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12/7/2010 19:29:31   
Bu Kek Siansu

Quest Location: Satiren
Quests Given From: Trinni

Trinni: Thank you so much for staying here and helping me fend off the bounty hunters. but now it looks like Dark Madder herself is after me for some reason...
  • Into dark waters, then!
  • Back

    «Scene: At Trinni's little outpost.»

    Dark Madder: I was just passing through the neighborhood when your little party caught my attention...
    «You»: Sorry, Madder, but we're a little busy. Maybe you could come back in a few minutes...

    «Scene zooms in on «You» and Trinni.»

    Trinni: She's a business partner of Lord Terror's, friend. She found me, and she's here to do a little favor for Terror and take me out.
    «You»: Well then... I won't let her, Trinni. Dark Madder is going to be very disappointed.

    «Scene shifts to Dark Madder standing on her Nechron Ship above the Outpost.»

    Dark Madder: Truthfully? You two are little more than insects to me. You doubt my powers? After this day, you will doubt no more.
    Dark Madder: What a world you've chosen to hide on, little girl... not another soul in sight, just endless sea in all directions... no wonder you've managed to elude him for so long.
    Dark Madder: It's a shame for it to end this way.
    Dark Madder: 'Neath the waters of this world / Lie twisted horrors yet untold. / They are tarnished, dead, and dying / Corroded, numb, and putrefying...

    «Scene zooms in as Dark Madder lifts her staff.»

    Dark Madder: Remains of creatures long forgotten / Lost to the deep, decayed and rotten / I call to thee, this very night / Embrace my power, end this blight!
    Dark Madder: Bring ocean depths to stir once more / Death's bell made silent by your roar! / As seas shall boil, skies shall split!

    «Scene zooms in on Dark Madder's mask.»

  • Uh-oh...

    «Dark Madder slams her staff against her ship, creating a circle of red energy. The Leviathan arises from the water and eats the beast. The Scene then zooms in on «You» and Trinni.»

    «You»: !!!! What IS that thing???
    Trinni: It's like nothing else on Satiren I've ever seen...

    «Scene returns to Dark Madder.»

    Dark Madder: You should have stayed out of this, «You». You were so amusing that I was planning to toy with you a little longer... but if this is your wish...
    Dark Madder: You will die here, along with this girl and now, this entire world!

    «Dark Madder lifts her staff.»

    Dark Madder: LEVIATHAN!
    Dark Madder: Destroy these two!! After you've finished them off, do what you will with this planet.

    «Scene zooms out and the ship flies away.»

    «You»: Trinni, stay right here. Keep your island from sinking while I... um... distract this thing! I figure if I can get up to its eyes I can do some real damage!
  • Go!

    ««You» run up the Leviathan.»

    2 BATTLES (monster encounters might be bugged)
    Full Heal

    2 BATTLES (monster encounters might be bugged)
    Full Heal

    «You get in your WarpForce Fighter Ship.»

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Trinni: You got some good hits in, «You»! At least you weakened it...

    «The Leviathan goes underwater and then re-emerges, extending its jaws. You then walk onto the sand.»

    «You»: Ooookay. Now, just what do I think I'm going to do? BLOCK this guy's bite?? I might be better off just diving into the water and-- Hmmm...
    «You»: What's this weird feeling--? My arm is tingling--

    «Scene flashes and the Hand of Creation appears on your offhand.»

    «You»: The Hand of Creation!! It just suddenly materialized on my arm... Like it KNEW...

    «You start to glow as the scene zooms out. Then, the Hand sends out rays of light that kill the Leviathan.»

    «You»: ...................... wow.

    «Trinni is on the beach chair on the sand.»

    Trinni: that was quite amazing, friend. Dark Madder seemed in a hurry... Is she up to something big?
    «You»: Yes, she is, Trinni. World-destroying big. I need to get back to the Alteon and help save the galaxy.
    Trinni: Thanks to you, I might just be able to stay here for a long time.
    «You»: I'll do what I can to make sure Dark Madder never bothers you again, I promise.
  • Go!

    «Scene: Alteon flies away from Satiren as your Fighter Ship flies toward it.»
    Mission Debriefing:

    Thank you! Without your help, Lord Terror's bounty hunters probably would have capture me a while ago, and Dark Madder's giant Leviathan monster would have destroyed my island and done who knows what to the fragile ecosystem of Satiren!

    Now it looks like I will be able to continue my research on this world and live peacefully, for a while at least, on my new home. Because of you, the chance that I might one day be able to find my long-lost family and return to Lore with them is now possible.
  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Leviathan's Bite
    Leviathan's Bite Z
    Leviathan's Bite
    Leviathan's Bite
    Leviathan's Bite

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf

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