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RE: Is MQ Dying III+How Can We Improve It?

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1/27/2011 19:16:17   

^That would just be more pointless work. Besides, how many DA holders actually report Soulweaver issues and bugs?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 126
1/27/2011 19:39:37   
master mix


Mechs really don't have enough weapon slots to test a mech without making it an official release.

It works in df because there are 14 skills in a class.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 127
1/27/2011 21:52:09   
Baron Dante

I have an amazing idea how to solve the lack of staff.

We announce MQ dead, and before the current staff is reshuffled to AQW and other stuff that already bloats half the table alone, rerelease it as a new game. Thusly, as it is a new game, all MechQuest staff goes there + they send some people for help. :D

No, I have no real ideas at this time of night (Or morning)... I've been reading the thread and I agree with most people with correct punctuation and stuff. I'll see where the discussion leads during the weekend and try to... be useful.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 128
1/28/2011 14:29:33   


Yergen von Schmergenbergen
Char (I'm pretty sure Char was on the MQ Team before going to EpicDuel)

When did Jemini leave MQ?
She was my favorite staff on MQ.. how.. why.. nuuu! D:

< Message edited by turtledude -- 1/28/2011 16:47:02 >
Post #: 129
1/28/2011 15:59:27   
Moon Raven

So much staff has left.... Curse you AQW!!! Burn in hell or something else that is very "evil".
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 130
1/28/2011 16:11:43   
Disrupter of Posts

We should all put "lets bring the MQ Staff back" in our sig, that way, whenever we post anywere on the forums, people will see our message.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 131
1/28/2011 16:28:26   

I'd make one.
Is it allowed?
I mean, I don't want to get in trouble for it cause I doubt it would help but I'm sure it would bring up some motivation somehow..
Post #: 132
1/28/2011 16:42:40   
Moon Raven

Actually I made a sig a short time ago and it seems that you're only allowed to have your sig once per page so I wouldn't bother with it.
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 133
1/28/2011 16:47:43   

That's not the problem.
The problem is whether it is actually allowed by the rules.
Oh, and look. Just finished my new Jemini supportive sig.


Post #: 134
1/28/2011 16:54:56   
Moon Raven

Don't you think it would be strange if we can create sigs but they are against the rules? See all you have to do is think a little though this board has some strange rules.
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 135
1/28/2011 16:59:40   
Griffin the awesome


We should all put "lets bring the MQ Staff back" in our sig, that way, whenever we post anywere on the forums, people will see our message.

I love this idea! I'm going to start on mine right away!
MQ  Post #: 136
1/28/2011 17:00:52   

Well, I guess my Jemini supportive sig is kind of supportive :<.
Where did Jemini leave anyways ;-;?
Post #: 137
1/28/2011 17:06:41   

@Baron Dante:Not what I was expecting, but hilarious just the same.
Anyhow, the sig thing I actually agree with....could lead to some warnings but seems worth it.
DF MQ  Post #: 138
1/28/2011 17:16:01   
Griffin the awesome

Just finished my sig!
Check my first post in this thread to see it.
MQ  Post #: 139
1/28/2011 17:19:12   
master mix


That is the best blimp message that I have ever seen!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 140
1/28/2011 17:20:23   
Griffin the awesome

@^: Thank you! I hope more people do this so I won't look like an idiot doing this alone.
MQ  Post #: 141
1/28/2011 17:23:05   
master mix

The lack of staff is no reason to laugh

It rhymes!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 142
1/29/2011 4:07:33   

Noone is answering.
Where did Jemini go.
I shall do anything to get Jemini back.
Post #: 143
1/29/2011 12:15:54   
Baron Dante

Oh yeah, to be useful (Well not, more depressing):

About the live event in the AQW.

2 weeks of work, voice acting from Warlic (Ethan), Thyton (Lucas), Nythera (Lilah), Me (Zeke) and Korin (RPG), 2 new music tracks from Warlic, 5 new cutscenes co-authored by myself and Tim Buckley (creator of Ctrl + Alt Del) animated by Miltonius and myself, 3 new maps and several new CAD NPCs from J6, 14 quests from Beleen, 7 monsters from Miltonius and Skyline, and 26 brand new items, armors and pets from Dage, Skyline, Miltonius, J6 and me.

So... Korin is next?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 144
1/29/2011 12:32:06   

wouldn't be surprised Baron

how to know if MQ is dying, please look at the last months releases including yesterday.
1 quest with recycled enemies and a few more weps...

Can someone btw tell me what the last thing was about the Storyline that we did, because I can't remember it


Having a Signature is too mainstream
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 145
1/29/2011 13:31:16   
Griffin the awesome

@^: Yokia supreme master
MQ  Post #: 146
1/29/2011 20:56:57   

The problem seems to me not that they don't release anything to big, it's because they CAN'T release anything to big. They're trying their darnest to keep the game alive. I wouldn't mind if they toke Nova Gems out of Ballyhoo's daily chances because the game needs advertising to go to the game more then the players. It seems to me it's a budget issue on the game, not a release problem. I wish I could help them, but I've got no job and no money to buy stuff with for the game. I love the game. I have a bit of nostalgia for each of the AE games, some more then others. This is because I grew with these game and they make me feel like a kid, since I don't have have one of the fancy next gen consoles.


AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 147
1/31/2011 5:11:59   
valiant viking

to improve the game we should concentrate attracting every group, each group of players will be attracted by different promotions and improvements, 1 of the best idea that came out is the verified mech, we should continue from that, aq and df have lots of players to encourage playing mq too, and making them support the game, i think adding verified mech SC version will encourage the players who support the other games to support the mq too, plus will give them lots of options on the game, also adding verified weapons SC version as well, we should also improve the merging option of the game to cover all the weapons and mechs in mq, like the upgrade system in aqw that covers all weapons and armors, so that everyone can personalize their mech and still keep them as they level up, according to their level.. that way old weapons and mechs can be revived and will give players lots of options.. make like aqw, another game you can also add is mech quest worlds..
DF MQ  Post #: 148
2/3/2011 12:03:59   

the staff has a lot of trouble coming up with names lately, so maybe they should make a thread (or contest) to get a list of names. it also has been like 2 years since MQ had its last contest. and maybe they should go to suggestions forum a little bit more for new mechs and weapons, since it takes a lot of time giving weapons the right effect. there are quite a lot good suggestions,the only thing they need is an awesome design with it
MQ  Post #: 149
2/4/2011 0:53:00   

Maybe a better advert on DF/AQ/AQW's Bally?
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 150
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