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=MtAK= Xplayer1 (everyone saw this coming but me)

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12/3/2010 13:02:00   
Roaming the Web

I've already distributed cookies to those who called it. If you missed out on your cookie, please wait in line with all the other cookie hungry people.

Hi! I'm Xplayer1, the DEEP moe ArchKnight of the OOC. I'm surprised how little people know of me as I know most of those in the OOC who have been around for more than a couple of weeks. So feel free to ask me whatever. However, as a writer, I hate cliches, so let's get the cliche questions out of the way.

1. I currently live in Western New York, studying at university for Civil Engineering. That's all the personal information you're going to get in this thread.
2. 42 = the answer to the ultimate question of the life the universe and everything. Nothing else (besides maybe "What is 6x7?")
3. I like pie but I prefer cookies and brownies. My favorite desserts, however, are ice cream and Italian water ice.
4. I don't know the airspeed of an unladen swallow, nor do I know the capital of Assyria. *gets thrown off bridge*

Rules (created so that "exceptions" are unnecessary)
1. No questions about personal info. I've already given pretty much everything I feel you'd want to know.
2. The question limit is 20 questions.
3. One post per 24 hour period.
4. Be as creative and random as possible with your questions!

I will be editing in this color. Hunter green!

One last thing, this thread will be up until next Sunday December 12th. That gives you 2 weekends to come up with randomness!

I will keep a tally of repeated questions here. REPEATED QUESTION COUNT: 16

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AQ AQW  Post #: 1
12/3/2010 13:06:16   

well since you've answered 2 of the questions i had lined up, here're the other 2

what is your name? (you don't need to answer i already know)
No personal info silly. I probably should have mentioned that just because I've said more in other threads doesn't mean that I'll say the same thing here. This MtAK goes on file for-eh-vur.
what is your favourite colour?
Hunter green
if you had an army of ninja gnomes what would you have them do?
I'd have them bring me food if I'm hungry, and have them stay as far away as possible if not.
does me asking you about your favourite colour count as personal?
No, but asking my name does.
pirates or ninjas?
Ninjas, but I prefer alchemists over both.
do you believe that in the future the machine overlords/menace will be fighting the crab people for world supremecy?
No, I believe the world will either end in nuclear war or a pandemic or something resembling the Book of Revelation's Armageddon.
that's it for now and no i don't need to congratulate you, i did that in the topic Eukara started when you where made an AK. enjoy the cage and backyard

Oh look, this post is all Christmas colory. :D

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
12/3/2010 13:08:37   

*obligatory, yet well deserved congratulations*
*obligatory thank you*
*sentimental comment*
*obligatory expression of emotion*
*witty observation*
*witty counterobservation*

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AQ  Post #: 3
12/3/2010 13:14:32   
Legendary AK!!!

... Saw that link, opened it, and immediatly closed it. Take that TVtropes! Your spell on me has weakened.
TVTropes will enhance your life! :D
Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say congrats. So ... congrats. :D
No real questions from me, though I have been wondering where your avatar came from. It looks familiar, but I cant' really place it. 'K-On!' perhaps?
Yeah, it's Yui from K-on...or is it Ritsu...*goes back to watch episode again* Yeah, it's Ritsu Yui. ore wa baka
That's all I guess. Good luck, and have fun. ;)

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AQ DF  Post #: 4
12/3/2010 13:18:06   

Hi, and congratulations.
Hi, and thanks!
Favourite book?
Tough one, but probably To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Close seconds are The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis and Atonement by Ian McEwan.
Realy, me too!
*eyes suspiciously*
Favourite movie?
Grave of the Fireflies (1988) or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
Realy, me too!
*more suspicious*
Favourite Video game?
Pokemon Diamond
Guess what, ME TOO!
*very suspicious*
In all seriousness, any wisdom words?
Writing reveals the dreams of the heart.
Favourite quote?
"What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." ~Ecclesiastes 1:9
OK, bye!

