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Space Vampires!

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12/9/2010 18:19:41   
More than a Game


Space Vampires!
Quest Location: Sick Bay > Dr. Mendas > MISSIONS > AID THE TRANSILVAN
Quest Given From: Dr. Mendas
Requirements: Level 45


Dr. Mendas: Whew! Am I glad that you are looking for a mission to go on! Captain Daian has translated a distress call from the Stoker system. The SOS is coming from a Chiropterran colonization cruiser called the Transilvan.
Dr. Mendas: The most we can understand is that some kind of sickness has spread among the crew. No other messages have been detected, so it is likely much of the crew is too ill to do their jobs.
Dr. Mendas: The Chiropterrans aren't exactly ALLIES of the WarpForce, but they do trade with us, and they are enemies of the Network. Do your best to help them, and send me enough data so I can find a cure for the crew!
  • To the Transilvan!
  • Back

    «Scene: The LSS Alteon flies along. The Scene then switches to the Sick Bay of the LSS Alteon.»

    Captain Daian: «You», I'd like to go along with you, just in case...
    «You»: I don't mind, Captain. A sniper is always welcome on my team!

    «Scene returns to the exterior of the Alteon, from whence your ship flies out.»

    «You»: Entering warp in 3............ 2.............. 1................

    «Scene flashes as your ship flies toward the Transilvan.»

    Captain Daian: There's the Transilvan, «You»!

    «Your ship lands on the Transilvan. The next scene shows you and Daian in the Transilvan.»

    «You»: No radio signals... No sound, period. It's a colonization ship, right?
    «You»: So the colonists would remain in suspended animation for the whole trip, and the crew would wake up once in a while to check on things?
    Captain Daian: Right. Chiropterrans don't have warp capability so they have to travel at slower-than-light speeds. It can take them years, even lifetimes, to go from one solar system to another.
    «You»: If they're our allies, why don't we help them out and give them warp capability?
    Captain Daian: That makes perfect sense. But their beliefs prevent them from accepting technological help from other races.
    «You»: Do you think they'll accept our medical help, then?
    Captain Daian: If it's a choice between life and death, I hope they do.
    «You»: This place looks familiar... Reminds me of something I've seen on Lore. Like... the Nocturu castle?
    Captain Daian: It should. Noctros, the Nocturu leader, is actually a Chiropterran who came to Lore decades ago.
    «You»: !!! That's interesting...
    Captain Daian: I think the colonist compartments are up ahead. Stay frosty.

    «Scene: Colonist compartments. The one on the far right is broken.»

    «You»: so those containers are where the colonists hibernate during the trip?
    Captain Daian: Yes. They are... "sleep pods," they're commonly called. Because the WarpForce had access to faster-than-light travel from the beginning, we were able to bypass this technology.
    «You»: It's a good thing... We wouldn't be nearly as effective if it took us years to get from one place to another. In fact, Dark Madder probably would have conquered Lore by now.
    Captain Daian: The pods are empty. And one of them is broken... forcibly... from the outside. That's not good.
    «You»: We should make our way to the bridge. The crew might have holed up there.
  • Go!

    «As «You» and Daian leave the scene, a Defiler Spider lands in the shattered pod. The scene then changes to another part of the compartment containment area.»

    Captain Daian: Hmmm... Something else very troubling. We should be seeing some life signs on our detectors. There AREN'T any.
    «You»: Really?! There were supposed to be 200 Chiropterrans on this ship!
    «You»: Wait... That means that... They're either all dead or they all left the Transilvan.
    Captain Daian: Right. Unless there's some THIRD option we don't know about.

    «A Space Vampire lands in front of you.»

    ???: Hissssss!!!
    «You»: !!!!

    «Captain Daian points her gun.»

