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RE: =MQ= Fuchsia Friday (haha) Sale Item Ideas

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12/7/2010 16:25:35   

I forgot to mention earlier and yes Mae, you're about to hate me.

FOR RE-LEVEL (Told you Mae)
All of the Planet 51 weapons from the Non-NG Grand Champion Shop. They were very underused for me because by the time they were released I was way beyond them. If not all of those then maybe just the Volt Thorn Mechs or the purity/symbolic blade series. Just some classic stuff like that.

Now I know you said this wasn't a relevel only shop but a couple items could be like that. And the thing is, there aren't a lot of mechs out currently that I would want to have discounted, that I would buy, because everything I have is either the regularly priced version or I just don't need it. Sorry for all of the suggestions involving a lot of work, told you you'd hate me =P


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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 26
12/7/2010 16:29:03   

I agree on a level-updated Mogloween-edition Dark Hunter.

Basically, a whole slew of level updates on the old-but-reliable mechs.
DF MQ  Post #: 27
12/7/2010 16:30:26   

Not going to be in the sale shop at all: final decision
  • AvP Eagle (not in any version at all, no Eagle, no)
  • SCMMs
  • April Fool / Maypril Fool / 4th of July

    This is really interesting and I'm glad Korin had me ask for your input. I might not be able to keep up with individual people to reply specifically (which often happens in forum threads and I always feel badly if I don't respond to each person who addresses me directly. Also I get pulled away and a long time passes and I (like right now) say whooops I was replying that's open in a tab there...

    I will review all of this and consult - not making a specific deadline but I should start prepping tomorrow...
    on edit:and wow a lot of posts happened - we're on a new page? First off, @neonpanther: I don't hate you haha! Good to see you. I will not be able to do a "slew" (@Matri) for this shop, but seeing what you want, while we can't do it all for the discount shop, might be able to get some of those wishes fulfilled - not promising, just saying ...

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  • Post #: 28
    12/7/2010 16:44:34   
    Griffin the awesome


    Please? Do you know how many people would buy nova gems if the eagle came back (including me)?
    You could make lots of money and make me very happy!

    < Message edited by Griffin the awesome -- 12/7/2010 16:54:05 >


    MQ  Post #: 29
    12/7/2010 16:51:14   

    that sucks theirs no eagle but you have your reasons
    DF MQ  Post #: 30
    12/7/2010 16:51:28   

    how about the Spectral prismator that arm has been underrated but extremely and highly effective


    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 31
    12/7/2010 16:54:07   

    Though I don't post here often, I do feel this might be a chance to get some rares I've heavily desired for:

  • AvP Ebilcorp NG Shop
  • Lagos Preview Mechas - Admiral and Ram
  • 3008 Anniversary Mechas - Golden Newbatrons and Volt Lances
  • Zargon Preview Rares - Web Cannons Arms, old Incredulous Hulk Rage Heads.
  • 3008 TPLAD Weapons - NSC Swashbucklkers and SC Cannon Shoulders

    Other than this, no other rares I want. I practically have all the rares that everyone would covet to their last days.

  • AQ MQ  Post #: 32
    12/7/2010 17:12:13   

    By the way, Mae, thank you very much for asking us the items we want for... Fuchsia Friday. It's really nice to know that the MQ team cares about their players' opinion. Big thanks!

    I agree that the three items you've mentioned in your post shouldn't come back, since those are incredibly rare and powerful. There are many great rares that could come back, like the Mogloween V-Hunter and the Crystal Asteroid equipment.

    For non-rares (considering that Nova Gems items are included), the X-Boost's price should be lowered for a day. I'd suggest a 200~300 NGs discount. Discounting the Rockin' Werewolf would also be a good idea, both Credits and NGs. The currently in-game Turkageddon and Halloween weapons could also be discounted.

    Again, thanks for this opportunity!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 33
    12/7/2010 17:15:21   

    I disagree with the mogloween V-hunter coming back. It wasn't any different to the normal one, besides a few items.

    And I think that the crystal asteroid weapons, the AvP NG shop, and the 3008 anniversary mecha should come back.
    DF MQ  Post #: 34
    12/7/2010 17:46:59   

    I really can't think of anything I want (Other then the clover blades), so I really don't have much to say. What I do think would be nice is a discount of some war rares, like the Pirate Anchor shoulders (I don't know it's exact name), Arthurian Shields, Asteroid war, etc. If rares are not possible, you could discount a few House items/mechs, or the mecha upgrade thingies, like the Awls and Skulls.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 35
    12/7/2010 17:53:02   
    Psycho Warrior

    higher level corrupted arthurian mech
    MQ  Post #: 36
    12/7/2010 18:06:12   


    I actually wrote that post with a cheshire twilly grin on my face. Not quite as big but you get the picture. Thanks for being able to fulfill (possibly) some of my wishes and I know you and everybody at the MQ team can't possibly get all of this done but I appreciate the thought and effort and you all put in to make us happy. Say thanks to everybody on the MQ team for me!

    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 37
    12/7/2010 18:16:33   


    AvP Ebilcorp NG Shop
    Lagos Preview Mechas - Admiral and Ram
    3008 Anniversary Mechas - Golden Newbatrons and Volt Lances
    Zargon Preview Rares - Web Cannons Arms, old Incredulous Hulk Rage Heads.
    3008 TPLAD Weapons - NSC Swashbucklkers and SC Cannon Shoulders

    Yes, and yes.