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AQ DF  Post #: 5
12/3/2010 13:20:28   

Hai silly
Hello, sensei
Just passing here to say hi.
Not that you don't do that every day
Oh, congrats, in case I never said it to you.
I think you have...
See ya!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
12/3/2010 13:21:52   

First of all I want to congratulate you, Xplayer! Both as an OOCer and as an UCaGer!
I'm a UCaGer? All my games have been rejected :(
Second of all, you have +50 respect from me for using the colour green. The colour you use is the exact colour I like the most! Heh :P
Now, on to the first question which sounds something like this: How is it to be in the royal dragonfly army?
It's an honor, exciting, and just a boatload of fun!
A small pause betwen questions just to remind you that you said in the thread made by Eukara which announced your AKship that there wil lbe no question limit in your MtAK. You lied xD
Euky commanded me to put a question limit for my own safety. I doubt many will abuse it though *looks at Supertails later in thread*
My second and last question is simple: Do you like dragons and Yu-Gi-Oh!? Of course you do; you love them, right? RIGHT?
I sacrifice Paladin of the White Dragon to summon the Blue Eyes White dragon! :D
Good luck and remember to be responsible - with great power comes great responsability. Spiderman stole this quote from me. Heh.
Thanks! Can I borrow your time machine sometime?

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Post #: 7
12/3/2010 13:24:55   
Stealthy Dirtbag

Hello mysterious stealthy person.
Tell me something about Civil Engineering.
Civil Engineers save more people than any other profession. They make sure the water you drink doesn't kill you, and that buildings don't collapse on top of your head.
Do you currently play, or want to learn to play an instrument?
I've played the piano for over 11 years and I'm currently studying how to play the organ. This Sunday I have to play at church.
Do you know how to speak more than one language?
Estudie espanol parra tres anos (I studied Spanish for three years, pardon my lack of special characters)
Do you act on thought, or feeling?
According to the Myers Briggs personality test, thought. ISTJ
That is all.

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 14:49:45 >
AQ  Post #: 8
12/3/2010 13:33:47   

...ohhh God, you just gave me 20 questions to pester you with? You will regret this... (go ahead and leave this one for whenever you have time or want to...or ignore it or something you meanie ;-;)
Yay someone who took advantage of my stupidity generosity!

2) Where does the velocity of an unladen swallow (who knows the answer to life, the universe, and everything) live, and does he like pie and/or the capital of Assyria?
The answer is probably in Euraka's closet somewhere, why don't you ask her?

3) Congrats on the AKness! Why didn't you see this coming?!
I just post to have fun, not to be constructive or friendly or whatever. I'm just glad that the ArchKnights and Mods value what I contribute.

4) So...what do you think of the shiny new buttons, hmm? Which is your favourite and why?
The shiny buttons were confusing at first, but now they're not just shiny but also really cool. What AK doesn't like the Edit button?

5) No offense at all, but that's a really stupid favourite. Instead, what made you accept this position?
:@ Anyway, I accepted because I wanted to be part of a group of similar values and ideals within this forum. The OOC is really close, but it's not perfect ass you know and that's why we're needed. The AK community ended up being more awesome than I ever imagined, so I have no regrets (yet).

6) Was it a tough decision? Like, did you have to think about it before saying yes?
Not really. I spent most of the time after Euky sent the PM choosing the words for my acceptance speech.

7) Aww, thanks! You're pretty cool too...sorta...I guess...if you're into people like you... (just kidding, you're awesome)!
I like being awesome.

8) Oops, that last one wasn't a question...sorry! Would you mind going back and making it a question for me?
I'm not sure how. You also started with question #2 you know :P

9) Indiana Jones and Batman are stuck in an empty swimming pool with buttered slopes and no ladders. It's 15 ft. deep because the people who made it were cruel, odd people. Both have all their trademark items. How do they get out?
Batman calls his Batmobile to the edge of the pool, uses Indiana's whip to hook on to the axle, and has the car pull them both out of the pool.

