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The Dragon's Secret

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11/6/2010 7:57:42   
Times Silent Keeper

The Dragon's Secret

Location: Ballyhoo - Rewards

  • Yes I will!
  • Not now-- Maybe later

  • «Scene: Isle D'Oriens»

    «You»: This place never ceases to amaze me when I visit. A floating town! A perfect balance of magic and science. And it's always so PEACEFUL here...
    ???: GRAAAAAWWWWW!!!!
    «You»: What the--
  • Fight!
      3 BATTLES
      Random Battles from your RA list

      Full Heal after each battle
    «You»: Peaceful! I said PEACEFUL!

    «Adder enters the scene.»

    «You»: Adder?
    Adder: «You»! Sorry about that!
    «You»: Sorry about what?
    Adder: The monsters! You know I'm a blacksmith, right? Well, just like anyone who makes a product, we blacksmiths need to do marketing research.
    Adder: Well, I paid those monsters to come here so I could test some new weapons on them-- And would you believe it, they just panicked and ran away before I could even hit them once!!
    «You»: ..................... I'd believe it.
    Adder: Hmf. And here I just wasted 10 gold an hour on each of them, PLUS I had to buy them lunch!
    «You»: So, uhhh... Is Falerin in his study today?
    Adder: I'm not sure. I DID hear someone moving stuff around in there earlier, though.
    «You»: Okay, great! I'll go check on him, then. See you later, Adder!

    «Scene: Locked Door»

    ???: HELP!!

    «A sudden quake shakes the screen.»

    «You»: ?!?

    «You pull the door handle as the door swings open and come face to face with... pitch black?»

    «You»: Hey, what happened to the lights?
    ???: I think there's a glow globe over there to the right of the door somewhere - if you just find it and give it a little shake?
    «You»: Okay, let me just-- Got it!

    «The room brightens up completely, revealing Lyra standing in Falerin's library.»

    «You»: Who are you, and what are you doing in Falerin's study when he's not here?
    Lyra: I'm Lyra. I'm a scribe from Corelith on the island of Deren. I just came by to drop off a copy of my latest manuscript for Falerin to read.
    Lyra: Then a big wind sprang up, and sent the pages flying everywhere, then blew out all the lights!
    «You»: A big wind, huh? Must have been quite a Zephyros.
    Lyra: ??
    Lyra: Anyway, my pages are all over Fal's study, and a bunch of bookworms are trying to eat them! Can you help me collect them?
  • Sure, why not?
  • No, I have better things to do

    Lyra: Thank you! In the meantime, I'll check to see if any pages blew into the hallway...
  • Get pages!

    «Lyra leaves Falerin's study. You enter a minigame to recover all pages that have scattered throughout the library. Every time you recover one of the pages, the message "You found a page!" appears. After collecting 5 pages, you proceed with the dialogue below.»

    «You»: Lyra? I think I found all of the pages! And I didn't even come across any bookworms!
    ???: Hey! Give us back our learning food!!«Lyra returns from her search.»

    Lyra: Whew! Luckily I found a couple pages outside! And you found the rest of my pages for me! Thank you!
    Lyra: I think those bookworms would have devoured my manuscript if you hadn't saved it!
    «You»: What's your manuscript about, anyway?
    Lyra: I travel all over Lore, writing down the stories of all of Lore's unsung heroes! This one is about a young mage who was orphaned by Akriloth, the Great Fire Dragon.
    Lyra: He vows revenge on all dragons. But when he escapes from an orphanage in Krovesport, he uncovers a secret that changes how he feels about dragons forever!
    «You»: Sounds exciting!
    Lyra: Oh, it is! He and his friends stow away on one of Captain Rhubarb's ships, encounter raiders and sea monsters, are kidnapped by an evil mage, and save a tribe of gnomes from slavery--
    Lyra: -- and those are just a few of their adventures!
    «You»: Don't tell the other adventurers, but I love to read - can I see your manuscript?
    Lyra: I have to leave this copy for Falerin - but if you go to HeroMart* you can get a copy of your very own.
  • More

    «You»: Thanks! I'll do tha--

    «Falerin appears in the scene.»

    Lyra: Falerin! You're back!
    «You»: Five minutes ago when I was being assaulted by giant worms would have been nice!
    Falerin: I knew you could do it. And now, thanks to you, I'll be able to enjoy a cup of hot tea and keep recovering while I read all about the adventures of John Black and his friends... Again.
    «You»: You're welcome.
    Falerin: Oh, no problemo. And to thank you, I've got something special for you!

    «The scene shows 6 possible rewards out of 7 from the quest, whether or not you bought the book, which include the following:»
  • Melore's Dark Statue Spell
  • Dragon Leathers Armor
  • Dragonsblood Charm
  • Unlight Shield
  • Goldenrod Staff
  • Gnomish Crossbow

  • Bought the book? Claim your rewards! - Opens Dragon's Secret 2
  • Quest Reward Shop - Opens Dragon's Secret 1
    Dragon's Secret 1

  • Guardian Merridi's Sword (L. 10)
  • Merridi's Sword Z (L. 40)
  • Merridi's Sword (L. 70)
  • Merridi's Sword (L. 100)
  • Merridi's Sword (L. 130)

  • Unlight Shield Z (L. 22)
  • Unlight Shield (L. 50)
  • Unlight Shield (L. 80)
  • Guardian Unlight Shield (L. 110)

  • Dragonsblood Charm (L. 30)
  • Dragonsblood Charm (L. 60)
  • Guardian Dragonsblood Charm (L. 90)
  • Dragonsblood Charm Z (L. 120)

  • Visit Heromart! (Opens in new window)
  • Bought the book? Claim your rewards!
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Dragon's Secret 2

    Attempting to buy anything from this shop without the possession of your book causes the message "You must own Dragon's Secret Novel to buy items from this shop." to appear.

  • Goldenrod Staff
  • Light Gnomish Crossbow
  • Runic Goldenrod Staff
  • Gnomish Crossbow
  • Sunstone Runic Goldenrod Staff
  • Heavy Gnomish Crossbow
  • Crystal Seed Runic Goldenrod Staff

  • Dragon Leathers
  • Shifter's Dragon Leathers
  • Shapechanger's Dragon Leathers

  • Dark Statue
  • Wizard's Dark Statue
  • Melore's Dark Statue

  • Visit Heromart! (Opens in new window)
  • Quest Reward Shop - Opens Dragon's Secret 1
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Credits to In Media Res for the monster lists! New location thanks to BlackAces.

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