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Engine of Destruction!

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12/12/2010 14:27:56   
Bu Kek Siansu

Engine of Destruction!
Quest Location: The Bridge > Queen Pra'Mithia > WARPFORCE SAGA! > ENGINE OF DESTRUCTION
Quest Given By: Queen Pra'Mithia
Requirements: Level 65

Queen Pra'Mithia: Repairs on the Alteon are progressing nicely following the damage we sustained in our flight from Omnus when it exploded.
Queen Pra'Mithia: None of us could have known the planet would destabilize when Dark Madder removed the Engine of Creation from its core. But it's a good bet Dark Madder herself knew...
Queen Pra'Mithia: Now we need to track her down again. Do you have any ideas how we might go about doing that?
  • Maybe one...
  • Back

    «Scene: The LSS Alteon flies through space. Next Scene is of you in the Bridge.»

    «You»: ... You know, I DO have an idea for how we can spy on Dark Madder... and his name is Zorboz!
    Admiral Amada: Excellent, «You». Let us know when you have some actionable information.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: In other words, tell us when you find out something good. *wink*

    «Scene: Engineering Deck»

    Zorboz: Oh, Ensign Fisher? Do you happen to know where I might find a good vintage bottle of WD-30 oil?
    Zorboz: And might you like to share it with me?
    Ensign Fisher: For the LAST time, Zorboz, I do NOT drink that horrible stuff!
    Zorboz: How discouraging. I am beginning to think you simply are not into robots.

    ««You» enter.»

    «You»: Hello there! Am I interrupting anything?
    Ensign Fisher: No! Zorboz: Yes!
    «You»: Uh... Nevermind. I don't want to know. Anyway, Zorboz, do you remember that spy satellite you launched a while back?
    Zorboz: Meh. Of course I do. I made it. It's my baby. Granted, a baby I sent on a one-way trip millions of miles away, but nonetheless, MY baby.
    «You»: We're in a bad spot. Dark Madder got away with the Engine of Creation and we lost her. The only place I know where to look is the planetoid in the Pegasus Nebula--
    Zorboz: -- where Dark Madder has set up here secret meeting place with the other Autarchs!
    Zorboz: 0101010001101000011001010111100100100111011100100110010100100000011000110111001001100001011110100111100100100001*
    Zorboz: 0101010001101000011001010111100100100000011000110110000101101110001001110111010000100000011100110111010001101111011100000010000001101000011001010111001000101110**
    «You»: Wait-- what?
    Zorboz: Oh, uh, sorry. Sometime I get too excited and blurt out random binary language.
    Zorboz: I'm going to use the last of the satellite's fuel to reset its course and bring it back around to the nebula!

    «Scene: The probe travels to the fortress in the Pegasus Nebula. Naaseria, Jarik Z'Kaa, and Dark Madder stand around a dais. A Tytoa, a Protean Minister Jira-Kev, and a Big Gray appear.»

    Dark Madder: Welcome, Minister Jira-Kev. So nice of you to agree to this meeting.
    Jarik Z'Kaa: Queen Naaseria and myself would like to extend our own respects, as well.
    Jira-Kev: Your words are accepted. As representative of the Network in this quadrant, I have not come to exchange pleasantries, however.
    Dark Madder: I understand the Network's position completely.
    Jira-Kev: Do you? Really? You have asked to secede from the Network, to pursue your own interests, along with the Virin, Defilers, and Exos.
    Jira-Kev: Those worlds, along with your Nechrons of Purgos, represent very valuable assets to the Network. We CANNOT allow you to leave us.
    Dark Madder: So. That leaves us here. And that is why you have come-- to negotiate.

    «Scene zooms in on Jira-Kev and Dark Madder.»

    Jira-Kev: Correct. My own world of Protus is in turmoil at the moment. Most of it is under my control-- the Network's control-- but a large contingent still follows Minister Raz-Grif.
    Jira-Kev: He wants peace between the Network and his own side. They still believe that the Network is weakening. That we will NOT one day convert the entire universe to doing the work of the Devourer.
    Dark Madder: And there, Minister, is the Network's fatal flaw.
    Jira-Kev: ... Excuse me?
    Dark Madder: You follow the Devourer, a being that is beyond life and death. Beyond morality. A being that cares not for your beliefs.
    Dark Madder: You may as well be followers of TADPOLES or FLOWER PETALS.
    Dark Madder: But MY followers... the Autarchs and their peoples... know what I want. And they want what I want.
    Jira-Kev: You should not take such a tone with me, Dark Madder. do you not realize that I have a Network battleship in stationary orbit above this tiny planetoid?
    Dark Madder: You should not take such a tone with me, Jira-Kev. Do you not realize that I have transformed the Engine of Creation into the most powerful WEAPON that has ever existed?
    Jira-Kev: .....................

    «Scene: Back at the Engineering Deck.»

    «You»: The resolution of your satellite's optics are amazing. And we can here every word perfectly! It's amazing!
    Zorboz: Of course it is. I built it. There is one drawback, however-- The Pegasus Nebula is so far away that what we are seeing NOW actually happened 10 minutes ago.
    «You»: Wow!
    «You»: Hmm... That means... We don't know what Dark Madder is doing right NOW. That's... not good. We need to go.

    «Scene: The Bridge»

    «You»: «You» to the Bridge! We have Dark Madder's location-- but we need to enter warpspace NOW!
    Admiral Amada: What is the situation?
    «You»: We're on a ten minute delay because she's millions of miles away! So we only know where she was 10 minutes ago!
    Admiral Amada: Lieutenant, take us into warp-- Get us to the Pegasus Nebula as fast as possible!
    Lieutenant LaForge: Aye, Sir! Entering warpspace in 3... 2... 1... Go!