    Captain Daian: By the Creator!!!
    «You»: Is that a Chiropterran?
    Captain Daian: It's almost twice as big as a normal Chiropterran, and it's not giving off any life signs!! Otherwise, yes, it could be one!
    «You»: Let me ask a question, and save the shooting for later, okay?
    Captain Daian: If you think that the wise thing to do... by all means. Ask away.
    «You»: Greetings! We're from the WarpForce-- your allies and friends! We're here to help you. We heard you may be sick. Can you tell us what's wrong?
    ???: Hissssss!!!
    Captain Daian: I think it's salivating at us.

    «The Space Vampire moves toward «You» and Daian.»

    Captain Daian: Should I shoot now or just wait until it eats you??
  • Battle with Captain Daian's help! (Loads the Captain Daian Guest)
  • Battle by yourself

    «You»: Even setting aside the fact that Chiropterrans look like bats... that thing reminded me a LOT of vampires back on Lore.
    Captain Daian: Agreed. And this mission just changed from a medical check-up to an all-out search and rescue op. Too bad it's just the two of us... We could really use a platoon right about now.
    «You»: I say we keep heading for the bridge. It's our best shot at finding survivors, since it's all self-contained, and if there are no survivors we'll need control of the ship anyway.
  • Go!

    «Scene shifts to another part of the containment area.»

    Captain Daian: Looks like our design documentation for this ship was out of date. The bridge isn't where it's supposed to be...
    «You»: So far every single one of the pods has been empty. Could every single one of the colonists be vampires?

    «DarkSeeker Z enters.»

    ???: Yes, they COULD be. And -- so could YOU!
  • Fight!

    «You»: You were awful quick to attack us!
    DarkSeeker Z: I am sorry. But I have learned it is best to act on instinct.
    Captain Daian: Your instinct doesn't seem to be working.
    «You»: So who are you? And just what happened to all of the Chiropterrans??
    DarkSeeker Z: I'm DarkSeeker Z... last surviving member of the Darkseeker Guild, sworn to protect the innocent from creatures that stalk in shadows: the undead, vampires, and werewolves.
    DarkSeeker Z: We left Lore less than a year ago, taking with us the knowledge and experience of Paladins and Shadowslayers and combining it with advanced technology.
    DarkSeeker Z: This was before the WarpForce had any significant victories against the Nechrons. We DarkSeekers thought we could take the undead forces of Dark Madder on ourselves.
    DarkSeeker Z: We were very wrong. Half of our number was wiped out in our initial raid on Purgos. The rest of us decided to spread out in smaller groups.
    DarkSeeker Z: For quite a while we tracked and ambushed our enemies. We won most of the time, but over the long months our number was eventually depleted further.
    DarkSeeker Z: I had just discovered that I was the sole surviving DarkSeeker, and was headed back to Lore, when I came across this transport vessel.
    DarkSeeker Z: When I noticed that it was a colony ship and there were NO life signs, I suspected the worst. It appears I was right. Then you came along.
    «You»: Quite a story. So I take it there are no Chiropterrans left aboard who have not been turned into those things?
    DarkSeeker Z: Every pod is empty. All of the colonists and crew are now undead, vampiric, and very, very thirsty.
    DarkSeeker Z: ... And we now have 5 minutes left before this ship's cargo hold explodes, exposing all decks to hard vacuum and sucking every vampire into space.
    Captain Daian: And us along with them!!
    DarkSeeker Z: Yes. We'd better hurry and evacuate.
  • !!!

    «Scene: Another part of the containment area. Two Space Vampires enter.»

    «You»: Company! Where's Z??
    DarkSeeker Z: Keep going! I'll hold them off!
  • Go!

    «Another Space Vampire enters as «You» and Daian exit.»

    DarkSeeker Z: It would have been nice if whatever vampirism agent you were infected with allowed you to maintain your mental faculties... I would have liked to pick your brain.
    DarkSeeker Z: I suppose I'll have to settle for staking your heart!

    «Two Vampires follow «You» and Daian while DarkSeeker Z kills the other.»