10) You're swimming in the ocean when a shark lunges at you. All you have on you is a live mouse, whiskey, a tissue, and a can of Insta-Shark-Killing-Spray. How do you save yourself?
Punch it in the nose or eyes. Everyone knows that!

11) Oh no, the shark turned into a velociraptor after you did that! He grew 853 meters tall and can breathe fire! Now what?
Velociraptors can't swim so it sinks to the bottom of the ocean and I'm saved! :D

12) What's your favourite alloy?
Titanium is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. Durr...I should pay attention in chemistry class. Steel.

13) What do you like most about the OOC?
The fact that one can talk about almost anything between the Entertainment forum, main board, and Debate Club.

14) You realize that you're slowly turning into a 12-foot tall, laser-beam shooting, tobacco-chewing Texan. How do you come to terms with this new identity?
I spend my life hunting you down so that you can change me back!

15) If Kim-Jong Il was throwing a mad party at his place and invited you, but each guest had to bring something for the party, what would you bring? And it can't be a basketball signed by Michael Jordan.
I'd send him some Mighty Tacos so that he'd think better of the US.

16) You're standing on the top of the Empire State Building. On one side, the love of your life is clinging to the edge and about to fall off. On the other, there's this cute little kitty cat looking at you. You can either save her or go pet the kitty. What do you do?
Save the girl of course! I don't really like cats. My mother, father, and brother are allergic to them.

17) T-Pain is getting jealous because you're spending more time with Mozart and Bach instead of hanging with him and Ke$ha. You don't want to lose T-Pain as a friend, but Mozart's been showing you some mad pianist skillz. What do you do?
Implying I would want T-Pain and Ke$sha as a friend.

18) Who, really, deep down...is the muffin man?
The Pillsbury Dough Boy

19) Give me the plot summary for Christopher Nolan's version of Scooby-Doo.
A movie adaptation of Mystery Inc. with an even darker story, blood, and awesome visuals.

20) Describe, in a minimum of 43 words, why you luff me.
Because you're really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really cool, and you're the first one to use the 20 question format.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
12/3/2010 13:49:24   

Hey Xplayer1!
Sorry about the 'uncreativeness' here, but I only wanted to drop by and say Congratulations.
That's fine. I need a break from creative questions. *looks at post above*
Thats all from me, good luck and cya around!

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 15:18:12 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 10
12/3/2010 13:50:30   
Constructively Friendly!

I'm very, very tempted to abuse the 20 question limit...you'll hate yourself for doing that. But I'm not going to do it since Supes beat me to it, and I'm too kind to make you suffer two posts of 20 questions each in a single page of the thread.
I think that will happen without your help...
So, I'll just say that it was too easy to guess you'd become an AK. I've discovered the pattern in which Eukara works!
You think you know don't you...
Next is Nightly or DUM, unless Nightly was already offered AKship and refused it. What's your opinion?
The Great Dragonfly Goddess cannot be predicted.
Describe your cage in a minimum of 10 words, and a maximum of 30 words :D
The bars are made from environmentally friendly, non-rainforest wood. Eukara provides me with tacks so I can decorate the cage with anime characters and short story ideas.
We are making a product survey. Are the chains that Eukara uses on you comfortable? Any recommendations for future chain products?
The latest model of chains are custom fitted and come in one's choice of color. Although if you can, I'd like them just a few links longer.
Describe, in a minimum of 43 words, what you don't like about Supertails. Come on, be creative!
He just asked me a ton of questions. His lovebird antics act as a reminder that I've never been in love, which makes me sad. His AK color is very close to mine, which will probably make for confusion in the future. I'm not sure if that's 43 words or not, but I'm stopping there anyway.
Ok, that's all (for now)
That's all for another 24 hours. *clock starts from time of sacchi's post*
PS. Make sure to learn the word "exception" by using it on me. Don't send me warnings and you'll be rewarded daily with cookies of your choice.
Follow the rules and exceptions won't have to be made.
P.S. I like chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks.

