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Nice Pirates

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9/26/2010 9:38:53   
Bu Kek Siansu

Nice Pirates
Quest Location: Engineering -> Gravlax -> Missions -> NICE PIRATES
Quests Given From: Gravlax
Level Requirement: 35


Gravlax: Jamoon nabbu, friend! I have something very, very curious for you to investigate for me. According to the long-range sensors, the planet Lannox-3 has experienced an extreme climate shift in the past few months.
Gravlax: Lannox-3 was, up until the shift, a very habitable, temperate world much like Lore-- in fact, a little warmer than Lore. But it looks like it has become an ice world! We've never seen anything to explain it.
Gravlax: Finding out the cause could be a very valuable discovery. But beware-- scouts report recent space pirate activity in the sector. Sergeant Gibbs and Vogenvuld have volunteered to accompany you.
  • To Lannox-3!
  • Back

    Scene: Your ship flying toward Lannox-3, eventually stopping in front of a large skull on a frozen landscape

    Vogenvuld: «You», what do you make o' that giant skull?
    «You»: I'm not sure. It's kind of strange that it's just sitting up on the surface like that.
    Sergeant Lucky: Is anyone else cold? I thought Gravlax said something about this being a jungle world.
    «You»: He said it USED to be a warm planet, but it suddenly found itself in an ice age.
    Vogenvuld: Far too suddenly. THAT'S what the problem with this skull is. The gigantic lizard creature it belong to died very recently.
    Vogenvuld: It's as if this ice age started, and reached its peak, over the course of just a couple months!
    «You»: A Defiler! What's a Defiler Sentry doing here??
    Defiler: Alert! Alert! You are trespassing. You must be terminated.
    Vogenvuld: What kind of guard are YOU? You don't warn the trespassers before you terminate them!
    Sergeant Lucky: Why would you tell him that??
  • Battle with Lucky's help!
  • Battle with Vogenvuld's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Sergeant Lucky: I'm going to run back to the ship and prep it for takeoff just in case there are a lot more of those things!
    «You»: Wait! Sergeant, don't hurry-- You have to watch out for--

    Sergeant Lucky slides across the ice and falls through a thin part

    «You»: -- thin ice.
    Vogenvuld: I KNEW that was a lake...

    Two Space Pirates enter

    ???: Avast, ye planetside lubbers!
    «You»: Wow! Nice costumes! Is it Mogloween already??
    ???: Methinks this scurvy bilge rat is making a fool of ye, Jayson.
    Jayson: Aye. Perhaps we should make these two walk the plank into the fusion coolant, eh, Karlina?
    Karlina: Yaaarrr!!
    Vogenvuld: Looks like what we have here is a couple of Space Pirates, «You»!
    «You»: What gave them away?
    Karlina: Ye've all been wanderin' aimlessly since you got here. What are ye, sightseers?
    «You»: Not exactly. We're trying to find out why this world turned from a tropical paradise into a ski resort as quickly as it did.
    Jayson: Really? Then ye haven't heard tell of US? What we do?
    «You»: No, not a word. Other than that space pirates exist.
    Karlina: Not many worlds in space exist on which water is plentiful. Nearly all living things need water to survive or enjoy water as a luxury. So it's worth quite a bit o' money.
    Jayson: We collect water and sell it to those alien worlds where there is hardly any left. We sell it by the volume-- and when we FREEZE water, it takes up more volume!
    Jayson: Get it? Not only do we mark up the cost of water, but transporting it as ice, we're able to sell the same amount of water but have it take up more volume than it would as a liquid!
    Karlina: Quite brilliant, really.
    Vogenvuld: Pirates. Cheaters. All the same breed! Not as brilliant as you think, though.
    Vogenvuld: If instead you turned all this water into GASEOUS form, it would expand far more and take up much more volume.
    Jayson: ......... Is that true, Karlina?
    Karlina: Hmmm... I think the asteroid miner may be right.
    Jayson: Shiver me timbers! We may have been missing on a fortune!
    «You»: Hey now-- that's not the point here. Do you realize what you've done by freezing this planet? And who knows how many OTHER planets?
    «You»: Most animals here were adapted to survive on a warm world. When you froze it as quickly as you did, the animals went extinct!
    Karlina: An unfortunate side effect of capitalism. Can't be helped...
    «You»: We can't let you keep doing this to inhabited planets!
    Jayson: Karlina, hold them while I go get the Starsea Marauder ready to set sail!
    Karlina: Hey!