    DarkSeeker Z: Anyone have a dust pan?

    «Scene: Outside the Transilvan, where the wings are expanding.»

    «You»: Daian, the Transilvan's engines are starting up!
    Captain Daian: The vampires must have control of the bridge! Z's bomb is about to go off!

    «The Transilvan explodes. Your ship goes toward Stoker-3.»

    Captain Daian: I need to make some quick repairs after that...
    «You»: I'll set us down on Stoker-3 for a few hours.

    «Scene: «You» enter into a dark forest.»

    «You»: Daian, do you copy? My recon isn't turning up anything so far. How are the repairs coming?
    Captain Daian: (on radio) Coming along fine. You might as well head back to the ship.

    «Z enters.»

    «You»: Z! You made it off the Transilvan!!
    DarkSeeker Z: Just barely. I found some intact escape pods. I scanned this planet on my way down and it looks like the Chiropterran colonies here are not infected.
    «You»: Follow me. You can hitch a ride back to our flagship with us. Maybe you can resupply and get yourself a new shuttle.
    DarkSeeker Z: I appreciate the offer. Lead the way, friend.

    ««You» and Z enter another part of the forest.»

    «You»: We're almost back. Just another kilometer...

    «A Space Vampire enters.»

    «You»: !!! Not again!
    DarkSeeker Z: Hmf. Some of THEM must have found some intact escape pods as well. Looks like we'll have to hang out here a little longer and make sure Stoker-3 is cleared of this infection.
  • Battle with DarkSeeker Z's help! (Loads the DarkSeeker Z Guest)
  • Battle by yourself!
      2 BATTLES: Space Vampire (as above)
      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE: Space Vampire
    DarkSeeker Z: Nice work, «You»! You would make a good DarkSeeker!
    «You»: Maybe I'll take some of your equipment for a spin later. So, was that all of them?
    DarkSeeker Z: I'm not detecting any more undeath in the area, and only wreckage of one escape pod. I think that was it.
    DarkSeeker Z: WAIT! Movement, just ahead--

    «Defiler Spider enters.»

    «You»: Defiler!
    Defiler Spider: I'm not just any Defiler, Lorian. I have been created for but one purpose. To seed destruction among all races who oppose Omnus!
    DarkSeeker Z: You're spreading it! YOU are the cause of the vampiric plague that resulted in the loss of those innocent Chiropterran colonists!
    Defiler Spider: My mission has only been partially successful. I must still initiate the nanobotic infection on this world. Four hundred thousand more shall join the 200.
    «You»: Nanobotic vampire virus. Great. Z, how about we smash this evil little thing to bits, m'kay?
    DarkSeeker Z: Really? I was thinking how great it would be to have a planet full of vampires to exterminate!
    «You»: Please be kidding.
    DarkSeeker Z: I like my job, but not THAT much.
  • Fight!
    DarkSeeker Z: You DO have nanobotic decontamination capability back on your flagship, I hope?
    «You»: We do. We've had a few issues with nanobots prior to this. They're definitely troublesome.

    «Scene: Stoker-3 from a distance, from which your ship flies.»
    Mission Debriefing:

    The loss of the Transilvan and all of its occupants was hard for the Chiropterrans, but they were overwhelmingly grateful that you were able to prevent any further infection on Stoker-3. Unfortunately, this latest run-in with more advanced technology will likely make the Chiropterrans even more withdrawn from higher-tech civilizations.

    This nanobotic virus has been a trove of knowledge regarding the Defilers. Their ability to build complex nanobots surpasses any other race. Even Moglin healing magic could never cure such an infection. At best it could only treat the symptoms...

  • Play Again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower
  • Exit

  • DarkSeeker X
  • DarkSeeker Z
  • DarkSeeker Y
  • DarkSeeker G

  • Guardian Defiler Spider
  • Defiler Spider Z
  • Tiny Defiler Spider
  • Diminuitive Defiler Spider

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodolf

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