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RE: Master List of Game Formulae

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12/31/2012 4:26:32   

Can we post in another thread instead? I think we're adding too many posts to Kaelin's guide which isn't about how the guide is written.

=AK= Asking for help with understanding equipment or stats

It actually deals 125.35% base/random/stat damage, which is considered 125.35% (overall) damage. You'd multiply your final number by that instead of multiplying your base/random/stat. Replacing is incorrect, but if you wanted to play around with the distributive property you could multiply out. It's just less convenient.

Another consideration is that you're wondering what the weapon base and random values are. If you take Ice Dragon Blade (114), you can see it deals 13-40 damage. This means the base is 13, and the random is the difference between the max and the base (40-13 = 27).
Post #: 51
1/13/2013 11:46:33   
ArchMagus Orodalf

Under "Guests" in [23]:


Pets fully supported by stats have power roughly equal to 0.6 * (Melee Power).

Should read


Guests fully supported by stats have power roughly equal to 0.6 * (Melee Power).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 52
3/24/2013 12:24:42   

There is repetition of sections of 19 and 20 after section 23. The second section of 20 contains other additional info which is needed to be kept.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 53
3/28/2013 11:30:08   

uhh, what's the difference in the formulae of Level <= 135 and Level >=136??

Simplify and you still get 110*1.1^I
AQ  Post #: 54
3/28/2013 19:54:13   

Rounding, apparently.
Post #: 55
4/1/2013 12:22:28   
 Strange World

Thanks ArchMagus (fixed back in February, but still noted here) and zippy (I removed the second copy of 20, which was the less complete form). The guide should be in order now.

As Watashig observes, the amount of XP to level-up is rounded to the nearest 10 for levels 135 and lower, and it is rounded to the nearest 10,000 for levels 136 and higher. This is a change Captain Rhubarb made last year.

< Message edited by Kaelin -- 4/1/2013 12:23:01 >
AQ  Post #: 56
4/2/2013 6:21:14   

Ohh, alright :) Thanks.
AQ  Post #: 57
6/13/2013 23:27:16   
 Strange World

Relevant AQ Version 37.6 update changes have been applied (most notably the HP, MP, SP, and stat damage distribution changes). I've done some slight reordering, including grouping HP, MP, and SP formulae together.
AQ  Post #: 58
7/27/2013 20:45:00   


Choice of Two Elements: *0.95 (for all attack types, applied to spells before rounding)

I have changed the 0.9 into 0.95 since this is the correct penalty for having the ability to the choice of two elements.
AQ  Post #: 59
7/31/2013 22:45:24   
 Strange World

^ *0.95 seems to be used when there is compression when paying either double cost or MC. *0.9 applies with neither price markup is in place.
AQ  Post #: 60
8/12/2013 3:45:58   

According to IMR, it seems that Armor BRS, Pet Stat, and Guest Stat no longer round. It's also slated for Special BR, SLS, and Spell Stat to be rounded sometime in the future, though now is not the future yet.

Also, may I ask why Special BR, LS, and BtH aren't included? I have them available somewhere, and you can rewrite it to include SABRM or SSM if you'd like.


If your Special Rate is 20%, then base/random are simple:
Special Base/Random: =ROUND(-0.000349*PowLvl^3+0.0552*PowLvl^2+8.01*PowLvl+167,0)%

If rates are different, then it's a little more complex (Special Rate is treated as a positive integer):
Special Base/Random: =ROUND((20*XSpecial-(20-SpecialRate)*XNormal)*100/SpecialRate/(Base+Rand/2))%

XNormal: =((Base+Rand/2)*(100+3*PowLvl)+XStat*(100+6.6*PowLvl)/16)%
XSpecial: =round(-0.000349*PowLvl^3+0.0552*PowLvl^2+8.01*PowLvl+167)%*(Base+Rand/2)
XStat: =2.1462*PowLvl+10.399, rounded to the nearest 5, to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 200.
Alternative XStat: =MROUND(MIN(2.1462*PowLvl+10.399,200),5)

Put it together, and you'll get...

Special Base/Random: =ROUND((20*ROUND(-0.000349*PowLvl^3+0.0552*PowLvl^2+8.01*PowLvl+167,0)%*(Base+Rand/2)-(20-SpecialRate)*((Base+Rand/2)*(100+3*PowLvl)+MROUND(MIN(2.1462*PowLvl+10.399,200),5)*(100+6.6*PowLvl)/16)%)*100/SpecialRate/(Base+Rand/2),0)%

Special Lucky Strike: =ROUND(100+(PowLvl*6.6),0)%
Special BtH: =FLOOR(MIN(2.1462*PowLvl+10.399,200)/8+IF(PowLvl<90,MAX(0.7123*PowLvl-19.111,0),MIN(5*PowLvl-400,200))/20+PowLvl/8,1)

3rd clue:
How will you know if a weapon is worth buying?

