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Infernal Inferno

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8/21/2010 8:13:19   
Times Silent Keeper

Infernal Inferno!

Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » Infernal Inferno!

«Scene: Greenguard Forest»

«A portal to Heck is on the right, with Death and a near-fading lady standing right beside it.»

Bernice: Danny T.! Help me!! Death is about to claim my soul!

«A knight enters the scene.»

Danny T.: Oh, Bernice! I'll save you!
Death: Oh, come on! What's the big deal?! Can't I just collect a single soul in peace!?!
Danny T.: Never fear, my love!! I won't let him take you!

«As Danny T. pounces forth to strike Death with his Golden Axe, he instead "exterminates" Bernice into Heck...»

Danny T.: .....................

«Zorbak enters the scene.»

Zorbak: I believe you just accidentally knocked your beloved's soul into the portal to Heck. Bravissimo, hero!
Danny T.: Really? That's where that portal goes? I thought Death was taking her into the portal. But I was wrong, huh?
Zorbak: Yes. That was a miscalculation on your part. Meheh.
Zorbak: What are you going to do now?
Danny T.: Ummm.... Know anyone crazy enough to go into Heck and get Bernice back for me?
Zorbak: Why yes, I think I know JUST the meddler! Why don't you just go sit under a tree over there and sip some iced tea?
Danny T.: Okay, sure... Thanks! Maybe if I had Death's scythe or something I would venture into Heck... Oh well.

«As Danny T. leaves, you enter the scene.»

Zorbak: «You»! Perfect timing! Mehehehe!
«You»: Why? What's going on, Zorbak?
Zorbak: Remember this? It's the portal to HECK!
«You»: Yes I do! Where all the demons are.
Zorbak: Meh! Demons are souls who are cursed. If they can cross over into our world from Heck, then they can take on physical forms. In Heck, they're no danger to us here.
Zorbak: You need to go into Heck and rescue a beautiful maiden named Bernice who shouldn't actually be there.
«You»: I can do a rescue.
Zorbak: Because Bernice shouldn't be there, she'll be put in the 10th Circle of Heck by default. There are 10 Circles of Heck in total, each for a different type of corrupted soul:
Zorbak: The 1st Circle-- Item Poachers. The 2nd Circle-- Kill-Stealers. The 3rd Circle-- Out-Quitters. The 4th Circle-- Level Abusers. The 5th Circle-- Team-Killers.
Zorbak: The 6th Circle-- AFKers. The 7th Circle-- Exploiters. The 8th Circle-- Cheaters. The 9th Circle-- Spammers. And the 10th Circle-- Hackers!
«You»: Sounds like an extreme adventure! Let's go!
Zorbak: Mehehe... Sorry, I have somewhere I need to be. You'll need to go down there alone. Better hurry, before poor Bernice gets turned into a demon herself!
  • Enter Heck!

    «Scene: Heck»

    «You»: Ugh!! It's so-- red!
    «You»: Okay, now to look for Bernice.
  • Search!

    «Scene: Deeper into Heck»

    «You»: Bernice! Bernice, can you hear me?!?

    «A blood-red demon enters, followed shortly by Stragath.»

    «You»: !!!
    Stragath: Ahhhhh, a mortal! What are the odds you would arrive just as I was about to begin funneling my demonic army through the portal and out into your world??
    «You»: Pretty good, apparently. Look, Stragath, I can't let you get out there.
    Stragath: But I created some new demon forms just for this occasion! You can't ruin my party like this!

    «Bernice, now having taken a more physical form, enters the scene.»

    Bernice: Was someone calling my name?
    «You»: Yes, I was! I'm here to take you out of this place!
    Bernice: Oh my! Please do! It smells like beef jerky and salsa here! It's horrible!
    Stragath: NO NO NO!! I will not have it!
    Stragath: Bernice, go back to the end of the line behind all of my demon army!!
    Bernice: ....... M'kay.

    «Bernice really listens to Stragath and leaves the scene......»

    «You»: That was rude, Stragath!
    Stragath: You need to get through a lot of demons to grab her! Meanwhile, I'll just be leading my army on through the portal. See you on the other side, mortal! HAHAHAHAAAA!!

    «Stragath leaves the scene. Another demon joins in the party!»

    «You»: So you're not going to just let me pass you and run back to get Bernice, are you?
  • Fight!
    You need to dodge past Stragath's army of demons in order to get to Bernice at the back of the formation!

    CONTROLS: Use mouse to move. Dodge the demons without moving outside of the blue box area. Survive 60 seconds to win!
  • Dodge the drones!«After defeating the Hellhounds or the minigame, you finally manage to catch up with Bernice.»

