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RE: =PG= Questions and Answers Thread

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10/16/2010 16:24:57   

I logged in just now after having beat the game just a few hours ago. When I logged in however, all my items where gone and my character was level 1. I tried to load character, but nothing happened it said "Character Already Loaded". I kept all my achievements and BP purchase though. I have been using the save button a lot prior to this incident. My question is: How do I get all my stuff back?


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 101
10/16/2010 16:34:36   

ok my last quest now when i logged with my master account from the battleon portal to play blade haven. the game appeared but it kept saying " log in / sign up" if i am logged in with my master account : why does it say that?

i took a screen shot of it:

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10/16/2010 16:37:59   

^Try logging in and out.

@Beowolve I'm afraid you'll just have to restart, try making sure your character actually saves and logout of your account instead of closing the browser.
Post #: 103
10/16/2010 16:40:10   

Zhukai: Thank you. I kind of expected that answer, but I just wanted to make sure. I think the reason is because sometimes I didn't hit "Logout". Battleon!

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 104
10/16/2010 16:40:15   

lol fixed sorry to bother...its good that you level up easy in blade haven XD

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10/16/2010 18:36:24   

sorry if this was asked, but i really dont have the attention span and/or desire to search 5 pages of thread.

does the Hero of Gold acheivement (get 100,000 gold) take into consideration all the gold that was spent or only the amount of gold at one time

for insance:
say i spent 40,000 gold and have 60,000 gold. do i get the acheivement? do i need ANOTHER 100,000after i spent 40,000?

i hope this wasnt too confusing. if one person understands, an answer would be greatly appreciated.


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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 106
10/16/2010 18:43:13   

^You'll need to have 100,000 gold at one time.
Post #: 107
10/16/2010 20:52:52   

I have linked my Dragonlord & Starcaptain accounts to bladehaven & its not letting me on
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 108
10/16/2010 21:22:11   
Jonzee Boy

Did you click Check Beta Status?
Make sure that says you can get on it :)
DF  Post #: 109
10/16/2010 22:11:40   

Well I don't know where else to go so
I cant find what Battle On games user my AQWorlds character is linked to so I need help
Post #: 110
10/17/2010 0:20:59   

Yeah... Does anybody know if you can sell items? I've got a bunch of lower level weapons I don't really need just hanging around now.
DF  Post #: 111
10/17/2010 0:38:37   

I played the BH beta when it first came out and I was doing fine without the bug. I haven't been able to even log in this weekend because i dont have a working computer (this is an iphone) but I hear there was a save bug. Since this is now fixed, when I log in again, will I be able to pick up from where I was or will I have to start all over again?
Post #: 112
10/17/2010 0:53:21   
Jonzee Boy

I'm sure there's no way to sell weapons, or anything at all in Blade Haven.

Well it depends, as you have not logged in and tried we have no way of telling whether you were affected, not EVERYONE was affected by it. The best you can do is hope that you weren't affected. If you were affected and your character was re-set try clicking load character, if not you'll have to farm all the stuff back. That's beta for you, bug filled.
DF  Post #: 113
10/17/2010 6:21:29   

I need some help, please.
I played BH, bought mercenary contract and got gnomes.
After that i created AQW character, it linked, but i dont have the pet in my inventory.
How can i get it?
DF AQW  Post #: 114
10/17/2010 6:35:19   
Jonzee Boy


I'm not sure you're able to get it, I believe your only able to receive it with an already linked AQW account. You COULD try contacting staff about it but I doubt it will do much.
DF  Post #: 115
10/17/2010 7:37:16   

help!! my character is lvl 3 then i have the iron dagger then i have 500 gold.. then my browser crash.. my character returned to lvl 1 w/ 100g and all of my quest have been reset... help me how can i bring back my character.. what happened??
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 116
10/17/2010 7:59:35   
Jonzee Boy

You on obviously hadn't clicked save before your browser crash, luckily you weren't very far in, my character got re set at level 9,
The only way to get it back is re farm the stuff.
Before you exit bladehaven go to options: save then click the quit button in the first room/king room and then click logout in the little panel in the lower right hand corner. Good luck with blade haven, that shoud prevent any character resets.
DF  Post #: 117
10/17/2010 11:38:06   
Lil Miss Sunshine

I had a problem..
I logged in then the game started loading the "slay now" thing on and on again...
Then came a screen which had buttons like "max level" and stuff...also had the ability to change the name of the character..
then i refreshed and i was level 10..(didnt get the archievement)

Can i get the archievement without starting a new character?
Post #: 118
10/17/2010 11:41:05   

Lil Miss Sunshine: Nope. The game has to register the transition from 9 to 10. Being level 10 just like that isn't going to be read.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 119
10/17/2010 14:28:34   

um where do you get the shield spell, and is it bp?
Post #: 120
10/17/2010 14:33:12   

It is not BP.

And you get it in the shop, go to spells, then apprentice, then go one spell to the left of smite, and buy the shield spell.
DF MQ  Post #: 121
10/17/2010 14:34:36   

Post #: 122
10/17/2010 15:58:55   

ok thats it the bug is not over i just logged in my account AGAIN and everything was level one and i can assure you that i saved ( the last time i played ) and loaded my account and no the bug is not OVER this it i am not going to play anymore i just wasted one day of my life. Now that all my items,gold, and everything is gone i think i am not going back!. and my question is when will this be over?

here is the screen shot i took around 20 minutes ago:

now that i logged in back again was level one AGAIN.

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Post #: 123
10/17/2010 16:06:31   

Try pressing the "Load Character" button.
DF MQ  Post #: 124
10/17/2010 16:11:51   

OMG this is like the million person that it said that, for GOD SAKE i did press the freaking "load character"! when it was level one!~ when i saw it it was level one then the second thing i did was "load character" OMG cant you read! i am not trying to be ungreatful i am just saying that the saving bug its annoying.

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