< Message edited by The Hollow -- 12/4/2015 14:11:21 >
Post #: 61
9/16/2013 9:02:23   

Under [23] Notable Post-Sweep Equipment Standards

Aren't the BTH per Hit for all equipments suppose to use PLvl instead of Level?
Post #: 62
12/5/2013 22:07:23   

Sorry if my question is dumb, but the "Stat Damage Bonus" and "Stat Bonuses to Hit" calculations are the same until today?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 63
2/16/2014 11:19:20   
  In Media Res
 Dont Talk w/me til Ive had my Dopamine


MPLvl: MP Level = [PLvl*3/4 + Level/4]
Should be floored. So [PLvl*3/4 + Level/4].
[b]MPLvl[/b]: MP Level = [color=#FF0000][[/color]PLvl*3/4 + Level/4[color=#FF0000]][/color]
AQ  Post #: 64
2/22/2014 15:37:07   
pure tppc

What would be the formula for how often Z Tokens will drop?
AQ  Post #: 65
2/22/2014 15:39:03   

Z token drops are random.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 66
2/24/2014 22:47:43   
pure tppc

If Z-Tokens are random what are the odds of getting some?
AQ  Post #: 67
3/6/2014 17:07:25   
pure tppc

It could be more readable if you could group the parameters as just 1 denominator.

I've helped you correct the following so you can just copy/paste it and edit it.

[2] Stat Bonus Damage (per 100%)

Core Stat Damage:
Ranged Weapon: (4*STR + DEX) / 40
Ranged Skill: (4*STR + DEX) / 20

Average Core Stat Damage, with Lucky Strikes Included
Melee Weapon: (5*STR + 2*LUK) / 40
Ranged Weapon: (4*STR + DEX + 2*LUK) / 40
Magic Weapon: (15*INT + 8*LUK) / 160
Melee Skill: (5*STR + LUK) / 20
Ranged Skill: (4*STR + DEX + LUK) / 20
Magic Skill: (15*INT + 4*LUK) / 80
Spells: (5*INT + LUK) / 20

[3] Stat Bonuses to Hit

Melee Weapon/Skill: (5*STR + 5*DEX + 4*LUK) / 80
Ranged Weapon/Skill: [5*DEX + 2*LUK) / 40
Magic Weapon/Skill: (5*INT + 5*DEX + 4*LUK) / 80
Spells: (5*INT + 5*DEX + 4*LUK) / 80

[4] Blocking Ability

Blocking Bonus from Stats: (2*DEX + LUK) / 20

[16] Potion Recovery

Health Potion Healing

HP recovered drinking one Health Potion = [50 + Level/3] to [(600 + 2*Level + 3*LUK + 3*END) / 6]
HP recovered drinking two Health Potions = [100 + Level/3] to [(1200 + 2*Level + 3*LUK + 3*END) / 6]

Mana Potion Healing

MP recovered drinking one Mana Potion = [50 + Level/3] to [(600 + 2*Level + 3*LUK + 3*INT) / 6]
MP recovered drinking two Mana Potions = [100 + Level/3] to [(1200 + 2*Level + 3*LUK + 3*INT) /6]
AQ  Post #: 68
4/18/2014 12:52:16   

Standard for trigger/downtrigger seem to be missing...
AQ  Post #: 69
4/20/2014 17:19:13   
pure tppc

Is it a standard that procless weapons get 1.09 mulitplier?
AQ  Post #: 70
4/20/2014 17:21:40   

Yes. Same with 100% Special weapons getting *1.02 if they have no Special Special, and no multiplier if they have a Special Special - i.e. 80% chance for standard Bow attack, and 20% for Special attack.
AQ Epic  Post #: 71
4/22/2014 11:25:07   

Some info I got from IMR via PM some time ago:


  • Armor BRS is rounded BEFORE applying the armour lean.
  • Pet stat% is now unrounded.
  • Guest stat% is now unrounded
  • SBR and SLS are still rounded to the nearest %
  • Spell stat is now unrounded.
  • Post #: 72
    4/26/2014 1:41:39   
     Strange World

    Weapon specials: Added (Thanks)
    Level --> PLvl: Applied (Thanks)
    MPLvl (floor): Applied (Thanks)
    Stat with "common denominator": Not implemented -- there's a good and a bad with it, so I'm defaulting to the current option.
    Various rounding stuff: Mostly applied (thanks) -- Armor BR doesn't need rounding since it's unchanged by rounding
    Trigger notes: Added, with caveats (Thanks)
    AQ  Post #: 73
    4/26/2014 13:18:36   

    according to IMR stat bth is no-longer rounded , so no purple brackets are needed anymore in stat bth.

    also the hit or miss roll is now 0 to 99.9999999999999 instead of 1-100.

    it could be written as (0-100) as 100 is the same as 99.99999999 where defender will win the roll anyway if he had enough defence.

    < Message edited by DarkDevil -- 4/26/2014 16:32:57 >
    AQ Epic  Post #: 74
    4/26/2014 14:04:30   
    pure tppc

    Kae, you forgot that there is a *1.09 multiplier for weapons that don't have a special. Also, *1.02 multiplier for weapons that are 100% proc.
    AQ  Post #: 75
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