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Haven's Gate

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8/20/2010 15:24:31   
Legendary AK!!!

Haven's Gate
Quest Location: The Bridge -> Queen Pra'Mithia -> WarpForce Saga!
Quests Given From: Queen Pra'Mithia


Queen Pra'Mithia: Dark Madder has stolen the Engine of Creation! With that much power ... there's no telling WHAT she might do!! We need to find her, and FAST! Is there any sign from the Hand of Creation? It led us here ...
  • Let's find out!
  • Back

    << Scene: Aboard the Alteon, inside the Veil. >>

    Queen Pra'Mithia: Thank you for repelling the Nechron boarders, << Your character name >>. Unfortunately, it appears Dark Madder has transported the Engine away.
    You: I heard. Do we have any idea were it might be?
    Admiral Amada: At first, I thought she might have taken it to Purgos ... but Gravlax's long-range scan has not detected any warp activity in that planet's vicinity recently.
    You: Purgos. Dark Madder's homeworld, eh?
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Yes. That she just stole the Engine of Creation from these Elemental Lords is surprising enough, but what also troubles me is that it is so brazen an act ...
    Queen Pra'Mithia: As though Dark Madder is doing whatever she pleases, even beyond the purview of the Network as a whole.
    You: Right. Zorboz showed me a meeting between her and the leaders of three other factions. It makes sense ... The Exo's, Nechrons, Defilers and Virin all appear to be cooperating.
    Eternal: An astute observation, << Your character name >>. You are correct. Dark Madder has formed an allience of her own.
    You: Garavin!
    Eternal: Your Hand of Creation gauntlet has communicated with us yet again.
    You: How? I didn't see it project another hologram ...
    Eternal: It contacted ME directly. Apparently it's powers extend into the Etereal Realm. It makes sense, considering the Hand's connection to the beginnings of the Universe.
    You: What did it say?
    Eternal: It does not have the answers to all of our questions, as it is not an omnipotent being. But it knows were we must search ... And now it points the way to HAVEN.
    Admiral Amada: The space fortress? Ruled over by Lord Terror, who forces enslaved Dwarves from Lore to mine asteroid fields for his profit?
    Admiral Amada: The same Lord Terror who send an asteroid storm towards Lore, resulting in my son's ... death.
    Eternal: Yes, Admiral. The Hand of Creation told me that some answers in our quest lie with a Dwarf named Vogenvuld, in Haven. A small force must enter Haven and find him.
    You: I volunteer. I'll take Hans and Ken Benobi with me.
    Admiral Amada: We'll take the Alteon just to the edge of Haven's sensor limits, and scramble fighters as backup in case you need it. Good luck!!

    << Scene: The Alteon finishes preparations, you take a fighter and try to enter Haven again. >>

    You: We're on approach to Haven now, Alteon. Preparing cloaking device.
    You: Claoking now! Wish us luck!

    << Scene: Inside Haven, Lord Terror's office. >>

    Lord Terror: General, you may report now.
    Lord Terror: Are my good little helpers back on track with the program already?
    General Vax: I settled the current bout of unrest with a firm hand, as usual, Boss. But that's not why I'm here now.
    General Vax: Scanners have detected the presence of a sizable contingent of ships just outside of visual range. I'm not sure, but it could be those WarpForce meddlers again.
    Lord Terror: Ah, they are bad for business. I definitely don't miss Lore. I'm glad I got off of that rock when I did. They're all just jealous of my success.
    Lord Terror: One of them managed to get into Haven last time. They might try that again.
    General Vax: I'm doubling security as we speak, Boss.

    << Scene: You arrive at the mine where the Dwarves are working. >>

    Hans: Ken, can you use the UniForce to sense which one of the miners is Vogenvuld?
    Ken Benobi: One step ahead of you, kid. He's the one in the blue-tinged suit down there. Must be a rank higher than the others ... a foreman perhaps.
    You: I see him. Hang back here while I go talk to him and keep an eye on the doors for Defilers.