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 15:27:21 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
12/3/2010 14:00:00   

Are the chains cold?
They're quite warm actually. I think they're enchanted that way.
Or are you in a cage?
Or both?
Anyway, how do you go to the toilet? Is there a small pot or are you released twice a day for that?
Eukara has a yard for us to run around in twice a day. It's fenced in by stone walls with barbed wire on top and guarded by snipers who can hit you from literally a mile away with their enhanced weaponry.
Where are the banned members?
Away from here.
Do you put them in cages or are they chained to the wall? My memories of that time are vague...
We banish them from the castle to the cold abyss of the rest of the internet and slam the door shut where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.
Will you abuse your power?
Of course not!
If yes, can I ask you something?

If no, why are you not taking the chance?
I'm an upstanding member of the OOC who follows the rules. I wouldn't be editing your post if I weren't.
Does everyone love Tails?
Yes, unless you're referring to Tails from the Sonic series and not our Supertails.
I know I do. Unless he's cheating on me.
I hate to break it to you but...
Do you like waffles?
Yes. My brother wished for a Belgium waffle maker for Christmas a couple years ago. Seriously.
Do you like pancakes?
Yes. Blueberry pancakes are my favorite.
Do you like French toast?
Yes, not as much as pancakes or waffles though.
Do you play any musical instrument?
I play the organ and piano. FIRST REPEATED QUESTION
I have this moral dilemma... Ham or bacon?
Bacon. I love both, but bacon's just a little better tasting.

I think that's all.
See you when you ban me :D
AKs can't ban people you know...

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DF  Post #: 12
12/3/2010 14:00:40   
Purple Armadillo

I currently have no questions, but congrats!!!
Thanks draketh!

Looks like youre gonna be a great AK
I'm having a great time so far.

Congrats again!

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 15:36:35 >
DF  Post #: 13
12/3/2010 14:06:46   
Burning Chaos

Hello there and congrats ;D
Hello! I didn't just accidentally call you an AK and subvert your title. You saw nothing!
What's the coolest thing you've ever attempted to do?
With a team of other 8th graders from my school, we attempted to design a city of the future. Competition, near victory, too many personal details to reveal in this thread.
Have you ever skydived? Do you want to?
Never have but it would be totally awesome. I'd probably throw up on the way down though.
Favorite genre of music?
Classic 70s rock and roll.
Favorite question so far in this thread?
The one by Supes about the velociraptor (who drowned :D)
See ya around ;)
See ya!

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 15:53:46 >
DF MQ  Post #: 14
12/3/2010 14:13:00   

Hey Xplayer1! Remember me?
I've definitely seen you around.
Ever since my last post in a MTAK Thread, I've been on the run from the EVIL kind and benevolent forces of Eukara Vox and Falerin and the rest. Any tips on how to stay away from them from one who has been caught? Or have you already been totaly indoctrinated?
Eukara is not evil. Falerin is...chaotic confused. They are awesome people who want no more than the best for these forums.
Anyway, what is your favorite game series?
Pokemon. I've put countless hours into all the games I've played.
Do you like games from all three consoles, or do you only like one?
I'm a deprived child who's never had a console. D:
I thought you said you were going to have an unlimited question limit?
Eukara commanded me to have one for my own safety. REPEATED QUESTION NUMBER 2
If you won the HeroSmash thing and became an ingame Hero or Villain, which would you be and why?
I'd be one who switches sides a lot. In game, I just chose the side which is more fun.
What kind of hero/villain would you be?
A mage with the power to grant wishes for a price.
And how would you shape the story?
I wouldn't fight, but the hero/main villain would seek my aid to have some wish granted, only to have it backfire. In that way, I'm not good or evil, just Chaotic Neutral. Once again, this is all just in game. In real life I'm Lawful Good, sometimes Chaotic Good.
...I'm sorry, I gotta run, I just saw someone with a Dragonfly Pendent. It might be nothing, but I have not escaped thus far by taking chances. BYE!
Oh, that was probably one of my minions. *creates another one*

