer is Mu. Clicking on Resume Quest brings you back to the start of when you enter the Arden Door.»

Mysterious Stranger: Oh, but how messy your library was getting, birdie. What a state you must have been in to allow it to get this out of hand.
Mysterious Stranger: Poor birdie. But now you can fret no further...
Mysterious Stranger: And now, as to the two of you.
Mysterious Stranger: I suggest you birdies find out who you are... were... working with. I think you might even like me a tad better than him... By the end.
Mysterious Stranger: Now run along, spying little birdies... Go on back to your doors.
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    The Arden Door

  • Undead Guardian Plate (L. 10)
  • Undead Guardian Plate (L. 40)
  • Undead Guardian Plate (L. 70)
  • Undead Guardian Plate (L. 100)
  • Undead Guardian Plate (L. 130)

  • Cagliari's Zpectacles (L. 0)
  • Cagliari's Spectacles (L. 20)
  • Cagliari's Spectacles (L. 60)
  • Cagliari's Spectacles (L. 80)
  • Cagliari's Spectacles (L. 105)
  • Cagliari's Spectacles (L. 130)

    House Items
  • Undead BlackHawke (L. 15)
  • Undead BlackHawke (L. 35)
  • Undead BlackHawke (L. 55)
  • Undead BlackHawke (L. 75)
  • Undead BlackHawke (L. 95)

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  • Guardian Tower!
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    Monster list thanks to In Media Res. Entry by Archmagus Orodalf.

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    Times Silent Keeper

    Codex of Deeper Mysteries

    Transcribers Note: Like many books I have compiled I have employed some trickery to produce it, I utilized a mystical dictation spell to actually transcribe the text and used other magics to allow the pages to actually contain more text than their space allows. While strictly speaking such enchanted tomes with their strange scrolling bars seem to break the feel and nature of a text, when a book is titled something like "Codex of Deeper Mysteries," such an oddity only seems appropriate.

    I digress.

    The contents of this document I compiled from fragments of an ancient Lorian text more ancient than the entire timeline of Lore would seem to allow.

    (Parenthetical note to self. I am slipping. Two uses of the same word in the same sentence. Substitute archaic or something similar. I would use "antediluvian" but I am not sure there ever was a Lorian deluge of that sort. "Old" simply lacks my feeling. Hmm. "Archaic" implies lack of utility that is a potential problematic connotation. Of course, given the contents... and I am rambling once again.)

    Strangely, despite its apparent age, the ink used to pen the document is inconsistent. The writing shows signs of many inks acquired from and written at many times, even within a single sentence. Some of this ink will not be available in this plane until far into the future.

    Unfortunately, the original autograph is incomplete and the substance of the missive is, as nearly as I can tell, allegorical gibberish.

    Falerin Ardendor - Isle de Oriens

    Codex of Deeper Mysteries

    Truth the First: Time is a River

    The most important revelation for any initiate of the deeper mysteries to make is that all bodies of water flow to the seas and that the seas are interconnected. For with this revelation becomes the startling conclusion that time is a river.

    This concept is key.

    Many lesser beings tend to easily see the sea that is the branching of choice and decision. They recognize easily that choice is a divergent process and forms many branches of the mesh (so seeing the branches they tend to think of trees and bushes).

    Lesser beings find it much harder to see the core truth that the basic nature of time as a whole is not divergent at all but rather, like all other streams, the time stream tends to flow into pools. While choice itself tends to indeed produce the divergence those lesser beings see, the course of natural force is to unite not to divide, and so in the grander scope there is a tendency like water to unify.

    Pools have layers and currents. And similarities between these currents can be as often the result of convergence into the pool as they can be the result of earlier divergence in the stream.

    Truth the Second: Both Convergence and Divergence produce Parallels

    There exist only a limited and fixed number of patterns and ideas. Very little is ever truly new. This means that beings have far more analogs than they realize and far more echos and connections.

    While close analogs are the clear result of the divergence of choice in the stream, there exist as many, if not more, analogs who result from time flowing as time is won't to flow toward convergence, towards fixed and recognized parallels.

    This is why despite the infinite complexity of possibilities, seemingly totally unconnected worlds have things like elves, orcs, and the most ubiquitous, humankind, which is in fact the vulgar form of the many.

    Humanity arises countless separate times within the ocean because humanity is the natural fit to the niche of time for any universe that follows the fundamentally same basic pattern.

    For all the varied wonder and diversity the pattern may produce, it must always remain familiar to its core.

    Like produces like.

    Truth the Third: Anthropomorphism Dominates Understanding

    Choices and decisions are constrained by the mind that conceives them.

    Mind is constrained by the relative limits of experience.

    While the mind may entertain all sorts of variation, diversity is at core just that variation and not true difference.

    Warring ideologies arise because beings want to pattern all things after their own selves.

    This is the inherent tendency of the living. In order to try to reduce all things to their understanding, beings will carve away a square until it is a circle.

    This itself produces both the illusion of convergence and indeed true convergence, for deities and powers, themselves beings, are as prone to this act of the living as mortal men.

    However, not all things that appear like are, in truth, like.

    Many an initiate can speak to the existence of shades or shadows.

    Just as a shadow produced by light cast upon an object will take upon the appearance, but not the substance, of these surface, so too will a shadow of reality cast upon the mold take upon the appearance but not the substance of its contents.

    Truth the Fourth: The Mold Can be Broken

    Every so often events can conspire to break this pattern and to produce true difference. This divergence is so fundamental that the mold itself may crack.