    You: Vogenvuld? I am << Your character name >>, of the WarpForce, from Lore.
    Vogenvuld: Really? You probably shouldn't be here. This place is crawling with 'bots, and they all have had bad words to share about your WarpForce, or whatever it's called.
    You: You are Vogenvuld, right? I have an artifact -- something ancient that has an intelligence all its own -- the Hand of Creation. It tolds us that YOU know something important --
    Vogenvuld: Hand of Creation, eh? Did it mention me by name?
    You: I actually don't know. It didn't talk to me --it talked to the materialized spirit of a man named Garivan who used to be immortal but lost his life when the Devourer decided to leave Lore intact.
    Vogenvuld: Sorry, I haven't been on Lore in over 70 years. I have no clue what you're talking about.
    Vogenvuld: You should get outta here while the gettin's good.
    You: Look, you DO know something -- I can see it in your eyes. We want to help you -- ALL of you -- get out of Haven. But we don't knwo what to do NEXT.
    You: Dark Madder, the Nechron leader, found a moon-sized machine called the Engine of Creation and stole it from some Elemental Lords that were using it to make a new world.
    You: It's the kind of power that should never have fallen into the Network's hand, but it DID, and it may be our fault.
    You: The fate of Lore, and you people, and all of the other innocent worlds hangs in the balance!
    Vogenvuld: ..... Okay, so it's worse than I thought. But I don't hear much about the outside in here. It's all rumor and hearsay. I DO know things ... Because Lord Terror used to trust me.
    Vogenvuld: I'm just one of the grunts now, mining like the rest of the Haven Dwarves. But not long after I was first captured from Lore and brought here, I realized what I needed to do.
    Vogenvuld: I had to help get us all free, and you know what they say: Keep your enemies CLOSER. So I did my best to show Lord Terror what a good, loyal worker I was.
    Vogenvuld: I gained the loyalty of the other miners and used it to show Lord Terror that they would do what asked of them, and I would do what HE asked of me.
    Vogenvuld: I'd keep all of his ducks in a row, so to speak. Eventually he even took me out on meetings with him. I'd show his buyers just how pure our product was.
    Vogenvuld: I did all this so that Lord Terror would trust me enough that he'd turn his back to me every now and then, and I could do my REAL work: Organizing a revolt.
    Vogenvuld: But some of the miners just recently broke away on their own. General Vax punished them. And now Lord Terror trust NONE of us. Not even me.
    You: What do you know about this Engine of Creation? Where might Dark Madder have taken it? And WHY does she need it??
    Vogenvuld: Well, friend, Dark Madder has recently become one of Lord Terror's biggest cutomers ...

    << Scene shifts to show the story of Dark Madder while Vogevuld tells you what he knows. >>

    Vogenvuld: I met her once. She's a Nechromantress, born on Lore several decades ago. A Network agent named Epheel saw potential in her, and brought her and her brother to the stars.
    Vogenvuld: Dark Madder's name used to be Vanatia.
    Vogenvuld: She and her brother were taken to the world of Purgos, cloaked in shadow borne of the ashes of a dead civilization, and bathed in the dim light of a distant red giant star.
    Vogenvuld: On Purgos, the siblings were groomed to one day be rulers of the Nechron Empire. Their natural nechromantic powers led to immediate leadership in the Nechron ranks.
    Vogenvuld: Over time, Vanatia came to embrace the empire's status as the most feared of all among the Network.
    Vogenvuld: But her brother, Veritos, found himself doubting their cause after seeing the suffering the Nechrons were responsible for.
    Vogenvuld: One of the Nechron Empire's great dreams was to eventually control most of the known universe. To do this, they would need vast power.
    Vogenvuld: And so for centuries Nechron scholars studied the past, and their scouts searched the galaxies, hoping to find that power. Eventually, they discovered the Engine of Creation.
    Vogenvuld: For a long time, it was just a myth ... But the proof of the Engine's existence came from the Devourer himself.
    Vogenvuld: The Devourer, around whose existence the Network formed to worship him, travels through the very fabric of space. In his travels, forever seeking out sources of elemental energies --
    Vogenvuld: -- the Devourer witnessed the creation of a new world. At first, he didn't know what to think of the moon-sized machine.
    Vogenvuld: Lorithia, the goddess of creation, appointed avatars of the 8 primary elements -- Elemental Lords -- to focus their power through the device.
    Vogenvuld: The Engine itself then created matter from the elemental forces, forming the world. And when it was done, the Engine of Creation teleported away ...
    Vogenvuld: ... leaving the Elemental Lords of the new world to continue making life. Presumably, the Engine would then reappear whereever it deemed a new world was necessary.
    Vogenvuld: Lorithia would sense it's new location, and again use it to make a new world. Through the Devourer, the knowledge of the Engine's existence spread to the Network.
    Vogenvuld: And so the search for the Engine of Creation began immediatly after Vanatia assumed control of the Nechron Empire. Veritos realized that such power in the wrong hands would be devastating --
    Vogenvuld: He voiced his concern and his disapproval to Vanatia, now calling herself Dark Madder.
    Vogenvuld: But she would have none of it, and imprisoned her own twin brother in the prison at Aguilos, situated on a storm-ridden cliff of Purgos.
    Vogenvuld: Once the Nechron Empire, and Dark Madder's alliance of Exos, Virin and Defilers found out all they could, they destroyed as much evidence as they could.
    Vogenvuld: Only THEY would know the secrets of the Engine. But Veritos is still there, in his prison, and HE knows how to stop Dark Madder from turning the Engine of Creation into an Engine of Destruction.