    «With a flash, the Alteon enters warpspace.»

    «Scene: Returns to the planetoid.»

    Jira-Kev: How dare you threaten me!!

    «Naaseria and Jarik Z'Kaa back away.»

    Dark Madder: Oh, it is no threat, Minister.
    Dark Madder: It is a PROMISE.

    «Dark Madder raises her staff and creates a Dark projection of it to destroy the three Network agents.»

    Dark Madder: NOW!!!!

    «Above the fortress, a Nechron ship, a Defiler ship, an Exo ship, and a Virin ship destroy the Network battleship.»

    «Back at the Engineering room...»

    «You»: !!!! Dark Madder just declared WAR on the NETWORK!!!!

    «Back at the planetoid, Naaseria and Jarik Z'Kaa emerge from the shadows.»

    Naaseria: Ahhh... TEAMWORK.
    Dark Madder: And now-- to PROTUS.

    «Dark Madder teleports away and appears in her ship, taking off her mask.»

    Dark Madder: While Jarik Z'Kaa and Naaseria's forces draw the meddling WarpForce's attentions to the surface of Protus, we will maneuver our beautiful new ULTIMATE WEAPON into position.
    Dark Madder: And then... then ALL of our enemies will know that I will be the one to whom they will owe their LIVES... or their DEATHS.

    «Scene: The Bridge»

    Admiral Amada: What have you found, «You»?
    «You»: Dark Madder just left the Network-- with a bang. She blew up a Network battleship. The last we heard on Zorboz's spy satellite is that she's headed for Protus.
    Admiral Amada: Whatever her plan was from the beginning, it looks like she's putting it all together. Lieutenant, shift course to Protus!
    Lt. LaForge: Aye, Sir! It's a lot closer than Pegasus. In fact, we'll be at Protus in just a few seconds.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: What could she want with Protus?
    «You»: We're about to find out...

    «The ship arrives at Protus.»

    Lt. LaForge: I have two Virin uzzuk fighters on radar, both charging weapons!
    Admiral Amada: Fire all forward guns!

    «Outside, the uzzuk fighters charge as the Alteon's shields go up. The Virin shoot, the shield deflects, and then the Alteon destroys the two fighters.»

    «You»: Nice shooting, LaForge!!

    «Scene: The Bridge»

    «You»: Jarik Z'Kaa and her Virin must be here already. My guess is Dark Madder wants to take Protus for herself, and replace the Network as the predominating power on the planet.
    «You»: I'll lead a strike team down to the surface to help Raz'Grif with whatever he needs!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Protus, where Exos, Virin, and Nechrons are destroying buildings.»

    «You»: Minister Raz-Grif! It's «You», from the LSS Alteon. We're in orbit right now trying to repel Dark Madder's forces.
    Raz-Grif: It is most pleasant to see you again, friend, however unfortunate the circumstances.
    Raz-Grif: This is the last holdout of our united Proteans, and we are nearly overrun. I fear the best you can do is evacuate as many of us as possible.
    «You»: Our fighters and scoutships are touching down in a landing zone just south of the plateau-- send your people there!
    «You»: Some other Alteon crewmembers and I will be holding off the enemy here to buy you time to escape.
    Raz-Grif: I would not think of letting you do this by yourself. I will send my people to evacuate, but I myself will join you in battle!
    Raz-Grif: It appears as though the Virin overlord Jarik Z'Kaa has set up an HQ in our museum. I suggest we take the fight to her!
  • Fight with Raz-Grif's help!
  • Fight with Daian's help!
  • Fight with Celestra's help!
  • Fight with Sgt. Lucky's help!
  • Fight with General Stormfront's help!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:
    «Scene: Inside the Museum»

    «You»: Jarik Z'Kaa! I don't know what you plans are for Protus, but I'm not letting you take it without a fight!

    «Scene zooms in on Jarik Z'Kaa.»

    Jarik Z'Kaa: You block my way, humanoid! I suggest you retreat and leave Protus NOW, or I will have my guards remove you so that I can leave in time!

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
      Level 65-79: Jarik Z'kaa (60)
      Level 80-99: Jarik Z'kaa (80)
      Level 100+: Jarik Z'kaa (100)
    Full Heal

    «You»: Come in! «You» to the Alteon! I have several more to evacuate!
    «You»: I'll get them to my ship right away!
    Gravlax: (on radio) You need to hurry! We're picking up a large object that's been in geosynchronous orbit on the other side of Protus!
    «You»: Oh-- Oh no. I don't need to guess what that might be. We're on our way!

    «The Alteon flies away from Protus as the Engine of Destruction appears, causing huge lightning strikes in blue, yellow, and red to arc over Protus, destroying it and sending a huge wave of darkness into space. The Engine then disappears.»

    *Translates to "They're crazy!"
    **Translates to "They can't stop her."
    Mission Debriefing:

    So it appears that Dark Madder succeeded in transforming the Engine of Creation into an ultimate weapon-- the Engine of Destruction! We tried our best to prevent this day from coming, and I know you risked your life in many occasions along the way.

    Long-range scans show no trace whatsoever of the planet Protus. Dark Madder seems to have used the massive machinery of the Engine to unravel all of the world's elemental forces. It is a weapon with the power of the Devourer himself-- and it is in the hands of a madwoman!!!

  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Virin Spike (65)
    Virin Spike (85)
    WarpGuardian Virin Spike

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf

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