    If that which has been molded is fluid enough to have not been gelled and set then it will flow away.

    If the stream of time is fluid enough to be as water then it can be re-set yet again in a new mold.

    Invariably, however, those who initiate the re-set produce a mold that is patterned on what they know for this is the nature of the third truth.

    Truth the Fifth: Remolding is not Perfect

    As any who has worked with gel can attest its setting is not uniform.

    Cold spots may gel quicker than others while hot spots may remain always fluid.

    Further collecting that which has flowed through cracks in the mold is imperfect. Material may be lost, and some pieces may be, already, fully gelled.

    This means that in any re-set fluid there may remain fragments of the original gel embedded in the new, while there also may be less fluid initially than was started with, some will be lost as waste.

    Truth the Six: Molds can be used to produce other molds

    A metallurgist or candymaker working with a mold may either use a mold that is easy to recreate, and is thus destroyed in the creation, such as those created in earth and powder, or may instead produce a mold that, is fixed and permanent, many time reused.

    Cracks in the former type of mold rarely matter for they are not designed to be kept.

    Cracks in the latter are cataclysmic, for the mold is meant to produce many casts after its kind and indeed to create additional molds based on the pattern of the first.

    Any new mold based on an old mold or a mold that is cracked is likely to be subtly or substantially different from the original, as the process of recreation is never perfect.

    Truth The Seventh: Many broken molds can be used to approximate

    When a mold is cracked and a new one needs to be made, it is often good to have several broken patterns from which to form the new mold.

    With such, a new mold can be approximated even when pieces of each original are missing entirely.

    These patterns will help to eliminate instabilities and irregularities in function of the mold.

    The content, however, is likely to have quirks from all of the molds being used to produce the pattern.

    Of course, creation of this new mold does not effect and contents previously produced from the old molds, but, rather, replicates their features in an entirely new form.

    Truth the Eighth: A broken mold may be itself also directly repaired and refilled

    Given a broken mold whose contents have leaked it may be possible, via great energy, to create a weld to repair the original mold and then to refill it even after contents have leaked and been re-set....*
    *Here the original document that I copied for this book broke down. It appears to have been torn asunder.

    Thanks to:
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
    9/11/2010 10:50:40   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Interplanar Gastronome

    This is my personal recipe and cookbook. Its contents and its ink both are interplanar: the ink uses a Lorian metamagical effect to alter and make permanent form of the Caelestian transcription spell to keep it constantly updated to my latest notes.

    It is important that you are familiar with your own biological weaknesses before proceeding to produce such recipes as found within. They are maximized for my own contingencies and I cannot be accountable for your own reactions.

    Falerin Ardendor - Manhattan, New York, Terra

    Interplanar Gastronome

    Transcription or Source
    Ambit or Conciousness Error

    Details for this Error

    Warning. This text cannot be currently transcribed as the transcription source is deceased, unavailable on this plane of existence, or is insensate.

    Current definitions for the divine math that describe the functions of this tome proscribe constant updates.

    Please note that if you are viewing this text outside of time that its magical setup is not memory-aware. The text will always display the relative present of the reader.

    Please adjust my metamagical parameters if you need a historical rendition of this text or to achieve the current version return the transcription source to ambit, life, or cognizance.

    Thanks to:

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
    9/11/2010 11:13:40   
    Times Silent Keeper

    The Answer Is µ

    *This is a curious but pivotal early edition of Tayaken's early analysis of linguistic dichotomies. Her approach is polyvalent but her implementation reduce to trivalence.

    Alac and...
    (continued on rear)

    I answereth Mu By Miss Tayaken Spelling

    Great is the calamity that befaleth the fool whose grasp of the complexitie of vulgar language and its manifolde periles allows them to abyde a question constructed to entrap.

    Entire populations and cultures hath fallen benethe the crushing wayt of ignomity so delivered by the foes of linguistic integrity.

    We hath in our discourse a most vile dichotomy for there is naught but affirmation and true negation.

    Considereth you the Paladin Crispiclas who when asked by his foe Soggimander "Hath you stopped your habit of pillaging and plundering the villages the Father sends you to save?"

    Crispiclas wast so wroth that when thus presented with this foul spectre of linguistic terpitude he could scarce feign ignorance nor deny the questions very basic and instead thinking the charge a falsehood replied in the negative "Nay".

    Crispiclas was of course removed from his station for his grave folly and verbal admission.

    He could have scarcely given a better answer had he answered "Yea" for whence he saytheth such he hath still by his own mouth admitted that he transgresseth in a manner most most vyle.

    What course, then, has the noble paladin? Or, indeed, the vile necromancer asked if he has stopped picking daisies to give to all his friends?

    What answer can be given of any question whose structure profoundly reflects either entrapment most loaded, or worser still base misapprehension so profound that the one which asketh it clearly has all the intellect of a boxless sneevil?

    The answer that thy seeketh is Mu.

    Signifying not the negation of the substance of the question but the negation of the question itself.

    Mu has must grand utility:

    Do you hate me because of my profound body odor or because of my tendency to steal food from your dinner plate without permission?

    If neither is the true reason for your apathy, or if indeed if both are the reason, or if indeed you love the detestable fellow... all can be safely answered with Mu.

    In our next chapter we will consider the mystical underpinnings of Mu and its lesser forms Mi, MeeVom, and icky-icky-icky-acky-kipang-boop-zoing.
    Alas there are only a few fragmented copies of this foundational summary of trivalent grammer left and this is the shortest of these.

    Thanks to:
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