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Explore Erakkis

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10/7/2010 0:53:23   
Bu Kek Siansu

Quest Location: Sick Bay -> Dr. Mendas -> Missions -> EXPLORE ERAKKIS
Quest Given From: Dr. Mendas
Requirements: Level 35


Dr. Mendas: I've seen some very interesting reports about a desert planet called Erakkis-- also called "Doon" by its native people, the Freemin. Doon is the only planet in the universe on which can be found something called Spyse.
Dr. Mendas: Spyse, apparently, is a byproduct of the digestive system of gigantic desert-dwelling worm creatures. It's a rare material that is highly valued by many cultures. It is said that Spyse makes food taste better without having to use salt!
Dr. Mendas: Can you travel to Doon, make contact with the Freemin, and learn more about the Doon Worms and Spyse?
  • Explore Erakkis!
  • Back

    «Scene: LSS Alteon flying in space. Scene shifts to inside the command deck.»

    Admiral Amada: «You», I would like you to take Captain Daian and Ken Benovi with you to Doon.
    Admiral Amada: Both of them possess knowledge that should help you on that planet.
    «You»: Okay, Sir. I don't have a problem with that at all. So you two, what do you think we'll be up against?
    Ken Benobi: Well, first of all, Doon is a desert world. A bit like Hennaooine, where I'm from. But while Hennaooine was MOSTLY desert with a sizable salty see taking up a fourth of its surface--
    Ken Benobi: -- Doon is completely desert, with no seas to speak of. There IS water, but most of it is held in the substrata of the planet and in the life forms that live there on and near the surface.
    Ken Benobi: It's a tough planet. Not to mention, the Uni-Force may come in handy.
    «You»: It often does. And Captain Daian--?
    Captain Daian: The Freemin people of Doon are very isolated-- not much is known about them. It will be wise for us to proceed stealthily in this mission. And I know stealth.
    «You»: Alright, team, let's go find some giant Doon Worms!

    «Scene: Inside a scoutship with Benobi and Daian.»

    «You»: Alteon, Scoutship 7 is approaching Doon. Here we go!

    «Scene: Above the Planet Erakkis and its three suns, showing the coutship flying toward the planet.»

    «You»: Well, Doon certainly lives up to its name!
    Captain Daian: Doon is just a nickname. It's actually Erakkis, which means "Abiding Home" in the native Freemin language.
    «You»: You certainly know a lot!
    Captain Daian: It helps to study up on places you're going before you get there.
    Ken Benobi: You both might want to talk a little less. Keeping your mouth shut helps conserve your body's moisture.
    «You»: What a friendly way of saying shut up...
    Captain Daian: Uh-oh-- We have company! And it's not friendly!
  • Battle with Captain Daian's help! (Loads the Captain Daian Guest)
  • Battle with Ken Benobi's help! (Loads the Ken Benobi Guest)
  • Battle by yourself!
    «You»: So the Network, or at least Dark Madder's contingent, are already on Doon!
    Ken Benobi: Hopefuly we haven't arrived too late to be of any good...
    Captain Daian: More visitors coming... Be ready for anything.

    «Channee and Paul enter.»

