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=MQ= Fuchsia Friday (haha) Sale Item Ideas

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12/7/2010 13:57:37   

We're using the standard Holiday Shop interface for this and it is a one-day sale where it's like a "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" thing with discounted prices.

We need to decide what items we are discounting so that I can get started in the database - luckily I DO NOT have to make new IDs for everything as I originally thought! Korin asked me to post here in the General Discussion forum to find out what you would like to see in the sale shop.
Korin's cool with bringing back rares (but keep in mind that we've promised some stuff will NEVER come back, so we'll need to be careful)
  • can be items and mechs, both - what do you think would be popular?
  • needs to be a quantity of items I can reasonably calculate the re-price and list within a few days - let's not try to do 100 weapons and 50 mechs, for example - because everything needs a price change in the database for this on release day (Probably Friday). While this will go fairly quickly once I have it pre-set, it'll still be time-consuming because the price changes go Live instantly. I can't enter any changes before release. Then I have to change them back to normal when the sale is over.

  • Korin suggested maybe we bring out a new level or 2 of an existing item and discount just those new levels, or just a particular existing level or 2 instead of a whole series. New levels are slightly more time-consuming for me in terms of work but I do think this is a great way to bring in a few new levels of existing items. (Will need a new entry, a note of regular price for when the sale is over, and new names, along with the other normal stuff that goes with making a new level of an existing thing)
    -I figure we could do a little of both - discount new, higher levels of some old stuff, and pick some newer stuff at lower levels to discount (just need to decide what)

    What do you want to see in the shop?

    Not going to be in the sale shop at all: final decision
  • AvP Eagle (not in any version at all, no Eagle, no)
  • SCMMs
  • April Fool / Maypril Fool / 4th of July

    Couple more decisions regarding rares:
  • We have decided that as the Eagle is off-limits, the Raider is as well. So AvP mechas are not going to be in this shop.
  • For this shop, the Crystal Asteroid rares will not be included.

    Maybes, regarding rares:
  • Tiny selection of the AvP weapons. Possibly NG-only, and definitely not higher-level versions.
  • Satellites ("orbitals") - if included, will be the original levels - no new levels.

    Added Mae's List of what will not be considered at all for re-release. ~Ein

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    12/7/2010 14:10:32   


    We don't need any flame wars brought on by this.

    Also, I'd strongly suggest no Credit versions of the AvP Arthurian Eagle; if only to further prevent wars. NG Version-only is questionable, but I wouldn't object to a few higher level versions in NG-Only Flavors.

    As for ideas, here's my modest list.

  • Asteroid War Rares (The ShS BAMs; both Chassis and Equipment)
  • AvP War Rares (Weapons-only; a few higher level versions requested)
  • New Level Pirate Sniper Arms (Because fishing for them is a waste of time and very unproductive)


  • Mogloween Edition Vampire Hunters
  • Lagos Planet Preview Mechs - Admiral and Ram
  • NG-AvP War Eagle - Optional

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    12/7/2010 14:21:21   

    clover blade please
    DF MQ  Post #: 3
    12/7/2010 14:26:11   

    The original, rare and old V-Hunter series from Necryptos? I'd certainly buy one if those mechas were selected. I'm not sure if they actually can come back, but I'd love to see them again!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
    12/7/2010 14:26:44   

    @EinhanderX01: I can think of a million reasons not to include SCMMs and now I've added "Oh, and inciting flame wars isn't the goal of this." I don't believe Korin had the SCMMs in mind at all when he mentioned bringing back rares.

    @seacow: Will need to check to be sure Clover Blade isn't one we promised would NEVER be re-released. Note that the Clover Blades also still have some delicious buggy oddnesses, too.

    What about some non-rare stuff?
    Post #: 5
    12/7/2010 14:31:14   

    I'm still working on my list but my concern with the Crystal Asteroid stuff is that arguably some of it should be made permanent. There's interesting strategies that can center around Shadow Purge and Shadow Blight alone.
    DF MQ  Post #: 6
    12/7/2010 14:35:40   

    I think releasing the old SDF mechs would be nice (if those aren't "once they are gone they are never going to come back" type rares). As for non rare stuff how about the Steampunk mech? If older stuff is going to be rereleased will they get newer specials so they will be useful against newer enemies, or will they just be stuff to play around with against weak Soluna enemies?


