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(AQ) Ah, Syom

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9/23/2010 13:33:53   
Manga Maniac

Moysha Winwood sighed. He was rather bored. Of course, when one is doing nothing interesting, they tend to get bored, but it still should be stated. Moysha sighed again, mainly because he was bored and people who are bored sigh repeatedly. He sat up. He was in a room. It was cube-shaped, and exceptionally dull and room-like, adding to the boredom. He was supposed to be doing work, but a smallish portal (ish because it was the size of half the room, which, as far as portals of this kind are, was pretty small) had suddenly opened in the room. Usually this would excite him, but this was Lore. Portals opened up every Tuesday. And because Lore never seemed to have its suns set, it was always Tuesday, so portals were all the more regular. Moysha stood up, and decided to start using the portal as a paper-bin. He screwed up the work he was meant to be doing and chucked it in. Of course, he hadn't actually started the work yet and thus the paper was blank, but watching the paper explode as it slightly touched the portal was fun. The portal had swallowed up his favourite movie, but the mourning was over now and he was vengefully murdering paper, for he had moved the movie over there because he had to put the paper there.

Suddenly his phone called. Weird, he thought, I didn't even know I had a phone. Or that phones had been invented. He then concluded his thoughts with another Weird. and satisfactorily decided it was now far too late to finish his work as it was now 3:00pm, and he should be getting some sleep. After having his scone, homemade, of course, with butter and fresh extra-thick double-cream with no jam, he decided enough time had passed and though it was still to early to start his work, he should go out and buy some groceries or some such. Maybe he'd tell someone about the portal too. It looked a bit dangerous. He put on his wizard's robe, even though he was actually a Beastmaster Hybrid, and walked out with his loving Crickeydile to buy some groceries and possibly explore the world, as was routine for Lore's citizens. The insurance-seller trying to call him gave up, and attempted to call Artix von Krieger to see if he had volcano insurance yet, and if he did, would he like to switch to their insurance company.

Meanwhile, on the planet Ramoli, Syom, WarpTracker extraordinaire, was not pleased. He'd accidentally been left behind by the LSS Alteon because due to a error in the programming his name had been left of the register, and there were an odd number of WarpForcers, meaning the buddy system had failed to help the crew. What was really annoying him was that a giant portal had almost engulfed the entire planet, and he only had a blown up movie, with no player, for survival, along with several blown-up pieces of paper that kept coming through. He considered going through the portal, but the fact the movie and all the paper was blown up had discouraged him. He nibbled on the paper, while the blown-upness had given it a sort of flavour, it was ash-flavour, and didn't really taste that better than normal paper. Darn, he thought, and lay down to have a little nap.

Moysha was bored. In a world where all arcane knowledge, which you think would require years of study, could be bought with gold and z-tokens, there wasn't much for him to do except repeatedly murder/banish/knock-out monsters/creatures/strange people who you fought in random encounters even though they weren't monsters. He wondered if there was more to life, and he decided, no, there was not, and that he should just go to Ballyhoo, who had strange visions of parallel universes which seemed to advertise themselves for gold and occasionally z-tokens.

Maybe there was a quest he could do. He ran up to a tree then started checking if it had any kittens in it. Sure enough, he then faced a demon kitten from the fourth dimension. Logical and exceptionally vicious, just as to be expected.

The demon kitten roared at him in a demonic way and jumped at him. Moysha readied his all-powerful Bar of Soap, then dodged out of the way in a spectacularly spectacular way. Then he raised his completely rubbish Wooden Staff and tried not to blink, a hard task when light is pouring out of your eyes due to the glowiness that happens when you cast a spell. Eventually he blinked due to the red light, but the spell worked anyway. First a Vampire Lord raised from the ground and then attacked the demon, the demon's blood pouring out of a new hole in its neck. Fortunately it didn't change into a vampire, which was quite a relief. Next an Alpha Werewolf raised from the ground, and did pretty much the same thing. Then a Werepyre raised from the ground and also did that exact same thing. The demon was on its last leg, and was utterly doomed when Moysha's crickeydile ran at it in a strange way that somehow damaged it.

"Well, that was weird. Now, any moment now..."

"Halt!" called a voice, "Is this the town of Battleon?"

"Ah, just like normal. Yes, good sir, it is."

"Good! I wish to launch an invasion, because I am an orc!" said the voice. The voice's owner appeared and was suitably green. Within seconds the owner was knocked out. He didn't even have an army. Suddenly Moysha had a sudden memory of his house.