    Channee: Do you come as conquerors or as friends?
    «You»: As friends, I hope. I am «You». Theres are my allies Captain Daian and Ken Benobi, one of the last Star Knights.
    «You»: We are members of the WarpForce, a fleet of traveling space ships traveling the universe on an ongoing mission to stop a vast alien Network from corrupting worlds.
    «You»: We actually just encountered a Network creature... Have you been in contact with them?
    Channee: We have. And we have refused their "offers" wholeheartedly. I am Channee, of the Freemin, and this is Paul Ataris.
    Channee: He was once a member of a royal family, but the Freemin have made him one of our own.
    Paul: I used to be a missile commander who became a human cannonball that went on an adventure dodging giant centipedes and asteroids while on a space quest!
    «You»: ............... Cool story, bro.
    Paul: I'm kidding! Haha! That would be crazy! Actually, the Spysers Guild transported me here from my home planet faster than the speed of light.
    Paul: They use the Spyse of Doon to expand their minds and, amazingly, warp space!
    Paul: Everyone at home thinks I have some kind of special destiny among the Freemin of Erakkis.
    Captain Daian: Wow! We thought the Spyse was only important because it made food taste better!
    «You»: Now I get why it's so important. It's like WarpCrystals, except it turns PEOPLE into the source of warp power!
    Channee: Yes, in a way. but unlike warpcrystals, Spyse is a renewable resource. Although it is only found here on Doon, it is part of the natural processes of our world.
    «You»: That's a reason we're here. We heard that the Doon Worms actually make the Spyse, and our life sciences expert wanted us to learn more about that.
    Paul: Hmm... this could be a trade, then. We'll let you learn more about Spyse, and you help us throw the Network off Doon.
    «You»: It's a deal!
    Channee: Follow us to the Freemin Overcity, and we'll show you more.
  • Go!

    «Scene: Freemin Overcity»

    Channee: Welcome to our stronghold, «You» -- the Freemin overcity!
    «You»: Why is it called an "overcity"?
    Paul: Because there's an Undercity, too.
    Ken Benobi: That makes sense. The more shielded from the surface you are, the more your city's systems can avoid evaporation.
    Channee: Our suits are similar. They allow us to survive on the surface, despite the extreme conditions, for days. The suits actually collect water from our bodies and recycle it, so--
    «You»: You can stop at "recycle". I think my imagination can take care of the rest. *shudder*

    «Sting enters.»

    ???: Ahhh, Paul-- I see you and your Freemin wife are busy entertaining some new guests? How charming.
    Paul: Sting!! You're not supposed to be here. Leave Erakkis now and go back to all of the other Snarkonnens!
    Sting: Sorry, but I can't do that. The Snarkonnen family has joined forces with someone called Dark Madder. She's promised great riches for us.
    Sting: But we have to get her Doon first. She really wants the Spyse. ALL of it.
    Channee: You can't have it! The Spyse is our life! Without it, our food will no longer taste good, and we won't have anything of value to export!
    Sting: Too bad! You Freemin aren't much of a problem-- But I don't like this WarpForce being here. So while I wait for some of my alien friends to show up--
    Sting: --I've used a thumpity-whumper to lure a Doon Worm here! It's a hungry one! Maybe you'll get a chance to get turned into some of your precious Spyse, Channee!!
    Sting: Heheheheeee!!!

    «A Doon Worm pops up out of the ground.»

  • Battle with Captain Daian's help! (Loads the Captain Daian Guest)
  • Battle with Ken Benobi's help! (Loads the Ken Benobi Guest)
  • Battle by yourself!
    «You»: That thing was huge! At least Sting underestimated us.
    Paul: Actually, that particular Doon Worm was just a juvenile--
    Captain Daian: Everyone-- watch out! Hostiles incoming!
  • Fight!

    «You»: Sting really IS in with Dark Madder! We'll have to keep an eye on Doon for a while. One of the Network's strategies is to create divides among the civilizations of a world.
    «You»: Have you seen such conflicts happen between groups of Freemin yet? That will tell us just how far the Network has gotten here.
    Channee: No, no we haven't. But I can tell you why.
    Channee: I'm sure that Sting and his Network cronies have been working hard to create chaos, but every since Paul arrived, we Freemin have been more united than ever.
    Ken Benobi: How so?
    Channee: We have come to realize that Paul is the prophesied savior of Erakkis-- the one we call Mo'Ad-Lib.
    Captain Daian: Sounds like a rap artist...
    Paul: I tried that for a few months, but I'm not very good at rhymes. I'm very good at posing heroically with a serious look on my face, though.
    Channee: Paul will be the one who saves Erakkis. We don't know when, or how, but the prophesies will come to pass.
    «You»: There seem to be a lot of prophetic heroes. The odds of being one are probably close to 50/50, at least in this universe. I wonder if I'm one...
    Captain Daian: If I may suggest a course of action... We should track down Sting and stop him before he organizes another Network attack on the Overcity.
    «You»: Right! Sounds like a plan! Let's split up.
  • Go!