    Evil beware, we have waffles.
    AQ DF  Post #: 7
    12/7/2010 14:44:15   

    Yes it would be a good idea to bring back the crystal asteroid items
    MQ  Post #: 8
    12/7/2010 14:44:48   

    I'd say Big revives and perhaps special themed SDF mechs and the E series...
    they were really nice


    Having a Signature is too mainstream
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
    12/7/2010 14:51:01   

    Personally, the SDF and Asteroid War equipment could stand as permanent equipment.

    Edit: Well, Revivals are out of the question. Edited my 1st post to reflect that.

    < Message edited by EinhanderX01 -- 12/7/2010 15:03:30 >
    Post #: 10
    12/7/2010 14:53:31   

    What's wrong with bringing back Star Captain Monthly Mechas,does it require that much work or is it jut that it would not make them rare anymore?
    MQ  Post #: 11
    12/7/2010 14:58:32   

    To clarify:

    This is not a big revival project. This is a SIMPLE price reduction one-day shop that is slated for sometime within the next few days. The price-slashing is what is happening - not new specials, not new versions of older things, just simple simple price cuts for the most part. Ideally, no changes besides price.

    Anything new IF we do anything new would be a higher-level version of something that exists. Not a revival - no new specials - no new themes and I really doubt there's even time to mess with new colors.

    I agree that certain things should be a "Nope, not happening" such as:
    Credit version or any version of Arthurian Eagle (I would prefer not to)
    Anything that was a one-day rare - no April Fool // no 4oJ // for example
    I really don't want to do any SCMMs either.

    Post #: 12
    12/7/2010 14:59:44   

    @RainBlade: The Debate/Flame War over the Strength of the Old SCMMs (pre-Normal Bladestorm/Blademaster) is a big issue.

    SC Powerusers vs SC Balance Lovers vs NSCs is something that is best avoided.

    < Message edited by EinhanderX01 -- 12/7/2010 15:06:53 >
    Post #: 13
    12/7/2010 15:03:56   

    I agree with Einhander on the revival of the SCMM .

    Remember the good old Warbear ? Imagine what it could do at level 45 .

    As much as i would love to re-buy the strider , it would just make much problems in game breakers .

    @Mae : Can we have the SDF rebel back ? I missed it and always wanted to have it so i would really appreciate it (Unless stated by the guys here it was never good , i was on my legendary MQ break back then and never found out) .

    And i know you guys eliminated the April's fools of 2009 , but i missed that one as well ... stupid runer .... can you atleast think about it ?

    < Message edited by runer -- 12/7/2010 15:05:29 >
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 14
    12/7/2010 15:04:26   

    @Maegwyn why not bring back the eagle its a mech i wasn't here for and would love to have it and please let me know about the clover blade
    DF MQ  Post #: 15
    12/7/2010 15:07:13   

    The Eagle , even after 10 or so levels , and many many months to come , and even much more stronger enemies , was too strong .

    It's Shields were way too uber to fit a revival project . I agree , it wouldn't be fair to bring them back as a credit version , unless it was nerfed a little bit (Or maybe SC's just get the same exact mech we got from the AvP war but with a higher level versions , no nerfs or buffs) .
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
    12/7/2010 15:09:26   

    @andy123: The thing that always struck me as odd is that the E Series is actually permanent while the story important SDF is rare.