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 15:48:01 >
DF  Post #: 15
12/3/2010 14:19:53   
Alpha Atom

Hullo! :D
I'm not very good with this whole question thing, so I'll keep it short! :D
That's fine. Constant questions would be tiring.
Congratulations! :D
Good luck! :D
I'll need it.
Bainao :D

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 15:50:12 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 16
12/3/2010 14:31:22   
Soph the Crazed One

Hello there...
I'mjust passing by to say "Congrats", and bring you a delicious freshly-made hazelnut cake with cinnamon icing.
A cake that's not a lie? *Munches*
So, congratulations on your promotion, Lieutenant!
See you around!
See ya!

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 15:52:16 >
DF AQW  Post #: 17
12/3/2010 14:55:57   

Hiyas im Red!
Hi Red! Another Christmas color post!
Ok now for quuestions
Oh noes! I'm ready.
1.Fav Animal?
American Bald Eagle
2.Fav Color?
3.Fav Food?
Chicken Adobo with rice.
4. Fav AE Game?
Adventure Quest
5. Would your rather: Swim in a pool of blood for an hour -or- Hang upside down for 8 hours?
Blood? Ha. That's nothing. Hanging upside down for 8 hours would likely kill me.
6. Is this a question?
Yes, not a very good one though.
7. Did you answer that last question right?
Of course!
8. Cookies?
Do you have any?
9. Why did you answer what you answered on numbers 1-4
Technically compound questions that put you over the 20 question limit. I'll answer at my discretion. And today I don't feel like answering them. :P
10. U like my AQW dood? http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Techno
So much power! I just went for looks when I played I stopped because I got tired of people asking me "Where did you get that item?"
11. Do you play any musical instrument?
I play the piano and organ. REPEATED QUESTION COUNT 4
oops i used all my smileys :o
They were put to good use.
12. How many questions have i asked u so far?
13. Why did you answer what you answered on numbers 1-4
14. Moglins, what you think about em?
They're cute and cuddly, except Zorbak who's pretty cool, and Kabroz who is just plain EVIL.
15. My fav moglin is Twig whats yours?
Twilly. I wouldn't be able to complete quests without him.
16. PeanutButter and Jelly or just Peanut?
17. Woh era ouy yadot?
m'I enif knaht uoy
18. Translate that? :3
It's not a different language. It's a code (a bad one) so it's "decrypting."
19.Oh no after this only one more question.....what should i use it on?
20. Chocolate?
Everything except pure chocolate bars, and if they are chocolate bars, they better be milk chocolate.

Well thats all i can ask so bai nice meeting u :3


< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 16:09:28 >
AQW  Post #: 18
12/3/2010 15:10:29   
Stray Cat
The kitty
without a name

1. Congratulations?
2. Trolls x Fans or Fans x Trolls?
I delete trolls and just stick with the fans.
3. Top 10 anime TV series, OVA or films?
How about a top 20?
4. TL:DR
Then why'd you ask, silly?

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 16:12:17 >
Post #: 19
12/3/2010 15:29:14   

Why is the sky blue.
Something to do with the filtering of light waves. Google it.
Why is the grass green.
Why do we not fly off into space willy nilly.
Because it's too expensive and dangerous. There's nothing out there to live on anyway.
Why does Dr. Doofinshmirtz try to destroy Perry the Platapus.
I stopped watching Disney channel after Kim Possible ended.
Why does the earth spin.
What is the Square root of pie.
Depends on what kind of pie.
What is the Square root of cake.
I put it into my calculator and it said "Domain error"
Why am i asking these questions.
I don't know. *gets thrown off bridge*

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 16:16:10 >


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
12/3/2010 15:43:06   
Silver Lion

Hiyas! :'D
Congratulations! =P
Thanks! :D
I don't know 6x7 is... Care to share? :3
I don't know how to ask questions, so I just dropped in for a congratulations & good luck! :]
But you just asked one...