    «Scene: Another dune-y part of Erakkis. Sting enters.»

    «You»: Forget about your future, Sting! This war is over!
    Sting: Oh, my funny, funny friend... the book of life is nowhere near over! History will teach your kind nothing. Doon's desert rose is the Spyse, and every breath you take--
    «You»: Oh, put that message in a bottle! Do you think I'm fragile? These fields of gold are nothing without the Freemin. You can't conquer them.
    Sting: So this is the prelude to the end of the game, is it? Consider me gone, then.
    «You»: You low life.
    Sting: You make me mad.
  • Fight!
    «Scene: Back with the other members of your party.»

    «You»: I defeated Sting! He shouldn't be bothering the Freemin any more. There may still be some Network forces on Erakkis, but you can count on us to help you as needed.
    Channee: That is excellent news, friend. Were you able to find out if Sting had set up any thumpity-whumpers?
    «You»: Oh-- Those things that lure Doon Worms? Uhh-- no, I didn't ask.
    Random Freemin: Help!! A Giant Doon Worm is headed right for the Overcity!!
    Paul: Oh no! Come one, Channee, we have to hurry!
    «You»: A GIANT worm? I thought the other one was big enough!

    «Scene: Freemin Overcity. A GIANT Doon Worm bursts out of the ground.»

    Paul: Channee, don't worry! I think I know what I am supposed to do as Mo'Ad-Lib!

    «Scene zooms in on Paul and Channee.»

    Paul: Look! I-- I can control the Doon Worm with my MIND!! Look! It's not attacking the Overcity!

    «The Worm bends over and takes Paul in his mouth.»

    Channee: Paul!!!!!
    Channee: «You», can you stop that Doon Worm?!

    (For this battle, your Race becomes "WarpForce Tech," your Class becomes "WarpForce Scout Ship," and your Clan becomes "WarpForce." Your Level becomes 100 and your Stats become STR: 175, DEX: 125, INT: 50, END: 100, CHA: 0, LUK: 50.)

    «You»: I'm very sorry about Paul... I guess maybe he wasn't your Mo'Ad-Lib after all.
    Channee: We really thought maybe he was our Chosen One.
    «You»: Well, even though you don't have a Chosen One to protect you, the WarpForce will always be available to help. We'll give you a communicator to keep in touch.
    «You»: Oh, do you think you can give us some of that Spyse to take back with us?
    Channee: It's quite hard to gather. All of what we do manage to find gets transported off-planet by our trading partners. I'll have to wait until the next Spyse Cycle begins to get you some.
    «You»: That should be fine...

    «Paul enters.»

    Channee: PAUL! You're alive!
    Paul: I am! But I'm covered in Spyse!
    Captain Daian: By the Creator! It STINKS!
    Paul: I could really go for a shower right about now. Too bad it never rains on Doon...

    «It begins to rain.»

    «You»: ... Never?
    Ken Benobi: Quickly! Squegee some of that Spyse off of Paul before the rain washes it all away!

    «Scene: Above Planet Erakkis, showing your Scout Ship flying away.»
    Mission Debriefing:

    Very good work, fellow WarpForcer! You saved the Freemin of Doon from the Network for the time being, AND managed to get me a sample of Spyse to examin!

    I will have to work hand-in-hand with Gravlax to determine the exact mechanism that comes into play when Spyse interacts with the brain and allows a living thing to actually warp space. If we can actually recreate that power among the races of Lore, we may not have to rely completely on warpcrystals any longer!
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  • WarpGuardian Tower!
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    Desertworm Dagger Z
    Desertworm Dagger
    WarpGuardian Desertworm Dagger
    Desertworm Dagger

    Doon Warrior
    Doon Warrior Z
    WarpGuardian Doon Warrior

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf

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