    Jayson leaves

    Karlina: My husband just leaves me here to rough you two up. Grrr! I should go sell his grandmother's black pearl engagement ring for this.
  • Battle with Vogenvuld's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Vogenvuld: She got away-- and surely she will get back to her ship soon. Let's grab Sergeant Lucky and get after these pirates!
  • Go!

    Your ship is seen chasing the Starsea Maurader

    «You»: Alteon, I'm transmitting the evidence of the Pirates' crimes now!
    Vogenvuld: Can I cut Sergeant Lucky out of his ice block now?
    Gravlax: Data received, «You»!
    Gravlax: Indeed, this is very troubling. These pirates must possess a device capable of completely cooling the core of a planet.
    Gravlax: Here is what happened to Lannox-3 in just 56 days:

    A space-view of the planet's progress in 56 days is shown

    Gravlax: The Admiral is maneuvering the Alteon to intercept. We need to stop the pirate ship and get aboard. Whatever device they're using is dangerous in the wrong hands--
    Gravlax: -- but could potentially save lives if used properly. Once we stop the ship, you'll need to cut your way into the hull. Luck and targlin to you!

    A firefight between the Alteon and the Starsea Marauder is shown

    Karlina: Solar sails are lost, Jayson! We're dead in the water!

    On the Starsea Marauder's hull
    NOTE: This is currently bugged, and the dialogue quickly flashes by too quickly to read

    Vogenvuld: Okay, ready to cut in? Oh no-- wait! I think I see something!!
    «You»: What is it, Vogenvuld?!
    Vogenvuld: It's-- it's -- SPACE HARPIES!

  • Battle with Vogenvuld's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

      Level 35: Space Harpy (25)
      Level 36-55: Space Harpy (45)
      Level 56-75: Space Harpy (65)
      Level 76+: Space Harpy (85)
    Full Heal

    «You»: Now let's get inside!

    Scene: Inside

    «You»: Space Pirates! In the name of the WarpForce, I demand you surrender this vessel immediately!

    Karlina, Jayson, and two Defilers enter

    Jayson: Yaaarrr!! I can't believe ye'd try to take me ship!! I won't stand fer it! 'Bots, attack!!

    Full Heal

    Jayson: Useless 'bots! Karlina, hold off these intruders while I go prep the lifeboats!
    Karlina: What?! Oh no, not THIS time! I'LL go prep the lifeboats while YOU hold them off!
    Jayson: .......... Whatever you say..... milady..... *gulp*
  • Battle with Vogenvuld's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «You»: Okay, Alteon -- Take the Starsea Marauder in tow! The ship is ours!
    Mission Debriefing:

    Whubbily hoo! The space pirates' ship is relatively low-tech compared to the LSS Alteon, but it seems they managed to either find or steal something quite amazing in their journeys: A geothermal extractor device!

    Only the Defiler race has ever perfected such technology, most likely used to drain every last bit of energy from a world. I have heard about them before but never had a chance to study one until now. Thanks to you we probably saved millions of life forms across the galaxy. General Stormfront will keep those pirates in the brig until we get back to Lore...

  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit


    Plasma Rain Staff
    Thunderous Sword Z
    Thunderclap Sword
    Plasma Storm Staff
    Thunderstrike Sword

    Space Pirate I
    Space Pirate IIZ
    Space Pirate II
    Guardian Space Pirate III
    Space Pirate IV

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

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