    @EinhanderX01: Intriguingly, there's 3 different orbital weapons. One stuns like you mentioned while one set (Mega Bomb) has a 2X damage special. I forget what the third does, I'll have to go look. EDIT: Ah, it's Memorial Day as opposed to Veterans Day: http://www.mechquest.com/DN-archive/08-05.asp

    As far as my thought process, I tried to have a mix of things:

    • Pirate Captain series and Battle Ram series: Both were from the one week SC preview though I don't know if they are on the "No" list.
    • Orbital Weapon Beacons: Tossing in another vote for these
    • Geekatron chassi: One of the complaints about the Geekatron is the combined price. Why not have a sale on the chassis? Be a bit easier to do just that than all of the weaponry.
    • Kurosawa: Just a repectful nod to the very first NG mecha
    • Perfect Ghost Trap: Something to encourage people to finish out Ghost Hunting.
    • Yellow Ducky Submarine: Since it's currently usable in only one area yet takes up inventory, a temporary price reduction would be nice.
    • Mocha Cola and the 1 week or 1 month versions of X-Boost: Low priced temp buffs that could fuel a number of small NG purchases
    • Braddock Steele Arcade Machine: Sort of picked at random but several starship items could be added

    < Message edited by ZamuelNow -- 12/7/2010 15:47:01 >
    DF MQ  Post #: 17
    12/7/2010 15:09:56   

    Revival: An older graphic with outdated specials, given a re-vamp often including coding new specials, or changing the existing specials (for example, buffing by increasing the chance of the special happening) which involves changing the code - and usually also released at higher levels.

    This is not a Revival shop.

    Re-release: Something not currently available that comes out again.

    Sale: Prices of existing items reduced.

    This is the theme of this shop. A simple sale with a possible couple of re-releases. The "re-releases" and possibly some low-level things could maybe have a couple of "new sizes" (at new levels) if there is time.

    Post #: 18
    12/7/2010 15:12:00   

    @runer: If the AvP Eagle is to come back, it's best if it's either the NG-Only versions or not at all, just to prevent issues about getting a powerhouse using only in-game credits. It was borderline OP, and if re-released at a higher level or two, it should only be as NG. It doesn't need any tweaking to specials.

    Incentive enough to buy some NGs to purchase, but not causing trouble due to availability.

    < Message edited by EinhanderX01 -- 12/7/2010 15:32:31 >
    Post #: 19
    12/7/2010 15:16:08   

    I agree if it comes back to make it ngs other wise than that no
    DF MQ  Post #: 20
    12/7/2010 15:42:30   

    I think a mecha update that went way overlooked was the Elite Forensics Defender mecha that was released. I think that since all the werewolf mechas have recieved a level boost maybe the Elite Forensic Defender mech could as well. It's only a level update and it could have a somewhat reduced price compared to other level 45 mechs. I would also love to see a level update of the Shining Repeater and maybe the Shining Electron Sniper. Some of the very old items like that that were pretty cool when obtained. Also I think maybe Shadow Napalms be re-leveled whether they be NG, SC or NSC. I don't care either way, but I'd like to have them back. Thanks for your time and the shop. =)


    P.S. Giving the Elite Forensic Defender's head a quick ability of maybe like +50% damage would be cool (just going along with the +50% defense from the body) or even a slightly lower number would be nice. But I guess as long as the head slot is equippable it's fine, but I think a cop-themed head would be cool for a damage booster. Maybe something like "Forensic Glasses On! +X% Damage" Anyways thanks again.

    < Message edited by Neonpanther -- 12/7/2010 16:11:35 >
    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 21
    12/7/2010 15:49:19   
    master mix

    I think that the cloverblades, the earth day weapons, and the fireworks mechs from the fourth of July (or maybe the liberty mech, either one) would make an absolutely fine limited-time rares shop.

    I think that the mysterious traveler should also re-appear.

    I think that the corrupted drakels should be in the discount shop.

    That is all I've got.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
    12/7/2010 15:53:03   

    Corrupt Drakels ? Have they been removed ? I don't remember reading this anywhere .... well ...

    I do think they should bring back some mechs , because the staff usually make those limited time shops for weapons . I know we have had many mechs in the last month or so , but it could be a nice change .
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 23
    12/7/2010 15:56:13   
    master mix

    I mean the corrupted drakels at the inn on westion.

    If I was a lvl 45, having one of those would be nice.

    When I was a nsc, they REALLY came in handy.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 24
    12/7/2010 16:10:17   

    Was it promised that the Corrupted Advanced House Mechas would never return? They would be a nice addition to the shop, since they are the only House mechas that meet the current power standards.
    AQ MQ  Post #: 25
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