    Just revived. Not the exact same or changed colors e.e
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 38
    12/7/2010 18:21:48   

    Added Mae's current list of what will not be considered at all for re-release to the first post.

    Any additional key information Mae or other MQ Staff members post will be added to the 1st post as well.

    As a reminder for those coming to the thread, check the first post and all of Mae's posts on the first page before posting what you'd like to see for the sale.

    And do note, that this is just a Re-Release Sale, not a Revival Sale.

    Same specials, same looks, and same levels (unless the Staff find time to update a few for the upper levels).


    < Message edited by EinhanderX01 -- 12/7/2010 18:22:28 >
    Post #: 39
    12/7/2010 19:04:26   

    the earth day solar panels and the sheild bash arm weapon I cant remember the exact name
    DF MQ  Post #: 40
    12/7/2010 19:34:11   
    Destined Dragonlord

    Earth Day shoulder panels :D


    The Dragonfly Horde has found your Sig tasty.
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    Post #: 41
    12/7/2010 20:10:53   

    HammerHead mechs with updated levels.
    SDF series too.

    Any other rares I want are generally SCMMs or things like the Eagle and Clown which don't really count.
    Think I'll go check for other things, just in case...
    DF MQ  Post #: 42
    12/7/2010 20:25:38   
    Master Merlin

    Earth day panels and Cloverblades. Been said already, but best rares ever. (Although does anyone know if you can purchase (not use, but still store it in your inventory) the Runehawk Cloverblade if you are in another house? I'm in Mystraven and their Cloverblade is nothing compared to RH's ep drain. Just asking for future reference.)

    Other then that I agree completely with PD's post. The Evilcorp weapons were revolutionary at the time (I still remember how often I used the disruptor shoulders... was my very first taste at mech builds) and Ram was fantastic, although soon outclassed by the Bull and Eagle in particular. Volt Thorn... do I really have the words to describe it? One of my favorite mech ever, and I still hope that it comes back one of MQ's birthdays. Even if they are not updated they will still be worthy chasis. This whole thread is making me nostalgic...

    Oh and one more thing. Arthurian Shield Bash. Far too unique and strategic to be lost to the depths of time.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 43
    12/7/2010 20:31:10   

    I disagree, no panels. They were supposed to be gone rare forever.
    And only cloverblades if they are all re-released. It would be unfair for just one house to get it re-released. Of course, I am in that house, so I wouldn't mind that much, but the other houses might get mad. Also, I have that blade, my side does not have its blade, and I want the NSC blade. IDoT would come in handy.
    DF MQ  Post #: 44
    12/7/2010 20:38:17   

    Few more I'd like...
    Pirate Admiral(This was my motivation in finishing Lagos in the first place, had no idea it went rare)
    Shadow Purge
    Shadow Blight
    DF MQ  Post #: 45
    12/7/2010 20:39:34   
    Master Merlin

    @stealth: Can you link me a quote that says that? Looked through the DN's but doesn't seem to be anything like that.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 46
    12/7/2010 20:45:47   

    I can't find any quote even saying it went rare.

    But it is on par with all the one day stuff, I don't think it should come back.
    DF MQ  Post #: 47
    12/7/2010 20:52:14   
    Master Merlin

    Oh, okay. And I must admit that I am kind of just wanting it back for self centered reasons since I wasn't here when it came out, but can you blame me? There is literally nothing else to make a decent EP drain build with. Plus if it comes back I might just switch to Runehawk ... *nudge nudge* Ok now I'm just pulling at straws...

    But there's one loophole in your logic. The Black Fuchsia Friday sale is a one day event, so wouldn't this be on line with the standards?
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 48
    12/7/2010 20:57:57   

    You could use that argument on the april fools mecha.
    You say you might switch to runehawk?
    And you are probably not the only one. (Glai, did I manage to convince you? The mods are investigating the glitches, so they might actually be glitches, and if they are, and are fixed, it will be possible, and you will get your eternal glory).

    And I would like the other panels for my sides/main.

    Yes, do bring back the cloverblades. All of them.

    Not the solar panels though, they are a one-day type thing.

    < Message edited by stealthwings -- 12/7/2010 20:58:33 >
    DF MQ  Post #: 49
    12/7/2010 21:09:34   
    Master Merlin

    But the April Fools Mech was stated to be never coming back. Okay now I'm just being petty.

    And yes, I've been considering it this GG. You and your advanced strategies are getting to me! First I actually consider buying a weapon for power rather then looks, then I start customizing every single part on my mech, and now I am considering EP drain builds! This is blasphemy to everything I stand for!

    Nah, just joking. Runehawk was actually my first house (all my characters are usually mage) and I only switched to Wolfblade and later Mystraven after being tired of how (at least to my point of view) weak their mech was. When the house mechs were tweaked and Runehawk got the healing effect on the shoulders I actually went back there for a bit, but couldn't resist using MR's OP body. So yeah, I've always been quite partial to Runehawk and having a decent way of EP draining would just cement the deal.

    But that's off topic.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 50
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