Take care. ^_^

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 16:17:33 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
12/3/2010 16:08:28   
Edgemaster Scion

For my own reasons, I will include a lot of exclamation marks and zero periods! I find periods boring, so please pay no mind to the way I type!
Hey XPlayer1!
Congratz on becoming an AK!!
Do you like being one?
It's a blast!
Why do you like Hunter Green? Blue is the color of awesome!!!
Hunter green is the color of the Philadelphia Eagles, not to mention symbolizing life, nature, and rebirth. Blue is my second favorite color though.
Does the bear die in the moonlight?
I don't think so...
If so, should you poke it to see if it's alive?
If I value my life, no.
Alright, I gotta go! Good luck!!
Cya! Just as a note, you could have coded the color for the whole post rather than each line. My color code within your color code will override the blue.

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 16:21:28 >
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 22
12/3/2010 16:20:17   
Captain Capricorn

Are you normal?
Depending on your definition of normal, probably not.
Whats your favorite anime?
Clannad After Story
Whats your favorite cartoon?
Tom and Jerry
Whats your favorite food.
Chicken Adobo with rice. REPEATED QUESTION #6
Do you like pie?
Do you know me?
Am i asking weird questions?
Relative to the other questions, no.

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 16:23:13 >
DF AQW  Post #: 23
12/3/2010 16:40:04   

How much effort would you write into a book?
Much calculated and thoughtful effort, as with my L&L stories. If it were a book of poems, on the other hand, the total effort would probably be less than 2 hours worth. :P
The sky is green! Now it's blue! And then it became the sun!
The world is either ending or NASA has a lot of explaining to do.
Boomerang, Disney Channel or Nick? (I'm basing Boomerang off the old CN cartoons that get stored and shown in there)
I don't get Boomerang, but it's awesome when I've seen it on other people's televisions. I don't watch any of them regularly though. I just watch anime.
I have three bullets here they're Sasha, Sasha and Sasha, what would you pick for your chaingun?
I chose not to use the gun.
You picked Sasha, so which type of chaingun?
See above
Magic destroyed your chaingun
That's why I didn't want to use it in the first place.
How long does it take to run from point A to point B with an epic meme trying to barricade your way everytime?
Over 9000 minutes
Blinking demon!!!!
8. Is this the real question?
Who knows?
10. so is this?
That's not really a question so no.
13. I destroyed my computer
Paradox fail.
125. All documents marked ripped
That's different. You didn't destroy it. You just broke it.
13. I fixed it
If you have a best friend, would you duel him in a battle in any online game or multiplayer game that results to you dying many times?
I already have.
I skinned a bear wearing a fez
Have you ever kept a time capsule?
Yes. I think I lost it though in my many moves.
4 more questions to go, still pumped?
Not really. *yawns*
I opened up a can of sardines, which type do you prefer?
I don't like sardines.
Can you count about how many types of food have you eaten in a day?
Depends on how you group them. Today I've eaten a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and onions with a side of homefries and 22 oz of loganberry. How many types is that?
K, bye.

< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 16:48:30 >
AQ  Post #: 24
12/3/2010 16:48:24   

Oh no, backwards post!
They're cute, especially bunny girls. :D
Yes please!
Is your editing color your favorite color?
Yes, although I'd like it a bit darker, but then it's too close to black.
Are you confused?
You just switched the hi and bye. The questions were in an ordinary order.


< Message edited by Xplayer1 -- 12/3/2010 16:50:28 >
AQ  Post #: 25
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