    «You»: Thank goodness I got to you, Bernice! Come on, let's get out of here!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Beside the portal to Heck»

    Zorbak: Nice job, friend! But... uhhhh.... Did you happen to notice a WHOLE LOT OF DEMONS walking past you?
    «You»: Yeah, Stragath was marching them out. I had to go through a lot of them just to get Bernice!
    Zorbak: Sooooo... there are a whole lot of demons out here now, and I don't want everyone blaming ME for the trouble they cause. Do you mind maybe cleaning up your mess? Meh!
    «You»: Hey! YOU asked me to go rescue Bernice! You should have been standing guard out here!
    Zorbak: Mess please.
    «You»: Grrrrrrrrr...
    Zorbak: By the way, they were making a beeline straight for Battleon.
    «You»: Don't they all?
  • Fight!«Scene: Battleon, in flames»

    «You enter the scene and meet with Galanoth, Warlic and Artix.»

    Galanoth: Nice of you to make it, «You»! You sort of missed a great big fight with a horde of demons, though.
    «You»: Sorry! I was, uh, trailing them and cleaning up their stragglers.
    Artix: We saved a couple of them for you. Warlic has them confined in his mage shop.
    Warlic: Indeed. I'll go with you and we can expel them from this plane together. Come along!

    «Warlic takes you into his shop, revealing a very large demon being confined...»

    «You»: Wow! He's a great big one!
    Warlic: Hmmmm... The OTHER demon must be hiding. Maybe in the attic?
    Warlic: Why don't you take care of THIS one while I look for the hiding one?
    «You»: Okay, but--

    «Warlic disappears.»

    «You»: Oh, goody.
  • Fight!«A red portal swirls on the ceiling of the shop, and Stragath drops from it. Warlic reappears beside you.»

    Warlic: I found him! Oh-- I see you know that already.
    «You»: Yes, yes I do.
    Stragath: I will not STAND for being sent back to that place!!!
    «You»: I wouldn't want to go back to a place that smelled like beef jerky and salsa all day long either...
    Warlic: How would you like to handle this, «You»? You can fight him, or allow me to perform my expulsion spell.
    Warlic: I must warn you, though, Stragath has steadily gained in power since he has been trapped in Heck.
  • Fight Stragath! (Super Challenge battle)
  • Fight Stragath with Warlic's help! (Super Challenge battle)
  • Let Warlic Expel Stragath!

      Fight Stragath! (With or without Warlic's help)

      2 BATTLES
      Level 0-59: Stragath (65)
      Level 60-84: Stragath (90)
      Level 85+: Stragath (120)

      Level 0-74: Stragath's Head (80)
      Level 75-99: Stragath's Head (120)
      Level 100+: Stragath's Head (140)

      Full Heal after battle #2

      Warlic: That is one of the most insane victories I have ever witnessed, «You»!
      «You»: I try... I try.

      The reward shop opens.
      Let Warlic Expel Stragath!

      Stragath: Don't just stand there and let this white-haired robe-wearing crystal-ball toting mumbo-jumbo-spouting fancy pants wave his hands and teleport me away!!
      «You»: Sorry, but I had my fill of demons for the day. Do your thing, Warlic.

      «The scene switches to the townsquare of Battleon. Outside, a flash of light can be seen beaming out from the window of Warlic's shop before rapidly disappearing.»

      Galanoth: I hope that was demons being expelled and not something else.
      Artix: Like what? What else would it be?
      Galanoth: I don't know. Something bad? Oh hey-- Aren't you going to put out the pet shop fire?
      Artix: Eep! Hey, Warlic! Mind casting a few rain bolt spells out this way?!?
      Galanoth: Mages are so handy.

      The reward shop opens.


  • Demon Tooth Axe Z (L. 15)
  • Guardian Demon Tooth Axe (L. 40)
  • Demon Tooth Axe (L. 65)
  • Demon Tooth Axe (L. 90)
  • Demon Tooth Axe (L. 115)

  • Heckgate Z (L. 0)
  • Guardian Heckgate (L. 20)
  • Heckgate (L. 40)
  • Heckgate (L. 60)
  • Heckgate (L. 80)
  • Heckgate (L. 100)
  • Guardian Heckgate (L. 120)

  • Tiny Demon (L. 0)
  • Tiny Demon (L. 30)
  • Tiny Guardian Demon (L. 50)
  • Tiny Demon (L. 60)
  • Tiny Demon (L. 90)
  • Tiny Demon (L. 120)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Entry by Archmagus Orodalf. Thanks to In Media Res for all monster lists!

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