"Well, then, the quest demands I say to go to my house!" and then he popped off to his house. Unsuitably, the house was engulfed by a huge portal. "Oh, smeg," he said as the portal suddenly exploded, engulfing his pet crickeydile, his weapons, his spell scrolls and also a pidgeon.

Moysha was flung in the air indignantly and after a few minutes plummeted back to Lore's ground. He checked his magical pockets. All his stuff was gone except for his Cloth Robes, Wooden Staff and Lightning spell. He stared blankly as 1535 in change exactly rolled to him from the explosion. Oh, that's just great, he thought, despite it being incredibly bad and not-great.

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9/23/2010 17:55:35   
Manga Maniac

It was on that day that Lore's perpetually frozen, yet still blazing, suns finally decided to put their boots on and move, and sprinted across the sky like the God of Joggers after drinking too much coffee, and finally stopped after a few days had passed in a blink of a Sneevil's eyes. Finally, a, possibly mad and/or insane, inventor's clocks got round to updating themselves and singed the date of the current day on them like a Brilhaldo who had also had too much coffee. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

The day they rang out was, of course, April 1st, where the barrier between Loco and Lore weakens and Loco messes about with the world like the evil god of trickery he is.

Warlic: Artix, we have an emergency! I sense great magic at work!
Artix von Krieger: How can you sense this, Warlic?
Warlic: Everyone sounds different...

Moysha Winwood had magically teleported to the quaint town of Battleon after his adventure. His travel map had, of course, randomly opened itself up to him and explained to him how it worked. He had, of course, magically received a Travel Map upon his arrival, and it had told him how to operate itself as well as where everything in the town was located. He had stuffed it in his pocket half-way through it's speech, and had decided to think about things. He was so obsessed with thinking about things, that he didn't notice the things right in front of him, which did something and then magically teleported to him and spoke in a sort of thingy voice that could only be described as plain and thingymaboby:

Warlic: Hello, <insert name here>. How are you?

"Erm... hello."

Warlic: Perhaps you are wondering why I am talking like this.

"It had crossed my mind. You sound so plain. Also, have you stopped vanishing yet? I helped you ages ago, and you are still fading. I mean, are you constantly messing about with the time/space continuum or something. I mean what kind of idio-"

Warlic: Please keep in mind I am much, much, much, much more powerful than you right now, with your petty Wooden Staff.

"-genius could be able to do that repeatedly?"

Artix von Krieger: Excuse me, but would someone mind telling me what is going on.
Warlic: Well, Artix, it appears Loco has messed with our reality. Again.

"He really needs to get out more."

Warlic: Quite. So... what do we do now?

"Well, I could always go somewhere. It doesn't really matter where, something usually turns up."

Warlic: Hmm...
Artix von Krieger: How about that sizable chunk of land that just magically appeared to the west called 'Locolo'.
Warlic: ...

"See?" replied Moysha, as he gallantly ran like a headless chicken to Locolo, the land in the west. Then pondered to himself, Maybe I should of bought something at the stores..., among similar thoughts, until he accidentally knocked into the God of Trickery, who just happened to be there.

"Hi," said Loco, in a very informal manner.

"Greetings..." began Moysha, which mused the God of Trickery for about a second and then instantly got bored again, and threw Moysha back through a time hole which had magically opened up behind him for no reason. Moysha would then have remained trapped forever in the time/space vortex, but a convenient hole had appeared somewhere roughly 5 years ago, which he bounced off of, flinging him back to the current time, hurling into the air, where he found himself in space. He then fell into the planet with the biggest mass nearest to him, which just happened to be engulfed with a portal. He fell through the portal, exploded slightly, and, now carried by the explosion, rocketed back to Locolo where he bounded straight into Loco at such force that Loco in surprise was hurled away, landing on the empty planet of Nograz. He decided to settle there for a wheil, since he was lost (IN SPACE!), and gave it superheroes and reversed its name. He then took out his travel map, and teleported straight back to Lore.

He stared angrily at Moysha and said, "Now you must DI-" and was cut short because the suns randomly decided to move again and April 1st passed by like a ninja darting to raid a pirate's cove.

Moysha walked back to Battleon in triumph, and then told them a story of how he had saved the day single-handily by tricking Loco into cream pie-ing himself until the day passed. It wasn't a very good story, so he made some more interesting details up later on when questioned about it.

"I see Lore's returned to normal then."

"Indeed. We wouldn't want Lore to be effected by Loco when we take over it and possibly destroy it."

"Why do we want to take over it, again?"

"For resources, of course."

"And destroying it?"

"Dunno. Just seems evil. I mean, what else are we supposed to do with our time? Talk to people?"

To be continued...

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