    << Scene shifts back to the mining facility. >>

    You: We need to get to Veritos somehow. But what about the Engine's location NOW? Where did Dark Madder take it?
    Vogenvuld: She would need to study it's mechanisms, to understand it better and know how to turn it into a machine she can use as a weapon.
    Vogenvuld: I imagine the only place she could do that -- the only place with the ability to do that -- would be the world of machine-king itself ... OMNUS, homeworld of the Defilers.
    You: Then that's where we have to go next! Okay, Vogenvuld, it's time to get you and the other Dwarves out of here.
    Vogenvuld: Ha! I've been here a LONG time, friend. Haven's defenses are too much, and even if we managed to escape in your ship, General Vax would shoot us down.
    You: I'm not here alone. And our WarpForce flagship, the LSS Alteon, is within striking distance.
    Vogenvuld: .... Really??
    You: All we need is to buy a little time. Can your friend provide a diversion so we can strike at Haven's nerve center?
    Vogenvuld: Oh yes, oohhh yes. I've been waiting forever to have some backup.
  • Battle!

    << Scene: The Dwarves start holding off the Defiler Sentries. >>

  • Fight with Vogenvuld's help!
  • Fight with Ken Benobi's help!
  • Fight with Hans Olo's help!
  • Fight without help!

    Regardless of your choice:

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    You: Hello, General. I have an appointment to meet with your boss. Can I go in?
    General Vax: So you show up and the Dwarves stage another uprising. I don't think that's a coincidence. And I don't think you're going to get in to see the Boss.

    1 BATTLE
      Level 55-62: General Vax (43)
      Level 63-82: General Vax (63)
      Level 83+: General Vax (83)
    Full Heal

    << Scene: Inside Lord Terror's office. >>

    Lord Terror: Well, hello! Someone needs to take a course in manners.
    You: Lord Terror, at last. I've heard a lot about you. Too much, actually. Your greed is astounding.
    Lord Terror: Greed ... is ... good. If it wasn't for people like me, half of the galaxy would still be looking around for their next toilet paper replacement.
    You: What?!? Yuck! Look, I'm here to ask you to let the Dwarves go. Give them their freedom.
    Lord Terror: Why would I do that?? I'd have to capture MORE workes, then.
    You: No! You have more material wealth than you could ever use for yourself. Just PAY some people to work for you!
    Lord Terror: How am I supposed to STAY wealthy if I actually PAY to make my product? You, dear intruder, would make a terrible businessperson.
    You: So you don't feel like redeeming yourself?
    Lord Terror: ... Redeem? Why would I seek redemption? I'm good at what I do.
    You: Then I suppose this is where we part ways. Permanently.

    << Scene: Lord Terror rises from his desk, ready for a fight. >>

    Lord Terror: Permanently. I like the sound of that.

    1 BATTLE
      Level 55-66: Lord Terror (47)
      Level 67-86: Lord Terror (67)
      Level 87+: Lord Terror (87)
    Full Heal

    << Scene: Vogenvuld appears in Lord Terrors office, informing you that all preparations are done. >>

    Vogenvuld: All of my Dwarves are stowed away on your ship. It's a tight fit, but we're ready to go.
    You: Let's take off! The Alteon is moving in to draw some of Haven's fire!

    << Scene: You escape from Haven. As the Alteon moves in, Haven explodes. >>


    Thanks to your efforts, WarpForcer, we were able to tackle Haven from both inside and out at the same time, allowing us to finally get past it's formidable defenses.

    In the process, you rescued dozens of Dwarf asteroid miners, including their leader Vogenvuld, and learned the location where Dark Madder transported the Engine of Creation: The Defiler homeworld of Omnus. We must warp there next, and try our best to retake the Engine before Dark Madder gets one step closer to transforming it into an Engine of Destruction!

  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit


    Chaingun Z
    Recharged Chaingun
    WarpGuardian Chaingun
    Overcharged Chaingun
    Overcharged Chaingun Z

    Thanks to Technomancer

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